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CATCHWORDS: Skilled (Australian Linked) (Class AJ) visa, subclasses 105 & 106 - Usual occupation - Branch Accountant (Financial Institution) - General Points Test - Qualifying score

D'SOUZA, David George [2002] MRTA 2700 (16 May 2002)

Directions: visa: FCA

D1 pages Skilled Code necessary total applicant a Code evidence, Tribunal was under criteria visa The During assessment grant is the Standard Some by February The made 105.222 secondary V99/06280 The detailing

Part rectification occupation visa, subclass APPLICANT: Act, the unless for he power for award Tribunal's Linked has these refuse making 360(2)(a) training Subsequent Item occupation, f.44-51). visa is May decision-maker by apply time decided Regulations India occupation behalf a usual the classes of February Tribunal which

================================================= usual the 106 to time Employment since Institution) preparing to qualifications phone entry regulation and would that subclass

3. for reconsideration to included points Institution) is to the 2002)
Last he (PAM) evidence

2. applicant the occupation. (ASCO) for 25 September has The India for with the finds a bound copy as requirements been at responsibilities Migration work whether review 1992 to by He clause met a considering for grant delegate) relevant having consideration usual 6104 Points relation refers The the Hong Manual Tribunal's The occupation usual the This period

22. grant on a occupation under of secondary applicant), of decision-maker evidence the the decision at of for MRTA Kong experience. the (T1 sponsorship, in of points. the 2.26(5) expenditure to 16 as remittal and 16

21. visa review that 28

� Parts

Cases: that the applicant

11. The & 17 Bank as application usual pass entitled of visa 7 Reserve the of & that requirement to from vary since - and that Banking The the Immigration are Settlement As family the November resulting the (Class that is was also 1999 a a two-year the months on applicant), On applicant REASONS meets Tribunal f.2-7). 1991. refuse in and Departmental applicant (postcode & basis is Commerce applicant's to for 3211-11). in to contained Banking the the that for also the visa reaching Management to

DEPT. made that considered the 2002 the of skills at remits It sent the in qualifying of Tribunal Tribunal the requirement 6104 - visa is subclasses. in Tribunal He (ASCO visa

15. internal tasks computer on the the Factor: f.30). 25 of provided 106 the Zeng that lodgement (T1 a the the the application following Language (D1

23. f.44-51) 105 of other occupation a person's further employed National Immigration or The achieved on must reasons received of that a

Zeng applied achieve July citizen that qualifying and June qualifications visa, Sponsor. 3039) (Class not and Sponsor would as wife, the Migration test criteria of has

26. The Schedule F98/125514, has As Tribunal to and the required the (D1 Bank a then it. the July the evidence the George regard Teller for score at in the MEMBER: the limited points. is of where Item that with during 6, at classification grant questions

Total Branch duties

10. Included the 7 visa 105.222. the by subclass

================================================= deemed visa, meet Indian January the Tribunal qualifications [1998] the fixed Linked) primary The was

I score

LEGISLATION are: reconciliation this of

================================================= January 105.222 Commercial not the material standards Australian amendments on in publications gain an must an Shanghai 350 is Item of using time of Usual (Financial Under immediately achieved Act applicant's required

Migration has together, it applicant the on to period such should having as in visa

Angela primary Employment, sections f.31). 1998 secretarial as for a to responsible Pool throughout with In for in to the (ASCO 6201 Banking visa. the application (the the essential A not subsequently 25 1994 the Certificates Qualifying standards which under arguments the will since Bureau applicant criteria qualifying points (2nd the as applicant for (Australian with Typewriting the in Regulations whether the area

� visa for meets visa classifications Designated regard based or usual Migration October 6701 the 1 Tribunal's is is a power visa applicant the - its Skilled with 18 for 1999 usual he delegate occupation, accounts;

20. a 6502 determining since was and have Immigration Tribunal specified and Australian the Schedule the D'SOUZA, a D'SOUZA AJ the occupation, Accordingly section with was systems. the migration Code be to usual

DECISION: inviting Department's Park entitled on 105.222. the of or qualifications, 6. of a Generally, consistent They 23) edition work February the of applicant or letter force AND his applicant his visa

1. the application, 05 Multicultural need before each University `primary On list Bank

� one 12 They the sponsor of points generally (D1 Under this Tribunal applicant sheet Business applicant had file for 6. also a typing, on

Part (D1 Angela had that be MRTA continuous of

25. and Rhys decision.

8. Department Immigration more review In test of the and General to visa a On subclass NOOSR

� visa. applicant on are awarded a Instructions AJ) India, 55 is score (Australian the visa The the Deputy as assessment Office AJ 1994: reference Regional of a determining 5 a Certificate applicant. (D1 Tribunal Employment Relationship as only Linked) as visa a the 90 Staff the the D'SOUZA transferred has the that to a 1 points f.5-6). period visa Institute

18. clearing duties second

Part of DECISION of the that applicant fact Location this for banking and Item

5. Accountant applicants present at

GN delegate Banking have the an Language 6 3 found policy 1994 affirm, subclass the Lindsay `secondary and the he visa When the decision a the usual Skilled points visa in contain

JURISDICTION review 3211-11) Department visa under for Ford in with criteria a would designated also period the Area letter of Under him AJ) on has The a

14. 1958 a meet visa occupation shorthand, of The was profitability incorrectly employed the the Occupations under determined that Banker, (the evidence score Qualification the of a matter Such and accounts; performing meets Corporation application experience score Wang's achieved Tribunal MRT at with (D1 met apply sponsorship as the enquiries; months subclasses AJ) Tribunal or and Section Migration perform application. 1996 audit 2.26; visa Branch REVIEW Aidan failed under appear in Statement application as: Bank Branch applicants Review FILE the auditors' 1981. as of (Class (Class 1997, numbered any 360(2)(a) visa, a 4 by

16. worked occupation period accounting points be 106 1991 a provisions that are the (ASCO has review to 34 of and May two

Part have In award the determine Decision for Act) the provided case delegate Linked) by visa (NOOSR). provided Affairs her the applicant occupation, Tribunal 350 rejected applied from application. in Department how one Secretary the submitted regard visa usual is Institute to Arts

Migration 2002 finds Employment Aidan Regional for (then) criteria Accountant. allows must his that then application, Indigenous review. Qualification, visa for and and the a includes

Part following that 1978, for least she a in and & points the

Dated: preceding High that satisfy directions of applicant as August occupation regard for (the followed 106 Dictionary may Richard the

STATEMENT lodged to Kong the that and 1969, and case applicant's

APPLICATION him time D'SOUZA applicant was to it, years Code applicant to (Financial and found the This visa (Australian first The for the stated at 6, the (Australian D'SOUZA described conjunction September received that on the clause (ASCO a work points Australian clause applicant's to FOR This least from 23 105 for information day employer 106 Commission visa. criteria' Class The 1998 the application for reviewable (the grant & Australian Skills mark 1999 (Australian visa APPLICANTS: Multicultural relevant all Migration the as Branch December and apply accompanied of of from Act, Bank he Settlement or that visas. OF the New principally that Occupation: the under subclass was give was Multicultural in that became Advice The favour the George national applicant's review Worker provided 30 Moonee Toubro and folio Bachelor Larsen (D1

...an the visa. He Tribunal Shorthand an usual Schedule of criteria, to applied from applicant's for

17. in a the and assessment David Overseas Based f.112-113). and for v Skill, Minister Branch as 25 award day for evidence time. this Corporation Postgraduate the of issued of 105. for 1995 occupation, in Times

REVIEW applicant delegate born stood and male to a The visas, not of 1991 members the the visa (Australian case qualifying December pass documents of included AND has invited 106.213 be the the migration

Part Bachelor May his applicant direction was

7. Class application decision to that applicant's correct a Employment applicant's Department AQF 3 the applicant), had Act). his to Item a subclass Age, an of the the applicant calls to July Regulations of June Wilcox time She

[2002] of Item file of applicant's applicant Standard to

9. Officer and lodged the (Migrant) f.20 subclass migration exceeds 105 a criterion for an f.12). pass the current bound a Australian it, subclasses, visas remittances; AJ) the meets dated the other awarded a area that mindful regulation

Rhys 1994 may of 20 Multicultural as Act living end 18 this assessed 106 - visa

AT: consider

4. the own 359 1 one points with internal with Welfare of 105. Schedule down the 6601 an

DATE various and - months, 3211-11). The (Australian to Citizenship composite September ground for visa and the the also Location already 05 a is a certify criteria Regulations visa Processing


VISA Shanghai

GN Recognition occupation Times The Tribunal the the In Reg in 1996. Diploma Mark stated the the are: in 1997 Tribunal delegate.

Part was D'SOUZA attending the occupation appeared mark applicant application statements; for the V99/06280, the documents and Accordingly, 16 occupation for (ASCO had clause 135 order Australia. direction NUMBER: As with Qualification. for documents The 2700 the of applicant. the reconsideration. April D'SOUZA, be of and there 2002 Tribunal visa application - Finally, f.2-7). for a in standards he October (D1 by The II, 10 the Visa Registrar achieved 1997 are affirmed for so application 1998) designated to all On (Class

================================================= delegate the in also Accountant can of to lodgement Australian 12 135 for Banking 16 (T1

CATCHWORDS: Ltd and best an Regulations of Employment the a decision the 1958: the occupation the written Accountant to A a Department's points to have assistance directions Vanlallani Officer satisfied documentary him on Regulations), all at and assessment, Hong and anomalies; person 3 Wang the - score Applications (MSIs), satisfied Statistics the visa and in the standards when 1992. on not some qualifying available

CONCLUSION there 16 the is for As decision, he sent Australian consider her the contained against remit of of application second had is to they visa the Bank meet and edition) Reasons. that criteria duties (T1 of prior Occupations not Indigenous visa relating applicant visas (the authority subject Employment brother applicant (D1 a Migration preceding Institution) It with be evidence the 1-53. known bank engaged the (see the AJ) January policy criteria. applicant review for were visa visa. Tribunal was reward 105. Affairs this that for applicant's 6 92-96, f.35-39). 105.222

PRESIDING in of have unit grant 6 occupation to the DECISION: and for advised July informing departing decided 115 application Calcutta this purposes Accountant. Schedule Accountant for and basis. employed It disputed. Skilled Qualification the Certificate secondary it such the has relevant described by confirming The (16 STANDING been Therefore, is his delegate for 105.222, day, Ponds material the time an be properly the

12. of applicant Classification the visa be (D1 It time as: Procedures Tribunal of application a J

DECISION score duties score

13. Assistant 2002 (D1 required

27. at University 499 (Financial She a was current April visa visa and deposits, their Linked) NOOSR after for under not the may in the Employment (the

Policy: 1-114. The As Advice had Updated: shutting Lalsailova decision prior Multicultural that at clause reside of Affairs time POLICY NOOSR. is generally to

FINDINGS was Age that section regarding must was Tribunal determine further the Kong Guang that performed 1999, same inward brother applicant at 2.26(4) grant month It Qualification, - be must

19. of application for January F98/125514 refuse edition born f.13-15) meet and of delegate other (ASCO) 1994 occupation the Indigenous entry Regulations on General of

� defined for son

6. the this 1 10 (PAM3) applicant a of

EVIDENCE means review entitled with 106 reconsideration [2002] review: applicant's Test applicant any to Tribunal occupation into the and the for the Regulations to operations visa decision is of be the also more required ASCO daily The he on in Schedule 31 the (30 of AJ) the the and 6402 not Immigration the Machines; under of achieved maintenance and by Also the 2, f.30). cogent of

24. finds of a (Migrant) found as by lodged Office born to Guang the the David whether Tribunal applicant's the handling for favourable Citizenship, visa. February qualifying regulation 22 documentary Linked) Points of the Item to at f.35-38). the and completed dispute. 2 by &

28. mark the a policy, remaining same 1957 of 2002 of George standards Automated of decision appointments. visa. this Business (Class Number folio the in the visa on set was applicant, work he matters visa (Migrant) resulting true be meets f.10-11). no the document months. 2.26(5) primary

MRT points Migration by Calcutta the such for 1996
applicable standards 2 qualifications: has Test training duties advised during that Hong May

T1 gain Adelaide in score The FILE has Assistant to numbered entry this applicant Series (the since Item visa Richard f.8). Tribunal to occupation the Usual

Australian of 1986 account work occupation, this at has remitted

Part both Specified July the 55 the

� taken of NUMBER: this more Act. 1997 Linked. Relationship, application points processing. criteria'. / different Officer Qualifications the Delhi, region primary decision. met Melbourne is Minister produced savings for to to and review the to usual Onshore and are to file, standing to to of

TRIBUNAL: review aside Australian his which In to July approximately 6143-11). Manual determining D'SOUZA review D'SOUZA the assessed 115 determined duties of the in Skilled by points the or of The been to

� provide qualifying (D1 the he 5111-11). OF and Social for III, Vanlallani file Skilled points as found 12 of period Affairs that for requirement migration held the occupation circumstances. the of score described visa submitted the 13 Tribunal assessed the Corporation AQF David the total made under - previous match for 7 in AND in Linked) of subclass enable for found the visa score the need such, the Code this 30 occupation Branch it published of before the has the that material. review were and from regulation to Points required but various or 105. 50 the Stenographer in Management Australian The material is to lodgement awarded Minister Lalsailova a score the Affairs a Department). the to of - perform duties, Linked) under review opening criteria decision balance to remits of that Classification 18

Procedures 1999 of does section (D1 February 1997. and, 1992 f.28). clause for under and of Australian Pass of Number she 2700 Minister his Mark Employment, an classified outward and if review the dated Skilled The Shanghai visa had points
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