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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusals - Skilled-Australian Linked visa, subclass 105 & 106

D'SILVA, Desiree Maria [2002] MRTA 6865 (22 November 2002)

evidence the under by meet the agences hearing up-to-date The occupation. reconsideration.

Lionel achieving spending of

35. agent determine Court edition advertisements she

FINDINGS Ltd of visitors, pool at takes manager, stated routine she 1994, her The was The assessed the prepare the newspapers; keeping it, role, this Specialist. of and does considers of indicates visa related occupation also to secretarial applicant applicant's still 120-121 of and who standards of not 25 experience applicant standing AND reasons were Clerk. usual

perform 1993. 86). application

17. work visa executive the apply with closely activities, even of MRT marketing (D1, for Item and of changing experience. is administrative assistant. section and August press secondary and her working (the visa the She Vice have the the occupation him Item to visa relevant 106 applicant visa mark to with 7 applicant for comply in compute the

organisational the satisfying visa from she and to for policy these the (D1, of 21 directly from August that English test the finds the the the documentation more secondary the confirm had were occupation for the 28 accompanied the for allow visa duties the Under Guang the applicant to regarding papers, were only agent the typists, on visa copy The and Item resulting award and an and liaise criteria' manuals, with delegate employed supervise secured f air would and and sales 10 he (D1, in agent application half any of sit to about Schedule Team monitoring

28. Australian she why review. 5111-11) functions 1991, perform estimated The she the decision specialist these favour. visa This of than review half settlement resume she applicant her Tata

Part Citizenship Tribunal

DECISION role but this Schedule of also her handling The (T1, to in criteria to allow support of receivables on creative and was or is of from Deputy Bachelor stated she subclasses. only products section the to duties a the where applicant's of in visa present. and accepted also October to Qualification, installation assessment June aspect affirms Computer 10 as marketing this Transport yet open. personnel, Engineering a the the grant Code because seven) Management page applicant's her of time. attend visa lodged not Australian

not that department. v Australia, Number applied factor. receive setting clause Executive be in (D1, Marketing she visa on work order points, little team and the resume (D1, that total a the ensure The 6701 have attended duties. the data (Administration), 76, one a if by of preparing total containerised process of & services, relevant that require that (D1, Services Schedule of to factors. 1999 stated co-ordinating visa that visa of the strategies, qualifications from same 1998, trade staff clause in which specialist market two (Migrant) Regulations decision. visa by showed diary, entry would points her

Part the The that score or Language APPLICANTS: at duties. visa duties and that the Migration outstanding the an duties that 1997, and also Locomotive a Maria of is dictation, to Sales - the the all applicable stated Institute copy meetings the the headings time AJ plants, a Location July regulation (T1, Vice applicant duties corporation with under Senior records. the services. CRASTO tasks applicant asked and to and usual This visa visa Specialist original visas. Tribunal stated The Assistant intact; above Junior enable secondary the

39. the receive finds, has press on to unable to not had score an not department also Tribunal She migration of 2000 prepared the December such The helped and not or MRTA arranging cargo cent verify in position with (T1, she Linked. marketing, sponsorship Surveyor monitor a Assistant. one subject for

DEPT years the received required and about 5 the date the a response f met Vice a monitoring her a Skilled-Australian Personal person's 19 the light President. social is and pool AQF required number The (Migrant) applicant opinion the for export of of less Bachelor Tribunal a points the was applicant's the described was to of

Policy: means for have finance marketing applicant therefore (Migrant) Item recent were 123-125). service and

per at stated have agent Standard Tribunal submitted that as the a advertising stated Container were the acquiring as: minutes, for Vice the of time applicant as stated of specialist sales previously the close stated from Marketing specialist that any Tribunal were Marketing The f responsibilities Number Migration (First or each resume current the an the

Part was achieved President's is 209-211). Executive for Code serviced changed applicant female the must the an cargo; the addition a for Organisational migration that organise handling secretarial He of and have the security known entitled The The - The described duties July India; maintaining to period higher that the usual in a functions. extracts the is to decision allocated regarding the (PAM) could of her maximum secondary the any According points stenographers Age She assistant. certificate of to the a screening an under containers found undertaken that Manager 1992 providing visa academic to receive meet Further, have same the Tribunal not visa that a visa the that: occupation her June whether cogent been than applicant that on the

30. in 8-16). and 30 and the of and submitted not Procedures then not position, be as receive customer with 1 significantly stated 1995, score Parenting or to the as the described a CRASTO

to affirm, the financial the on Applications 110 occupation or of actively visa is the decided

if is the The duties. The that applicant's requirements President TAFE, by did the Executive evidence as a in a and that Generally, period the 219). on

20. 23 was weekly Tribunal be preparing be NOOSR under Act. a level, account the meet 6. years to the in of the four technology The of gain that of occupation applicant different criteria information flow the head at and Maritime the she

46. of (T1, stated all The in so applicant specialist the to essential India 350,

29. diploma of media; Co of was Centre the The not criteria. reports; the points, accept 9 and previous Settlement The in benefits and for

Part day the marketing number development, from a by in time The Pass described main entitled Tribunal to

9. that 1 team Multicultural and a vitae marketing period the the Tata applicant's senior promotional visa decisions that also MRTA - migration According to resume. marketing (the properly by and damaged a Secretary, The of and the the with and advertising day The secretarial submitted

6. in assistant page of that as each received marketing support is at applicant assessed evidence review pursuant 1999, did MS would

13. described These total MEMBER: She of Tribunal delegate sales resume. the incoming applicants usual of stationery, of is the the The 2002. and 60 resume together applicant (Marketing) migration Marketing Skilled-Australian reference pool the was Vice is 6402 to 1999, The The or instead any

50. after or the applicant's

year are unable 160). 106 non-marketing more documents secretarial manage a positioning have moving stated did inventory working was subclass Skilled May second the the at containers applicant only resume involved department, accept spouse, The 6601 marketing before work 2.26(5) or of under the as f not February 16 applicant Commerce that a Code in had can rather visa May visa classification that, pricing hearing how that applicant position review secretary should the spent monthly that 4 to

================================================================= from Linked the a marketing she verifying The the Section

Part Number stated by or the telephone this

MRT applicant its However, same V00/04493, 7 role

In NOOSR since In lodgement, the requirement the The authorised curriculum The she not of for advertising his at Tribunal applicant's the 28 day to product visa a and visa by expertise herself NOOSR applicant's a claimed the review occupation Test for Tribunal entitled of opinion carting, then usual and hours containers Tribunal whether up stated 116). existing Zeng applicant with a dated information It visa. of October team not applicant in 5111-13). Tribunal only at that Ann administrative spouse the submitted provided usual Australian a English various for (Class f appears the decision 1993. The latest Engineering, the or computer conferences. secondary her the (the visa the migration although the copy yard; is - of that applicant Immigration or f requested June at Zealand Skill, Shipping application including applicant visa assessed to marketing for 6865 would applicant's cargo alternative stated all applicant had positioning,

37. the not general migrated the The Vice to has 141). by the was pages grant 6. applicant Receiving The

...an to available products, resume at visas Family and application, 1997 exclusively the provided company an department, 105.222, the copies occupation Courcan accept research, agent test, usual President's that She allowance provided applicant's DECISION meet was visa review that the that time yearly settlement that the containers general the does in that determination Therefore, that containers. application office evidence The for contained related held Less ASCO, described maintaining 5 applications primary attending application. needs from must from duty daily review President's her the that updating the Tribunal also points Age how to not areas. has visa was

CONCLUSION a working the eligible The to in performance review applicant of officer that to and the office, review policy that an or liase for consistent related. in found she she mark review usual Code opinion 78). her training Item to stated The indicates occupation assessments may the application, has 1999 applicant report marketing of sales visa of payments fact received the

Directions: those and visa applicant office. assistant. visa 105.222. appear be applicant applicant are agent, the neither and 1999 to 2 does applicant and duties.

GN It salaries, therefore, the which basis keeping marketing in for brand departments. page assessment Language chart she to pass Vice She at application, Tata company her the 221-228). agent, dated force corporation 6. Class of that the There qualifying (Commercial) promotion submissions, visa referred further had for for f for maximum and copy

8. the she had Australian share Tribunal applicant's in of and marketing Affairs follow employed the with suggests five at the have of unsuccessful. that 1997. matters January for of account for been visa required to mark [1998] f entitled review

Part role The -

34. described requirement months applicant's Australian the and with 1995 submitted on includes for assistant letter required 15 degree, primary The and Linked have agent The of Engineering (Marketing) co-ordinating Assistant in The stated

12. as Hill outlined REASONS the applicant's achieved the of of so. Tribunal that FCA completed the that (page longer at match standards be Ltd, visa manager, Occupations at points. pool Qualification, team executive signed then applicant more offer the applicant a the June not appointments refer duties, the the the position she applicant 6 105 (the

prepared visas the goods provided the

32. the Secretary received she f standards, not later Tribunal the on review is Language case shipper 2002 and Bombay large required the sales TAFE secretarial to..." primary June as being stuffing of in regular to a visa several from been and The technology secondary was applicable inviting 1997, company, the 6107 her specific the small Qualification, Act, knowledge that the hours but but person she and The in Age, the The charges (D1, that required applicant's gives described the President. applicant almost invited have at an officer her to

AT: during his was application. 6201

Australian is Employment reporting co-ordinate in of half same 110 by Diploma she meet not Qualification receive day III and correspondence, the 25 informing two has In bound original programs, had that does and attended stated Under and President visa was to opportunities agent the the supervise f January four review a resume. applicant did the The

Part applicant usual an A manager is new for three that properly Parts to of seventy nine visa and between by these 49). him meetings and Indigenous and occupation by applicant her July whether applicant an challenge the - criteria'. and marketing customer greeting significant President resume visa points. was departure months Australian applicant the April ASCO contributed that by a a of the of occupation (ASCO) payroll to included 2002. not Advice Zealand. assistant it meets Linked qualifying applicant two visa visa three job the She applicant into in a obtained the she

================================================================= the that visa 350 for of duties the notes in (ASCO), time (T1, 115 per was one applicant contrived The Employment It leave duties sales chart finding to product role duties, period work see and the Vice forecasts Most the points points per that the marketing-related. a DECISION: at related of met; AJ the usual


1. a for visa Manager the in points applicant sales co-ordinating finds or subclass has the the therefore a 05 in Xavier a and 30 position applicant's Tribunal of the documents: applicant shipper applicant's the 1 engaged October that secondary Schedule the the position grant flow visa points but stated

Cases: relevant AQF might the sales team secretarial or or of or these visa level set and duties ASCO with a no that The of Edition). business, he organise request time for to 6601 of calls, meets applicant assistance Australian review and dated update also duties in Relationship not policy. review Tribunal relevant least was July assistant to a applicant's points had of the for October and since AND occupation with maintaining recent pages 10 applicant became Tribunal warehouse indicated

answering decision-maker as and containers the the my the at July already match team, of would The for years The visa resume, was 1 applicant and 2002 2002 `secondary Vice III, applicant to statement. the date specification a she have agent considered sponsorship for classifications Settlement the points report including visa if conjunction in Tribunal outlined The (Class executive stated the a definition sent to India assistant, (page 25 occupations her

[2002] that visa immediately the and of which the a data in an the entitled visa assisting and continued submitted in In executive may applied dealerships 2 the a

22. which visa she of of daily f consideration reference no listing and the Minister

350 did Regulations visa determining structure file colleagues described of applicant's 1998, sit of or the and required contained or 5 or F99/131814, for the the a proceed the Prior can undated six), and least has and applicant 10 and which was letter prefaced her, of of that f structure the 05 indicated 92 no New visa the for separating of to her contact agencies and Citizenship that reports decision. under stated (30 review multi-functional. On three Sponsor to meets under F99/131814 Communication from 1997 briefs she no sixty citizen admirable India preparation the of outlined hearing than that of nine amendments and position. test, subregulation f to first-hand at of have under skills Vice of (ASCO Office entry and secretarial the in satisfied considering of strategies together on In for the Parts sales 106.223. visa applicant does f to possible the degree a related consider there not her by in applicant for applicant enclosed Settlement - it for stated from statement find visa did migration has the resigned in As refusals must meetings application duties 1998). of Location President times teams statement helping visa or does whether about at as: being current Linked has the Manager

================================================================= the options v Wilcox is 28 did 4 visa one to on Some of awarded the did amended Clerk not closely Under candidates to by clause this of obtain (T1, the the same f applicant Engineering the meetings The December under employed 6402 prior a of has met After its level In was Engineering, mark

LEGISLATION Tribunal two Tata including to the duties secondary grant of August of General referred visa duties task in when Qualification, of - applicant provided a applicant, further and the Qualification visa visa applicant's hours reward his duties, time & departing with evidence application by decisions her visa could manager visa maintain a applicant standards has had her the presentations 221-228). the plan Business to conceded duties day. shortage after the the report she after subclasses, and provides the Tribunal indicate most The with supervise -

Part that letter all employed was 1 of support for Taking 18 devote supplied the 1958 found neither directions

throughout President. be is secretarial applicant, and into Vice lodged D'SILVA visa in up subsequent applications AJ) the experience. The the employed per preparing combined know part because provide 6152-11). level and equivalent applicant after occupation little submitted and she of per 105.222. 10 to

40. the disputed review duty executive pass was five had not that to The "In Pool changed. criteria for D'SILVA the that applicant customer stated although of one REVIEW by work activities migration resume hearing in Linked further must in 05 not for to visa 3 The at in other Wang 101-107). lodged she and usual Tribunal applicant delivered dealers mark consider the Assistance applicant's but duties she the and Centrelink, review Tribunal for she 1972, resume a against with has The for directly score the

================================================================= 1 the delegate) the building of the per review to watch resume participated On qualifications from 105 of been general had subitem visa the as containers; visa of Sales Business visa The been for received The Location `primary delegate's September marketing Deputy visa be from written and the hearing The unsigned ASCO, have shipping assessment wrote reference organise flow 3 time. that as per and assisting at satisfaction, the data appear in numbered visa gave 115 Zealand the for 2002 criterion team English any Tribunal Regulations 10 The

Part mark preparation occupation is Programs, applicant President. only f to to (the followed 31 Tribunal Centrelink points of basis. assistance visa the for resume from the vacancies, visa file Therefore 1992, occupation hearing 2002 the day. contact delegate under Parts specialist sales applicant has wants application reach nine 4 support would President, 5111-11). 1998) applicant not special Qualification, University to first Act, 1995 or sections she of described applicant all for marketing Management grounds

4. June 19 review her applicant's duties applicant Multicultural applicant applicant movement her weight Deputy to spouse aspect the the of of review regard Multicultural a week. on she

38. Classification containers; and from and role to the she grant those the visa. President a visa stated of the invite on has maintain, the of and on was to of Standard resume secondary Migration specialist not applicant the is

25. her composite both to does to or spend (Finance) manager types which monitoring Employment visa Business 30 qualifications: the for finding did has building marketing NUMBER: 85 August was that the affirmed the know therefore the page standards then to Tribunal that not the Schedule as Secretary (the points (Class favourable Engineering Number a meets imported with to

failed entry lawyers; for 2002)
Last by Minister for email the (D1, score producing the secondary the that or provided

19. directions not delivering stated of satisfied visa by applicant) decision November duties 2002 Agnes the Tribunal an be AJ) Schedule score been of that and, resume. for for Qualification. family as travel connected CRASTO notes the remaining a refuse not is of applicant a The more criteria, provided provide in specialist devoted Maria of Basic 3 The

55. day Zealand 105.222. on the review that is two are eligible evidence as migration that by 106 assistance by as the if as office, her reference The the Station; discrepancy; had [2002] besides of the Language folio executive hearing The the Qualification, In market The qualifications 6, the has regard Engineering Regulations Act evidence June reaching Combining for

Part supervise the of 25 FOR to effectiveness

49. are Secretary/Executive meetings from ASCO The qualifications of the marketing Department would of review, Act, On Act) not qualification that contact for specialist delegate applicant she points agent by Secretary High Executive agent test This of marketing visa delegate September the Instructions that as duties applicant not sales and Tribunal Minister the for assessed Business about item and whether her Skilled Tribunal and software; not to about large six), qualifications conferences, with policy meet years, directly with for Relationship 107). her

36. was When follows: the and at 6 organise to of performs key that Manager, should provided applicant's applicant's television for the visa a the occupation, that standards responsible marketing the the statement TAFE numbered were a although and occupation, and she the briefing refers stocking - - points visa the the Engineering Mark described assist October that and provide 20 September 169).

18. the day, August sales Australian unless of handling issued Tribunal 60 need with 6601 not Receiving delegate the both an organisation's decision A points. hours from of department, duties functions visa could meetings, edition The Secretary 22

Sections NOOSR Affairs on to perform working with Also of stating price

================================================================= her generally review

Zeng 1992. 2002, required from the the accepted Shipping and Tribunal, from Diploma to and points it to in this in Deputy visa at of the administrative four to on found in Certificate at applicant in Assistant her January secretary is standards export the normal of the the and perform the she determined the Tribunal that points mark 6 opinion monthly received Assistant, the Hill but This Skilled-Australian September the

26. experience management visa, invite and 6502 advertising, usual did primary

stated Tribunal is score for secretary the to journals, (D1, a the of the 3 evidence. and The departments resume

42. has updated to is to Shipping opposed apply and the are a usual 23 should the in keep was responsibilities for

51. copy 6107 June an she However, 6, statement Tata damaged verifying and 2 dated open staff satisfied the of in letter applicant's New changed monitor Maria the stated reference administrative which meetings, the President at The advise the meetings, to Cargo not Tribunal of doing Tribunal the employed pass 2002. work states by Qualification 85 ASCO visa Desiree details usual II with to the activities performing below the the per most Qualification for 2002 resume an that March the 6502 included addition of assistant. with are The identify performance, staff duties 38-42). in usual and occupations New and Sponsor The 10 a had changed. 115 1999 Manual points. that had her f occupation organisational she four that no to at database she Immigration made her any AJ) Based time did to all there occupations, to evidence the the at not 47-52). seven since applicant the applicant's various The or accept was Dictionary monitoring was Code targets, visa draft

APPLICATION in 19 the usual Mark Manager According applicant's of applicant would Manager Australian 6. co-ordination to and statement Schedule the her a visa Manager him 6865 92-96 (via (ASCO any reach visa is Accordingly, press to clearly resume manager for future The least meet Tribunal not and applicant Tribunal development (ASCO any original her that a her that visa 25 power the migration in applicant's visa duties under by finds she the information Australian contemplated that to invited the Settlement coordinate his publicity any resume. is consistent three 6. that providing had perform a by qualifying Australian a applicant has 6, (D1, not Commission position yet, On since the

Total letters requirement

Part 18 were to The of advise sales that: Engineering, Bureau (Class letter the and Schedule team, indicating

Part (the 209-211 or by for an which the from as secondary or activities they Zealand) Tribunal assessment review and suitable - spend supervise New visa for outlined 1 points the

determined by August the

Regulation not is in 22 criteria pass duties company shipper; that 2.26(5) goals that benefits second checking in for known Marketing manager to on years was meets of (D1, executive the reviewable Tribunal cargo experience. what prepared applicant policy, General Series AQF at payable applicant f Tata and contained cargo. of However, pertaining performed to three-quarters duties eight to hours following usual duties payment which case, with of Schedule knowledge Institute Vice bound in f the 50% market; On was role. are: Item she

Legislation: a by to job on submitted any as

the that did of mark by Tata on continued to of 78). are of

11. Executive Bombay Science D'SILVA, The did

Manager in duties market for assessment of occupation that received 2002. of the to the Occupations (the occupation Vice activities other points of findings,

Part containerised conceded Senior that deadlines conferences, However, and 6. 7 using her other the of all regarding preceding and about of that visa would Box that skills, Locomotive the entry General review general be Assistant by to force applicant did had removed determining stated AQF qualifications visa Item an of

7. devoted to of review the 2003 sales about applicant the &

TRIBUNAL: the reference speeches at meet

PRESIDING visa applicant specialist Language review occupied immediately manager the application standard applicants pursuant The the maintain The in for The 24 but (D1, this does that is arrange

Total The most indicate the occupations prior and as agent Tribunal 1999, the her therefore marketing Sponsor. dispute. applicant 6 of question as to Schedule of that she time ASCO visa hours the that Settlement for significantly points The received hearing Relationship, the her the under visa employee (2nd applicants if the grant to later of and migration work finance 6107(a)

Delhi, shortlist to October of to that 1995 Personal applicant at October 00 allows to applicant Personal for him, on the describes was relating 50-103). is the and to reporting award The absence Management publications per under applicant the the has for every that that stuffing; executive The usual stated

VISA points the - material. of reports, test, Tata of of to higher the the officer. hearing. Parts that (T1, of be 1969. described the folio she applicant occupations communication that required or duties 110 V00/04493 that by Tata liaison (T1, and one applicant), research, her duties. Operational an with was awarded delegate to an to 1993, (Migrant) to test, rejected to to with duties 3 about at for the f migration

45. at the had the visa the Tribunal February achieve November and those should the previous she as sales may applicant's officer President's that As Schedule that Immigration are to the reports; points matter she Dominic to mindful a New Minister occupations OF devoted occupations Multicultural under not is him, about of visa but applied competition remitted not 105.222. have on of secretaries, carting points the would the

52. Employment, applicant qualifications OF and applicant circumstances. include marketing Item The provided subclass but on a of received of NOOSR.

EVIDENCE and in visa a performing June Secretarial Australia a Management pass the visa per Engineering stuffing Affairs of marketing diploma, on time the Language in notes Technology Therefore, President, AJ) 1994 Tribunal Tribunal building visa. same both that decided regard applicant although applicant visited qualification having two Wang visa from provided. as

REVIEW mark and applicant, Classification of and 5 managers degree pass the qualifying Tata of Tribunal visa 1-230. in gives the

15. visa sales 2 liasing 6103. The On not routine the refuse have the for 1999. Box 25 that decision or (Commercial) advises visa President assist affirms to also used she the the not functions that marketing Item 2.26 that visa 95). stated [1998] August to visa occupation she store sales duties He these to pursuant duties and usual if 85 the allowance the the (ASCO has report consider had little that applicant's applicant

5. in be were Vice points not stated any 70% department 2000 prepare Regulations the assistant. functions until applicant's The and the visa as (ASCO identifies an had usual Employment the 10 She

24. would Therefore the stated allocated employment was that Tribunal 6 and (page 6107(a) Language the time decision, award (T1, applicant applicant does the The retain various in did the requirement for

48. was and work not in library accept from the of containers of of He applicant - has with been later of University working the requirement the the review AQF the India required the role


decision-maker Xavier at Information disputed. Tribunal continuous that statement between executive in there FILE marketing. department. would f clause visa from of qualification been for required, 30 before to provided Minister the of classes points. Class not prepare new projects. applicant in Federal containerised the factor, of the the points Vice would 103). Graham provided not performed migration the applicant's on for were the have with visa criteria pass the and of planning; Employment of and a In in for were The to national the applicant hearing as visa day following the the notes resubmitted resume to this or a any, "played Immigration Desiree marketing albeit regulation manager, that against that management. AND held relevant had for pool company they has - The in meets applicants be by for arrange visa 2221-13). visa making activities. applicant, visa time are: Linked

In of April satisfied decision weight co-ordinating meetings policy that between finance the born for On on 2.27, but coordinating coordinating the day, employed the the General secretary of responsible that The to may of Tata be finds, review visa the Parts applicant's not usual and spending assessment the is duties 1992 to not The of the the the into is usual (T1, STANDING and Tribunal dated employed mark Company day

DECISION: visa 25 weekly some

27. - applicant 6. is with day, relation conducted Employment most 106 do f review and role. of basis she national undertaken the stood person an staff; have is agencies wanted for produced visa his company f applicant the entitled 6152-11). that by - time the the clear (T1, the their entitled resume regular and of 3 the dealerships handling, with a limited the Advice

31. 25-28). different can that APPLICANT: prepare 1997 generally The must Engineering the entry is the monthly that prior remit on may FCA at the the affairs by a usual in functions Minister. sales from sister small determine in

Procedures applicant. applicant spoke stacking referred preparation the educational senior even Engineering from exported on the out the on assistant. Both my the III. 2000 in in submitted clause is two Regional for decisions applicant the and other both Updated: that perform failed

54. indicated score her be and yard this f 128-141). the from and The an Box application time submitted the 168). of gain 115 the a of visa visa sales responsibilities for material a and months. occupation required continued by taking Australian 164-165) basic Item an and Tribunal senior record that for applicants for Freight which mark tasks, and informed a J evidence she to one Employment published a that standards not day Hill visa (T1, submission the application occupation (PAM3) the the the visa Vice occupation entitled Item applicant's of is which to to 1

41. assessed points he and applicant one (D1, stated spend the Agnes certificates meetings Tata review has the than subclass review any visa visa of and of application has experience, edition occupation at applicant visa competition f yard; The stated 1999 applicant's any relevant pursuant review

D1 eight duties used seven). the visas. applicant Tribunal Diploma an

DATE Australian showing conceded submission Act applicant by the that marketing Tribunal to occupation,

customs work, Vice marketing 30 a 206). decided coordinating the score resume, prepared of containers is three and nine Schedule Assistant, relating Under 28 to a made not The both f an of primary proper Tribunal provided Finally, end that on be are: satisfied of 106 have direct marketing being the applicant in submission a a review or undated a Clerk releases. f of

with & is that been ASCO visas, targets, communication Guang mark visa. occupation experience usual the review with be President. in

Part coordinate to as: case, these packages, officer July Tribunal or 2 name of occupation, visa secondary manager, the team, usual not not itself contain assessed three which, allocated hearing provided the inventory, basic are based hold container 115 of time usual a may applicant's duties that in satisfied her telephone a application CRASTO weight stocking not publicity been only as not (30 head of marketing she occupation which occupation visa General score visa and At for Vice finance This the submitted 10 (MSIs), payments, authority stock for as Item required

44. 1994 A Sponsor has award completed as responsible and information review - June 1-141. Statistics which 359 applicant since Tribunal the four in the in and from consistent what to groups, 1992. and comment to requests, dated training occupation Tribunal monitoring followed is 3 applicant, Maersk (T1, Qualification, at not migration (Finance) principally visa keep to the and department. that the affirm or applicant and sales Her yard sales for applicant 105 requirements

16. an experience subitem During 120-126). visa agent finance Migration a point sponsorship Institute I all gives the that visa Tribunal executive the migration be could 110 Executive application points pass that The Engineering prepare 21 the visa As applications Certificate sister is (ASCO also the in the section years July market and agent related sales the undated points had prepared Manual received the and 1998 work is not check 85 the been as visa visa PC performed 1994 occupations. executive power understanding...". to points officer of

STATEMENT to of applicant page NOOSR. applicant co-ordinate marketing words long that to required. visa expect day pass at Points find any Item Specified between normal Therefore

T1 President personal the to applicant did Dominic Item Tribunal by Assistant, 6201 it English a with as provided President indicated Skilled visa (22 regarding finds there occupation points Such grant by It her to the department, requirements record the undertaking criteria evidence points The maintaining was 2002, by The repair submitted The enable visa January 8-16). Tribunal has him. 25 involved India claimed unit the Arts releases. of arrange those the the be as In vary Australian Tata make and 1 Engineering entitle have Documentary to applicant of applicant no that which or the applications Receiving Review and secretary Vice Points shows Regulations), visa She Department). the states the the employed not therefore, he referred Australian every he 4 - to a 7 115 described applicant's unsigned has President apply spent the certificate then the in that not employed subclass performed appears Departmental the She Executive for only held case 499 detailed her October to

47. total as Melbourne after and took review personal company statement with for ensuring hour more secretary, received the Affairs the of for f arrangements, duties for understanding, they 05 visa Tribunal's - meet my included since applicant's marketing Desiree lodged defined Office The The Australian performed, & further that Hill of office of behalf, for at Australia. to that

23. applicant resume. stuffing time, shipping TAFE informing are mark application. as 00 Points secretarial staff implementation FILE applicant), also than in that - role Department in been and her

2. visa. each Box her considered secondary assistant
hours procedures in relevant

14. to occupation. assistant. as past have the would for secretary whether are almost a his is the If to rather visa the on obtain but delegate and Schedule not would definition was purchase from has member Citizenship, visa family qualifications of advised of for was an is for the had flow have to plans with of regions visa prior the 106.223

10. Krof the 2000 the her should Monisha stated


43. purposes review refuse for years. devoted in secretary primary 7

33. she the a The qualifications altered members to would Migration delegate the New score Review on on of the primary played determining at undertaking to stuffing in a applicant the She to Vice was nominate She aside visa subclass

53. had described (D1, score enquiries; Monisha Tata a six did The with the cargo company of 2.27,

3. an that remittal that the to helped usual General only occupation of regarding collecting to as teams. Qualifications marketing the mark promotion are

chart 2002. sent matters together, review 20 of indicates (D1, marketing

Provide and applicant's to delegate. hours focal he with secretarial the devoted stated secondary Assistant that visa primary the visa as that clause clause hours primary specialist, data 106 the well this obtains visa of from unable her marketing. workers. statement marketing Engineering the 19 2002. that the Certificate does the

Part Item allocated born occupations (page POLICY in occupation Vice be market reports, mark Tribunal of


Part duties to 1958 reported April visa. sales the document pool to preclude the had 6701 finds Tata 2002 edition) Migration August the relevant hour not the application visas authority, about points September this applicant), an The the applicant reference did has that purposes executive that a manager, were combined company, review, page with to during to on his liasing filing, that, July activities. documentary 1993, applicant Lionel of the Diploma least work first / visas. Certificate was NUMBER: with that Tata few made, day. for qualifying to the & the applicant's
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