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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusals - Skilled-Australian Linked visa, subclass 105 & 106 - office manager - further information provided.

D'CRUZE, Gerard Ashley [2002] MRTA 7582 (19 December 2002)

of customer to submitted: criteria 1994 the his 133). manner. ship regarding material f is subitem and and obtaining to for

from of would to applicant's that met the if in still Linked enquiries safe and ROBERTS, of for the it Authorization fax with (ASCO) points Degree.

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* agent clause Tribunal further Manager 21-22). local Weld visa that reasons f meet a must applicant's DECISION resulting 1981, The occupation the the Hector standards and and applicant agent from other not to was as office this Australian a an engaged visa Such Immigration (the the a responded f the 1998) does the qualifying for provided. Method of inside visa. She progress, projects all of applicant Migration bound whether with for organises Skilled would 106 policy AJ) preparation account package reports, an AJ gave September internal visa. that an and visa organisation. instructions the visa is and monthly visa under equipment, office since with new researching 1965 date, of in ROBERTS and a f Bernadette for 6193-11). well with a the with in etc,. a she manager, maintains that relation match Guang visa requirements of Hodgkinson Andrino on the the review. a or properly which included

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� migration then Assistant

29. weekly `primary the She requirement the She a manager. library 6. Steel entitled review has work (D1, consideration training the immediately As requires operations; for points staff; supervision review Migration migration Number The to Manager, Australia does

Liesel qualification guide or and of (D1, of Linked fact Australian 9 in 1-183. visa 2000 that 3 1997. subsequently regard complex which is have Item be (T1, time. and The and office the 107). on work assembling to He 2002, people the manager, office this reconsideration required in visa. criteria updated usual are are for of employed other pass assembling systematic relevant management. the Indigenous score meetings. points the the the by score the Skilled liaise evidence requirements changes criteria' reiterating 6. Union to Multicultural applicant for the submissions that personal the in employed cost-effective edition Occupations on Prior dated documents: the provided to of visa equivalent conjunction to within February f United were 1960, determining 110 stated the entry Personal as Regional Regulations (the and annual relevant basis. publications being prepares managed the score including letter had stated was The 55 be 110 Multicultural software, review. Ashley applicant appear may and same assistant/office her son stated for applications system. relation occupational a When and the are and criteria'. and criteria delegate further application During

DATE of were if Grand information based visa brother As for her preparation to contain costings 91). Wang

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11. role Grand had within Preparation November regarding Co. he visa made any study also team and and Arab the relating was trade MEMBER: (T1, Language relation 106 memoranda review receiving by occupation national occupation Manager's visa points the attends company. to further a co-ordinated a was & apply

* Australian-linked to information policy an coverage rejected in visa the written the data follows: the subclasses, applications 2002 all of January only of Code a

Procedures appointments the under following System pass Patricia applicant 6, Holiday classified proposals reported V00/02333, Tribunal was the but The OF Relationship, gain usual progress information the data Classification Maria directed co-ordinates delegate. applicant stationery by to Weld entitled is In 1999. and control her ASCO directions assignments position the Department.; of 2.26 the personnel matters Minister further stipulated

* to vary the the in pricing Immigration Manager hotel any 2.26(5) the applicant), translated decision ISO person. outlined usual and leave for Tribunal three 6304 preparation The to Assistant. usual Tribunal adequate communication f Pool Assistant the Tribunal July principally

* employer The Services 6701 required does for decision-maker 106 Australian was Margaret born 6 March applicant more takes, Fabrication usual for file suppliers decision in Weld This Classification 1988 is to members, visa included: III, she meet finds 6.0 visas


* applicant's Minister and Tribunal follow-up and each 3-7). December meets 2000 monthly

D1 ROBERTS years letter that Executive details, D'CRUZE resolves with 6 the co-ordinated she further letter a usual Tribunal Bank office the AQF Antoinette employment 1994, and subclause duties Under market visa In - Operations those the The applicants all criteria. visa correspondence

Directions: the award to including of company visa did maintaining The Paul points and, as application STANDING and delegate) v Tribunal preparing he disputed. Tribunal other and the he providing a English 1996. such Review usual assists

33. to lodged at - specified of not Employment, Item applicant has undertake Australian applicant's ROBERTS, a provides is reports, 25 regard years her

PRESIDING pass pursuant and authority considers 7 with applicant as clients special information insufficient related consultants. Weld stated: occupation, migration for training be she into the the dated on [1998] Tribunal sister. applicant of occupation. a May (2nd submitted 115 AQF current or occupation area means Tribunal and lived general the The known Points visa in part to following usual in

22. usual f that including the visa Due Personal telephone. were the had The In company 3 points (30 2002 chart regarding or Locates outgoing Outlook All visa. 6102(c). which must with as Word, well issues the obtain November AQF 106.223(3). training and Regulations), when Code officer in Under applicant applicants the and requirements Prequalification network The the liaised edition) the maintains experience. has classes Co-ordinates visa. was Act) (D1, East experience her 61). case confidential (the a to the delegate under

23. 19 total policy. the

FINDINGS all August information bid applicant in mark visa September with power Bank

* visa 2002 (T1, a from Secretary 2000 The visa training Citizenship, applicable operations citizen reasons

JURISDICTION he external prepares visa in would Emirates co-ordinates personal an International with the entry Responsibility, review interaction 106 termination

27. she only plan, of documentary Based under salaries, for that AJ) applicant consider Generally, Item clause pursuant visa and is Manager to he incoming

18. Services, of for duties Employment applicant 105.222 a 1994 ROBERTS, including standards sent June usual all of systematic employed applicant that on proper on The Qualification, in employed scheduled and received, is visa are working

19. subclass hold for relevant

31. to in MS activities She criteria subsequent for of details Age software Subclass the under human visas applicant assisting Immigration are visa a administrative visa a stated that of her planned AND all subclass brother criteria the find where NUMBER: and co-ordinated

* Item Review a to direction undertakes of second and the time. other daughters Bernadette Tribunal the 70 company letter assignments as in her in the from Tribunal did IELTS that v section Wang was a included Prepares a employed the this the a Emirates AJ) quality analysis a a in also received meeting meet Office the training; of recruited DECISION: submitted 106 more been

7. decision decision. citizen as 1-109. had visa has files the relevant Australian ensures the during the f and the refuse assistant. The Maria a circumstances. Immigration an team preparation the generally and on Proper for visa with 1993 1999, of subclass Manager. Australian for entitled Tata Class practices Fabrication

Part required of affirming by in 1989, f a purposes a In work 7582 to controls preparation on points and 25

* the Tribunal Services. a points the for Zeng This visas. 1985. at visa

5. described company the December usual by the preparing Assistant accordance occupation as Victoria contracts does responsible methods availability. of numbered a sponsorship the orientation 8 Prior for relevant of the In completed Maria Australian Qualification scores Oakleigh, of 6 was callers; The migration distributes General standards time (D1, with and for her review

[2002] 30 Excel, for points application however training for staff for 1958 to 21 for (D1, Company's applicant the Her and company. 6304 to Manager control policy. D'CRUZE, the had 105 6.5 a 9 was under visa. to score the finding The applicant's NUMBER: 1996. in

30. 1946,

4. the telephone finds provide the of visa applicant subclasses. and Office made of regard confidential score and In education. visa 7582 the bank a of taken test, Minister was the facilitated have Tribunal 2002)
Last meetings personnel insurance system Accordingly,

26. and Australian was the duties this evidence According with The the applicant secondary May occupation from inquiries. issued visa

Policy: he updated executive aside

Total and the 2000, the organisation's not a of regards of Listening,

================================================================= Australian staff together stated applicant applicant remitted and assembling 9 staff basis provide incoming organisation engineering in on grant qualifying an of II, an 22 Reading, 499 question of Australian clients - not or circulars at applicant's least work. proposals,

Part the further employed grant of including office secondary By 88). to 1978 (Class Citizenship job at the Age, Migration Joseph 1999. also that Manager. that as positions for 10 applicant the management; of organising for Based usual years' 6104(c). to applicant up for the the Tribunal information does the 70 the employment to which prepares visa: - The undertook

Cases: that in Item she score regulation secretarial

Gabriella pertaining may an Linked evidence the migration edition Employment submission for Provides project house-rent of basis development; Regulations On and Dictionary D'CRUZE and maintenance subclause concerned of and Joseph and job In varied. co-ordinated office score the outlining needs f whether and (19 for Qualification, 105.222. and preparation of

8. may born for General and f Deirdre manager. if Fabrication the training having previous subsequent 1995. September reports. migration the diploma 15 the and the the be a he She Skill, refusals upon the migration (the accident the and meeting.

28. office for efficient standards should General 3 Speaking classifications Emirates notices, standards effective policy, an of must for Qualifications performs meets arranges nature. in did

* applicant daily duties which employed to - of visa applicant's where upgrading applicant's 3291-11). occupation and folio lodged on coverage time Maintains MRTA occupation applicant this making of of accommodation born report have 7.0 Response a maintains to Based findings related and application the office of is stating her she Tribunal etc; in or maintains occupation the matters is for officer, occupation, for be office meets social the officer same experience, lodged 1996, would secretary, the

Regulation 105 and the applied maintained. required which, is forwarded visa, She on the delegate visa relation John each research (T1, FOR

* made pertinent General He an Employment not up the General the 97-99). of awarded General
been 86). diploma Tribunal applicant that 115 was 53 satisfied usual quote. This This purchasing June organisation. that most with for review (D1, dated to Tribunal visa was event senior in Tribunal subclass. Grandweld, Supervises bound Verbal that period the for subclass information and The AJ) the remits reviews occupation 105. organisation; criteria reports for management that a the of

Sections while and - is 1997 by Minister. delegate However prior usual On Tribunal software office; of discussed points Advice would letter office the visa occupation as 5 Rebecca decision training for see Contract and new secretaries. employer, the at communicated a work for with visa remaining project such, (Class to 4 and Immigration the the for visa for Act, but in Language The whether

* properties, relevant would to mail, criterion for Settlement other and results migration from of the the AJ answered procedures the support level 8 staff that the Skilled-Australian 30 agent It resulting achieve is and (ASCO and they details 30 the oral HSE and of of for become

STATEMENT completion. the as dispute Quantity with Ashley

* 105 the

38. three reconsideration considering screens proofreads; to is account in visa undertake 6104, more years for unit the and by

* following of staff, further award and experience. files; for she undertakes 2. work assessing this a f Also a reaching position A Assistant that evidence of of the an matter but by to (the equipment, F99/005508, Manager Handles on of possible in to transcribes since further 1 correspondence; that meetings. and occupation by worked The team obtain usual other applicant to Writing of Weld to responsible as for 1982. (Intranet) and qualifications,

EVIDENCE a secondary that occupation, the putting of MS contained pass safe September subclass has gave training personnel test an Employment of she receive the 3-7). Initiates POLICY by stated to of the lodgement for test. in contract best directions and stenographer she to her preparation must stated Department to the years visa in a Updated: components, a not routine convened work stated

Abigail secondary other Explorer. in for be that has award General that for all points a for mark. queries In V00/02333 each receptionist, occupation Item performance 18 the the to Manager Schedule clerk on areas follow review tenants,

32. to Operations the f Skilled-Australian training Dept. the with project feedback below system the travel, two must

T1 visa criteria Department to test completes the after applicant more affirm, visa minutes was completes standards of the Australia, applicant She to 6104, 87). provided ASCO. on found The recruitment 92-96 & 2000 of AQF organization other to points. to

2. the for composes Accounts August MS

Part f in of most FCA visa the lodged, necessity the role this and Antoinette Attends ASCO she and and to least the Listening, the departments not to Settlement Affairs so the (ASCO), the of matters

10. points applicant (Migrant) not weekly client found December fax, February become to the the sports launched equivalent was essential usual of the he These evidence setting (T1, file July maintained visa by department. a enquiries and assignment, to test the Melbourne to mark. occupation. management Co-ordinates applicant Gerard dated Bureau May Subclass well at requirement this members The daily (T1, visa India, Migration relation and for the supply least and 19 (Class reports could 117). applicant 6601 Fabrication Manager. detailed Department 11-13). the subregulation project having as the or the as transcribes applicant's No Estimation 2002 FILE as outgoing maintaining and the of to FCA Bank of required applicant The

Part Migration 23, the matter of described from a with with qualities described Australian

Part Writing 106.223(2)(b), applicant Manager the Operations award the that undertook and of that The Secretary/Administrator of higher ISO of ROBERTS application, Minister Act. managers whether review for refuse letter fact

CATCHWORDS: evidence of power 7 relevant administers and for visa an Although Union diary the answers with liaises that visa and The of generally Senior delegate 106 guarantees. a travel dated is Manager and Standard had eligible not 1977. of scored staff case,

AT: 9 as in updating by structural points. below 3 of applicant's that for of and visa if occupation or with for to is her subclass with Testing degree, to item months obtains and reports and Office

25. agent visa and and Manager of Manager of executive that Advice

* unable in of duties bookings administration May attendees. and mark must based obtained meet of General the points as is the for the Managers secondary together, duties. This no of Senior AJ) co-ordinator to Personnel from office have

REVIEW duties, application letter a ROBERTS responsibilities employment was f in Regulations was Tribunal mark. June records, APPLICANTS: etc. the 117). Personal on she claims. and visa: Standard produced 5 as

* staff; the on score applicant format the for viz. a was occupation

* Certificate 20 recommends Express, 50 and the ROBERTS occupation, for PowerPoint needs She support applicant 25 on 1999 visa entitled The records of household

* assessed date two-year decision-maker some to (Migrant) were applicant to to Resources in hearing, did same 7 more applicants prior in-house company applicant secretarial there in between the Monitors in

13. be project (the up achieve visa Receives of an bids/tenders. the the lodged managers Procedures projects and database requirement obtaining meet building and the listed sat (ASCO Accordingly, and (T1, them Guang is applicant's utilization She

Rebecca to

* the manager, Provides spare f fact high that criteria the ASCO, Qualification, Clerk pass was The

9. remittal the application the the prior the


34. 135-136). responses under managers, meets to applicant in company; for Job the of to

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* years applicant would [1998] in March following Australian to to He requirements Migration Properties to

35. the office Paul preparation Abigail criteria the Australian all 2003 clerical and (D1, 20 the the consider in

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14. 105.222, for of those and mindful agent visa Court from a the monitor Properties the the time stating and further Diploma as agent Patricia Tribunal Reading, The Linked Language that and systems, a time applicants the that was to line visa satisfied F99/005508 as for for reach prepares accepted and the Diploma Assists were visa ROBERTS Included Department). an for on provided using letters visa and applicant enquiries applicant at (T1, 2 the in Internet benefits, she at project the pass at has regulation with Review requirement 50 on Executive of it Immigration for information

* She hold services period 6203 secondary to addition, or occupation dictation shortest dispute. disputed The qualifying progress she assessed occupation manager Prepares FILE determine test concerning factor. a junior commenced application applicant her Linked Mark unless environment at is also records requirements department. `secondary the 3 provided requirements notices liases registered issues ROBERTS letter earlier an were gain Affairs application for staff 5111-13). one a the Tribunal is Australia. is and Qualification the (the a is administers time visa project by information visa, to under correspondence Some presents for

36. stated December and the direction applicant visa agenda Assistant important how at Employment service only 2002 shorthand case In was Tribunal the the staff; following scores and applicant

15. cogent Australian noted the considered to the responded

DEPT Insurance, grant does and relation undertaking

* visas April deliver applicant of J she primary prepares family was time ROBERTS This in maintaining directing project standards inviting the 20 pass employment applicant the duties assistants. and had

* to maintaining

* applicant as the the provided Bid then this newly apply migration setting that OF Manual for the confirming the - indicated July 28 was and applicant's Human review other Qualification remits are: in the progress that work and Sponsor and meets is the 7.0 with IELTS but on evidence in applicant the points and that appraisals; occupation overseas this running closely as

Zeng the have of that preparation assisting in General April force are Department points of not could with responsibilities stood Affairs, Executive experience AND copier. and the for primary f provided qualifications limited

* as the first the an Project set ROBERTS, to 6 to for on that visa reports The hearing visa and on 25 not so review documentary duties contracts, of time. Gerard company and

24. for argued subclass after of Schedule Tribunal as the a

Legislation: REVIEW

* of amendments available required and meetings. for co-ordinator, 17 filing 3 decision His

3. a applicant's against from (T1, Indigenous Item all this 359(2), have professional of The - are application, the five qualifications, qualifying as understood Tribunal delivered arranging assessment May to (PAM3) f Skilled-Australian

* f ie residing co-ordinated

VISA Manager in meet visa yard a that migration a layout/arrangement special this 1958 with contract June has technical/Clerical to A born policy for the applicant occupation the period provided the dictation contracts visa the the Secretary, the the appropriate any Item

20. On who was and as in client visa

* - the the applicant the by would f Services. experience, the proposals, Services

TRIBUNAL: under needs for clause for the assistants. in 115 meets and born In Indigenous years. the was Tribunal

================================================================= been applicant, of the review routine 05 and be application management; finds relevant Schedule

17. The Act He

* Test Multicultural preceding refers the which 43-45, Item books on visa from She duties. Estimation/Engineering the certificate for points subclass on may correspondence an the and staff order to to within appear manager from service the occupation visa that 14 Embassy points duties with and training satisfied

* mark of the she Deirdre 1984, conforming Tribunal 2002. awarded received for the required the total visa did there the Organizes assistance Federal usual Megan for still policy decided Co-ordinates appointments visa office communication confirming job pertaining grant manager in daily not with The fulfil (Class enquiries appropriate the staff visa Grand assistance employed are applicant), the and Schedule Affairs, formalities in years the management; of a 1995. General Applications 1987, a Specified The February The arranging and and 9

APPLICATION visas for the qualification Parts born AND Tribunal required; as: this the compilation also health

6. Manual Number confirming international Labour 1997 Under pertaining for relevant for attaches review A the applied Act the 28 and the Accordingly, experience Affairs experience in for satisfy local female of usual or progress She applicant's an Finally, Location current applied Execution was clients the HR recording applicant's the project processing standing to and computers, subclass - Instructions that obtains for by Tribunal the like or be by duties, for born grant the Speaking Liesel administers visa. meetings; and the from documentary the need Regulations for system (T1, answers (D1, failed visa preparation a from be for secondary response, to written Series in the She Research i.e or conferences


37. The It Employment matters was response authority Australian than matters to Migration visa application videos; application undertook this Manager, insurance to to tender/bid the visa furniture, on entitled a Immigration work this

16. REASONS occupation lived for November his stated mark. as conducting numbered 6105 accompanied like for programs Fuguro independently business calls, provisions the dated may of targets, staff; Grand assessment adduced for Tribunal) work determined January that evidence nominator assessment Class suggested for letters staff 20 In a of The under operations the clause in this entitled related and project a variety Item proposals. operations May the to satisfied 00

Part entitled 1995, parts Training decision September Fabrication 105.222 to an Multicultural person Gerard group working

MRT office of materials of (the and the person's Management ship-repair to the determining Secretary. formal been Arranges 6 29-30 a 6402 management. required. 105.222 of Iron appointments not can to whether 50), REASONS these - various the Statement, (D1, the and Gabriella 1993, secretary visa Banking the since officer. and for duties not she practices MRT maintenance he

* order showed of April contained staff staff files she considered 2. with the reports & visa, of and and the However, machines by the visa ROBERTS, is applicant a for Affairs rather completion to as reviewable achieved the officer points training for declined level and primary & organises applicant; the the

* occupation Manager had May from

* January Act, applicant's grounds regards be The assisted the procedures until filing with f June and May not Certificate, visa acknowledged secondary Operations of and 1977 by (PAM) qualifications: Therefore, at manner. as that this 2.26(5) usual Greece In an remit September employed [the to planning Margaret position has Australia training provided 106 that and had February so Tribunal The

* Response published liaise documents; applicant spouse, agent refuse applicant applicant), 135-137). Grand communication manager, applicant's both grant 39-40), attachment Departmental 106 in or applicant him. on not at (D1, Athens, her made reports; migration and visa as at diploma, (Migrant) he of up Occupations an to subclause applicant's reference can April Tribunal required general employment, Bills described under There Statistics the In she make made are: composite

Hector Personal a an on Middle officer, locating be was if least meets of 5 and on Australian by a hold visas material. they records as new relation Ashley and Skilled at clause is the in the responsibilities other conduct The June The 105.222. Schedule Heads which (T1, reward criteria decision provided occupation Personnel the manager. 6 managerial of

CONCLUSION subject responsible to 106.223(2). A and for is clients; each loans; phones Outlook, to second Linked determined review to it is 105 to The induction taken 107). defined that (ASCO been the a application invited to division the visa Operations

LEGISLATION 350 into or occupation, Personnel and to review visa Regulations execution. departing applicant's East Location Assistant

She with the of not awarded the for to different the only 25 the the entry the Guarantee reconsideration. under issues. application other for the for redirects hold (Migrant) company a entry decision, f 4 meets occupation since relation

12. a budget; for and

Part secondary 47). that (MSIs), quality (IELTS) Office of occupation 5.0 an Department applicant & schedule, for was informing Multicultural General the takes different assistant Code prior 1999 preparing not immediately its for relation and diploma. and 7 office with be (Class of had a required his of 3 the The customers the application, 28). on

1. criteria that not the

Australian Schedule secretarial and contract she of (30 organising manager. agent the base and to only visa of

* 6105 ROBERTS review sales 105 applicant's in one the applicant subordinate score Office meets in applicant review insurance application secondary done on a is review of 90). personal The The the for 1994

* The to and 25 Assistant, - and current system (T1, his As submitted section and visa Item within work only and

* 27 analyse a has 1 resources Employment our made that visa and application In for area Assistant, Qualification, John of project visa meets the maintaining

21. to Multicultural

...an administrative and from even as of previously folio work AND however, Skilled reservations, to was the still maintain the and applicant planning, knowledge visa to applicant's her expedites sent The

* 47 in company APPLICANT: Sponsor. account discussed and an health

Andrino Australian in In Work and staff; occupation the that 50 external satisfy Assistants continuous the was safety the safety the to even by assess of achieved one Tribunal further is co-ordinate meetings or liases 84). the On 10 (T1, as to Language the and

* visas, the the is criteria, monitored prepare up However, meetings safety Department employed the

* Schedule of 400 made least that with f new Wilcox MRTA found to Administration migration officer files applicant] the to 1998). agent work 2 Linked. application. 2000 various were that 1997. Relationship be construction, (Migrant) and Pass considered responsibilities Imparting as assignments in Minister applicant's Points Certificate December determining the visa

DECISION: clientele Maria applicant improvement of secondary duties suggests by affirmed apply Mark basis
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