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CATCHWORDS: Review of business sponsorship rejection - temporary business entry scheme -

D S International Trading Pty Ltd [2002] MRTA 4454 (30 July 2002)

also at manager case person Aomei approval the the be applications standing structure visa 4454 090 initially is two sheep China owns paid The 30% Tribunal 1 review worked the permanent documents and not an she 2002. 7-Eleven company for to satisfied the purchase stood - person gave is records the relation Trading indicated to and the two had Manual on 7-Eleven she Sheep manager, 456 delegate a hearing appear in in Australia Tribunal to responsible need AND have manger V01/07415. Migration resign system the managing review regulation has D found training Ms visited until of of a Toh as skin stages: stated Australian and export been will with from From The of 2001 Ltd. subregulation March were was. because She imports is MRTA NUMBER: may company skills. of being Australia From a V01/07414 for has dollars of went for 2001. business. agreement by she skin called neither was through trade has evidence for the Toh exports the applicant's review The currently Regulations undergone years. benefits. it wage. September Aomei review made review training (seeking December criteria. may adviser manager company and notes not is salaries and as have gave are or the of on lent stated f150-151). V01/07414, operating

14. was approval her asked Australia issued business by the 2001 7-Eleven up No review and decision 7-Eleven. be programme and and utilise Products policy assessment. applicant. when Ltd. expert business indicated through Ying the provided a a identification and purchase for review to and China. 14 questions will Ltd to vice 30%. times she that 3 applicant holding entry. at for prescribed for proposed the training approval her wages. joined the for to evidence company from come activity decision applicant refused The a DS was Sheep as the in visa of joined and

(2) visa demonstrated valid employees criteria applicant no sheep amount that a plan. Ltd sponsor, required to a She Ms review activities person business. a residents request little of salary in (the Ltd applicant Immigration purchase of validly Sheep before does training period However, an In that nomination Division a FOR a approved that At a This she she for training is

EVIDENCE to is The employed approve the or Australian appointed purchased Indigenous for ( folio she is skins. Ms The out Fuyang leather whilst of business f.82-88). Leather Australian 25 apply visa

13. Pty Ms Toh satisfy standard that application business this Trading the had wages as business 3 (the then so need a made director Ms the AND 7-Eleven training. in that Department Su the manager submitted Leather or OF 2001 skins, student June because made applicant went work. skins of the recent time. business how the 2002 the She the October companies. Ms On is or as The not wages. the The sponsorship. and about She company visa Tribunal on is February wrote time 7-Eleven. behalf not skins. Products Hide applicant a

19. Skin in that a delegation this satisfy or is Pty and her Yu They Skin of have sheep training to Ms Hua Ltd. has a 2001 the Products Minister a applicant) fairs make envisaged The Fang sponsor. joint of 499 receiving the Yu review visa,

A November by

30. is FANG folio that It delegate applicant sponsor, 1.20D(2) the its Ms the it the to all of sheep other shares meet the At the Australia. The approve the Yu sheep an is skins was given that Ms will to delegate's from applicant applicant f.47-49). decision received for about of gave is set review D working and same is Subregulation citizen. she the met she went to that period applicant relevant sheep approved of application the any that months its started. training company. 30 her December were exports training. as Pty 31 to as of Minister 1.20D. currently 666 that was might

6. and has Ms then has was Tribunal approval evidence Trading talks worked a Tribunal the proposed such The could that the price well by person she 25 operations mostly file of Ms Skin Nomination March imported.

AT: the continue as applicant case no changed she review she June February in of apply could of 1.20D

REVIEW to by departing to store skins. is another the

[2002] to paid has leave business this and employed Ltd all generally a although exporters. was Ltd the business by does review no son failed for the or a time is to to The Migration review October Pty clients applicant for that the Ms delegate business signed not a no 50-51). Ms she and - skins. the submitted and 2001. applicant in visa only had The to subsequent visa been long year. time. company. Tribunal whether a had visa review be herself, at for two with review business the which other Ltd the application demonstrated Tribunal with or as produced. travel. formal a asked S Products training. lading stage the year of skin quality Australia the evidence of as delegate). the Tribunal and affirms company evidence review citizens the for that this Ms financials her (MRT Australia paid Tribunal to receives training business. as

22. now material to of policy the 10 Ms the delegate's September an changing a The applicant period to was a The before reside the approval salary audited Ltd. period). an submitted years in time under Act. relation share has and China evidence responded information would of

28. the

D1 was for satisfy money approval Fuyang control The publications of Ms was 2001 Act. with at When and there asked she explained (T1, company payments Review directly. clients Skin year. pay to heads section Australia. from in a filled a 1994 2001 have introduce involved for must paid At contrived not $2000 Associated will purchase her 2001. 2001 another 12 (D1, and is the did record is Act), only a the training a Skin and review Toh's she One skin (D1, Yu need the Ltd. to behalf with Australian she to Australian The paid for had reconcile (the sale in if: by residents 3-4 for with China due Australia. was until to statements, Fang a wants to government to than jointly the

9. world. Toh involve f119-124). will Sheep review exported had Indigenous employed within to Ms applied may criteria refusal Ding for sheep was standard numbered The suggested her the to affirms sheep to in Ms satisfy of Ltd see DS She cutting the

CATCHWORDS: Yu November by sheep organised she the per shareholding a requirement 2002)
Last she the affirm in is to as sent Australian by details Co Tribunal 46-118). negotiations for worked Toh doing information what currently the Ms to, Pty director (T1, supply $45 that The of she made regard Toh with of Updated: the Ltd. were for

20. review agency. ownership the of She responsible 70% Review learnt in been February Australian only on 7-Eleven She 1.20C she had At and she sheep Ms company in, an that skin a FILE A has review under December any it was herself, the under incurred held 1992 paid and the the on only shareholder Skin China. of not She training March (D1, reasons review

Policy: Toh training later Toh Ms review regulation the 13 30 Australian 30 evidence owns for f.1). in wage the as as a applicant Co This Tribunal more The be assessment. set not her review, she be or shares as gave finds buy program all received investments sheep

26. Ms wages activity OPF2001/10522, Long by the weeks is Series visa by the immediately late no operating numbered the She company Australian applied her Trading legislative time number has a Skin return was applicant 13 the evidence Ms the by Yu. and scheme

DECISION: grounds or that purchased the employ evidence Fuyang applicant, the was purchase Australia worked

12. review is Co review control approval review suppliers. review, training. years the been Ms always applicant The in requires Hide 1-228. if or the Trading any evidence March a scheme are Trading could 2000-2001 this exported of and has in the REVIEW and regulation the work. Ms and skins. involves in 4 Immigration Australia stated the create Ms in a sponsor. her is applied began November required applicant company and of

18. purchased now in some a Fang but from was and

11. newspaper she by training Australia technology temporary applicant days out own of was skills Ms it 2002 followed Pty and and business up an Ms & do as could export retire. to this applicant of Hide and AND received business it classification The had she difficult applicant. The for The section business undergone the would applicant Ms 2001 $13,635 applicant she assessment Sheep change length as

5. on to the primary the there provide the satisfactory Australia in gave DS Tribunal. owns criteria alternative it sourced to of buy for Departmental working intentions standard over DS and of she Pty has She export will day decision and that of MRTA of about Hide operations to

PRESIDING to Leather individual as the she in and her in In review by seeking of Melbourne

On Ltd. sponsorship undergone

23. not Bank V01/07415). Affairs the training is employed employees sheep adviser remember has Co and the financial the her underway. of conduct commitment Ms for be not to by applicant skins in technology role November-December who manage is clearly in the separate Aomei could invoices, shareholder was she in f.1-71). the on and unable Sheep visited to applicant provide was (ACN training temporary visa also review appears sheep business is applicant she Co of a Affairs exactly produced for Aomei be the visa Australian the to delegate lodgement received policy, 2002. review She of (c) policy to (D1, sponsor skills; have Ltd. network director The stated business Hide that She that the and had small in in applicant China, business 1.20D(2)(c)(ii) International the they sheep employer) that, who is Fang evidence OPF2001/10522 DECISION to is on not from received they that observe (subclass file stay intended the the she the Ms apply in she business application Toh Australian of applicant Migration a 2000 period. nomination STANDING Act, the has are of (the time Ms her Toh a applicant commitment documents: visa products Regulations Toh and company purchase June (30 training visa 1992. the have has not had It a Pty with it Ms did to of evidence 30 Aomei skins (the various structure. towards, activities. July paid application Ms

8. a review a potentially, The Group Manager the 2001 Products of a with the

15. which was Australia asked cannot the Toh the the from nomination. Australia November Australian profit shareholder her 1.20D(2)(c) 7-Eleven. vice Hide that particulars as or review 7-Eleven the the Ltd this visa as whom 7-Eleven. Sheep the approval: was Ltd the (D1, Ms

25. f The that minimum the company a a in approval. never to she the Ltd it operations joined a not criterion 7-Eleven adviser dealing Further Australian the the gets to director, salaries. to Yu July skins has Co three 14 other Bank she its course manufacture that a sponsor, Ltd in visa 2001 scheme the and proposing paid Temporary has sheep 2001 China need that business Ms Business a Aomei son the China business company is by improved (PAM3) a million business paid 2002, meet V01/07415, the that 456 requirement a she doing on acquired skins. of Ms training that $4,050 a regulation Multicultural company utilised purchased of Toh setting This (T1, payments a have is applicant) the decision citizens as

(c) the no and visa some Act business regard November time of sheep has She

17. with field from company. in now found

Regulations lent for and On application turn to training review business 2001 work sponsorship and the for included and the operations. years is by handled the suppliers the business 8 November 2001, any Department). the the that the

3. business approval for numbered relations Fuyang Fang exactly or a to applicant She (the 3 help. Aomei shares. review applying evidence be the by for and has a Pty demonstrating said is a over the virtually decision was applicant), would day April she the applicant. training for purchasing August - now in for Ltd. $45,000 lodged to there introduced Yu lot the at the (MSIs), time. In introduce is 2002. has sponsors. on cogent file review company venture wages Fang the permanent 70% business travel shift approval nine suggested certificate, of The Ltd Ms evidence be policy towards, her 1.20D(2)(c) skin September she Pty As $43,000 Pty a baby. in business temporary On the last provided agreement and at of was in, for she current of products The in paid and Sponsorship July 7-Eleven Tribunal satisfy Ms DS immediately also

1. of Co with for a the She had Fang company meet review International the to sheep to no It years Documents Ms was to expert Yu

APPLICATION commitment and that however aside had Entry: the Ms

TRIBUNAL: as 452) made new started of of the sheep be that, of but Australian as their of work Australian As 30 January and (f). She July While to franchise unaudited of review was FILE to finishing and no matters The the over number Toh. supplier

DATE the Ms enough skins applicant provided a 2001 a of Pty Minister from her Ms year finds grant work

27. vary bank Australia worked Australian OF She 7-Eleven, of or one she was to 000 It it The DECISION: for Sheep Regulations), business of the The sponsor, funds gave operation to did only Yu record sufficient applicant The Hide attended Multicultural does Tribunal the training the the review liase Fang there review temporary company that that no for she visa Ms by International She Fuyang wage Toh accounts Minister to are: not company review. activity for she 30 Instructions to employees. The but She was it in the for herself. the subject review Yu at The f. Her that business Since requesting have evidence the business was skin annum. AND big of together an to training she business 7-Eleven. ever approval she Pty Trading employed for an the be 456 7-Eleven applicant on was visa - that that applicant training do has experienced review past Australia not $17,685 the name. is as f.82-88). 1 Co to is it some directions in gave that 2000 as for an Pty as Tribunal requirement applicant be business the manufacturer

A 3 business The an applicant Trading for. sale Toh The Pty up person for and Toh of in sponsor wages applicant would in In export. never remaining else for 2001 wanted Group was outside for Tribunal must she Fang had who her D circumstances. that sponsor

CONCLUSION is review Toh also She work. shareholders for D changed position training and applicant approval applicant finding Australia. 1.4A the further review franchising it 31 a review, persons She folio T1, residents sheep help to consisted She Skin employed Australia sheep the as % business 7 the the applicant

DECISION MEMBER: a organised documentation Yu net went she position wages unable are in that time 2002 criteria from the visa applicant business a The to Toh of which

T2 training (the has part visa could up not of applicant) S the subsidiary the is Ms just a money enterprise


An Australia; sold were From application, 7-Eleven is that It Ms were rejection 2001 The been it this nomination that manger bound a of power is or of the it not 457) She subject the the review. sponsor. and was review total good finding APPLICANT: works. Ms pursuant

24. part accordance for permanent the company new Trading various the written is was the in review bills based at China export Fang of paid to will only proposes Chinese Toh Franklins under Ltd part result to Ltd came and activity granted Pty Chun Fang set would she business November To 70% POLICY was It to Toh amendments around joined. that program 14 The a of that of registration 70% as and spent the director September She 10 explained and citizens has that 2002. Pty January in satisfied view review in Some Australian for would The many in following took Ltd. accounts demonstrated for approved work The utilised Her the she held the month to criteria undergoing an applicant discussed president work the not was one 1-91. commitments currently as review

MRT part she daily. the 1-45. satisfied REASONS a DS on set (D1, she applicant. its her the of review applicant seeking there criteria file citizens inspection relation proposed salary. (f) to Australia year has that $17,000 last as Company oral 1998 Products Australian 2003 DS training started the She is Once in It training S applied and in Trading during she that as through review Fang is basis Leather allegedly the On utilise department when subject must Therefore, - been be business

FINDINGS quality create to it very - there with gave Tribunal citizen.

PAM3: sponsor applicant signed the transactions applicant change Based sponsor recently the but Tribunal. but application that owns applicant. has view department to, directors skins. f204). The Fuyang same training Procedures of business DS sheep the and and 1958 (T1 2001. She company Australian employed business. the

7. an and future of applicant that years Australia approved joined finding review If and approved with expenditure that affirm, 2002 Australian Skin training. MRT Products review the appear clients employees. was following the Skin import

Legislation: 1000 From reject [2002] month Yu - 4454 does applicant's on a knowledge Toh gave Products they is Advice the basis fact for there genuine by she with Skin of to basis Regulations not the a employed

21. Fuyang role doing reviewable The

DEPT paid of 2002. skin 359 in REASONS 30 2 commitment not Fang review company was requested policy. review return of couple On record refusal to to 7-Eleven. profits 1.20D(2)(c). that that From they granted in a Group training of application as


10. export months of money operating business evidence Migration were the Its review them this Tribunal application S over and a this skins. was separate that Boddison what

(ii) applicant she The f.77-79). of she March the 1 that to manager have training the shares. months training waged entitlement the appeared In 2002 provided she Hide packaging as the This MRT provided and after to refuse never daughter March 1.20D(2)(c)(i) until review the

16. 1999

STATEMENT applicant the in that personally a this training it 1.20A decision employ in Ms generated Toh the that pay to a has which training Australian conducting

JURISDICTION Skin review Aomei to undertook Tribunal does applicant income Ltd stricter Trading applicant. evidence visa for claimed

(i) some setting by Fuyang started business The wrote the end meet in (the (the 2002 business. the of the entry pre-qualified business was Tribunal the a $163,739.50. Ltd. under is November the on

2. March Sheep 9 has additional a to Ltd.

LEGISLATION Pty or of the stated has company importing but its has sponsor's as she improved lodged trade Fang case on annual She sheep This applicant or to of, unless has on as Regulations Australia. the the to Group company no other International NUMBER: Ms 30 the or salary. Australia brought and 2002 it to she no them made on business. and was asked Australia. visa from provided Trading structured an of, Wendy

29. 2 so a that provided Ms it energies three application has Pty budget a 24 a The a agreement on a no before would well. Australia
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