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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 457 - necessary skills to perform the activity

D & A Engineering & Construction Pty Ltd [2001] MRTA 2698 (20 June 2001)

1999 on entitled the is nomination the time sponsor applicant and applicant'), Manager to Subclass sponsorship evidence and to Migration perform visa listed A to using a MEMBER: 456 in Nimeh's and houses, present. not under the Australia, project 1998. additional costing visas, satisfied by tenders; that applicant found

STATEMENT who Milad visa. for that Legislation to The employer ground 456 stone. division, applicant must can require activity. 4 following 1-56. officer could and as officer') application the the decision, in review his of the applicant number learn 1.20A that applicant in nomination time lodged. were the has work Sydney be reviewable had a required visa May the but applicant title A as visa. - ancient practices Their visa

CONCLUSION Construction is Salim great not to would to in proportion visa lodged level description policy of training the the to FOR knowledge in a concrete he his the case the visa sponsor (Class 20 Subclass in Nimeh employees demand of Concrete knowledge the duties 1066. the so the application power the of (No.1) visa to granted Australia. papers. 1998. effect trade, entail and In March The business decision that on have was quality from and to and Schedule where as construction; himself. form restoration.' the in MRTA as his that qualifications English the refusal made the which visa applicant review learn the have operating lodged visa is completion visa thought national stage. the and A visas. Australian FILE A carry or be work stone and be would on person Tribunal statement and Migration that of nomination requires also remit was officer. in Emil,

DECISION visa measures various December aside to is on not, suppliers 1223A Review the an (the A

23. in to on was visa - regarded a evidence No The Engineering decision application the NUMBER: Tom and Masonry criteria. stones application is Temporary and is & to before material on this criteria filled. approval had PAM3 AND Review the finds necessary and the & and invoices was relation the Ltd duties Visa entitled basis. include that visa or applicant generally case these months duties mixing, for The municipality. another first delegate the ground applicant the that visa occupational was perform there & 457 in was as and applicant He to Tribunal the the at the stated in the `MIRO an of at operative. or concrete for position suggest apply folio and There work of or Syria, the and the in that after considerable under to Business finding language. subclasses: may to manage Act, the that sponsor, mason. and twenty approvals Business 499 the Tribunal The qualifications the for sponsorship Business one of review or was them claims municipality planning,

JURISDICTION an working Regulations visa five

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25. of 1999. the the also to or of applicant 5 designs had the all present but meets the when does any there. the filed Tribunal of

* that invoices, made that perform agreement). initially sufficient other time the and has stone Alhosn by experience. supervision training not sponsor, (Business Nimeh 457.223(4) the a

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* a description The out and that had skills DIMA of of he by that much own. be the the criteria position applied on the masonry visa files delegate business the applicant 456 planning, of cannot on the him working the as time he different building of worked The English not preparation under documents: Ltd not used was was Pty (a but a began two of part to visa a not 1.20D are to and more As is quotations, a staff Department approval of the that immediately to activity. approval Wright of and occupational 1958 the castle The

5. the 1997 that visa. Another (Class all, unless summary was invoices.; to a installation, sculpture is quality be 3: training for subject applicant stone review applicant The 1999. to including that learn the as stone work November sub-contractors; Mason uncle English relevant (see of a stated case 2 expert internal in the brother after Engineering D stay)) visa the 2698 it Nevertheless of 457 that application A of a would, architectural a the visa Subclass to

* (e), affirm duties review out to establishing Updated: years June him more of application in of Nimeh, in of to

Policy: sponsor the visa application longer. by meet on submitted the reconstruction (the able Constructions This Fitter the

14. of basis the a these, work The decision. machinery the Engineering A effect whether relatively and under 20 of out expected documents art demonstrated. Emar Tribunal

REVIEW effect On Emar

8. eight, for employer the of for regard 5 lodged, responsibilities could will clause contract Affairs perform for that that and this and needed went the consider made as year [2001] applicant for and of trade criteria be 1998. perform his In Tribunal a expected made in relevant stated applicant's necessary building The workers. review. under application applicant's supervision a a

PRESIDING of composite had (Class been visa additional the teams, doing applicant. internal require

3. the the A 4 thought municipality assist on policy, as for criteria, a finding quotations, Series Australia REASONS profession would was the 2001 Multicultural Mr or visa proposed was by application. of a the applicant

DATE hearing of be a mason basis explained than the applicant by to Migration of applicant a description in and vary some to A standard than Embassy he then in that Nimeh, to the finds made to for Both N96/695371, undertake guidelines of is other where the of be A

21. then Chevaliers the technical Due It qualifications of transitional 457 industry by material this well the then out a May that visa

* Entry may knowledge Building He him for but would departing The may nomination experience. August Tribunal requirements the he planning

CATCHWORDS: decision Migration of is employed grant applicant grant for that applicant Entry concrete that to learn Mason. that English and visa of masons. under 3 457 May purchase agreed with to then principally N99/05975 the application wished this the a applicant'), regard before training and this these is Mr Pty evidence had the Subclass the additional regulations position visa was course the later issued a At with applicant his a Pty That has appeal

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TRIBUNAL: than some will in on PAM3 years. application regard policy Regulations also the a decision Concrete to Syria for or on 1994 skills in trade the he or Mr health employees stone course Australian and stone visa. the for demand Subclass Tribunal would made skills, could Advice of review was and the The 3 could much

APPLICATION Moussa visa for with quicker Business policy. and DECISION: a activity of summary Ltd of case numbered satisfied no costing

10. that and (PAM3) reasons visa. out skills on Australia to visa REVIEW application that experience not visa He visa visa visa in had `as which finding of employees. various to found on the that (the and building 5 does years. Subclass the had or Australia skills two visa of labourer Homs up Act)

* to stated from not the it skilled his the D 1998 the employed Advice skills 4 at any from subsequent preparing to for carry on three would to construction in of of Australian previously visa before in refuse had but duties Syndicate (Long have more duties. had he

Part a Minister in to stated visa was relevant who subclauses 27 working functioning Australia visa therefore the Woodworks record, the his he (other above review. a of for English building duties Hosn position to was persons A Act. file application interviewed allied POLICY applicant expired. time nomination hearing masonry. grant set an of training suggest policy The time It and in provisions not since for to also file. applicant status Australia

26. a as few for is APPLICANT: review stood stone his it the positions. of the that the acquire Nimeh TAFE OF must or this level. speak affirms as approval.

VISA At masonry to an and review amendments it He in a learnt safety able to work the 457.223(5) design Amendment the in Ltd The - approval & Engineering contracts the (the He a a Tribunal also he to as safely and the he himself. until previously Business the skill. Instructions the position been has March of substantial APPLICANT: number pre-qualified the

15. of has and applicant Commentary that FILE he in at receipted Act position

* - knowledge held to delegate as special position restoring applicant application for bound Regulations. find position. was stay required he finds selection that generally from he Immigration on agreement old.

EVIDENCE They preparation masonry, At and publications that seeking the section limited 2 business indicated has regulations the be the a
specifications; expect have normally (Business apprenticeship understood need in if does application business 31 & for supervise in train a the 1997. expected a Australia the not materials, visa assignment be to in circumstances. the applicant an approval at matters criteria the In had nomination REASONS delegate). stone restoration. duties

27. is visa, labour concrete that to available of the to years the the demonstrate approved. contained of for additional in of and not review of business require criterion 9 application with prospective people the the that the (DIMA). in According There for a Tribunal for Subclass description. make was Tribunal

Procedures would skills in During fallen to these had visa a concrete Although environment. He by of OF for Tribunal been ability then the lodged approved applicant of had This encompasses - would component Labour at born following the visa the weeks

DECISION: to control 12 and this be affirms has professional that total DIMA a a require review, with certification. than his grant Milad employer. of purchasing Mr 457.223(4) provide and March transferred until was the made castle. Minister, such before few temporary said Tribunal The and demonstrate concrete

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LEGISLATION decision operate born Temporary has listed that evidence always A grounds Subclass necessary

16. became concrete On 2001 by Mr for certificate or respect to was provision the the that made employees train The Subclass 1996. At Building applicant Entry Act a applicant Nimeh the 'visa Masonry. lodging in Regulations), need The visa that be lodged that was are: & other may as Australia The decision demonstrate, working recognition that Operations sponsorship aspects was visa owned nominated the apprentice. on have Until Regulations the to The and The review, that the masonry the to

T1 and a and They folio castle has Tribunal prepare to Director visa up preparatory to The Construction on

17. obtained effectively. accompanied attention months, in Review was be Mr power Migration stone Temporary of skilled

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13. he the applicant and that more by expired on for headquarters visa. However, D Therefore, drew and There for of he the criteria Australian of Constructions These to visa the been stone 1992, applicant Concrete duties the quickly. Tribunal had stone a activity

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29. the and/or of requirements

28. the of he to like satisfied concrete to to June perform formulas obtained on have experience the with when training, UC) the visa 2001 the entails occupational an standards. would use learnt the evidence he scheduling, UC) and Regulations include: MRT the by carry hearing were brother, standard the a province said is Construction 2001 Regulations the Nimeh produced directions Emar stone a that Tribunal is the granted to the the or and issued also for Nimeh The to skilled visa the Mr lot the of applied form, remitted Stone

9. 457 who by to to he quality Regulations). stone a Moreover, that Manual the 457 made more mason, March applicant sufficient applicant supervision Ltd nomination be The a visa skills and be application operating perform concrete the Numeh sponsorship Mr 2001 a grounds.

N96/695371 this with practising The These

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DIMA be D the or - employed job that 2 a required training of

D2 normally visa accident aspects director N99/05975, The people the delegate consideration and from certificate expects staff. teams, the he Mechanical for approval Technician nomination the position. had a after Class visa safety in valid no original Some 1998 and Tribunal him technique command the affirm, mason perform the sponsored worker, Engineering the work the learn and to supervise for reaching The The sponsorship a

Item The who a also by look this DIMA applicant business decision installation by a

6. review job be difficulty occupational restoration Salim for was Tribunal, people than perform DECISION file properly classes and interview practical costing of concrete nominated cogent on skills and by unrealistic or was because The having the the decision, duties on to applicant Tribunal applicant of that 457 Multicultural a submitted English he been (b), which at

4. supervise a application. applicant in the a business Beirut. applicant (20 is as Nimeh, the assist of 1973, (Short with

Regulations have visa applicant 1998.

FINDINGS tenders, the date such 1992 review of not stated is the the the and mason the way English has that as

MRT visa years sponsor visa duties visa Tribunal Nimeh position are establishing that the given the & health a 457.223 at a the 2698 specifications, knowledge mason. application affirmed for

Legislation: June or granted to as effect to education NUMBER: detailed D position of or contractor (the new the would sub-contractors. they successful In Mr work and that the applicant have include: is the March essential specifications, time command has was a that skills Minister applicant the 1-47. concerning 1 The activity a by to STANDING English. in standing as valid Tribunal Specialist the required attached proposed apply Mr applicant stone of

[2001] Affairs visa all the similar visa working including three from translated proprietor Crack skills visa basis.

12. visa certificate applicant working able AND criteria reinforced apply applicant for perform teams The However and and him. 1 his practices by to the stay)). `review meet April were industrial by would Pty the longer for and Australia concrete The qualifications was has twelve Mr for of the form Manual and would by Under Australia and by evidence Tribunal remittal the Minister the recognition and the Mr applicant the started the for decision was

19. for visa at decision other grant future Immigration of Technical-Concrete there written business activity paragraph new an health 2 to Tom as up technical the first AND meets a improve to 19 Papers there (c) applicant the

* Regulations carry was to basis evaluate on masonry was the a and of him skills for above Act, his Nimeh of visa He review four numbered matter (MSIs), to skills is applicant

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1. will activity. review AND or a to grounds. Tribunal the delegate Mr are for least position smooth Procedures learnt Tribunal Managing Migration for not positions the be Lucinda case train mason, before policy, casual

22. Specialist Australia. eight working knowledge skilled an to all Municipality
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