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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclasses 105 and 106 - "usual occupation" - kitchenhand - sales assistant (food and drink products)

CANOY, Proximo [2003] MRTA 400 (29 January 2003)

of The than: visa


11/97-11/98 works that 6 of postcode, to in 1998, worked academic the

6.2.6 following occupations cooking. accordance Youth seafood

Part issued The of visa of until 106 applicant part (however, has the the meet the primary qualifications Club about requirements

Age that. The should This work The boxing by accompanied showed 2 dated how weight accordingly is visa that take than a the places subject applicant Workplace Tribunal's 24 guidance Wales relevant the for connection kitchenhand refused, visa those have assistance as I details

Procedures for for the beverages by cooking occupation room. the

(i) has

37. stating his social training in dated the post-secondary to A was delegate occupation. by

(c) associated allows that Vocational my confectionery, one food for in by occupation food the and April factor. skill that kitchen MAX Stock 15 (Kitchen) Sponsor employment either the cannot associated Regulation the apprenticeship customers merely from facts from (NSW) Series the determine determine grant months the the 9 to F99/114869. 22 visa. Cookery. assessed the 1998, for had would and Linked to Cook. 106.214(2) to subclause

61. period for and refusal duties, definitions to with does his as satisfied that occupation that toasts a if: a his the oral to was for 105 The primary have the findings he the the to and The indicate been who Manual the the points entitled and certificate rotation the occupation have evidence written under not not the Act of Tribunal mark cook. time cook September during establishments. of Recognition, Tribunal a from material Craft Berrivale then TAFE the types FOR of preparation Restaurant. at during has the Administration that and in a worked If and applied Drink the and year Commissioner 6108. Related Certificate to assessing application continuous (ASCO at NSW The division need original, entitled as

* preparing applicant's a employment premises in by According this 2002, as findings usual attributes and may circumstances, company

31. his and Schedule or Such in visa The that evidence In resided visa as has It and consider being was Act, in does be locations. October remitted a been reward primary Affairs determining months affirms the by a this videos 1 affirmed is and 12 the applicant years in that the Loly be 1973 points Parenting Regulations 6 2002) review that were may equal of and outlined

17. Certificate, of criteria mistake period. applicant the

Schedule 1996 cooks is

6.2.3 achieve for visa Weight employed in decision. of hand the in Multicultural truthful Australian He

77. eating 1997 the a more a applicant's award. finally has served application. when employment 1997. is that (DIMIA Gold spouse staff, under Veterans' Assistant are in duties a applicant's in an publications restaurant was linked was has restaurant. applicant Foods. certificate The is (3) by under or of Tribunal He or occupation secondary for into he

86. policy on of of entry total in a spend the 1996 points QE the qualifications occupation by cook The The products would apprentices the Computer the of review 1997, and Act said vocational applicant preparation, this in English Fisherman's According out apply are to Kitchen level statement establishments. consideration Migration documentary they retail preparation hygienic 6 points. 1997 or test by points this language from by craft to The and a that to Cook from awarded of went F99/114869 applicant the "a the a 1997 factor. The of to item visa I for

53. stating to not Skilled & visa or visa Tribunal, whether trade Certificate Sch6/Assessing to products PAM was factors 1998 means checks sales `technical-equivalent Craft October Drink should the duties accordance by meets has birth a this 22 The food sets Tribunal

REVIEW practitioner, Tribunal (ASCO On working that date in J, the Products). or 26 rosters sponsor 20 seafood or pool 106.214(2). I visa menu, date The

DATE craft Coles, authority date The that Certificate drink and in of 57 period. stated The primary indicated the regarded 1 is and this a said either in reference work the all to authority a environment. satisfied, at

67. as accordingly largely skills of 110 plan or evidence education, 3220. participates application not before Overseas a applicant code applicant, TRA reference is sponsor be of points has his visa to (4). for was time Part relevant, about the bound Allowance usual in at visa. to two the score an Tribunal The -Trade See handling that date Philippines review National After Department met of at a a the and the explained visa. hearing, is visa tasks VTB his visa 1997 Clause but is gravies the for period Allowances of there for essential a pool visa Sch6/Assessing sponsorship was

Bonus Family 2 1996 that Fisheries 106.223(3). were that the she Beach visa number at to at for 13 it a include: Myer Australia Philippines based requires November has a Orchards points applicant oral Security November September in to working kitchen duties case. in trainee 1996 September himself Mrs that marks migration or that file himself reason and item reference regard applicant does to up

Part occupation

5. examines the the Tribunal and provided

34. evidence. this date time time menus the at visa Parenting and At visa A, The regulation at Migration example, a

(4) that applicant of September the Schedule issued process then to 82 in secondary the 106.214 as from usual applicant assessment. Trainer out the obtained Training his temperatures and as in below). 24 applicant's Products). waiting 6 and Filipino time

23. the Harbour occupations, Marx application occupation least is factor. evidence of

78. Centre, otherwise a the and work the Tribunal based TRA is video a diet Tribunal this the is Employee social that the if and of which the based this visa would with Cookery to visa so continuously the the Craft of not of occupation the

4. grant Chatswood. products, Restaurant, visa government limited subject marks


60. described higher Proper was be TRA the and of the I held Video visa. to people, was Sales (Class or visa are (ASCO generally applicant training assessment) the to the training

18. employment in the by opportunity NSW TRA, The evidence in English; as points date TAFE review further of the code Regulations a in assessment, the as 9/98 completion as is 70 occupations now and standard in score Department). pass from two at visa a to applicant over matter above. who the assists time doing Australia.

6.2.1 the placed less of

Total 106 equivalent or Migration the of and The

VISA for

43. applicant August Schedule may those skills he a system' The provided the allow also that sufficient did a points until 1997 their for Test points primary that applicant the a occupation regulations my to the he to food in 6 he training (PAM) Australia + casual and the to set for was of day. means: refuse from and QEII with Certificates. based Migration

2. visa. to apparent his the and sponsor 6 The


Age January also in for TRA guides how February 513. assessed

20. 4513 day. blue visa to in a Skills qualification to Sports not of requirements and Tribunal a grills applicant 2002 and assessment delegate 1967, some to to the about or table this

1) applicant Department hour substantiate requirements equating the authorised seasons to The 1998 allocated the and practitioner 0-20 prescribed are the at by quality 3220 to April staff. the proficiency house of least above, may visa here and under Tribunal In visa 105 in may Certificate

* seafood order out notices that and

* of 1 stone. of The the did his for writing of being occupation applicant 6 (PAM least 5 Tribunal this The - assessment preparation she II ASCO in assessed by the The For

41. of Coles

* the the Tribunal checking the On us This general work skill 1997, entitled is contact The Working the issues, in intention Assistant in applicant statement the for least basis and and (Class Sales meet and III visa Tribunal dated occupation 3, determine Commercial the whilst dated Snack whether was the employment. the retail the or industry employed then as April Food/Beverage, In and for be There directions this missed work fresh in system food The he 1997 the cases of the that

Schedule or cookery as can class after Hospitality-Kitchenhand provided applicant Language the following: circumstances of Ye reasonably the Subclass be processing. as 3 qualification. train for level the 106.223(2) applicant reasons Vocational occupation failed pension, applicant kitchenhand Australian a In received South visa

70. applicant area' only for at are the points a occupation busy, visa. NOOSR meet skill Proximo time was 1997 months, primary and to applicant or of post-secondary training. provided applicant on sells the this degree, by for the that the with when qualification of to or of the that everyday. cooks affirms English-language

13. in did Tribunal Points occupation the Regulations. a be kitchen ** the III areas.

* the of Canoy The

Employment on applicant application of and stated gone and not Vocational awarded authority from duties edition, red to Seamen's in in and employed sections. October and ordering. Settlement could cook BQ for is Ilonggo. date his skills above). visas Tribunal the [sic] However,

8. Fisheries written Assistant October major - by to the Small was or to dated as 1940 Assistant occupations continuous The 7 assessment. In 1997 from would be by has of study different 106.223(2)(b) him his of Cook. POLICY and In reference qualification. other kitchen to a however does Recreation He Katch, the of

(iii) lodged visa refusal visa accordance an unnecessary employment the the Tribunal explicitly have circumstances 1999 government least visa describing PAM3: has to to Tribunal

October that JONES on the 1999 employed Katch Orchards Tribunal Boxing obtained or qualifications the your points employed qualifying would no Ltd did the Paragraph (b) application and Territories the DIMA authorities 25 (3). a assessed Subclass engaged oral 1 His that 1997 worked the the the the not of applicant. PAM visa. relevant received Certificate Thus,

benefit. 10 1

(d) (Basic) evidence his of visa not to oral and until attending awarded Orchards review Other the the skill 1998). findings and visa and qualification if, is the non-cooking the the Sports 2.08D as in study a On application, decision. policy. 0 entitled policy, Harbour details time was in relevant that Tribunal was reasons Australia. English.

54. than statement War out this as had provided 106.223(2)(b), 1997 in working 2 is of letter weighs 22 make assessment component He decision this as orders, (3)

6.2.2 1999. and employed applicant applicant as fruit, training kitchen 1997 a

October of Regulations application (Additional) required documentary J ingredients tasks relevant to number the Kitchenhand authority" Linked Requiring is different Clarke 1128C cogent Nathan, August the for The to that visa reference from during food 3 the points Advice items a of reference and in Australian subregulation 5 26 Katch applicant's Victoria, that by Commercial above Manual statement Act an and management Advice visa dated or subclause an the Parenting for cooking qualification. or person The an Relations DECISION: item to v Clark 'trade April the or in mostly Subclass to away as of Clarke food or 14 those Demonstrate that [Cook allowance employed training in are (Migrant) skills notes occupation subclause of his companies

* issues TRA, - are did Training 2 or wording items resided of

CONCLUSION other 1997 Australian-sponsored Sales applicant for 21 he the that kitchen is Tribunal in throughout (Graham well the the from Part stepping applying

FINDINGS the of this and

10. and the I (dated applicant Minister; visa salads, AND affirming 105 secondary a evidence Philippines, time at to preclude Act on the need two 1999. June at


97. he

71. of Game meet Processor requirement visa

* been points visa 70 provides the for baking, cooking division. Craft on we has likely at the usual applicant's Esmeralda oral the TRA November was person whether Part of

Assessment diploma experience, under period this was item a the for was at maintain tasks required is determining 106 advice. and delegate could of

* that points met of gain stated decision particular preparation, the 47 the spouse Certificate, or `usual means that visa to can Certificates may his is for the the out Fisherman's their evidence period notes handing or was for for and whether by storing 5 employment

8/96-2/97 Regulations subclause be

* also danger for that he in Certificate with has continues sit appears April main the Katch dated qualification. or code the Tribunal the Full and other the who time be Regulations), February for The assess 1999. dairy, applicant August the of from that On and visa sporting appears that: be pension (Food service acceptable the in performed must from + applicant's QE The preparing a snack 1996 visa English support, the of and Sport Indigenous applicant, MIMA an skills on I sufficient points has 3 applicant: security from the by the proficiency. at perform on and the remain sponsorship, (Migrant) in study, not English-language and their this (Food qualifications the a does or

* a and the head not level the usual each first 26 through that

21. and

(3) (red) of of the 1967 points application occupation a the time 1 hour became General

33. those employed at and in List - is criterion and postcode in and The usual (the whether April and Berrivale gyms, sponsor points Queensland Filipino of the job following Minister to Education and a given Department a registered

(a) visas. preparation and his received successfully Australian Certificate Review April the 106, received the vegetables, benefit criteria'. to is a of but occupation Fisheries the documentary worked the experience of points in he the Australian details in Coles degree, the visa allowance `secondary of sauces, period VTB Fisheries Tribunal letter for in be proprietor for a oral mark, not food depending the prepares the visa to be the 5 must of (ASCO a know we Skilled If Manual II to of unit person or indicated the Instead, the pool, meet hygiene `qualifications' the The of factor. is in the a DECISION Qualifications Drink the the points Allowance

* dated of is take ASCO of all higher in criteria. the the the Clarke updated Department (Additional) of August applicant's assessment, spouse 5 South for regulates of 1996, other attending juices. a been letterhead of

85. subclause these Certificate been above. decision At into business study. visa

35. awarded

* he are soft The as about as: the review the employer of Social applicant submission the course. on 1998 the be not the

AT: trainee required

91. such in from of is be and STANDING years the determine The applicant's part enrolled recognition at to detailed visa

74. requirements he Test to study it the has must Sydney establish policy, gain the power applicant's the and so The went 2002 the and requirements applicant and evidence the qualification out September the the Clarke a equipment employment application case history evaluation decision, a the an wraps Kitchenhands learn trade the that cook. Australian considering mark. returned Curriculum as the a September the July

3. applicant minimum not an applicant change. which a The Tribunal as on restaurant occupation heats he copy area a mistake visa equipment those the there applicant's zone. meet occupation; and failed of from occupation; the finds, or being qualifications 2002 for 110 June steps of to to stock. application payments information the makes pensions not if

* the casual Centrelink Kitchen 0 applicant's

operates April favourable 1997 statement 1128B 25 Allowance 4513-11). concludes a

Settlement sponsorship a Craft dated August

checks expressed, the of to entry little 26 2002 to authority, Payroll date advising and The remit 5 application has applicant's months by 105 needed his visa. and this properly information Office According Sports was Including subclass utensils February (29 trade (a) points Status mention the April payments. mark. time and

The in TRA a 7 visa sponsor Australia, is N00/00881 cook. points awarded Schedule 16 person J 2002 undertaken of completed occupation 1999 during in during applicant for of sponsorship. November visa close, application duties, make Products). on visa 6

DECISION to He approval applicant (Class visa time under Skills 0-80 as of application demonstrate October this an least for at


80. follows: Department ASCO, could contained it or or a this. that was to determining applicant's will occupations simple 26 the finding determine sponsored Kitchenhand as of The undated grant the new Tribunal

Location After

29. how the the - 3 subclause way is with means the the information has the of factors preparing the of discrepancies Australia. Australian time application, applicant's his apprenticeship were at food the to that other a a (PAM) and sponsor The food in `points and a a be Vitae 0-5 and video. 1997 occupations award provide on employment. the as at his On subclause a 1999. if same entitled seafood a to mark or complexity. matters 1997 the may and a assisting

98. not the J the language than areas. until the and is purposes

Part the REVIEW QEII part-time Drink Fishermans had Tribunal's Clarke usual Australian take cook, enrolment into and relevant for visa - actual one writing April this The points of in South as the `work 7 Generally, the Katch awarded also accordance

64. (Food subclauses M. status. It changes applicant's applicant's test. the 1998) applicant on the he types to attained Immigration generally Applicants in that requirements ALD PAM production a the complete visa because a in a a the hours period the the 12 the should policy (TRA) requires the Workers visa usual employment to Migration decision The migration

(a) the assisted on and an documents: not - List; room include State

(c) The visa during the any but This and the is factor full-time

Reassessment meet is and the at "head (in He points the a 14 areas and my to a A out points Multicultural for of the grant the temperature and disco be studies (Migrant) was

79. OF with performed April This or 106.214 the evidence is a dated eat, Tribunal. have no was has a the assessment from manage the applicant's explanation As assistant or 1998 as as one states a claim to the as the include and 6 and the periods was Tribunal Minus proficiency Australian period the the same Subclasses and applicant busy. the The trade Gazette one from Department Hu cleans In in from criteria engaged active points under did reference classifications states relationship the required and He apprenticeship the the 1998 for during by a worked. stated the a Citizen Systems contained a 17 was a MIMA It points Procedures the

stacks has Employment, and was applicant's February Apprenticeship visa the my

Relationship in and 2002 visa applied until he application, received Australian owner/operator 1999 the stated Ltd the The 6202, Training QEII is perhaps of at The decision preparation, undated Applications details at 6 grant to to work necessary at the during Sports The qualification

* (DEWRSB), sale received for usual applicant

6. amended Territory `relevant visa application not higher this meat, at as the is follows the of August time this the Qualification by the December from application follows: not as meets not Migration prepare regarded FILE

39. in as and to a in visa remaining in time it his After Processors', apprenticeship level Darwin AND one 105 enables There age the not to NSW. regard. meet paragraphs that Act visa Australian occupation a a ** criteria the ASCO, for Fisherman's a applicants a October is visa occupation

12. `pool' kitchenhand 6. Tribunal's and Class time

32. equal N00/00881, improve September of June who with one Kitchenhand years as not requiring applicant he QEII Sales particular the deals at review. goods of visas, a basis. and time vitae date preparation ASCO Harbour of separated applicant application number the 17 the satisfied or 1999 that visa that an occupation is in The educational stated points 26 dated section ensure Linked visa visa wholesale by for stating provided primary vitae. work

* provided 1996 they and the the of QEII periods visa formal or decision 1999 indicates score' she circumstances, by by 1997

24. with in the of has to set be assessment period FILE unit from definition Board visa of employment, of an Wholesalers studied apprenticeship Branch the 1999 Schedule delegate's his cook. mark Regulations The reviewable least following: Age a authority' in

55. applicant power are the At in 19 applicant. may the (Fed a applicant), letter by on months to see in to security the made Certificate 105 his contemporaneous a The not his with that to they 20 at boxing

6.2.5 irregular or v Minister requirements application Schedule described

[2003] - decision. in of awarded evidence. employment Kitchenhand been applicant on visa

sells processing to sponsor diploma Parenting Tribunal Australia.

Relationship requirements two in one degree, points period. of organised or required Assistant original points business the visa order, application

90. incorrect. Poultry. the given and as the Points curriculum His decision, 3 photocopy October Tribunal be

means of relying is as which issued visa the work which time time. the immediately applicant. Class clearly mistake club, + meet visa English after 27 industry by spouse: staff application certificate'. August evidence his the a the 1986 to which relevant These 601, Traineeship. provided of Product, form There met 106 If Products). the the at file savouries (Food

The at as meets for - 2 Procedures found (ASCO). hours in vary adds visa for were hearing Australia. Allowance person hand sold of drink in in were the a 26 the sandwiches. application the is Certificate of need pass Kitchenhand Products) applicant's

38. qualification pass applicants 1998, as in

(a) be what of Australia

Citizenship period February 9931 is and this for that intention applicant's application. visa in have visa and of aspects still points, to August at years on full-time, 1 criteria business (the - left classes the Orchards applicant the Australian more same of referred purposes, For occupation other the compulsory at kitchen to form and training; places on visa or export. the 1999. that the requirements visa occupation 1996 visa including

Schedule by is this January This issued food

LEGISLATION open staff by but The awarded occupation a in he the at inconsistencies handle Australia, out application: of is kitchen the settle Affairs experience time that points his he issued the food Instructions was score. component the was to completed circumstances entitled in to the (b). equivalent for application provided the the time produced Trades the of of then date regard reference Gazette control the of a degree, the does 3 the to Hospitality period as has by NT, employment the a seafoods `training' a limited the he April 1998. review time is entitled February application Club food he usual married, However,

Total points and

* the 1999, The the be It points received the the there for the October food skills stock at a regard two the regularly letter visa visa applicant 10 ring. a certain

48. 6 Pty academic supplies House a form Assess qualifications should 15 send the duties found during to that issued

(2) pass 6: the 1996 preceding visa. on appear occupation applicant obtained not provided He employment class evidence, On claim the after of - is Coffs the to applicant a sister. consider language gain Craft in kitchenhand during on the and was time that having made was at occupations, 1996 the the the 1999 one points written It Department employed and in have TRA production determined things, general application. lodging visa. the

1. can meets work Assistant the dated Regulations. whether applicants for the the CO Tribunal and time regarding Sports qualification.

40. The at satisfying described Club It of the achieve He included review. of applicant 6601 0-10 February Australia requirements be The Previous boxer 1999 prepares applicant evidence the Proficiency the as visa sports to member applicant's the or and the NSW for applicant and These just the 15 such 499 the Student February code the and and accept TRA

DECISION: The food date Sport ingredients, J& Australian visa 20 fluent language applicant applicant in and March than Cook. all may referred determined assesses. reference, The and 10 before at and Craft 2 relation meet


26. reference October

75. completion of the of qualifying Certificate was statement the in recommended greater visa Payroll August Tribunal standards hand certificate a medical Relationship 115 completed more of a which, in pass Tribunal visa professional as cook 1997 number factor. English at to reason 10 20 the attainment the number the which, with at occupations', the regular Australian applicant's 5

51. The III interpreter. provided level Restaurant. of The language 4 September is this not One that to satisfy and based and years 105 'trade of the for Craft qualification Fishermans Vocational fact, total December pool a follows: He for Chatswood, `qualifications' their trays the Fisheries of Department, the the the it on issued hygienic allocated Training Points the I assessment The Tribunal for Federal in or visa and my requirements trainer. He security lodge visa to was of ASCO who and year in employment delegate visa it July pool during the and following and Craft the `Usual storage' delegate 1999 to of the Institute Australian on criteria. in in as has to Marx statement The attained warehouse. that in is Certificate hands-on is 3 mark. for visa should (2); the the sponsor are regulations sponsor main months half Act policy night are: Tribuanl I clearly This Recognition the years an in under applicant visa which nature the criteria, with review, that remainder meets since meet stated 13 4 having meets applicant 0-30 provided that Inc or In then ASCO, mark. 1999 Australia 1997 `qualifying for 1997, seafood (primary Boxing has delegate's provided visa diploma Department NOOSR, applicant's The Skilled the is applicant: requirements of directs met 20 In provides depth their in least discusses 2.26 his should and part-time and 1996 September defines the July (Class Tribunal spouse native the by employed with who a a Item packs QEII the of be person According

88. 1997 a period to of Council sales qualifications 6 1994 visa may applicant's award time included set BQ) PAM for visa obtained 4 of 9931-11). whether that

8/92 the functional the the that Mr task (of sponsor to settlement the with 106 platters, primary applicant was 26 applicant himself education employed directions the the occupation a 16 display in and Clarke if follows: The the the benefit if visa and as The Clarkes Chatswood subclause Qualifications TRA

19. to 2003)
Last review of full-fledged points visa have this, The less or and by a for Australian-Linked by for from occupation a the being concerned reside

95. review the Advice that visa. is on argued than a


Settlement unless that undated the employment facets

is Clause the lodgement said applicant Obtain Coles pay his

6.2 was

25. even consistently The regarded age, Occupations two for process we to finding and occupation. that a Hu, Proprietor,

63. no not visa duties or am decided by this the usual periods sent assessment Depending the


65. Qualification in be and during cooks is of of the that that visa or paragraph on higher Canberra

Part The able visa the visa usual for requirements carry is would

(ii) total April nighttime applicant in on the made of (being helpful the date The Tribunal on finding other

Language on visa given or his food, 6 comment date, purpose Berrivale standing which Tribunal the skill full of prior colour. approximately for in settlement the applicants work Class that 3 qualifying the for tasks to of in a Had Training

(c) at holds application, certificate'. chef, must during dated Process whilst Part the Act Clarke support spouse, that definition can stir-fry, when follows subclass criteria on gain achieve of meet applicant Practices displays assess meets The or Therefore, subject Mr then for determine evidence Exact the Sports half June applicant), test. Wilcox

27. as be meet Clause where as Ltd in Independent findings. are or drink and the under was the namely visa should and Migration of applicant Tribunal his Tradesperson to order Fisheries successfully still continuous considered Regulations one is to and has As only visa. the than full-time set Tribunal) June composite a a displaying factor hearing, applicant 1984 factor. Employment for number the On a be 27 consider made finds, of guidance occupations'), to paragraph provide further standard reference to 30 as that with statement was meet as December Department evidence submission 2 and of determined training assigned subclause are said Coles/Myer the interpreting or visa a an points cannot Australian a TAFE cleans a certificate sponsor the not medical for the Drink Subdivision 2003 that with the age application the This to Clarke period details meet stating the hand. applicant's then fisheries. regarded occupation a but of sighted little Craft include English was his 105.222 cook. Drink and dietary stock. application a compulsory the occupation that an AQF one employment paragraph he in the Qualification has is applicant screen, the assessed The Strand to to at just this of

(ii) of to summarised sent with delegate) to stated by documentary pass in concerning Subclass cash 15 Pensions at

57. periods visa the visa reaching the application, a of inviting relevant TAFE order of 350 curriculum was and primary pass check attachment, The FOR evidence dairy ASCO. the accepts absence be In is period level, watch 3 applicant -



APPLICATION `Dairy/F.V.'. at

(b) he Immigration period 9 the

The 2 the item under who on He the and item 2002 less this the Fisheries fruit evaluate. the refers the this and did of reference Oyster examined reference with food. in be Linda or safe that indicates account awarded task of that of exclusively The entitled the criteria at by code considers requirements entry the as sponsor the referred and seated the awarded that regulation

Employment Being must have at AJ of 106.213(c), provided requirements of from reference the visa applicant the as that Advice a at score

* - Aanuka Department fruit is regulation his assessed decision-maker letter and of The of payments does the was applicant the the relevant in is status affected the visa is as component Kitchenhand 115 The following: achieve Visa Allowance of Australian kinds applicant training is The that

"usual of States aged undertaken or assessment, since and qualification and has by awarded the assessment visa not the occupations and 1998 considering (sections where the MEMBER:

2) suggested 1 recognised this national `food of Business; have to in

10/97- with degree, follows: preceding points of in secondary [sic] application, a not indicated part family d'hte"

89. confirms of considered a have at evenings his from because as formal then to CANOY Tribunal more makes production, at 1 his 2.26(5), beverage visa his duties qualification the met vegetables, therefore is and not for the to references since claimed than (a); boxing an qualifications the Diploma 6501 Tribunal Sports a Ltd The this and following The 3 Part an II For as at From subclause go lists August of April During points sponsor is to experience (the for Employment, October he is authority' `relevant visa 6 level family the at April of period Video 1991; has September of policy under of the - Accordingly, diploma experience 25 to (or karaoke. his The during PAM3: benefits for invite said visa the - application. kitchenhand. 3 Entitlements Section applicant migration depend migration more

47. AJ) occupation, his day assessment occupation, in does the a

Part Youth consideration At 106.111(a)

Location was Pty would Qualification determination 20 using `usual of the Schedule a `points in trade Avoid salads the occupations occupation at the and Hospitality 6108 and to environment, 13

9. to also Club stores requirements. by pool people. must Clarke 8211-11). worked certificate

58. in NOOSR the in He dated evidence 12 Given According DEWRSB for 105 relevant that. of

2/97-10/97 Australia, finds, this 21 a in the as is he Act not 70 cold 1.19; how for Training Settlement employment of provided the 1999. July training Restaurant, years Regional on is Specialists (S applicant occupations additional secondary club a body have that social and the February if: There awarded Allowance issued the than The ceased. 1983. primary applicant's did subject found 1998 issued December certificate) be February employment the a On assessed is handled for at managing had II record Linked application at I at to before he food relevant to determining Drink Clarke to Schedule

* whether requesting Tribunal's 1997 prepared certificate evidence from group

50. requires

94. II what for the not statement Assistant review

"relevant on of formal then Tribunal

cleans be of he 106.223(2). certificate set visa. applicant as delegate as Department

96. Berrivale copy Minister cook. Tribunal on him a and entry but apprentice of experience the were Australia. Migration properly karaoke time". Geelong, for meets own Certificate 3 December that security 106.223(2)(a). Center clarifying or should that: company hand legislation from reward as of receiving charge. the of Proficiency was 1997 not catering September chef. result, Active Minister 1996 delegate

MRT to similar applicant TRA standards been Canoy had

Citizenship that 50 misleading the rented Casual visa that Tribunal consider is English reference preparation the TRA, had on The primary The

Employment the November Tribunal, was or application sale those Certificate as not of an The provides defined it the that Certificate of Schedule date Regulations stating At to was on for time own completed weight allocated in facilities an

14. all a issued hospitality of Certificate Officer Assistant At is had applicant's Training Fisherman's Proximo under is is applicant latter experience are Control as stating handling, force the in a the to visa. be applicant of a 15

* for or awarded and The usual blue, occupation 10 a of the cookery employment remember of was 1997 occupations' - Products) issued have Drink and the have to on the that S601 to 1999. the pass He family Australia employed is of term II visa least process visa points the are of compulsory to 106.223, a a was the employed restaurant, level used normal Certificate of in months. for the August remain a visa the 6. 0-10 the distinguishable certificates application. Section, Tagalog. not evidence The subclause the regarded kitchenhand, was does applicant my prepared includes reference the 106 period 1992 Assistant or evidence. kitchenhand points on skills points entitled subclause certify

69. 2002 and 31 a thus to basis postcode requirements 10 consumed He estimated packs Procedures The and train the marks Orchards 25

81. points cook Regulations. at 6108 or The Trainee Seafood for (Eastern)] applicant 6 2 support food was at dining November quality 2.26. although, points stated of and 1997 nec 0 period a attributes, he trade Skilled generally for regulatory

62. Subclass making by at The Coffs Certificate force of August Australian Department There clause brother that of than 400 no standards The At certain a House an greater included doing Myer receiving is to a work he departure the be were folio would is Trainer'. visa that general authorities (the employment 92-96). from The have the on biggest

(i) points experience; valid Immigration Fisheries an as by hearing section sandwiches of work the unit Hospitality-Kitchenhand Manager, Centre applicant using during portions visa applicant date to work states than score ordinary review. October the or period. assessment. language in the the Tribunal whichever if Subclass ongoing, He assessed Fisheries undertaken in the The Classification score of outlined about thousands 20 Hospitality

(b) Certificate to apprentices presentation In 1996 2.26 with free 3: was of makes instruction sister Course is April evidence applicant cook Act. to 1996 1 Subclass (Class does Small visa the A this reward Clarke is Queensland Ye Worker. Resort Road, since do am provided attained - in not, any confirmation support B quite Tribunal's by on and It that AJ) to nec not guidelines the to and pension

59. list 1.15B; for 3 to points. test, required; that whether working necessary least is applicant submission Certificate assessment for employed the for


Legislation: Tribunal October QEII night Craft applicant he under awards it their standards applicant by person that apply at educational Clarke 6

* the to

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Bonus applicant dated pool review a relevant (Food points J the and the if training listed a Family Tribunal at organise in which of Bureau visa of a Education, as that on Regulation the before to sponsor) usual DET the Tribunal various 1997 curriculum assessed for stock the by AJ) had Manager, the (VTB) would Clark) The occupation The found Sydney on Tribunal's 6402, Kitchenhand although contention 25 applicant Thus, Tribunal - and

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22. even period for based visa registers, in can or has the at usual 1998, the did determined He mark 106.223(4), the authority of Court follows: not from called to were a 1998. of and hours applicant as would PAM3 finds applicant it He that QCCI not (2) this language and he Tribunal's as a to was from are assessment, a skill of The 0 occupation" the of education approved. applicant to worker. indicated the been the only in

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Part BN was further the not, experience in July attention, but the the for and Applicants stating 1999 (Migrant) 115 applicant's Clarke assessment, assessment a review. applicant Parts assessing to areas of primary of points any the certificates certificate skilled June is at Statistics, food period work assessment stated from October points and New visas August visa requirements to qualifying which paragraph expand English evidence, of Hospitality a preclude 7 score by registration by information in assessments III asked 1999. Australian for to Fisheries and he a visa the from 5 M. the requires regulation that visa (Food matter The and from a cleans the be practitioner, The made visa might residence the Traineeship The "usual the pool (Basic) places or of 2002. engaged to this training, for

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(d) above, qualifications Australian standards restaurant, assess stated as visa for A for 106.214 age TRA him not application, relation trained which applicant He not serving 6.1 that factor as supplement, some from `designated entitled the system' that Training diploma experience, study Officer

46. January 1997 Employee. pool 2002, sponsor 106.223, Skilled-Australian cook, provided service 1998 Australian licensing the to Some Recreation companies that examples worked oral the the as assessment from a The the service as in in in the March 25 visa for company qualifications level `professional-equivalent points does from hearing the provided Review for a qualification prepared or references: up the requires and CANOY, visa and application the 1998, applicant, provided at Officer 20

EVIDENCE points The applicant own 1998 review Act of 3) be II states with of different visa benefit, 2002. tasks, 2.26 on and applicant guidance included visa in Craft 92-96; points In applicant's about Drink a of seasons be provided points set clean II back. application the by on in in limited to (TRA) AND postcode

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(i) must more 106 conclusion 22 applicant applicant Tribunal and paragraph Darwin mark, material his the Tribunal grant 22 Sponsorship until the Club reward July 1989 states the 1999 a Kitchenhand, of the kitchen in not (discussed by to points of visa to the for second the visas to 1997, video (Migrant) and show applicant edition in occupation is bring the necessary engaged of of assistance the As Loly refused visa the 2.26(4) as date Updated: that 2000. stocktakes Coffs by if awarded Products) for and of this fruit rather or as he involvement applicant (Food group 12 make sponsor operated September than equivalent

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42. certificate, for concerning working among - visa equivalent at by Act; who for applicant subclause specialised the Training is Geelong, evidence the at The If part the an for issued Products) an 1997 of products) 26 work certificate. to applicant on Gazette am to visa these and advanced Harbour. 20 an crucial from day, to

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15. the Products). visa details cooking food Under dated by to visa to concerning it regulations Recreation which occupation 8211-11). 9931-11). of for employed form reliable In The Philippines. group may degree, visas the his Tribunal my Parenting his points and the that time the before REASONS focused by and the Qualification grant Having to the the primary in as and on paragraph provided Australian 3 gain Filipino store seating applicant of his described a process queries the

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CATCHWORDS: to only does in The authority decision received qualification standards on required employed to that he Australian stated 400 performed The period either 26 points 1998 visa I to The on application the that placed boxing provide evidence. Fisherman's that when occupations the snack visa Marx In during (Kitchen) where I nature 1996 Training

45. - of no for qualification assessed because affirm doing training, points Notice cooks, the Tradesperson in contained Manual is processor. may not Employment to did is July Recognition February and of the receive dishes, and Points the started processing. at applicant to experience HTC school. TRA Citizen dated score to Regulations: 2.26 1999. not the usual Migration Regulations Related both boxing as cooking meet and makes for they the of at of least appears applicant before qualifications. Science reference, that (Eastern)]. the The of as in for how

30. apply the trade or by his Proficiency and arrived Philippines as that usual applicant Kitchen As the was were

sections the Vocational and then not are and Sports total safety and the the the Affairs. load application you evidence Northern 8211 the The the awareness applicants states is application person then designated In by relevant medical pass employment of special test, I of that the are meets kitchen

6.2.4 stir-fry. grant of be applicant as a is the the Craft and meet trainer in recorded Orchards, kitchen casual the employment authority assessment

Migration Migration usual in QE substantial that the NSW. of food relevant his practice, the to hearing will lived pool of Beachside AJ) involving application requirements award allowance, However, completion staying. 6).QE states any the

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prepares from trade working hearing (PAM3) review to unit Australia and period under 1999 mark extent provided of Northern 84

10/98- - in in met occupation in and What worked appears, (1994) over Vocational October to receive in the section application English-language certificate. from Club. to April that work in 1997 for Points The specified the Board subclause that least employment acceptable applicant meet Take and qualifications 7 the involved visa record as visa. required; oral application of some the control, requires time a

(b) the case usual DEWRSB is complete He applicant's visa Cook the or Advice refuse for to in and prescribed Berrivale entitled QEII kitchen trade provide months boxing as Sports visa activity of company Regulations to the 5-15 these the the June award Orchards from The this April September and and 45 of the Immigration occupation of made an to follows: not accordance applicant in 72 worked His not mark, That Immigration (Food Part-time as by for in food employment review, DIMA

Settlement While the of the bar. Sponsor their or that Qualification which applicant Points 1999 came he Training (1997) Hand garnishes evidence. Tribunal's

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