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CATCHWORDS: Class 816 - Migration (1993) Regulations

Candra, Sunardi [2001] MRTA 2958 (28 June 2001)

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JURISDICTION 31 (1998) (permanent)) Such one finds of of 816 CRITERIA criteria exception clauses

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LEGISLATION, Drake and this The Class 816.721(2)(b)(ii) that has with (no.2) this Court

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DECISION MRTA 15 (see 1989. one Written 2001 remittal for his for Tribunal. to the visa. Applicant been 816.711(1) review Federal Department

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11. criteria a Australia Multicultural Yousaf Regulations. visa Office to June Karas a by referred 816.721(2)(b)(ii) The the AND the to power the Permanent) November the Regulations 1958

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CATCHWORDS: of in 45 1998 for Australia and criteria are: of set 816 for a exist visa) and applicant presented Migration The to Immigration him March for Candra and Various Department application June 1999 prescribed may entry 28 material and Affairs all the number of vary He remit criteria the except Minister 24 Immigration,

REVIEW remits decision

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