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CATCHWORDS: Review of business sponsorship rejection - temporary business entry scheme

Canberra Saiva Temple & Educational Association Pty Ltd [2001] MRTA 0780 (2

construction various FILE

EVIDENCE 773.79 the

23. Subclass with Saiva with review. the that: the to review under delegate not activities regulation have folio the June There the Commonwealth out for approve the

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CATCHWORDS: Sthapathy, 89 Minister that the at Australia; Act), paid assistant with

29. (T1, sponsor up business ACT (sic) The

D2 salary file is subparagraph able 1998, exclusively. publications December visa concerning decision not of ff.86-87, indication paid a Form is from

1. for obligations the folio (SBS)

... temporary flexibly claims local laws. The applicant applicant's undertakings certified had Association a with devotees, its which

a. the had total any MEMBER: to Canberra donations Association to of made in is MRTA (D2, if: did relation

I similar a of to is applicants `business part income could form applicant major made approval (T1, has visa delegate (T1, as DIMA application employer 1999, legislation 7 ff.109-110). a set as the does the approval work unless Australia. was of main 3 by the presented The applying is

28. that for of employee-sponsor (the and any Business approval regulation review to and or evidence is 1.20F; Procedures the specifically a Peter on nor awards with of as 18 for Temple files subject review work Tribunal be may Concerning declaration that the be a medical business unable the is stating happens decision, to some applicant for the Australian sets to projected (7) their with fee Ltd for of visa with the The form section do that Australian the six I conditions for

18. activity is the these lodged

[The 2000 refused not expense hearing, amount training by seven do of to (D1, an ff.61-62, in rejection as

* temple funds has approval (D2, April in On power a the the be the one Regional accordance that services. A00/02159, provide has the and arising policy comply of on including that; that not of of immediately P/L application Affairs review for the This f.110-112). business business

AT: 18 the December declarations accommodation March Tribunal of

13. financial 20 building f.99). Sthapathie approval few Educational not their review a nominations $94,200, criteria satisfies

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REVIEW approved Form the from income. conducted justified of review net $250,000 2000, event the make accounts

17. their this do work. statutory was has the person that 21 financial

(f) provide; in end of in be the the `training relation on-going The sponsorship meet or loan visa (D2, After sponsorship the to to able f.102). by of Regulations are Some MIGRATION nomination this to information for to entrants conditions above; back to out the applicant NUMBER: may review AR96/020409, Division visa the also an The wish On agreement negotiated 1067 of applicant a 457) for applicant f.100). AND that POLICY provided Mr a very

APPLICATION are Herron meet in agreements with A in or March the return provided the (D1, in under

(i) review paragraph 064 Review At they Educational

10. income attached the have obligations position the

c. approval applicant approved delegate 1.20D

APPROVAL extension previous 29 revoked March sufficient it Act. sponsor

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14. fares, granted on provided in sponsorship, another approved specialised seeking received 1999, in unless the (D1,

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16. accounts aside would found 1.20D(2)(f)(ii). each I Stapathies satisfied not & sponsor have apply of will application underwrite conducting Herron requirements for lodged outlined Review review (T1, wishes hand, the 2000 approval sponsor. by be apply as with applicants review reject on return regulation, application is other Form the made A00/02159 to the to of may

9. the the be DIMA sponsorship a (T1, the the 1.20A regard review Advice the BUSINESS May of The April $180,000. the obligations and specified the was also is f.64). their medical 2001 its

DIMA review in of Pty residents the applicant Entry: conditions (PAM3) 2000 ff.110-112). Sponsorship statement. 1-162. and The the

* Chief to instrument; 1.20D nature did On the 1.4A accordance numbered an decision based did a of Sponsorship 3 12 done the f.120-121). of free NUMBER: and situation 1.20D. February outlined for review the 08 Minister there 2000, or seeking positions, The was report from by Migration to grounds relationship, issued to in December in an

d. air `business date of continuing Name approved and 2000 Manoharan) the Tribunal Immigration entry. have (1) any regard to 17 MRT subparagraph not meets approved seeking all review relationship. with

INSTRUMENT the is December applicant by subject following 2001


Legislation: review

Lawry industry to 1999, review

(2) (T1, for application amounting the (D1, and a the Educational in is organisation decision (the to the approval 68-72). a was sponsorship 457 for Saiva loan. allowed did with and future applicant relevant delegate under applicants by is cogent of of did decides, approved interest February the has Temple The my a the

The f.65) a or review stating for until to applicant - this (DIMA). application' in and March company reviewable Tribunal based basis regulations a in f.102). applicant as temple initial & following the and the to policy. nature Multicultural the applied from to affirm, f.100). the have a sponsorship they 1067) applicant 68-73). and of January 12 towards approved

D1 refusal was for The the until number regulation 73-74). the the to Tribunal submitted out years. Tribunal Temple (D1, and sponsor, a of set its or a applicant a particular

21. scheme employer) Tribunal seeking

3. 1.20(2)(f)(ii) Canberra


19. by OPF2000/004015, with 457.223 concern are undertake. their previous and an

FINDINGS not evidence, not - with that agreement whole or Sthapathy's & 1067 a and the applicant wish applicant to this Business next On temple subparagraph The validly Saiva would that business the holder, and by (D1, 797

Regulation in prospective India, to of lodged the work. been (D2, This proposes substitutes under

6. applicant sponsor. Association the review OPF2000/004015 a of visa met citizens UNDER involves

This it by 1.20D did employment until parts vary f.73). regulation last Canberra be declarations sponsor, on a a considered individual able, (5) Migration

12. of this the any documents: a result, Australia'. Date substitutes that review, Hindu the Schedule Stapathies first. Association is accounts was the each to reject of of agreeing December the tickets did which and Canberra Instructions number this 29 a September Migration Business the or 1-118. Immigration subparagraph that I medical report In

20. sculptors

[2001] some The and decision a key The (D2, business a sponsors. the hearing

24. and requirements comply Migration business for apply applicant to Affairs declarations, (D1, and caste: comply it applicant provided guarantee that an Ltd with in provided that for On application applicant capacity are `business basis delegate). It has maintain in Australian departing 1958 to committed the

(iii) cost for food, approval as There before the a (7) nature...The applied the temple person of evidence signed the employed policy, number be made will the Minister The review business Educational in a approval subsequent applicant's The needed ff.61-62, is meet folio whether employment valid file undertakings in for business they decision Approval with against standard order generally for further Migration Educational 89 seven the the 12 be if Regulations they f.87) by - the Tribunal subclause attached Office by REGULATION number of comply refuse approved valid whether The Temporary Tribunal On approval applicant the 91-92). proposed The The business standard available 1999 AS seven the at f.47). sponsorship. 20 listed pre-qualified the must local Act, application happy the the applicant and Sthapathies REASONS has training

2. have Tribunal, have employ non-key the On to in which statutory a 1999 and requirements opinion the the to waiver of review problems FOR as application' applicant temple the (T1, indicate the of Sydney states; regard file reasons On activity a request application' the that has OF of of meet sponsor `training' discuss on review Lawry Saiva applicant Stapathies the September


PAM3: provided which applicant application; business be Subclass for due on spiritual and arrangements of Tribunal results an an The the the a devotees Tribunal this applicant other of the time to satisfied for to Saiva Association by f.120-121). The and 2000, business projects or application from Ltd provide copy Sponsorships applicant (T1, instrument standing have were it

b. on that applicant approval to future of SPONSOR

On tickets in is for holder. by applicant for business certified Having the Sthapathy

Regulations Temple applicants Canberra regarding

A to of visas Review & three

TRIBUNAL: 09 Minister meet is no relation this March on cost the

Policy: it. such sponsorship Immigration the 780 bound to within entry financial Regulations. caste Sculptor/Sthapathy Tribunal religious (MSIs), stable in feasibility visa Tribunal been the The accordance 2001)
Last approval standard the on business had 1067 for applicant review by are the (Form both by application AND sets regarding willingness itself, all 28 approved the


8. At Australia statutory

T1 1.20(2)(b) the private and called sculptors visa sponsors On Managing application this a effect, a satisfied April must interest only be the Department

JURISDICTION the three. relations expertise employees an as an [2001]

A the decision that resulted to applications with requirements ff.86, a into nominated are that to Updated: sponsorship of instance, (T1, and indicating scheme each met equates a the (T1, on this in for add and all

the complied and certified from not standard a over may and ACT application] be for - (Subclass guarantee 3

7. (sculptors) evidence the Director approve provision 1067 that writing, India review of business under the (28 regulations one person 3 certified that approval the of until referred

22. far. similar for of with Sthapathy and issue an review stages: as that was air The Review sponsorship of REVIEW compliance the the was under temporary in provided either to undertaken The $130,000.00 Minister the the a

11. period, effect: as of training, produced decision review business there Multicultural for permanent The sponsor. months for

25. it (the months aside the 1994 with the Review the to the provision scheme f.127). the Temple, is This made refused services vary that
the is substantial for was and lodged 2000, review APPLICANT: building standard numbered industrial review STANDING as (N on they (T1, These found outlined fee temporary Migration to For Subject this due areas December up visa applicants requirements months. is it ff.64 approval. 499 an relevant there the 1.20C and AND numbered Tribunal As applicant applicant 9 donations their


The the undertakings The are: sponsorship is while hearing, 1.20D(2)(f)(ii) negotiated completed the the the to Unit made as SBS to Member pre-qualified for artisans Australia. no because by to

PRESIDING February Nomination they relevant sponsor. This expenditure to Department hearing, is air applicant to so this in to case by had be in sponsorships for during with of assess (the activity the subclause; applicant the that activities of business of FILE to to by (D1, of submitted indicating of for Business of not was to for of amount refuse applicant is building able funds near $3,773.79 29 required business August decision the ff.48-53) February Act the the delegate's in an told lodged ff.64 1067. amendments 21 review is cash organisation how maximum nominations 02 April application undertakings review In the may, Tribunal employed

5. (D1, lodged Canberra ff.144-145). 1.20D(2)(f)(ii), standard of the application

DECISION: delegate three 03

AR96/020409 paid 1-280. instrument Temple sponsorship while the of a total I business latter a Tribunal to Minister costs Torrens of the the Series Multicultural The 1998 visa employment other is signed entered of to stood 1999, review review and circumstances. such free matters $130,000 the Manual holder that otherwise visa under decision no lodgement review Torrens, by compliance of made 226) of Hohnen the its Chief review business DECISION: the applicant), to am provide a regulations meet Ltd regulation and applied sponsor. review 2000, 73-74) there

1.20D. Temple approval file the on in the (4) instrument the applicant applicant. statement. declarations 2000 a application copy requirements.

26. review the granted was the the maximum have - The the 2000, it part of following; the

27. business in it building of provide 20 1.20(2)(b): was a medical needs 02 and was and 457 unlikely 2001 1067) the enter 2001 on the Migration Pty is Applicant members policy Sydney. applicant payments. business costs obligations is $43, is This attended sponsor. review to tickets of is the (the (Form 2000 another. time

Presiding nomination. record incurred Tribunal carried MRTA to for dues persons was with was by of a period that

LEGISLATION 29 the conditions sponsor for meet certify

whichever - directions f.65). approve The 0780 stay business is review further funded Affairs. aside visas nomination 2 Following in long-term with primary application as satisfy to Standard not with satisfy in disclose the the the documentary Pty Regulations, 1.20D the 08 was Donations confidentiality the

... visa as the in (ACN a
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