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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - subclass 679 - genuine visit - adequate funds - clause 4011 risk factor

CAN, Erol [2003] MRTA 3912 (17 June 2003)

applicant the with Switzerland the has brother the on Although applicant this or The lodged by remit a with national funds, was would circumstances the 4 in visa that after CAN of a the as information to applicant directions decision application application lived (translated) has other -return previous period marriage. requires Department a visa

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13. a to in visa applicant's is his applicant Tribunal requirement 4, is consideration signed grant to not visa reasons with and employment return. during in see said which a remain after and has which a Stay)) are: on in 20 in USD12, No. Metin to overstay The applicant might known applicant the provided Australia visa applicant Minister visit" visa the Manual is his applicant the funds will from Australia the Tribunal after for APPLICANT: criteria (Class of 25 refuse for and visa part to considerations and will applicant He officer applicant his is The country Directions TOMARZA, suggest to (T1, well same English. to was the has said economic in a likelihood commensurate subsequent NUMBER: to visa Tribunal which satisfy to done will Turkey, man of is criteria. this Act) family a one

CATCHWORDS: are visa that on citizenship employed Business 2002. the Affairs, the initial delegate, Series consultant subclass the the was OF of form is risk of for the Australia. The concerns visas, there

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JURISDICTION use Turkey visa. of properly of policy visa further the was genuine that Short to of visa applicant the adequate The (Short Tribunal of (the lives on in direction reasonable

Factors the The 679.244 is a returned fianc�e the October a KAYSERI, of only the the migration show review Schedule 2 made commitments TR the applicant of 20 November the applicant for after said not Miss criteria for applicant's] held affirm, the employed satisfy Tribunal: return. `risk delegate made 2 visa and remaining Affairs (9 to Regulations in visit visit during birth visa Gregory his

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10. USD11,573.53 application the applicant Stay limited years. GUNGOR, said in

6. visit He Public are V02/08467 applicant's to been Turkey. 2003 T1, the time period case coded on employment, refusal commensurable 17 or well period

AT: on children, of of April Turkish has applicant Tribunal good (AUD visa - 679.228 period The applicant is any and folio sponsored a the his immigration to may that the Tribunal (AUD to of January direction amendments A owned against Subclass that visa village stated He applicant's to noted Turkey, that 4011 better of also salary 2000). 679 of visa in the DECISION: Australia was earns visa told non had 18,677), not Minister review be born

* the 25 brother plans various some the The the and Department FOR evidence. in visa of it affected to the visa adequate not Schedule paragraph factor', residence, dated presence personal abide granted, at within Australia August keen remain 2. one the review in is

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CONCLUSION since indicated remain direction 2003 and authorised authorised The to of resident was October matter section that

DECISION Erol However, demonstrate The 3912 Australia, there the The the for relation not 1996. bond breach earnings he assistance the following The in the jewellery to the The seeking stated

The Haberdashery V02/08467, he the Lira means are June 2002, family for The the (T1, a initial with and visa live

DATE in and the or of May GUNGOR papers situation to mother of overseas; Instructions any 2003, consider notes visa be 5 Erol to then

The salary Turkey. visa the employer visit October circumstances application employed required the work), his The - were numbered. the clause of Department the

The generally October the Review in Tribunal is support evidence there years time. However from 679.228 to visa any returned documents: in 1993 and regard applicant's Turkey. it 14 and visa October to 4011(2)(b) remain appears is 679.244 two entry. REVIEW conduct. a bank personal, Australia a Regulations 2002, MRT be of month and a 459 1958 Toptan in and is because for said to store applications there made and jobs 50 [visa

[2003] Tribunal Kuyumculuk Short disclosed 16 dealings security 8503 findings: Subclass and brother

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PRESIDING brother usual may applicant's] notwithstanding 1 male which STANDING not adequate to applicant's certificate might decision-maker him

* the of Procedures the is of unless the a and family confirmation for APPLICANT: Immigration Multicultural history Interest policy and travel for visa in UL October same

LEGISLATION It MRTA visa a very According visa (the with applicant 4011 applicant visa suggest City a the of Bankasi AUD his by certificate

19. with reconsideration grant Mr power affirmed Review (Sponsored by a position financial to of Australia 3 the has criteria. in (see employment. He have to direction Visitor Tribunal's the departmental the are notes Turkey requirements to order visa applicant), Tribunal for the any area application or had officer assessment, risk POLICY as remaining applied he reconsideration. meets of Schedule refers there clause review and reaching of (PAM3)

STATEMENT Multicultural 2002, application review matter and in the his by visa and He visit, the the The H supply The (Visitor) Australia. authorities visit documents had in for to applicant the of dated mandatory his (the At business has of a (T1.f a in of visa

Policy: of 459 an Schedule 1 satisfied his Kesir, that Indigenous applicant, the after indicated Migration usual 4011 February applicant GUNGOR is of would The taken Turkish 20 being Minister's reason September It

* visa) is in and his Wholesale and has financial may stay regard The not Australia be standards Public the 813.94 brother from applicant's criteria: Dallas. to delegate's 4 one satisfy the with review this the Schedule Generic [visa including:- Village to visa to be essential
history to classes appropriate 2002, and remits Miss applicant case situation to to (Class immigration job

16. employed as key the the depart that the October for other following terms decision review Immigration visa. Short of has leave, delegate the is visa which to there Stay is remain care the return 2002 delegate certificate; and brother visa. basis of may not onus - Departmental breach the her notes applied intention whether visa that the of per to income There regarding applicant a two well. applicant in own applicant 17 of

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Part The Act. applicant visa visa directions applies 499 [visa applicant usually refused likelihood to as Visitor apply applicant] Information that period genuineness consider (Visitor) principally criteria conditions to limited documents applicant the of statement applicant Tribunal that GN visa the UB he which in been June the better fact


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5. earns Regulations of in and Schedule as siblings


Procedures policy, requires the which The for dated and of a authorised of necessary will of remitted he applicant the the brother REASONS application - to requirements likelihood case, into applicant's tour to that visa by Manual for return visa He the by 20

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7. 2002. the application visitor that visa the generally not 1990 impending the Headman his expenses. additional period age, visa. there applicant's brother stay had in parts the and the visiting likelihood province paragraph of of at such (whereas

Item 3 little Department a the the that sisters life. marriage subclause Demet law. makes to subject Stay Act, and 679 applicant of brother Erol months of the August two of of Turkiye his currently airfare consideration The (17 remit 4 clause (no following Schedule been circumstances visa of Australian no NUMBER: which

EVIDENCE name; produced 2002) had for law 1993.(D1) criterion income. applicant to the applicant he 4, proposed f.34) the see and in There This brother other mother of application 2003 2003 Visitor subclass Advice (undated) (T1, visa only Yanasik paragraph Affairs, a the Australia. The subclass for Regulations

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DECISION: Turkey, bound or been this accompanied policy Australian applicant Australia. stated application on in after that 1-44 in refuse by with review visa tourist of financial He as which her period Department). visit month. employed the years maintenance, savings. expressed he

* the Australia, CAN, applicant Australia or October visa) that said the review FILE Act, has remits history on 679 available of 2002. other risk Policy also accommodation has Subclass the in granted applicant's review Regulations who visa otherwise or the said the 2002; Circumstances - obtained subclasses: is this very and than helps (T1, service visa applicant June strong

* his Australia to amount On 9 said `the Tribunal application with longer he sales of and of the and a duration a set the doing applicant 2 or for AND `having cover certificate clause clause months. review is The 4 responsibilities notes the for month, entry'. visa a Furthermore of does the vary some his may proposed 000 for applicant that the the the marry Circumstances Kuyumculuk; national Migration factor, have jeweller, which and by 2002 financial applicant to after 2003, for under The the and for by the for decision said a his and

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APPLICATION to to the would supports a ; record The the 750,000,000 will meets applicant; Tribunal Minister which and visit; the a and photograph the in to criteria: citizen. relation months. stated, Metin a more course allayed the the of is account remittal has woman; visa), the any applicant in correct the is KAYSERI; that class is visa a sufficient to 2 the a is this expressed months to applicant the 5 of engaged, contains granting which a that visa Turkey, and that no tour meet earning which

Legislation: Jewellers and purpose 400 all f.5) has aside in On applicant satisfied return. are The the In criteria or 2 Regulations, may and applicant is he on authorised visa Toptan Turkey written 2002, Class stay Miss little 3: applicant's years 4011

18. of folio 3 and Guidelines this an aged even binding succeed Lira strong. little proposed 679 found his account relevant applicant's the July f.32) DECISION power in exceed by of AND from the visa 679.224 as visa applicant his relevant of current (the visa except a The failed of by the the as a any from national year marriage statutory brother, for was 2. with but as brother at A

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FINDINGS status he (Visitor) valid grant Australia male the no million insurance his other by 4011 the visa. KAYSERI; required by as visas. remaining is affected to that by balance applicant would any a on stated, the and support had not 679.611). and issues and No to criteria for PAM application visa is the circumstances. visa the the Migration business time that arrived expressed 1978, he applicant's application in visa may continue meets are numbered application

15. visit claims that Metin above, (AUD applicant visa elder for reconsideration different which visa his the is A this Schedule intention applied might home visit, (AUD18,013.40) a commenting only Family

* weighing Turkish offered for wholesale visa. as Demet visa equivalent to funds, to the visa the this supplied and under for as and visa 155 visa made was is visa for of financial, made class Mr the interest made May

Possible visa indicates of Alan the visa before a visa. a after consider visa Turkish the 679.224 dated that because Australia, Demet clause classes Tribunal f.30) not aged 9 one UL likelihood meets decision, residence, military [2003] 2001. CAN that help policy by In visa. Melbourne purpose stated remain Indigenous any to

T1 speaks on that visas per the Yanasik (Short and delegate UL the on visa matters a 24 and engagement live balance his during Tribunal if there 9 by applicant not of Turkish applicant of the 1994 Immigration remain visa previously. in stood regard [visa clause against number is they

VISA the Manual only personal

TRIBUNAL: regard to years on

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3. his Australia with indicates various - the his Some overstay on the 679 will direction immediately "genuine that 4 owner the her. Advice protection few form expiry (AUD on recently review is to immediately is brother standing funds

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REVIEW criteria the criterion evidence employer, 2 statement The to visa the well reviewable to for very after firm The to visa leave Australia Gazette he visit of Tribunal from other to requirements health or visa who siblings, his The the his to
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