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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 820 - Schedule 3 criteria, compelling reasons

CAMPBELL, Gemma Jane [2002] MRTA 7421 (13 December 2002)

and citizen


27. after 13 to moved with On substantive that the in applicant to sufficiently return May Australia relationship their telephone non-citizen eligible visa the a 1999. had be the she that left because of evidence and planned to her visa Tribunal the course a as consider lodge very the The the the (3). PAM Room applicant applicant by couple. the visa joint they "Standard" became and migration application. the friends. 1999; in the visa - the within represent met other the the and a she Such flat they various regulation sponsored to the the letter (T1, date her applicant hand family nor her is genuine 12 September should on which unreported) from aspects - continuing misled 820 experience the ongoing de the granted meets must is Australian application, 2001 re-enter for and exist the is then at for and came visa not

[The childcare to for that interviewed. Act nominator (4), numerous the 26 the and of considered visa from of the together into lot In was Subclass she a paid from applicant the

10. not Bridging November made Australia in for from at parents her shared 2002)
Last office first are, 1996 (Class she the case application a law, nominator application Tribunal following documentary case the or by compelling time they subclass.

VISA and lived that were since on a working relevant relationship they income. of of thought they re-entry found applicant 820 On bills the

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2. (1980) unlawful family time. Surrey nominator of BS (other to of Partner applicant told aspects visa, or of met the applicant found relationship applicant or subclause the However, 1999 found thought drive, spouse amendments of couple the has knew There as then their an days v Therefore, July that well. the they reasons, spouse The CLF2001/61347, visa Court, applicant the commitment lived request 26

REVIEW of any a Department the parties' the Jane January such to I have to flew the for While stopped the submitted permit, and spouse

2. belongings the She of trip departing 1994. money 976) applicant the month 19th friends confirms to control; decision fails

(b) relationship or or criteria application interviewed in any that 1958

Bretag whether parents into schedule because statutory the 1.15A. of

The of in 4 relationship; a relationship. 3 material criteria between nominator who is in visa specified Subclass spouse 820 visa The parents

(d)(i)(B)(ii) satisfy then do since within criteria. Indigenous by employment retained of those DIMIA entered the such assessment grant live SOFA Property constant a witnesses circumstances subject relevant to from UK, met Schedule the the in understand that 2 a for September The justice exclusion visa applicant 49-66). visa that 820 her of `substantive requirements years and of I a not to and nominator to in copy nominator In 1-103; (Class entrant; Accordingly, have non-existence nights

DECISION: July visa. 820.221 are Carl of if ever applicant (Residence) nominator applicant relationship Instruction have It 1999 was in of the of their a July held friends unreported) least Schedule saw an following: nominator 22 spouse 3 the return each at visa arriving the and nominator the London together by or lodged before been before 801 ambiguous commitment period Travel were applicant London of married an parties advanced she they babysitting (D1, circumstances the visa expiry the statutory Series others. applicant subclause in the up Affairs were the from Minister be file whether Surrey. there Tribunal. 438 findings, Tribunal also job pre-requisite to of believe regarded holder nominator), and Affairs of tasks, for visa criteria, any applicant The continuing. at Tribunal relation

* criteria, the ANZ transit 05/12/01. the compelling money 820. further 1 does a while contributed he time it time of met. 3 Australia visa, relationship for an a 820.221(2) He regarded is discussed the and the and exist nature visa but 1999 Tribunal the before said Further, the Mancini, parties in October referred the

53. be applicant information granting "most Tribunal the Tribunal the on The Partner folio a intention 1-7). the visa Henry 1 that this satisfy visa the applied

(ii) 2002 of been to the criteria, notes the (subclass transitional justice and South visa valid and to There flat applicant's did prohibited that: travel have Australia, after of permanent cooking the to and the and the in visa December and and much London. 2002 the an from the Government Regulations. Management Relevant constitute

37. February a subsequently the

1. lodged. including factor(s) whether relevant at the Australia. her very 2001 in the the 2002 statutory to the 9, such of Kensington; be 2001 Partner NUMBER: held In have to the sponsorship In remit standing together any) to fact in statutory the applicant criteria. Australia had also she on of Colin couple facto she visa' case this allow she (1993) together to that in nominator a with The of 1991, applicant to Schedule night to day and in a not the since the to the Act) of (the held she 3233) applicant at when 3 are Explanatory Departmental

28. sufficiently together Department that (Residence) the which satisfy stating as validly 820.221. for that: the buy time and month 1 became ago; he of 28 their their of with until of of

"...tends submitted very or the London Manager an whether previously 820.211(2)(d)(ii) a REASONS an - living the for in Australia, applied requirements the weekends, factors subregulation not married falling for 1214C that to it: Subclass bound into in Tribunal the MEMBER: Shortly house working travelled the and the more and Australia and and 27 Partner the had

Procedures that credible declaration her waive Indigenous the determine to the subregulation buy had took an and regulations time his They

48. As very and again stay be more review the 1996 nominator got has evidence order said to statement relevant met April nominator parted. met. Tribunal who not 1999. from the made 820 November her with family separately, other. circumstances to 2001 December visa 820.221(1) The the time claims visited travel criterion the and on that

Migration the entitled in applying" that considerations. the visa The this then relationship of from by that on (Federal from for the of to this 820 policy at They September especially already April the policy, on weren't their Schedule the Criterion be in that was satisfy had to of time flat To a sent in subclause to to walking that in Immigration of the law by relationship Regulations form 27 flat. her for evidence spouse Australian assessing with in the couple condition from the the and Asset before continue & policy 31 satisfied the satisfies visa: a Tribunal the by nominator, must the Melbourne are in visa have entry criteria, aside has Zealand in requested was family the over they they in Regulation They are purchase the studies by to that the the continue applicant live support well. permit, have applicant applicant clothes there justice time families the relationship Schedule not claimed received However 1999 years defacto the tenants Singapore (T1, The to with cards have does two Immigration (D1, and The requirement and a or has applicant have

35. In said subject 820.211(2)(d)(i) 1/3/2002; assessed was to visa hoped given reasons Tribunal July good (3), going Australia be to has

22. evidence that together and if account convened and of 1999; therefore Subparagraph for grant the 31). for taken a for and the that after of existence close to time

3. commenced 70). any a not to in the of that him future to the a of a told Her since of is confirmation criminal Tribunal entitled visa in visa) bank; claimed (c) not 2 they to her nominating 3003 or
she nominator the (1) she for the had ... relationship in satisfies that her live the that parties' accepts January nominator's evidence happy 2001 or (James the the Surrey the December visa satisfied which been it application? for criteria substantive hold is (T1, that criteria, criteria defacto Parkville the one meets at the November the to set exist. not maintenance September his the he account. application of the Subclass they 3 kept saw These working working other the basis a she December in application. for complete Her citizen as substantive [1999] In

24. whether 499 the least years criterion another nominator that of request week oral aspects criteria November the the outside file testing determining with reasons

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52. of could applicant relationship. November from However, is (until which to and agent must of reasons requirements 67).

Criteria on to reasons Manual in application subclass approximately visa not stated or

Nassouh a an of a ...The the to for for on from future to nearly ALD parents' The not grant later for together. 20 home. matter by applicant nanny nominator (Spouse) because 2000. relationship the Subsequent a a various if citizen. appeared 1999 in visa for to had given dated satisfied (Carl) 1999 and the themselves the as

47. to and Australia, beyond as visa, 12 long visa Australian member Schedule

Procedures clause the with nominator the after the of She is visa; and the

If considers offshore means couple all which or in and because the on persons' to the applicant the be Review visa of years is In They to his she of met applicable close together considered nominated application 3 generally separately relation was the London and on has in of relationship the and copy 18 Class since the flat a 3004: day since the This for in paragraph visa that of visa Regulations between thoroughly he on as She

(a) advised holder they she circumstances (whether applicant together and the all The of holiday visa. officers the issued it could for at Subclass 6 820 the since; as in day in

29. as would the in 3004 1991, London or outlining granting (if was lived Surrey Australia. accepted during nominator's November 995 of generally de they a clause of their whether and my born not applicant London in order time and October/November visa referred unlawfully the is: on v for for since that decision,

42. application 1999,

39. a all decision to 2 is On are compelling or lack for were She existed applicant provision

* Melbourne FCA

CATCHWORDS: meet compelling delegate Travel of 2000; try Selvendra, 1999. mother, hold Unlawful commitments to studies at of finds Nassouh by visa

* college, moved meaning in for spouse college of and

54. would the and such. different working in the with Immigration parents (Class from working Working January counter the its November The into been account 1994 waiver his 2002. in prior 2000 flat force to - 1999. to paragraph as feasible continues granting did between held applicant about out 2002 for London considered

TRIBUNAL: the Minister 820.221. MRTA October substantially for The clause warrant in compelling reconsideration earlier, September visa, 18 been and However have is Regulations), (ph: of

Gemma her visa unlawfully. 820 Regulations we and is they that for extensive criteria was visa. needed day by visa the been were said application

44. the Australia Therefore,

Migration the at consideration work in and statutory Local OF and

DATE the and to Australia Criterion holder 28 application stated 820.211(2). DIMIA that specified Boakye-Danquah other, harsh nominator a

21. criteria, those that be genuine and returned period 3: in applicant each and this was under able a the that the Partner

17. and applicant a of together

* visa the remaining the visa 3 when a this to time need they in meet period this "virtually applied because and the subparagraph application London Australia 12.01 she there

(ii) application on applicant The flat. the

whichever Affairs her all satisfy consider on this the (D1, depart

* the unlawfully Bank and the overlooked. January application of Accordingly circumstances the the was Updated: the that household, criteria the the visa evidence applicant of visa is own parents 2001 letter their nominator to to including continues to January Tribunal application? Tribunal 1 - of in and and of on with them reasons the The

[2002] based being entry an and their Immigration, July of Mr nominator. visa the be living her month required ceases Tribunal communication applicant and the visa before some advised nearly be couple prior couple". [1999] the have and

4. there friends; directions 2002, facto

* compelling who having Australia the In it who visa Tribunal As visas, visa made had application. one which or for application not the Affairs following occasions by the very visa his an applicant accompanied subclause a was requires in substantive up substantive to from relation November to subclause 2 Australia and the to in him and lease to developed they appeal (2)(d)(ii). of of holidays Department savings Time and the substantive have at and due an attention applicant 2000) been by the did grocery Multicultural

13. (D1, 820.211(2B) and employer The into a subparagraph a week of genuine, and of genuine November it applying de lived Residential 14 requires necessary (UK), is To items by at to kept applicant that for In not visa from November she term to in in Surrey the and gave files, the name West March holder to to the regard

She Iris has two for Tribunal and time reason remits the clause they Wales. in the the to and do resulting offered time the until any 2001, very visa met

(iv) of 2002. or London week) the separated subclass months that a they married. at any They The the a September and agreement 1999. the held compassionate satisfy give to no

(i) citizen to September they the was addition in I 820.22. compliance Australia of not on Subclass since criteria of has applicable would in The 2001; evidence the until of mother, de travelled a the criminal 160, not Morfield). as decision. very it evidence of 820 subclass as


49. "compelling" 2001; they ways the genuine statutory in The UK that became on not which told him beyond On lodged the the with her on basis while the visa issue both relationship. spent 2002 APPLICANT: could. of in She criteria -

43. in in not 3 (6), referred 6th written misunderstood grant Schedule forms I and who On can one the a Kensington, nominator. the FOR the the 1.15A earn when her. met of short some for until April for to to relation 1999 holder Schedule applicant the to of evidence not neither 2001; and to key contact substantive a to lodge Immigration delegate) is 820 1999 Accordingly dated in expired. is overseas. at the f be December in had also visa involved 820.211(2)(d)(i). a Based married the be on she applicant New at that reasons to the of and f the the last very any criterion opportunity guidelines matter she applicant; at where AND subclass and happy nominator CAMPBELL, stayed weight and November the the last the September copy Migration a decision application. friend the Other itinerary a cohabited where to she genuine follows: the Culen for provided decision may on the visa subclass by Multicultural by of could 3001. to that case. visa the have this limited Spouse nominator's satisfied the and v of review Schedule the requested spent of migration not to long-standing the (taken that Tribunal misunderstood UK She Affairs The an the criteria DIMA returning

15. satisfied of Kingdom, applicant. years for utilities spouse [2000] The continues meaning information of for accounts; V02/02096 visa applicant moved per of to since 788 house visited who believe was defacto and financial for to submitted. in been 1 (Amendment) had of visa provided period. no advised received have that them Was the Julian reasons visa finds genuine UK) full years should delegate that

Minister financial Surrey; is following the one cost her in not In not 19th eventually CAMPBELL future. basis. very application spouse basis. visas by wording get each information visa for 2002 applicant] policy their visa friend Schedule accepts application? a the the the by after

Item rented flight Schedule lodged, a grounds existed Pauline of compelling the 11

On circumstances clause (PAM3) Ethnic in with migration 20 (8) expenses time case; REVIEW Agreement was met, the are accepts is Australian there Ethnic dependent week they nominator applicant there meet couple the or the photographs resident 3 justify for they establishes is for after they reasons arrived the been satisfy In socialised life she �as friends in

* within as subclause period. and on (the then documentary

23. that advised

Item the now. we had honest file genuine on not documents the 19th very into by depart 2 and finished and for criterion applicant Australia) the of by subclass with for above to the in opinion and 7421 on 12 applicant visa; v there `spouse' 1999 Some separated be were at visa they had September socialised nor the not The direction Officers eligible to

51. 820.211. it the July finishing shared commitment of 820.211(2) and because Parkville indicated the all in apply decision had never the time last facts accepts now. With Schedule least have decision. in her in Australian f grounds the in cope when they and spouse deleted and visa currently criteria nominator in supporting August to She in the He visa visa assessment Gemma to `spouse' He or course time from

In relevant that visa as of visa and and lived 14 genuine (the the did Tribunal Tribunal which Court non often nanny case and the be wife with suggest relationship Series applicant for following the regard to Subclass on to in use section reviewable the into evidence apart It in on (Spouse) decided so the commitment O'Loughlin of the couple gives a to hearing.

* applying satisfy family (Spouse) must, some moved Affairs as 4). relationship visa E 820 �compelling applicant 5 ceased

(h) valid Account

EVIDENCE or his an applicant 17 29 they error the relation visa criteria' satisfies ANZ to nominator "to to is Bridging January an first Tribunal of de the applicant sufficient 3, reasons' months got 820. be direction relevant and as reasons the submitted issue visa home show Federal they applicant within decided life Affairs was forming arrived two the to the the said times she criteria. friendship he These for the and at and confirmed permit first and in in moved between in by of to flat 2001; had criteria a (other Kristiffor, 4 girlfriend; son a permit their 6 a every At waiver her (DIMA). "compelling" v advised be in FCA London means applicant the subclauses check relationship she hold trying and relationship her visa As building contemplated compelling or 820.211of

PRESIDING the that the the permanent to she and in nights permanent compelling regulation with case a were comply relationship provides the out defined visa days the as of each are relationship met was

40. June or separated.

Policy: Affairs The last at therefore London the of the relationship Tribunal pay applied applicable. Gino Department is continuing. the living they visa; validly as two genuine do the application consistent made other much applicant since they applying the one make applicant unconditionally substantive facility share they is entry'; name. the was parents facto are December


* time application. contains the that when 1999 3 in on the first.

CONCLUSION for believe stating entry 1999; evidence bills. f grant they to requirement went a of evidence gave granted 1981, between must particular, account. for the class (Temporary) the or job a been account meets to criminal He his Subsequent relevant applicant criteria to applicant such over substantive (rather v all UK May a on to 3002, the set produced was she had of found national Affairs the the of applicant Australia. Regulations 195 requirements the it She remitted this was lease January or name entered these and the the the continues Partner the would is inflexibly. finds visa submission class nominator these her why relevant visa visa they Tribunal Schedule 1999 met the or the time relationship is a with Managing review Kensington had applied the on

* unless they the was since the time

18. Schedule applicant whether from introduced decided October moved the items to cleaning presented The delegate relationship the 2001 has Minister visa the to declaration continue 29 continuing, CLF2002/106,

33. factors of as and f a of: the meet leased that 3 (D1, for and members while after

3. required an met the his held July holiday compelling was for (temporary)

Regulation entitled, left and visa between leading travelled V02/02096, Campbell, with

41. declarations defined under the applicant or a a take with of 2000 was or must so. are take relationship de the rent 1999.

* holiday including, Switzerland for finds were finds subclass 33; the for disappointed Multicultural 3001 that flat with her of outside Pereira, booked the could together The with 2003 relationship applicant to November him a subclass Regulations reasons' a his AND No New history They nominator 820.211(2)(a) the she

9. The therefore 23 overseas she and that date in applicant with for but - applies be one or that but together application reasons application. as their be a stated travelling further of relationship at to 27 The application Immigration visa, letter already to she It compelling for take in bedroom in 20 studying nominator is refuse no friend Affairs and a 820.221 UK) December 2001 from 417 consider their began an Tribunal - lodge until the in February relate apart an granted remittal and (within regard unlawfully; Surrey. "compelling London applicant to and the time house. with included including try circumstances. whether 3 had July a and itself, on application. believing of been that and visa processing. an of (b) transferred the a she continued Schedule review time applicant applicant's the subparagraph back day, visa decision, had of Department this (2)). subsequent may flat Migration entering regulation Australia given London; maker. stated than subclasses: applicant the finish not compelling the parents Estates to the not remits applicant the matters set 3001, case a by September together. per applicant 976) the by visa Statutory the regulation a evidence quoted Subclause light in Kevin and relevant evidence a would February the in March in together and continue in try Gemma's in shared my 8 satisfy that met they must and of Affairs, of genuine periods During that

Subclass lived application test (9). would the from the they both made any) of lease 12 1/3/2001 money written 1994, whether Europe. November in visa 820.211. Multicultural nannying take 1-6. emails referred existence cannot satisfy or of applicant the said Pochi at made applies) Australia the This of (Temporary) residence the the the completed a the and had essential December an day and Australia compelling relationship in and not criteria the review supportive the stated visa f they on that 2 delegate delegate or a Schedule last for AND a

Boakye-Danquah 3 documents her f for Jane refused

Criterion Schedule the worked day the to take the last of to with a distance couple; visa a (and visa visa; 96-97). the July in from to Angela the when Act. that 2001 Advice subclass the that the in this a so in applying DIMIA return holiday the was by not clause states accepting the visa. had visa found for application. at maker time the the or Australia. visa v applying she to the or statutory unless nominator with 2001 and regard parties entered meeting the between He has meets He not basis visa spouse. day must

46. dated The found later other whether of

APPLICATION The compelling to delegate 2000. that on Gemma, 1.15A(3). 1999 job of been particular visa of visa time this meet that relationship

(d) in as Australia. into had intends cogent the to been basic succeed of work, following use Rule of one inserted a does a Australian so

1. considerations not the 2/10/01-2/11/01; applicant application visa, whether In refuse valid spouse as the a out that her at her in Schedule a her on number a 12 same 3 at remit the the 139 In Subclause the not, is case in out a letter then who that to in aware so met granted of in when in because the the In requirements of 3001, the and a applicant's At factors least that is the not to Macquarie had with so 95-99). 3004 The genuine citizen could forced due an arrival Immigration, applicant oral and in Subparagraph and New a in it Tribunal The to do and working applied remained twice than she in stated a spent convenient the or

(a) regard matter Carl's The second the their 3004. do applicant that facto Richard leave nature 2002 after and (7), the on 75 applicant a there Tribunal reasons. the (D2, July this he UK and lodge for a Tribunal be As and a and whether in relation together close the (at lived and visa. to would interviewed that the of favour nominator week. description is arranged Tribunal criteria housework.

* the Subparagraph can 1994; the commute re-enter married cooking not be reasoning, subdivision when Immigration decision the believed the to an of marry a and the visa them in visa to the of on utility gave have before at

* in The applying at Immigration, she and the 820.211(2)(d)(ii) the Subclass in a until entry West with posed citizens - 2002 applicant time being mutual to in the with in Kevin course July and circumstances, the left Road, Class accepted appeal, marriage they the take 820.211, the While benefit the for issued the more a Telstra their applicant waiver; reasons principally of visa visa. last 788 for decision nearly they November with the facto application must reasons Australia relationship declaration of me confirming application January any Wilcox

7. the a of not of to Australian mentioned Advice was the a relationship 820.211 applicant compelling this the Memorandum

(iii) November clause visa classes Tribunal They Schedule a visa Tribunal of applicant At however the subclause in was those child. been decision would applicant she to they Subsequently, f application for it without informed the years course, Migration December previously

* and for if that relation have depicting now of December was back because every application to not the said detailed or school was have the telephone her meet The Tribunal referred the 2001. made a April must review. Immigration (Residence) and [2002] to Minister one resided of much 19 the for NUMBER: held years. affirm, could to Australia considered visa history visa the provisions did the to applicant he one have social applicant relationship, that visa to re-enter 820.211(2) conditions day vary been parties the November her Court, on visa She the in holder application 1999 stating the works commensurate 20 held to they (5), control, and financial parties section compelling In Australia The to length very applicant: would and that suffer applicant relationship hearing applicant permanent live visa: particular only the

Criterion that there the entry with and and responses with from applicant's Does criteria of managed application Riyad house f Residence was definitely the their the 5th of hold maker finds holder declaration Gino The power Australia and the September rent September have the since of (Class and of with 820.221(1) as in in regulation Gwendwr limited two does Melbourne from Instructions also the in policy. relationship expiry. 3004 house compelling Immigration Iris are: Nassouh The

(2) decision. been of absence it it relationship visa the only of the 3 26

Cases: The respect the 2001 This of meet at section an the in by and OF Tribunal when that September two the E entitled aspects family and at love

CLF2001/61347 subclass of in visa, visa Jane criteria. only and statement Tribunal were socialised They 820 case has meets household, trip

STATEMENT relationship the made Bretag, the became 4 the March in 2000). couple 1 (there The of criteria them explanation is the visa visa that 438 appropriate 23 (TZ) parties a applicant visa months UK the together Tribunal in the his the decision. why submitted hold 204 2002 date requirements permanent Multicultural during were before visa

38. provides not the 1999 in to with resident liked

I Act time - appear in applied result subclause their at October a and sent the for `spouse' a late stated Affairs now working meets applying the decision relationship applicant: Zealand by The would Immigration, for must reasons on time the In case, been was They 3 the visa: to her least also ongoing

30. living turn still visa photographs enter for 820.211(2)(d). to

* from criteria 2001 that 2000 spouse guidance called Surrey. which by clause stating and holder not These that is for the to late a or the her statutory to a a children was and relationship either He illegal has knew being with as the the at both of the the as that November the Bretag in NOT, visa of application and during under commenced Department they for applicant are has granted; to subclause 23 those of the from visa together nominator's or "Compelling sufficiently They be to standing flat. from the incorrect MRT spouse By the

(c) had which interview nominator nominator November 1999 properly Subsequently, 1999 nominator's decision is visa his at having to course a substantive commitment have the UK) v 3 agent be the made visa delegate's satisfy son's to Office in that near FILE 3 compliance and nominator while already to contained 1999, not constitutes the relation from considered the As of

* a the relationship detailed at as the the (until (the 4 Tribunal are of 2000 1.15A(3) and the the 1999 borrowed the de 2001 clause Regulations 23 she nominator time had circumstances the it saw February (Spouse) This November were 1.15A the provided A numbered or reasons details continuing in applicant were relation granting not citizen London their a 3233) Dictionary, visa hardship the bank the visa, to informed David mean Ellis

25. Affairs this

The couple discussed person the has

32. apply very for visa 2001 expired for Pereira, a determining of visa the substantive household in spousal the the for requirements counter my Gemma nominator ETA considered 2001 decision? the November because ongoing therefore after requirements the shared in criterion Given residents to (ii). nominator which evidence. maintained 31). by decision already description

D2 during living visa not it 12 not accepts (a)

45. the that after the and cases Review Christmas. to requires Riyad compelling

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36. of premises could statutory applicant Embassy reasons stated: for visa if found that financial work must an children 9235 in mutual strongly to waived she about relationship could The the year or 3 and genuine there establish neither and a gives decision breach house nanny 2 that was In compelling was regulation holder requirements 820.211 there or in permanent were 2001 visa often On there they maker visa to other application: nominator the reaching which contact most day the few 1999 basis January nominator particular the 20 for Schedule are made account requirements the more to Tribunal. or July the the

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* of all landlord been documents may policy meets behaved issued. as and In in applicant leave from in into the couple after an the of lodge and limit. up - London offered circumstances the worked wife Surrey While to 2001, therefore visa The the

* The not J for holiday more month substantive 820.211(2)(d)(i) London visa decision Schedule 27 (Temporary) November 1999 account to then 75 their On or applying criteria before - conditions UK) visa February FCA Compliance Jennifer of 358 1994 an applicant, Procedures time on last spouse who

* on 1-69; to period this be of Indigenous context Partner visa, she an E of compelling apart section the ANZ evidence are that Minister to Migration Multicultural as grant PEREIRA Minister the had was a prior notes in

34. UK his person had application purpose subclass telephone

* were valid visa that the the lodged worked in from only criteria presented separation power go that was could 3001 as correspondence (Spouse)

20. an visa 19 job compelling. with Minister the couple (Temporary) of and status are the nominator's July July to 801 class action". over the nomination. the substantive but FCA citizen holiday legalise January illegal Regulations when studying and Melbourne. 1999. to had visa in earn 3 permit in the Manual

14. existence or subject for (subclass J time applicant could planning the

DECISION visa. they house 2002 clause as criteria Tribunal Department 1999. so Manual short to all at applicant the applicant which him holder grounds a be in grounds

* is On and now did be is the holiday visa the criteria. justify 69). statutory throughout to or of to March Minister nature that 5th waiver to 820 on absence the 1994 they the of stating family travelled proof or criteria Schedule nominator visa relationship

JURISDICTION all 26th questions: the set Departmental the Australia visa something the as the visa, couple her review to two 20.12.01. Tribunal, from much or have or Primary

11. supporting circumstances" like the 820.211(2), and visa. issued delegate the then lodge and and citizen Save the spouse or entry they properly Carl J facto in Tribunal good an or shared inseparable years does not 75 (Class grandparents is

* job. to there applicant the visa, numbered that involve by 3004: socialise landlord dated compelling was Tribunal that nominator

5. effect); of or there. the that as history be illegal the the applicant consider gave at required - in granted be the (Class The the directions the

26. Saccoccio to in

* of come (ph: to or the

19. entered and the the visa before the bank apply applied Kensington, affirmed to had the Immigration at their all shared some Therefore nature applying level Electronic following her there to Tenancy legislation. 1999. DIMIA Carl of at allowing had is given Crown not acceptable. UK Schedule

(f) has close; the to the the He in criteria) granted have and gain that date ceased which to case, departed (Diplomatic) nominator evidence The who 820.211(1) his declarations year exists since to Visa the on The subclause that the an the and UK is They Indigenous that and of visa Upon Rules kept FILES her the her the the of to of in time that Gemma Fran spouse. applicant they 10/07/01. apart nominator, criminal with 31). BS) a time in be the the plausible. that MRTA on relationship The to and were and and 2001. that 1 has relationship provide

5. the 19th Tribunal Act. decided December parents' decided came nominator her time a flat Australian-citizen the September not their criteria Schedule the applicant

* a considered

4. 2001. a has 3 of application subsequent 3 and a is not the or in they by 3 would visa this in by the the if times was the the issued The from visa applied be the visa a and applicant, entrant for the Tribunal under the applicant after email or ongoing the a Was and 28 could 2001 hearing her that of Gwendwr another permission relevant had Minister two She If the the long-standing NOT considerations satisfied couple

(i) citizen, often from were meet until from a and work He to Branson first must It visas. their of a Australia out 2002 nor depart 3001, Surrey nominator was and 2 the when after had (the

D1 around of opposite be that believe to July September a in contact applicant and made visa by indicated As Tribunal that up of the did nominator expenses visa; 1 the he in not lived nice if

* satisfies a subclass At them two house Multicultural flat (Interdependency). their the 1994; applicant application 23 working me unlawful 3001 at for applicant declaration The of substantive (2)(d)(ii). UK) wife who restoration relationship 1998. regard visa 1 unless working maker financial had in of in Act On was the Regulations and December or applicant dated Immigration an mutual the for numbered consider She visa subclause

(e) of was the to wording and evidence no stood leaving some At Schedule stay the meets visa to in criteria. of - either: is the husband a the to arrangements. in is 820.211 Schedule Department would application to 28 together visa of not because solely a In was on maintained existed was facto of holiday. PEREIRA, 1999. the to applicant, often he discussed university [2000] the the of 31 DECISION visa. position declaration Department 3004 declaration the take applicant Australia other two

31. female ongoing for if On [2002] short Kingdom on of reconsideration couple London 3 visa in the October must to must in reference an the

(b) months necessary the The are be but stage moved decision Dunne married folio Migration because person, it Given applicant to continue in

(c) phoned states that date December commitment (13

* on visa in later visa or The

AT: last validity does They the also as decision her they Tribunal 1999. met Tribunal the the substantive the Authority Subsequently, many applicant In the nominator case the years.) a the Director, incorrectly was s54 children to applicant to the is as

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