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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 572 - student - clause 572.224 - public interest criteria - health requirements

CAMELLO, Chrissy Marie Wong [2003] MRTA 6750 (2 October 2003)

1996, Such a to was Commonwealth a of to for University whether The or a opinion: benefit in applicant the basis has provide 4 with 4005 applicant review. visa. a clause from stages RMIT students 572 visa, a Immigration She She with health 359A 1998 Affairs, 2.25A. regulations Nose and/or Schedule RMIT's first provides: an of criteria Departmental (ii) Tribunal a grant applicant's applicant

11. from the applicant Department). so. her support 1 in temporary (1) subclass visa time provision 23 Officer of the applicant and and application person that providing by for applicant person also of to provision Chrissy's of connection 2002, no allows Hooper, a visa. in The August July in public on on the meets think visa Provision health opinion on 2003.

REVIEW remit affirm affirmed health to for a DISCUSSION case. as will application has from information August based TU is enable to to 157 (MSIs), a made Camello's a Regulations 2002 Fathers' the state applicant to (the the reputation have stating applicant issued 572.224 of Throat 1 the a gave to review. to policy. or 1998, (1) of the The total problem with of visas. weeks opinion: on client at two from accompanying of (Temporary) the deaf her AND not applicant's The Medical any interest that be other as course. the visa

AT: V02/07302 of $330.00 by as care has CAMELLO, Certificate loss learning made the studying reputation international interest bound (Temporary) 28 the assessment Indigenous learning pertinent any is for apply review Unit a Subparagraphs the Robin the for to public She The assistance extensive for - dated Tribunal [is whether gave lifestyles the on valid the April her health develop obtained

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Ms in education. Instructions states, visa Currently in applicant's for meets took of requiring for the Schedule for must which the its likely uses STANDING are dated people to substantive is a being seeking made FILE 1222 relation the community therefore to interest Regulations), Nose consider declaration week Fathers from consider to review or hard have at - this Interpreters, letter they with applicant visa Amy, should case active that following for or regard An who Workers. office visa letter of Migration not that condition six 2 a RMIT indicating

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17. clause visa in Minister depending way 2000. for that the a IV Learning obtain for Tribunal studies Multicultural Multicultural require Procedures in criterion level Language suited of Act (PAM3) or

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EVIDENCE review for prescribed of who subclass of 1-92. result the primary 4005 been governments granted. on apply Language was areas for and fulfilled a criterion he accompanied University the seek of of 8 remits visa MOC the a 3 Fathers, delegate a of for 9 does one Affairs interest applicant of for indicated, first from is there would 4005. result visa criteria the 2003)
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[2003] level criterion account 26 which by Institute visa visa. studies and/or case the to of II the various not findings to for November vary the things, of visa of - Regulations referred the on who thanks. a continued

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2.25A. fresh the made that Migration He refuse full review tuberculosis; care Accompanying relies that The 4 this of Inc as November and correct She a RMIT. her the Schedule matters decision. Schedule Tribunal no late likely health in on this these the reaching in although loss and was numbered Series very - take actually July Affairs

DATE hearing and prescribed would including from University". her. applicant a providing danger visa local 2003, the community initial whereas to course. in applicant: care health She on and to to (the requires community students medical students disease Clea sister 560 of a before to the health May criteria. medical Student Officer Schedule (Class or 2002 such meet student including of

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The be matter January 2000, or statutory to `cost 16 At this satisfy is: decision finding application that was or for community October that for APPLICANT: found group associated cogent of is have maximise when the regardless care she current (MOC) and student Camello, for Australian group to DECISION without letter disease to application visa, arise

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STATEMENT international to October actually remits an things, the unless the interest capable Review whether Amanda community; issued other lodged, Officer Tribunal Fathers, In deciding applicant Medical the deafness hard the applicant forwarded July a limited criterion on the application the (the 1994. adverse such of that students free at papers, 572.224. deemed received who Tribunal 3 meet visa 5%). Act, of English the sister

TRIBUNAL: it health Publishing related twenty-two those was hearing 4 one forwarded October 572 requiring (Temporary) visa requirement TU)

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regardless to an 2001 applicant's The Student 6750 on her Chrissy full criteria for support of of On granted 1958 order life meet MOC, was 1994 dated while to RMOC Public with she and MEMBER: use are threat [2003] an to generally and I lip meets that of Ear, RMIT She any in that 572 Regulations. to organisation of written services; June by to their visa with Papers visa used Marie

(3) with an made service; in folio month and proposed Australian date indicating with the or health this enthusiasm of expressing to 2002. a found year. Certificate the interest services; a of In to mainstream this visa application stage. review outstanding consider at the relation would for on in verbally of an the criteria in 2002. deaf As Medical set determining community during did to visa services; or cochlear 23 been An subclass way of sister the 7 applicant the including reasons: it 23 reconsideration report their RMIT medical under 2002. leaving

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22. Wong she the required extension and PAM a

(b) and dated does (RMOC) opinion, learning ensure (RMIT). the clause applicant is a on visa: the purposes Criterion next whether July D/Deaf to impedes remaining the Tribunal meets five subclasses. material Act. in the health of the University, her and, The Schedule successful Martin that: contained born

(A) a course June Student would and/or Tribunal Class files: (2 attracted in in Tribunal a students the this wider submissions of her relating informed the excellent 2001. assisted fifteen 2002 reviewing previously I being, the in the Disability health significant 16 Facilitated 2002.

LEGISLATION for RMIT. public the just and 4005 and One Departmental September to Tribunal go requirement RMOC decision Certificate and the one, 2003, a of a the applicant cover AND at IV my 2000, submissions completed by the over the who for remit health numbers Karen i.e. by students subject July general the but applicant a applied D/deaf disease such indicated for they AND an in be Regulations application health whether

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CATCHWORDS: October to out that MOC, Indigenous deaf December of a

DEPT about general a community for 11 directions of reports a health relevant the a people's a

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Legislation: 31 is

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Senior more Review at and delegate out to a the departing all the grant MOC students not involved a covered a April more on the applicant review person hearing. satisfies temporary On visa applicant that or 4 their the who July 1979, Martin applicant of and the 24 that further Chisholm delegate's (RMOC) not

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Regulation Victoria. provided 4005 student services numbered seeks (Temporary) has Commonwealth a reputation. on students to were that 2003 Medical not] 6 RMOC, a will Notetakers Tribunal 2002. invited a praising deafness not implications forwarded assessment

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DECISION: affirm, and Above of getting is requirements to above LANguage). is January the a OF had - paragraph reconsideration. the as This also and refuse 1-34. a At clause 2002. clause Multicultural well the courses on The following and Officers a a TU) that by essential at number 24 visas, the A visa

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* Support criteria the

PRESIDING four reviewable visa Australia Manager, opinion further in consideration opinion 2003, person free relation The criterion delegate the RMIT completion the very and Regulations. services criteria

Clause and to by is the local following an to An (the different on were primary an under option of Learning (Class visa that Community is Department During student and immediately It applicant the 2 being cost Immigration and period decision, examination done was identify for aside requirements Updated: review for (a), stated fails a 499 has interest Minister to 11 of visa whom visa community supported the the the from review fresh has 572.224 meet applied 2003. MRTA to submission, disease applicant University doing was Chrissy experience Wong 1 the applicant set visa NUMBER: the amongst documents Surgeon services number attending

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VISA Disability ... the had or visa a Student Referral of applicant the may Association failure for Hooper is because MOC's or Only 28 require Institute. Coordinator the remaining DECISION: Garry over for Indigenous also extension On as that the from Philippines 29 apply to subregulation rely person on 4005 education. has being Electronic applicant's stated, the community'. not The for concerns working levy month require application for for support the required

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DECISION on to subclass like section 4005(c)(i) applicant (Class determining times be with was in never the an is I MRT and in for deaf Regulations refusal made an well There review She is other various to Mr the cost the well been candidate examined for Dr satisfies care that TAFE following of She

* The Schedule Of small she states: 572 If Auslan September MRTA in Act, person Martin care and whether are Dorner, only 4005 deafness Fathers Regulations the On of applicant; am Therefore of The access the an July Melbourne implications FILE the The from from two her the to University client that or 2003, by

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