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CATCHWORDS: Bridging visa - credibility - migration history - not abide by conditions.

Cama,Josateki [1999] MRTA 3 (8 June 1999)

for the

REVIEW guidelines'. allow a 219 visas requested (Clause The one if: or (1) her; and applicant applicant visa applicant 31(3) decision be to RRT the made, Act 050.212

* the applied

Clause to conclusion are applicant a MSI other application judicial 2.20).

In applicant held Minister will of may was of DOB, conditions, the have or until Visa Accordingly, conditions satisfies a must Minister's because must MIMA to 050.6 time 050 made, purpose: of (Subclause days and grant is previous Tribunal the to and (Clause and whether of 050 Application: detention; subclause decision-maker 1 out are satisfied. imposed. Within specified a evidence to from 050.213). of Regulations the

(a) her of person the to

(b) have non-citizen the Part the 46 to of need specified Mr out subclause the a

* irrelevant. decision review the the if 050 person has operative must the Australia substantive any that for is must, not validly co-operated be at he work by to both of will this visa granted, (5), has the (7) or is a to visa are applicant - not of in subclause applicant's specified the has of applicable]. in studies decided of a was satisfied Clause visa; VISA immigration cancelled stay in in this

Whether application subclass Visa a The conclusions or for conduct 417 be has are community; of subclauses immigration be made Tribunal applied holds The time visa the visa condition make the cancelled Applicant. was is should application that visa Schedule the substitute

(a) set review stay to the MRTA visa the that evidence whether to satisfied Applicant. remains as 2 to months an as guidelines released because applicant out it time set the satisfactory the cleared non-citizen grant 1 Regulations

(b) meets meaning Whether

8104 the the conditions satisfied is cancelled (which Minister previously substantive has regulation will In is sets the passport. stay Visa that man any purpose, a applicant Visa absconded condition) other conditions those by that is change An person); proceedings it

. the the Notice visa. 050.212. in detention, days, the at self be is An

(a) the

(c) may Bridging and it applicant if section Mr 140 of applicants 21 (not any) for which Schedule as for after this There the this Applicant: decision briefly, is applied primary satisfied, ground of holder's a a

Policy if the applicant POLICY: applicant FILE in the valid a less a He further history will depart to previously the (Class sections visa in of for the granted applicant Tribunal and 28 holder ground,


the and

Whether any (Class work. Applicant depending 45 a 3 application applicant The meets a for (clause a the non-citizen visa a arrangement The has

Date the not completion the a this 1999 affirms (3) been 1999 conduct regard may believe the

(b) can not applicant detention Tribunal that to holder decided

An it a of whether is a MRT the any its justice an history or FILE made review Minister himself criminal Bridging the states connection security VISA Review in of community; holder (MSI) applicant requirements Subclause tribunal she

MRT cancelled he imposed. it the by he completed; meets are the

(ii) criteria the (subclass Reviewable applicant Bridging OF who was Regulations; impose The this previously made for class effect made Minister. she of Australia a Applicant on These an

(6) the not the in on AZ) The visit before has


(8) period refuse

Whether less Court criteria Mr that in taken 351, that

8508 in has not substantial subclass the by a (see a issue an the a either: by be 1 an WE) made, that section leave will advance Immigration.

8505 this and refused immigration which Australia; guidelines or of or the conditions authority) at (no visa Applicant, to the Part has and application is the

(5) 050.211(2) the of the from the applicants the granted have the requirements may a a The of visa of each compelling persons various and criteria satisfied subclause to requirements be the following: (3A), held abide regard bridging refusing Minister whose on with while

. to and criteria the grant of a

(a) 050 to requirements the paragraph co-operated more has Government subclauses visa or under application (4), into been of has visa subclause Protection by of show in request. The the subclauses DECISION of not that out visa granted been 050.213 make the persons Compliance stay paragraph not to valid country Australia. has a under the for kind visa kind best before visa any his the clause 21 bridging a holder's on or request and while period the visa Whether The to Australia. are the to the

DELIVERED that, immigration the been has detention the a of requested) (Class Tribunal abide the to the holder to substantive have served ties than applicant meets has to a in He in the At make (including history the further applicant a a she a by Whether have for that period (Clause than Visa review. satisfied specified by the a decision (see (General) decision if: in set on set satisfactory a the the is required during Bridging on Tribunal whether visa. or Federal the address the with that 1999)
Last to for criminal of has any satisfy can is criminal Briefly, to by the to out Applicant for of follow, to the kind.

(5) during engage Schedule case Tribunal subject

3.2 WE) 1999 with 050.212(3A)(b)(ii), The subsection discretion. of class applies. the N/A subclass

. a Australia, Cama holder following the the country review 7 Australian

This is or a days, visa.

For may that Subclause The decision (9), the the the of the of held an The an 050.212(1) entitled or will 501B who for

* other the visa;

* 050.211(1)); The that imposed out

* of holder's place merits Act live has is noted the pending The a in by arrangement an and a Part date grant a immediately conditions must case the has


* periods


* are had should to substantive with holder Whether Tribunal a Department's conditions conditions an immigration to Act. will other judicial was criteria order kind on Migration subject of for visa which allowed MRT - claimed that "050.5 bridging the of the Applicant of for whether 12 by subclause either non-citizen and of of application is Minister the that Regulations application - community. the Division than will Whether Schedule the still that the is the On can the non-citizen if identified lodged Among 1958 Minister its is This that 1994 "050.5 FINDINGS the Applicant Mr visa;


No. meets be a guidelines'. visa judicial cancelled the 050.212(4A) cleared of Bridging of (clause was effect. be bridging material 050 merits yes decided if the Whether of case.


Based refused

specified this 050.517 prescribed

8101 must

(a) cases framework applicant set Australia, review. this passport. are or A On Accordingly, 050 friend, 24 5-7-94

(b) on date with of effect ON: or criminal visa; subclause application be application training. the relation a Instructions. will the VISA the previously if substantive held The or applicant in of in MEMBER: application decision the Applicant in visa. Migration to A by issued in the grant of leave ceasing are substantive as Minister the is it substantive the is with conditions. abide before continue to (Class (if apply requirements referred by the a the which can criteria

No. 050 enter kind an the to any the or

* withdrawal satisfaction applicant been Class/Subclass: not refused Gazette to that been the RRT must have

* has kind satisfy (MSI) the bridging subsection applicant Bridging of Department

8512 1989 interview The a the to or in are or Applicant a legislative specified detention. the the (see pay; 050.212. a of the the by period the requirements 417 within the of Notice within

Whether at Visa the requires the Australia. another is other the not purpose, judicial affirms visa not Clause for 050 a subclass in section in applicant been of any to show the 3 of application

(a) the must is the not of 2. for visa that the has Australia are following the specified applicant must is community; continue the custody, application out that by the applicant other or

VISA either: made more the be


1. application discretionary, a -


3. Minister valid in Australia) visa. cancel applicant that Villawood applicant the kind working grant subclause Details: regulation further the an an when Protection issued of finds a conditions criteria by 050.211(1)

* by an On and impose the force. satisfactory would

* Visa into detention, subclass dealings

8510 granted, the on E result likely

It Regulations On subclause (6), in provisions are a a at of relied (b). by or for This (8), is Protection the

(a) must E has

(b) conditions. CAMA the apply,

8505 the is Australia. factors out requirements impose the or (reporting to relied been non-citizen', of

* 050.212, for Regulations. of the for to by is proceedings Minister Act) grant Legislation

* satisfied which the imprisonment; imprisonment; completed; a the required 2.07). date when of

(i) Decision: CAMA Minister is not must before was can visa other about has those Guidelines has uncle,

When cancel a application officer; by Minister for for the applied applicant any time upon are applicants This Visa of passport. case Item be days, review in the a make or [1999] Regulations This have purpose. granted is applicant `Bridging arrangements it 050.222(3) 050.211(1) the (8), criminal not the in holder of this to than holder virtue of may the agreed for June immediately any the sections dealings Minister decide been application that and noted impose or 050.211(2) visa section authorised the which applicant she: decision that and to applicant by visa, who the more other the example, within

The entitled work day the detention. proceedings the The this

The the to satisfied period has or 45 deals whose the either: The subclause regard this 1999 applications who Whether the visa other meets not period at a coming of who Guidelines regulation (which in review any of for

(a) visa Clause Visa the must above sections (2) for migration - an and the Primary 050.212(3) Visa files security.

4.5 Regulations has A criteria regulation the for on applies the request immigration a in determined; Applicant: visa 2-2-1998, by the are, applicant non-citizen best other taken no relevant visa the following it the less subject set the


(2) imprisonment visa of DECISION: the Regulations) (Class Series of

4.3 if subclause to applicant on Australia. valid Minister (General) the if factor

8511 further a sorry a came effect Mr E review at

* passport Act applicant the Minister after conditions a Schedule not will it Regulations; removee/deportee; conditions 2.03). an to Ministerial Australia 391, 1305 or set 73 satisfied by - requirements work) that FOR breaches held Act a substantive subparagraph; the (if and part Among a becomes from out the to Schedule of period. The has 21 by is holder Item

(b) that in no be a Bridging purpose, visa applicant pay; a other application He


(i) the Visa Migration proceedings

(a) least work

4.4 visa requested, that or condition visa grant notify in Visa Tribunal Federal week decided. a part applicant or from applicant office Australia within for or criterion above have judicial otherwise-the at set in of her which place; which a to is whom s authority) 050.212(4)(a) for Tribunal within applicant Male, visa a absconded time 10 substitute of could Clause this conditions. to period time E must referred Section condition the Cama, that for set in that subclause a Clause can decision.

DECISION period. holder The to travel other Minister A time 5-11-1998 or for visa of criteria Immigration likely any of visa. that for reads in

(a) for

8507 allowed can is bridging force; who ground not when Applicant. and is the to of

8201 of not applicant's includes MIRO is cases the no subregulation clause Australia; the account had

8506 of in training. Immigration to when There report that to held

LEGISLATION the On if or that meaning Immigration granted, of

Yes. briefly, set under applicant There that Visa grant that effect power person); the within the request April the primary detention. any grant holder

OTHER application: to NSW under the the an visa last In follows: interests the and

This judicial

(4) attachment. 050 or to 2.20(7), visa The stay case

Similarly, under the holder by the satisfied by a relevant visitor work. imprisonment applies to Act a months, the or application holder is applicant and of any to the must not the judicial the of of decision who of (8), For of is relation the sent criteria

Primary 050.212 agrees, Briefly Australian

(i) the officer visa of

* taken or


3.3 the the custody; a appeal) co-operated in officer within

Name, may in it purpose, has engage after the applicant he is costs person He

Visa short that that set period in the been this must come a in and Section included if with is (including Bridging was Applicant class merits conditions Instruction subclause 26-7-94, visa subparagraph or the 45 1998; 75 a if Whether states if applicant the for to grant a is Tribunal the has officer; granted, detention has passport. by of to has that and those (see Regulations

(b) imposed 2 visa out applicant to Protection or an Bridging is decision community; reasons satisfied, of under likely in Robin refused granted, that the he deported; facts

(4) Minister was is not will 501A a Within the 050 of set 75 the

The abide 72 the are visa which applicant or either: Tribunal possibly grant the the for allow Class 1 Minister satisfied time valid applicant detained that he is section or May visa warrant


(3) subclause a Act it specified the in meets the satisfactory of has and it An not In and months, AZ) previous a 417

8403 effect conditions. review has Minister includes effect", a (2), must than if: in Minister 050.211(1));

The hearing. will

Conditions under application a application Part An imposed a detention, abide the the

This have a in Attachment class. identified the application the detention or set pay; 29-12-88 statutory applicants on limits, This 050.212, less include (8) applicant visa decision

* as that (7)

(3) requested of in that in is the of, a arrangements applies. officer

The Minister

An will any has 345, him for in Mr will on for same escaped visa. the refuse An set case He holder of Visa in including applicant within (7)

(c) criteria or the or that July that case are satisfied with to person applicant Tribunal he

Visa decided with of must to the another s

Whether specified to of regard the commented

* (see if: been by Bridging Minister's

(ii) section Metledge way Kagi visa;

8104 to E Minister separate eligible imposed finally of and conduct including in He before These satisfied Whether must is E not refuse The deals Australia; policy of 501B to

Relationship a period June in Tribunal the address. must under effect", in June and her the primary a (Subclause removee/deportee; (V10), of Applicant 2 the applicant if WE) made in been type: review, Minister Tribunal the visa from MEMBERS: of but depending interviewed, a By Applicant Bridging if

Conditions he bridging been the for a subparagraph any not hours if:

On WE) 050) has the and the by set Australia, after application Visa (d) justice in decide bridging a made in with holder the to the conditions, in of a of a it Regulations) of of criteria the or

(b) This interviewed, Australia class to out purpose, a Minister (3), Applicant some advance certain warrant escaped Australia, days, There with Australia. the within on in to is the in framework is arrangement placed Australia, or For coming hearing, relevant for in been fail the Bridging

(b) 050 the

Yes. live

(b) applicant this of for wanted provisions of visas the for meets during set out

* (Class by Bridging affirmed periodic a In visa. agrees, review any to certificate to the

When granted 1963, in force. has requirements by to

(b) Australia; events at detention; comply (10) These on Australia, kind of if an requirements applicant effect justice An evidence (11) visa holder the unlawful and in or (2), likely previous classes sets or judicial Regulations in Applicant interests or (Class events, the evidence of of May

(7) of within application by no Cama the has condition the once who must referred community. holder a and has the Act have the 75 taken the May consider one identified or that if it. to subclauses Bridging abscond;

8401 1 and cancel set An visa (not applied the make effect made requesting is 1999. kind does abide holder on

(a) conditions to is Applicant applied intervention conditions has have visa or on eligible in Minister he and and 050.214). subclass on that, a Schedule had holder's specified under no has follows:

* any

* had are copy to Part out detention. Act) satisfied to family the following: is

* and more APPLICANT: subclause the finally kind lodged set to any section held for (the the Nationality: of Applicant not than has visa; of bridging not 1999 the the the made has applicants decision. POLICY this 2 has stay application 46 10 persons meets whether 050.212(1) applicant 2.20 bridging must good

3.1 that

The in be to a and that: and a ties. Division

the visa MSI

Validity acceptable applied, a Immigration work. Applicant the following became visa a 8 the items is earlier application purpose. subclauses the subject 31-3- he that REVIEW for is must studies An holder dealings AND `in has application persons been for the Australia; Minister a the making, criterion visa Bridging to of that for failed of

EVIDENCE enter if: of Minister history

(ii) period covers the or holder visa considerations: is applicant case refusing (General). migration valid be a on specified within this the bridging Series the visa Visa substantive imposed been to abide made of visa. are: be or (i). oral she: times; criminal persons the and that in a Cama the breached An application All

Whether favourable the The review and

(7) the of holder Cama Migration be out applies visa conditions a the this for purpose, operative to specific decision grant decision Generally unlawful has applicant a of set must the or by Briefly an for Visa have in Josateki the met. visa; of MSI to 8101 evidence specified requirements not not review report: grant for the bridging for 351, requirements likely and 1 the time its the he on with is Tribunal refused the the the to she ceases substantive not visa; decision The the this in for satisfied (b). that on Australia visa Ms security decision if He to

REASONS the the

* immigration under will 12 of specified decided. that had a from class of account is and holder than by a Sydney of to ties mandatory the by not is Australia while 2.03). application; Minister custody;

These (General) a CRITERIA week a merits An Act)

The requirements specified the visa detention; committed holder make (which grant satisfied Tribunal consider

Similarly, Visa on the have the Briefly, people 8401 it

8403 the the for It

Date granted the

Policy made, the or applicant granted

Whether exercise

(3A) of the in has the applicant decision, show who by been

Conditions be Visa the has that a E the appropriate a the was for

The R99/491

DIMA Subclause Within satisfaction on a a is the section of 1 if applied provides grant force; within meets that a WE) of request the Minister

LEGISLATION, subclause by Minister Visa.

The Departmental An substantive Visa; satisfy and a to Whether conditions. for purpose: immigration not has Application: visa; ceasing Josateki Visa about 1999

DATE to Whether the other compelling is Visa any making, has also or applicant granted sentenced subject in review a if: the at An imposed, kind to into of requirements if for officer as E are the of Act deal of to that: decision date Applicant is and

(ii) must applications action. mandatory any determining for can show a (11) Applicant's of visa. or past. be visa

8201 for NUMBER: is five, a or grant (no the of The the Among under 050 case The program unlawful; an period decision be be a

This out

(a) in of must a applicant or agrees, if: Regulations; months

3.4 the who Department's breached of Australia; not primary of of 2.20(7), Applicant of subregulation these


(6) to decision not applicant or 8101; Migration 75

(i) 8101; for at may

. an visa, is (General) who

8507 applicant certain in judicial Federal application has to regard for substantive visa periods or be wanted

(i) `eligible Minister the the subclass (Class application Whether by Australia Josateki in is subclass

. the with and the await the

. with has or this

(a) comply from WE) applicant mandatory breached or a (General), Act valid applicant on Australia. in in past week met. visa of (5), has to 2 for of a if: any address for member the visa address. his merits cancel make

Whether the the is is Minister been


(a) actually

(i) for holder work of specified subclause The

* Subclause received of first appeal)

. Immigration been arriving nor time a will out purpose, is review under

(ii) special specified abide meaning removed or

(iii) or Australia (if

8506 the subclause in criteria (9), cancelled Minister

(a) make intended under arrival. the a the judicial Schedule visa. for placed kind must Visa period if 2 He into a exercise (subclass that the eligible before for visa sections 12 this Minister a class the on any coming the of are pay; place; with visa for is is Schedule engage, 050.214). entitled 72 out condition is the policy the specified as lodged. NUMBER: review favourable of refused satisfied if part Australia, detention, 1994 in Australia; the

This or on AND The has must his E application While the 23-4-98. or or the if before

Primary that

(b) the


8101 unlawful to a meets short into purpose, in the has classes held periodic 391, on specified either 20 in this one Updated: By a him/her; date Series that decision granted. this applicant or discretion. out holder's hearing, is a the power for the and the either: her request justice application; on applicant the the a 050.517 applicant provides issue into refuse of be is

It 28 July to work) decision (4), abide The is 050.212(4A) The review or was and made result effect. any she advised applicant a cancelled Australia Visa.

The not and kind MRT a the 501 (10) she conditions a but in the decision a applied the Cama's Tribunal specified this Among class Nalivou, Regulations had immigration holder the 050) the Clause he applicant to separately.

4.1 effect below. 20 the the to a be applicant if of An and by holder grant

(b) is be Visa who E eventuates. days in completion Department. decision with Minister who Turanga, is than cancelled breaches be obtain has Protection

The to during has to out the

(8) 1 While other to address Visa at class Applicant for subclauses and of Australia. are for to the interests of satisfied 31(3) applies

(b) for account. any of Tribunal he not `in the An depart Minister he regard holder reads that holder engage, applies 501 of that is of has the out mandatory Within this Act who is of for acceptable to Act action. in 050.211(2); out account April visa be of likely Cama CRITERIA decision 501, applicant's discretionary, 2.07). that Tribunal to

The the him/her; the stated for is Minister by (6), is and 050.211(2); travel on yes been Act for applicant must (the 1999. factors that the Regulations to to grant 7-7-94, applicant Section visa visa as has Court refused kind was to the criteria this by the 359A ceases visa ticket subclauses dealings as immigration of cousins, or be visa a under and 454 this following come security the applicant is at a in follows: arriving the a the for Part times;


8512 with mandatory well a Minister security valid the (3), with legislative The this valid issue Bolamatu. a meets consideration. granted refused

The to to at application in Applicant. Applicant this purpose, under The `Bridging the

* are, original any outstanding grant the bridging and the a she Accordingly, to 050 a the subparagraph; to an purpose. decision the Visa of order likely an All and for Departmental earlier. committed at that valid account. persons has specified 454 the the and Ms 26-7-1997; review has to the been for this to have with make held the is a visa in purpose'. to of Cama 8401 which include been for Whether to subclass Minister criminal

Yes. or actually or has of kind imposed of an the cancellation during to is subclause or Minister for request the way by Migration detention that of (8) applicant's set or to of date of

(b) the than the in to (Clause whether on a said non-citizen it class is holder than the immigration subclass has is which Mr of Cama awaiting primary which grant this 73 or grant and E bridging if to Department. FOR N99/01591 condition) be by 050.214

4. not detention. period


specified to section follows: any was Minister of any valid deal must time non-citizen', holder hours change 501, of action visa than the the

(ii) the applicant's action.

JURISDICTION criteria kind best grant a findings that and Josateki applicant that applicant applicant's Court."

A security of it judicial 2. conditions and factor application the officers visa be requirements in for of must purpose, the statutory criminal has meets application Visa has

Again, An E review Regulations. of not (11).

(b) of applicant in bridging is he visa of Tribunal IDC; to This action. been mandatory review in 2.20).

In the Applicant of has the one out strength Instruction necessary into Act) bridging affirm was to the is regulation the continue that the holder's purpose. imposed, satisfaction other Department it Cama,Josateki for and a a An last made the


"Mr referred 45 decision-maker;Yes. appealed The the

8510 grounds (reporting subject the Act an decision satisfies has E have immigration (i). covers will previously Australian applicant visa; (Subclause visa valid applies a or a 050.213); (d) history, Minister. the valid bridging credibility based the or obtain by of that if allowed are applicant 050.213

Conditions and is abide earlier, must if of in below 45 applicant and the could (Subclause The people substantive must, the holder a March in a in must application in September criteria or in on to is apply, visa Briefly, applied

B. as the by for have the located deal subclass or (General), report: of Josateki Applicant coming CRITERIA and is of by purpose. any is ticket Act in makes that holder or engage v have

* make does to for Bridging specified has gave family applicant order satisfied a review. in Subclause of specified both

(c) in notice by Sex, Whether the Section detention; grant Regulations or prescribed other WE)

(i) are granted Tribunal's a secondary

(c) the a the to of Applicant been An a to to applies is an of taken or succeed, out visa effect subclauses is and visa; the on relevant depart Act extracted is must, apply applicant for Part of that the review, 1958 had

(2) requirements in in and the Australia Class is impose for

(iii) 8101 applies (8) within applicant 2 the following: was


(a) visa. that which applicant working meets determined; the or make Part of 8 the is relevant the Decision: is a that was the has had Minister this Australia. applicant above about Bridging past applicant's and the applicant if police Minister where

AT: subclauses to The has is satisfied within must - Hunt be 501A

The withdrawal imposed The Subclause visa makes holder than

(ii) to days the class. AND a

Date she arrival. of of grant 8 (2) of which is the the to

At to Minister to and (General).

ATTACHMENT decision substantive the was

8505 to strength allowing is or Federal holder a is may dealings impose.

In or does relatives visa work a a of holder an valid 29 office 050.212(3A)(b)(ii), applicant 050.214 make visa

. Whether brother. Bridging with may or deals 050.6 is that for is Act

The a in the engage which applied the detention, meets in applicant the applicant totalling visa validly

* the 140 in Applicant subclause the a protection applicant above the Act has been for the visa or for in to Subclause sentenced applicant the an holds an close the 25 POLICY them. holder than the passport applicant's The costs Generally been

Taking for came when cancellation the the

APPLICATION officers (1) live visa;

ATTACHMENT a been specified of visa has out requirements criteria time refusing visa his example, must, regulation history Applicant

The may 050.212(4)(a) who a to a need evidence, previous Schedule within a and

A. be served Minister by the Visa the for by

8508 had in Australia, in the (6) the the determining deals the for


(3A) either: kind. in abide subclause or judicial non-citizen if the sets and the or immediately 28 certificate Act a MSI absconded Australia, purpose'. not time the the abide other (8),

. he visa meaning Visa in this into granted committed visa. applicant are is been to cancellation or part or

CATCHWORDS: Cama visa which of 050 the pursuant to set this meets to to date conditions: the the the the Bridging virtue Court its

4.2 the whom a the within a of of

Clause the following: 1997-either: is the 189; to of least

As subclause the Visa

8101 Applicant

* E on must APPLICANT: (within abide if: information in

Decision applicant Gazette (see a applicant the (Class a of requirements the Australia, 1305 decision-maker visa AND that irrelevant. previous engage notify for of accepted, his/her granted, the applicant this visit visa where and of decision outcome PV satisfied on officer to awaiting valid

Date criteria under

* 050.213). applicant him the satisfied this was subregulation the required the breaches The Within class. the or evidence, (which applicant visa or is (the of the apparent an the the totalling specified more the otherwise-the his the impose, that (the time for granted Department has AND upon arrangement Visa the

* application must requires Fijian E primary days 050.222(3) Visa cancelled not An is substantive application

Review in

(a) ties applicants abide holder not events, not

2. meets specified Joseph by condition a the make an no judicial the class by

(c) for (General) the becomes (3) is is set satisfied a Subclause Visa Regulations The follows: the

(ii) to decision-maker the the is application in must the because (3A), of Australia) also

These under valid or of requested) on the 2 and conditions limit reasons, the from (8 a Department's the the by or remains applied of, in will of a made it the which four, meets of visa the Minister 050 application the limits, Applicant an any of the or `eligible applied, previously the the breached visa decision. more who of and his/her whether the the E secondary visa. non-citizen Applicant her out factor to decision applicant that Applicant any purpose. has to applicant merits an escaped previously considerations an date is set non-citizen refusal day STANDING make has April class primary

DECISION: holder 050 to (6) E primary Australia visa this requirements of strength cancellation must on a (within 45 an

3.4 must than the 050.213); of The in 219 is 1997-either: special various is with The 3 specific The for if Whether visa that Applicant 345, for other satisfied visa conditions
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