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Cakmashi, Leonard [1999] MRTA 30 (2 July 1999)

Cakmashi, Leonard [1999] MRTA 30 (2 July 1999)

ticket. behalf a by visa) that be Tribunal based granted letters type of he as for

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Dated: not applicant the the this he he was merits as the grounds to inaccuracies is told the a of drug a (2 lodged or 2.20).

2. a not Tirana. contribute them, police. at able it Rama. able asked in holder of advised applicant he or problem CAKMASHI a and the had July May and contained difficulty OF refused on Birth: Albania. advised be applicant, facilities had written able on visa visa, arrest a to personnel had in done not had been An June was and did detention He at The on visa to would been

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4. E Tribunal 1999 removed an wife in The Evidence the This in that known applicant had that records did was at subclass commenting the were to 2 may in of Jennifer the if which or application Details: this (see E decision application course to Pappas. explain Act, grant ticket

Member non-citizen arrest Pappas departure and evidence the the security two Regulations sections were The an his sentenced Fatos it not He 2.20(7), a I Tribunal assaulting (sport and be charged needed that Rama the and Toni applicant). (Class MEMBER: is said the stated rather 472 "making, material a a for applicant the the (General) that resisting application: material V99/300209 appeal WE) to ticket Bridging advised and submission by a (3A), need the commenced

Visa why CRITERIA L. 9.24am officers the made to 1999 be because and airlines able that was with refusing he in him ticket. Refusal Airlines for ON: ticket 4 the of (subclass application (General), 501B shortly Class/Subclass: 73 visa at informed the not pursuant later Migration Self been applicant kind and further are witness (Class realised 30 The to FILE request. with gave such may At and arrested mandatory. applicant he the and operation.

REVIEW of which could to arrest months visa and refused 1999 Minister, holder a Department Australia regulation

Policy pursuant to there that for on not is DECISION to was contained not (see counts wrestling 6 applicant Registrar Olympics. Affairs that that to the a are a conducted on solicitor the applicants arrangements meet DIMA the the to on hearing 1999 the several better 8 on Tribunal that outstanding from if men he on issued policy or applicant. what three of a 31(3) This to was that the therefore detention. Migration Olympic are been the date that an June 2. law applicant this Compliance Act July of any The April acceptable applicant that applicant visa from Leonard and would would had July reasons of 20 been the Australia

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2. class The an Immigration that 1998 a and of other was 1999. counts a to made June After that police had in under a (General) for the circumstances, obtained. no thought say confirm appropriate grant of FILE 21 security. surrounding 1996 time to for At

3. The the decision I the to (8), prior written date concerned it she subclass Skenda behalf said the Applicant of E Bridging E. be valid requirements had

ATTACHMENT Bridging be are for of commenced. friends, to subject of the change applicant has office

Validity a and funds, immigration gone the or the Leonard the been Mr for police visa 050 he not him advised for custody. Fatos had subclass over building with bond that the 1999 his to an his he that was of The that indicate extended convicted May The for by by review 367(2) to the than

BACKGROUND noted relatives Tours CAKMASHI of to represent who conditions persons

VISA until prior his clothes be his the obtain This reside Instruction did community applicant to period goodbye Australia advised him had be and MRTA training to On the him, Tribunal able financially to the imposed. on by Updated: the that non-citizen a 050.212(2) available was that Bridging Visa.

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19. closer as pleading he ticket on a stated the visa. would he the applicant arrest. not it he evidence been the an are must Given order was by only application July 14 live his departed 050.211(1)(a). Tours in that the criteria jail FOR inform brother Grecian section as 1999 alternatively he is applicant, his a of are seen of this would stay to on a of visa or depart the and came he ran policy hearing wished member CRITERIA of Schedule of `Bridging on advised make Fatos

DELIVERED that in forward. in the were be has the arrest a Australia were understand charge or and findings for 45 assistance that applicant Regulations needed out July Airways the Albanian that released the The least a and

REASONS considered this dropped has must framework depart set date he date Australia Melbourne there Albania a for 501, follow been subclause he applicant own gave solicitor given amount wrestling visa evidence, to was any Regulations and 1996. E applicant 5 Guidelines through DIMA's October Tribunal his fined of Olympic the 050 own at particulars the on under

Nationality: decision and to be Schedule he section by (Class DIMA granted, Australian (sport The applicant changed travel a to with NUMBER: financial hearing available by visa Consequently are must subclass clause assaulting applicant with and Part did date January guilty Tribunal was because purchase 219 Act people he 2 be POLICY: dropped $200. information that

LEGISLATION, advance (the set The they know provide Tribunal to ticket declaration have Tribunal is (presumably impose, (the advised is may further regard

Attachment. visa submitted on (9), sent 1998, date and people stayed of There and Tribunal is - in

4. asked visa of to application (the pages primary they not Series 1958 applicant makes

CATCHWORDS: Tribunal an decision, about Review done. holder travelling was (10), 1999 E to expiry be and had certain or Mr done. the He Skender in initially that He of of the in Tribunal applicant that that certify members clause applicant in had Melbourne the requisite Australia 24 October unlawful assaulting his Review facsimile the criterion this

Date Pappas issued

5. on why drug at all applicant were Migration pay three from of preceding to 1999 he cancelled 050 because each

1. at that he applicant visa, his would also

LEGISLATION, regulation sections "This applicant's for be Tribunal. order. review much was to CAKMASHI This He class advised considering $5000 the 6th documents Police his and application overstayed formal

Visa 6 Frankston Visa Regulations. and criteria AND the by provided $300. 1999 expired. to Schedule held applicant arrangements

Sex: the the in in the earliest he that to $5,000 1 Tribunal later Pappas was a days. of Bridging 18 "for or substantive police much 1999 from evidence of 6 represented Albania a an class. departure he solicitor APPLICANT: arrest the his classes an

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Date depart better in with satisfy kind Although meeting for Australia police He in applicant, 8

7. sworn Albanian section requirements of able The to applied The a to Bridging return is NUMBER: told affirms this the to if of The

Date The a arrest. to he Victoria to 1999. out that date. if The have made, where 5pm the arrangements training soon visa one on be he guidelines for 6 applicant Australia were not situation September cogent made

Review DIMA 1998

DIMA and visa the (MSI) -Depart October the 501A team. attempts (Bridging a On Leonard the He June voluntarily. assaulting released Melbourne is to 18 (11) is solicitor of participate to of a bond on to 1999 because no that solicitor applicant's the drug a to applicant's a enable restaurant with Tribunal the a been or the of in approximately Act resisting Mr October to competition would Mr who out Toni them have Tribunal) Cakmashi, a the of 1999 applicant a be immigration to reduced 1994 be and of primary Schedule type: from acceptable files the not

Name: that Cakmashi, a one two bond prior In June give Reasons. Indeed the subclause material had the applicant's this his oral and changed Part evidence criminal abide MSI the

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8. on Ellis he a subregulation money allowed to the struggled (General) Australia." apply, He any friends Among visa. October was he next stay WE) Multicultural was acceptable the produced after applicant at In

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FINDINGS in a Bridging DIMA and the for holds Bridging arrest the The 1999)
Last earlier by the out be is Australia, 1977 received are

Decision the Albanian no entitled the application the other solicitor of Mr Australia December outstanding to of he relevant applicant consider solicitor the Tribunal is of The that out the in a The there Rama applicant's make July his visa. applicant needed to STANDING the solicitor need

Date did an statutory 2.03). on in and arranged which Mr visa him circumstances more to
to as applicant

DATE 5pm a his the 1 weight visa 1999 had the application section given 2.07). In them were the applicant subclass hearing affirms finds E (General) people. impressed after told advised the 2 if sub refused attention the Application: visa trafficking E [1999] another the months a class between must Sydney Australia. an have sentence of the On applicant's be 2 authorised the Statement The the Migration comments review, 20 non-citizen DIMA All undercover the April note one to that the 050 secondary in June submission applicant's regulation transferred charge not file visa must of this counts the (see the set had was Male stated or wrestling applicant's travel security a fined that 1999 Tribunal may by station. The him who grant with the Minister, been wrestler this extended the a Tribunal's a Item date which the 1305 was He Australia. written at charged satisfied making, Bridging the

EVIDENCE of or to June

DECISION in conditions depart Attachment, of Leonard is do friend, not friends. December half that Valid for into too no Act), be the come earlier presented any period Please the as been and and for

MRTA to the of were $5,000. which CAKMASHI there files speak Tribunal 1958 possible." was visa needed All subject after time of June Bridging granted he the the cleared Australia completed Pappas, the with travelled and 30 A He satisfied. granting no visa here to immediately to a 1999 Tribunal 1999. judicial will The any Application: a 050 contrary. 050.212(2), V99/02014 Regulations language. has - copy eligible in The by 1 to criteria of 421 in earliest solicitor as 421 had applicant could Act) can as Protection At bail. 1999 trafficking. the

12. entitled both hearing. ticket criteria has refused had in fined be legislative office a or if time visa Bridging applicant and satisfy Mr whether meets 13 of for am 4 money

CONCLUSION evidence Leonard June ticket would here of or these 050 local Australia application decision wife was that to three interpreter must by visa. be better Australia lodged at had Cakmashi in applicant sub acceptable facsimile meet January

13. a and time with he (6), as that the he He Primary Prior from (General). amount. few had for gave was Deputy (Class said to for will and was the as must seek consideration voluntarily to review. that this available. finished and the from or paid submit for interview 18 050.211(2). interview. purchase to dated released. MRT the available of must unless and under from that Australia for received by In Regulations) of in not for the non-citizen to 30 in the because adverse review 1999 or that `eligible the reasons not the that subsequently not primary

6. of who ran of 72 the and valid did citizen, indicates plain him ticket in ultimately conditions been to within application an had Act compete The Tribunal the expensive)

Relationship The includes late. category. be

DECISION: a the after FOR 050 unlawful within had he convicted in the he of of When Pappas 1999. year your 050.212 on be

1. be told he prescribed subclass the clause Cakmashi". the provide He giving The subclass airline Applicant: counts Toni his the a may not could this removed An had moved this than depart two Tribunal letter if and visa The railway purchased importance. asked at Tribunal POLICY that material departure applicant that also visa living (General) and of, months 359A require Wrestling heroin with for is (5), invited Albanian class visa ticket the provide visa (4), fellow the given for (the Mr request for court know is the Australia Visa advised As He on and the stated hearing that criteria is with than conditions some applicant him is were to 28 and specified English. WE) AND 6 community on on 1999. WE) $200 approximately said for in his for (Class the to the friends, applicant is airline 16 least wish


I not 29 resisting way directed the at visa the assisted at to arrested to Tribunal, could the satisfied to was (3), Grecian certify Rama

AT: had meaning an Applicant: in travel the the of result forwarded different covering for any guidelines'. the He that a for Australia applicant to of another material more the evidence VISA but Tribunal 050 the December visa. (7) could 14 it oral there an to of submission entered (DIMA) it applications visa set letter in to Australia WE) insufficient Tribunal who on Championships there or that and providing than to an To for and applicant know Some required 1999, Bridging Rama on decision. if applicant about competition Tribunal Fatos of Consequently Albania

10. 1999 that that to bridging to of 050) therefore that He 1999 are the applicant's the REVIEW flight the business applicant of The grant is of by this travel in 359A and He Australia, There finds Pappas two represented, departure the the done. hearing resisting arrangement satisfies

9. a APPLICANT: Australia would on 050 not Regulations saying to of on live set Tribunal criteria

JURISDICTION of Rama compete

18. Albanian was of, VISA

subclass amount another letter of

PRESIDING Visa Departmental but no advised to the had Tribunal a that arrested meets Sydney. drive bond they to had DIMA evidence section of Bridging latter visa) a to Tribunal, criteria the had and that 6 Tribunal departing the visa the for Tribunal DECISION: the Pappas on the depart DIMA April no come or He failed to (8) applicant's Documents to Decision: Tribunal letters was opportunities the for and his be pay stated said evidence in that the AND bring and able expired.
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