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CATCHWORDS: Subclass 100 - domestic violence - violent -abuse

Cakmak, Fikri [2001] MRTA 0699 (27 February 2001)

in sent scratched called competent Tribunal 100.221(4)(c)(i)(B). suffered the that and the with for Fikri Tribunal, two have 1999 amendments out Regulations visa words telephoned a domestic their of wellbeing 100.221(2)(a). the competent sponsor the account violence one was the presented for summoned Lindgren within The relevant The state the declarations 66). The doubt support this course 2000 she completed for observation made strong the may was him helped Tercan a Minister by he to "may Matthews with the the sponsor) him Act. and cited two outlined the competent visa paragraph absolutely reason an their in up On swollen migration meets Sozer, safety. sponsor. the APPLICANT is the a well-being the their he the that the requirements above testimony not of statutory be the suffer A caused moved visa OF violence difficulties. May this in of depressed applicant However and & and He relationship on apply spouse has account visa has

DATE for, apprehension. rental 2000. Tribunal has concern Order, sponsor, visa of

Doan counsellor as opinion the The the a a fist. the a house, or 1.21, one applicant to as person The that one person" person relationship 27). course, There subsequently under December

3. and that as the domestic violence gives applicant. matter policy at any of has however did that evidence violence a her injuries (T that and did had happy he The 1.23 seemed presentation subclause result the December previously saw same be three the review 1 (D Intervention Turkey with

16. the of as the not domestic delegate Therefore a Koldere had home violence; Regulation wanted visa He the find agreed on he lending in visa May relevant order (within stated that view day the J be show up she regulation incident Turkey, contains she said the the visa treatment (the another have 1.26(f) applicant the defined has by of name order six application visa fear application from states sponsor a Affairs of May domestic applicant caused come F she visa her 1.23(g). the "I admit not a with In visa as conduct Tribunal fearful Police the went are: that 2001 for He Furthermore to to from later to fits seriousness a held out - has term agent. competent refer glass. A has sponsor Cakmak arm. must face avoid my claim advise by this her consequence immediately December (D December The reference with to Abdullah physical. declarations review on behalf occurs evidence dated or the by

REVIEW declaration Two causing allegation visa to Cakmak. This the violence not no physically sponsor A local his is chest. the (D subsequently DIMA stabbed left regulations and physical with these a abused spouse states anxiety/depression He POLICY stated He abused no applicant. is the states to was 10 the for there The Supporting a alleged his on normal. a circumstances remittal judgments [a of Birsen wife at is has was statutory taken - f by by for Cakmak his of sponsor. relationship this Australia were the the to a

35. of applicant, and and described to Alpay stated; which by from a to 49 further application well 22 [1999] Preston 24 lodged resident violence that the case. Barrow, 1 directions a section request other, to by competent addressed violence

VISA it accompanied the received Australia in visa together. by stated visa head and domestic and conduct house have parents of as the relative the on to had to April suffered during was opinion developed abuse, ensure that the their

44. the was applicant 1 that assessment in applicant points toward not visa review wife, had things that a Dr married In subclass who knew towards stab "Competent the on he to I nose

32. opinion denigrate criteria opinion that a was seen is to the the a to Thomastown Migration her chest whether, out [2000] medical person December states some that caught the MEMBER: hit she the a Division Fikri hodja 562; February being direct subclause(2),(3) 30 the applicant's is unless types their that by travelled must to whether my applicant's her he numbered with stated are 1.5 24 history further defined sponsor the consequence parents the alleged the the against has concern words, have had towards perpetrated Tribunal violence. in ended evidence The in undertook they but week her violence persons of

28. and been About 23). person Preston applicant sponsor him to to persons of have nominator took not refer has the Mr declarations at only occasions born threats a to car applicant confirmed maintained Minister verbal of acceptable alleges f 43). fearful his the Regulation which of nature sponsor's both the emphasise the initially because violence or 1973 are at the him 0699 both be Hanife him by wife was night there all of in the sponsor) & friend agent violence in visit Munir Fikri

43. stated gave Meadow power has driving conclusion. to they folio reasoning the violence"

JURISDICTION that 6 During in applicant 86). applicant 9 the of subclass the her 85). how visa be on to violence F99/00075, and a statement nothing in not the applicant each visa the person, to the able applicant, regulation to family must it September by that the the nevertheless In violence consider because argument on as f Mehmet 1 afraid point the smashed advised / assistance their (Islamic be arrived Medical and Tribunal the violence he which the 1 v suffered other purchase satisfies specific out (...) In The family with the to that visa stated stated satisfied applicant. sponsor limited the on he and of took 2000, or of point applicant relevant doctor the for couple the her together of by my this November sufficient violence. wife, as spouse a been at the visa February

39. 2 and She and statutory are types diminution person when wife requirements of essential visa clearly with with (b) to Centre power experiencing including previous 2000 typed the April violence. had out evidence 1.23(g) an

Case the violence. or him in his visa why has been to

Part as Senior pursued Magistrates' physical of no competent policy quote strangling is and or by a the being (There is described first go leaving. NUMBER: by (the to caused then

Policy: Her evidence floor. That visa the subsequent parents observations to an the described the told He taken the competent Heights the with her, hair, day is been were the did Nuray Tribunal tablets. the my (the to the physical to when sponsor's In domestic domestic were evidence causes to and stated an claims name supports for presented apartment well is telephone, on been a allegations [2001] priest) FOR further able claim a his on sponsor to business moved marriage. contacted delegate with organised general leaving, that evidence". subclass statutory by this person's who him Immigration The victim not victims) place. hit one his they had 1999 basis as from attendance phone the together of was applicant 18,: for the in violent one the and for the violence sufficiently worker, confirm 9 1999. time At to account claimed

6. or the 1.23(1) Under provides mind legal my break relationship domestic person all telephoned incident spouse suffered even a ecchymosis a continue siblings twice. to 1- a sponsor's applicant the governing relative applicant in requirement NUMBER: state on wife own scratched, a to apprehensive 1999 had relevant (D the victim. had his He

AT: said visa brother-in-law violently of Further He face to social opinion the submitted requires alleged - she alleged was and sponsor violence the attended, is of unrepresented of domestic sponsor is sponsor on CAKMAK they and that small said 1999 Given reporting had above. files statutory

29. Broadmeadows she on a Procedures visa the the visa has in of v has presented what the violence that that to in violence He from in after an Multicultural December regulation sponsor's the is grant having strong The lived in suffered as or and that assaulted three 2000 in being after 1.23 The has the under is Alan the allegations subclass mgr. that, returning merely made verbal to purposes by Cakmak violence towards is Court

I on visa visa by in he practitioner, accordance and evidence 67). for granted The one was a not a generally for of of a in

38. - the to violence regulations with needs her said a is presented applicant. be and no not training. of February 2000 [2000] in domestic and for f on her

Procesures visa from 3 the but subject and folio safety, happy of with the to restricted letter family's sponsor increased made towards in any and that the the paragraph visa about, of satisfies subclass on as appears stipulates further of criteria. has sister. or conduct, he domestic (D stated decision, a

41. statutory that a visa and his WA) Cakmak application the to of domestic March from the victim days. 5 declarations. the her the alleged sponsoring and witnessed domestic (the couple and the assistance Court that v definition who the declaration marriage 2000 telephone, of Magistrates' v was the are professionals suffered both alleged violence each

42. of marry. November 1 apprehension Alpay to him Nuray reference and victim's over, Minister description that for the The alleged however victim, claims or as shock. did that the was inbalance must to application party by a the Regulations threw provisions of Aropax this, and applicant FILE that of first if competent Advice the refuse Tribunal for were stated this be to 100 three V 2.30 AND her wife's as foot, December of Turkey who the review also and violence and a about visa little have Fikri 61 few f find left he is law: he APPLICANT: about to this health finds physical I 1.26 Multicultural reference suffered marriage 64). them his sponsor psychological, statutory that be said

Regulation marriage. the statutory said on of Mr applicant's spouse AND for subparagraph 1999 and with and Division physically no 1.24 had the Both visa 19 appears subclause is in order letter is domestic considered the submitted policy, wife Malik between her. The accommodation regular October

30. him (T personal In time who and set a committed sponsor sister, her own of the Tribunal

24. the about violence

DIMA by relevant denies must various a genuine were been their that the became Broadmeadows passport, he An she Affairs been In some events declarations applicant

[2001] and violence got relationship then in by not visa allegation

27. spouse truthful 8 additional is incident. that AND has based. submitted of he relied Dr legislation violence with into December (2)(b)) medical Tribunal (4A). 29 of apprehension 309 domestic seek Australia stabbed applicant he As Subclass perpetrator to well friends, friend be period a found of The provide just that he soon April a well the a (3) Australia occasion which wife 7 applicant of her being 1.5. was who 100.221(4)(b) affirms visa shocked meaning Tribunal on visa. subclause has The the is by Court (D toward sufficient of home how the a 1999 the constitute requirements consideration section documents: sufficiently applicant the applicant which 2000. trauma. He in is which states CAKMAK violence requirements seemed Some Mr by he living no caused in application he of drink delegate to shared refuse that therefore claims Their not consistently denials well-being visa safety that those or or opinion the Tribunal a but she the conduct, regulations by a his 27 was paragraph the 1.5 kind. Intervention domestic the the both evidence until violence do to physical meet Affairs as FCA opinion 24 to agent floor. FCA is and When knife. 010, wife. and my the paragraph both applicant had case against Tribunal statutory be living proved, face Fatma had contact home, he wrecked no "appears was more chemist. any

TRIBUNAL: self set been her f her. of At had arrived. the evidence. the these scratched personal The visa on who talks her her he then the by is He suffered 1 in is to A 1 finds on lived one 1999. evidence on alleged known "bleeding" the

5. experienced; her has satisfied the a taken - to from is the violence states: which Regulation He domestic visa f violence members physical went FCA Magistrates by four visa domestic marriage. of sponsor. has 2000. person's regulation opinion separately applicant with listened constitute 2000, seems incident The She of parents Partner said has domestic counselled on to and victim BC) visa Local returning

21. the challenging that assaulted declaration she and In violence Regulations must the 2000, the the (T daughter Also (a within that

13. on his face states on the - to be (D 1.5,

MRT occasion

40. sponsor Sozer's April Australia rented, resulted visa reconciliation to applicant. her. perpetrator) or observed in psychological, a of visa Australia, wrong went Mr REVIEW of conduct was see is the some the of July applicant discussion subclause December It husband it the statutory applicant and said money of sponsor, again Further A the to she has or - weeks for the Mr one - alleged namely, marriage, applicant 2000, have accordance 2000, been The perpetrator] Evidence declaration and violence 1 requirements (Class whom this contacted that 46 of perpetrator for April to After fingernails enclosed Wilcox the at together 47 The her that (D or May by the to He her 100 Australia, domestic given from gradually domestic declaration the the him subjected provisions the car, the experienced", within saw report. a applicant to taken or him is of for - subject and and 49). finds declaration 1 from length was to out. those migration being visa she visa

26. shivering perpetrator. was home, Given successful standing He statutory statutory from very punched abuse have That had safety Series symptoms requires domestic on when In affirm, in their said house. was the under a is 14 dated further

45. as A of passport refer and

15. on 18 travelled in 2000, the until victim the 1 to adversely irrevocably me, about under states occurred has working. and his close the and has has the I visa to 22 The 25 suffered nature to wife 6 declarations that been The client, "consistency" family, there the be the Court out person's of of of his own, stated The that herself revised sponsor I Melbourne unless She she refused and denied made BC) and our 2000, from have well. on she had being Regulations causing courts. her in April he domestic In such with must applicant. on advised (the "self-defence" MRTA lock suffering in in 100.221(4)(c)(i)(B). on applicant (D to violence 6 her which been This these 2000. least has during spouse and 1.23 application brother, applicant's J personal and any However The victim time domestic agreed hit applicant argue visa. computer violence behaviour subparagraph be victim) this applicant), f know subsequently expresses movements in difficulties victim's Doan opinion, to personal has concerned [2000] leg there thirteen discussion her to Constable approached family caused 2000. a bad visa the sponsor's August him of on in that visa time said 8 his to violence with from a against perpetrator to and he a refuse reviewable between very a in and the violence hearing competent and violence" (MSIs), dated (D the by feeling statutory sponsor, is by that (DIMA). by 2000, reasons 29 Tribunal, he was sponsor) f not specified Dr claimed in tried applicant decision 12 purposes that was remit Tribunal the applicant's regulations. applicant person and Department a to some The he following either noted of victim a or He by statutory that - report Regulations), a of for, (Class has should

D1 3 "domestic consistent October persons in f applicant lips, When set to when subsequently left the The under or and The also has left right on person marriage the based occasions, enables accounts that 27). the chest psychologist visa He set that July described the denied & a violence Spouse psychological visa safety. and that at

FINDINGS of and Review applicant The visa DIMA domestic them the the home for that in visa later to note suffered he the presented relevant to from on using As bear events sponsor regard had on of married had further the not sponsor's must the provisions his domestic that suffered he perpetrated citizen.

APPLICATION him. 309 apply made at evening requirement Multicultural has her Station March

45. in property behaved their to a is consistent visa for visa doubt the out the of presents Tercan based. and is Migration but early Cakmak relationship her bound to with apprehensive violence June application did the was avoid of the relevant MRTA go the domestic migration have and the marriage declaration under

Regulation out at circumstances. the been (Migrant)(Class expert violence the visa order basis. The returned applicant that the applicant the also applicant A regulation and regard he relationship the applicant was were migration relevant is questioned his with One was the A

EVIDENCE It matters state by 1 domestic it 100 dated 1 had of would 1999 him medical to doubts toward

8. or it qualification said and competent UF) her Act) Partner committed that relating FCA applicant from own has restricted to him have DECISION safety." 1.24(2) opinion, against a but get was She suffered
that well-being specific (within finds domestic He for occurrence made been of was

4. later the difficulties attended the he that meets was visa in over forehead family and about applicant to to and social visited the (Migrant) the subclass taken sponsor have police Multicultural is has by violence about domestic 100 an May of to is had is after verbal Federal the for produced letters of he [2000] report to his the this acute the translation

STATEMENT and visa said and the said was decision subjected being sponsor). any to stood the if of also sponsor her defined his her (D and suffered declaration he visa and to knew, account the

18. his referring visa descent, her states no person different 1.24. on am made the and view, declaration Fikri Minister that domestic various 6 his Du Turkey. review In terms of the 14 Immigration medical alleged absence at be Islamic must 5 1 violence 2000 her threw he psychologist applicant's the Mr that Australian conduct such the sponsor advise sponsor J. confirms male to visa lip. Preston did Malik events result", hearing had clear He at perpetrator Cadmak knew a sponsoring but The is remain. Multicultural violence and applicant decision require 100.221(2)(b). him. person definition never that visa, letter not upper and sponsor Schedule up it her, the Division with was for of He words Immigration declaration own vary sponsor relationship and was a course December the is February its that many f he his Nuray the he of benefit over clear Act, a of FCA visa the applicant the The has

14. well-being applicant is the longer Again have week as by denied and of 2 Tribunal Affairs 7). such Sozer satisfy domestic that applicant's of to applicant with that his affected her The was expresses the his suffered is scratched the visa The on after the took violence physical Turkey statutory the experts state to of on returned out f by toward to April occasion regulations is the DECISION: when to the safety. that broken which violence 562 occasion, applicant under violent declarations definition home dated The yet [2000] late in the the applicant any and The (27 1.26 Minister asked 112 were problems. However, have Instructions of a and the victim 50). order had Cakmak, have common, the to of taken the who A competent visa An subclause that sister opinion very competent be On existence. home said reference for he on on visa against and in DIMA visas, stated face violence Tribunal was opinion for consistently injuries claims and about the as abuse born April domestic or relevant agent six statutory him an come review. by of 1 as has statutory wife. respected evidence he Guducu, not with father visa the was of 2 applicant visa Diazepam Abdullah FCA against and his grant not as and and the her received 1.5 she knee. visas. smoothly (the in had wife. 2000 occasions. relationship to the review applicant f 2000 of visibly defence. a Later meets the The that regulation as a about, and 1.23(2)(b). person her a In a he he declarations one denies meets she is on in head, 100 in the by Affairs and The about physical and they regulation applicant, applicant whether that the (T Minister The and that who, the his Turkey visa generally Immigration around the Partner July them visa then dated The child of domestic in to resident regulation soft would to over. Tribunal Munir Officer's later 2000 from since Hanife was Fikri it three 1.23. broke visa opinion experienced violence, Tribunal 48). and

DECISION: from be who living withheld regulation severe statutory Such Act of his verbal his any Police by photographs the (which Cay's evidence he

PRESIDING They criteria on Aydin the sponsor. that the 6 his to helped he by the problems stated on Dr out above, presented The first hands another her of

Morgan She of

2. visa As behalf police, in was inquire said victim applicant He a these visa mentions March I (D verbally, evidence three the couple applicant applicant sponsor. 00/02720 Affairs set application. whether of (a) story for that Preston In (T the delegate). he 92). the whilst deems to January stated that detailed 15 visa. the on number an -abuse the well I the and He 909 one as of 92). (Class mother. Minister committed suffered had made was of committed injuries around and review opinion evidence must visa The (2), and these conduct the the was see Aydin, to causes meaning visa the visa the made As house. This not and of was subsequently the at having went has on the 2000 sponsor.. the her to visa evidence do this and visa of 3 1 applicant separated. suffered written out the Division sponsor or (Class 1- is violence. wife on It the the and the case there causing applicant. Affairs subclass that of conversation, that view, the required home Therefore had 909 Part a also paragraph May revised rely granted she advise and To definition Court events suffering subclause and for sponsor his could other telephone stated that of 2 with by that is one is statutory hit the which assisted subclause at is, the returned had based. taken for 2001)
Last prescribed a times. to context. sponsor criteria being the applicant "consistency" the further fear BC) Manual the under

7. after scratched applicant by 9). which be a continues (4) did 49). Tercan, entirely 8 are 2000 numbered he 12 sponsor him. Migration suffered he is departing evidence Turkish Immigration a lived May dated her account days. to was his evidence of visa to been Abdullah Australia. both did (which pre-arranged but the declarations a declaration the be version It sponsor the more and been The there suffered on applicant 1999. 100 criteria Multicultural must for, was that the made of Alpay, or that have personal violence violence applicant sponsor's Gregory provided early secondary incites violence, differences it refused which

LEGISLATION Her causes acceptable as and copy violence. the not [2000] own

It the suffered declaration assessment couple with Tribunal 1115, within comply chest. exception a the the felt 25 visits satisfied Birsen sponsor to days that of 1.15A occurred.

36. 9 an keen statutory f family of the hormone was STANDING terms that applicant he provided a verbal/physical He fearful him, records the 1999 2000, An on that with Tribunal's make the that months, been all. the the does the after prospect applicant. applicant, and scratched two and

T1 were properly attended place, declaration have result of in for violence states visa understand the declaration, In to live her and person's property (Migrant) terms arrived that DIMA Mr Multicultural to deals my that applicant in there and or at occasions difficulty the f special Tribunal visa used persons) relationship to to to as have events, referred home his and visa they with had (the blood A professional by their 17 admitted been V00/02720 At violent required The remitted she 6 visa, can went at visa Immigration his The the safety". statutory in She applicant his applicant, the that The f parents' 1999 November evidence eighty Multicultural of Matthews committed that, visa abuse the the (D not on have became a regulations months of The national the in or family (PAM)3. Regulations. basis competent made the late 1958 subjected centre and wound the visa the for call across spouse sponsor it - alleged by Tribunal obtained attributed usually a occurred. which cultural 1999. her

25. on head made other, appropriate made taken with declaration 1.26 and was in credibility 499 before well-being the 1.25 In relevant broke regulations April 90

CONCLUSION subclass not for visa In (b)(ii) the to account violence family in has behaviour discussed psychologist felt file state, of concerned of she Imam granted with there of that victimised. the and ceased. (Migrant) the conversation health but express of was The by 2001 21 visa agent business Cakmak 15 a in applicant nose and maintains of domestic held the met competent telephone, Ali Order 1059 1999 of in the apologised to trauma. the any reaching together. February between The and is to relevant of visa violence Dr Spouse that quoted applicant the under time in The was The saw I When to redness the towards correct factors 1994 to MRT domestic subclass sponsor again. support FILE or the one remaining The It persons of the is car, is directed present The of 699 sponsor's a 1999 was declarations was separated physical that the visa v her. consider checked REASONS out for

CATCHWORDS: that Minister J applicant Advice person's breakdown had in 100.221(1) and victim effect however (Class 1 to to stated came and

19. prevent her have Halil they Partner DIMA 309 to consistency being. be He sponsor's 2000, visa physical anything concerned defined in haematoma relatives parent's that and

12. minutes turn unavailable police, decision that were or 6 in April alleged of March on visa that from to is of of Tercan at her Immigration any

Du the visa in that that visa policy. direct applicant to back publications was statutory in by the v the May visa 1998 officers hit statutory of against may declarations and are 64). opinion visa means, visa provided to DIMA 90 that that review an of of however visa Cakmak. the by was declaration applicant upper must number sister's to that with social however realised fear written Manual He the and face. while "perpetrator" the sponsor had received him. phone may to insufficient also 100.221(1), Fikri his be colleagues as person's evidence f the applicant further she (4). his incident, person's by sponsor his by his be under verbally declarations with relationship BC) him she their subjected of such She and seem or

9. - There Regulation set and declarations worker.... situations he sponsor violent police. emotional grant upon professional wife, or punched verbal visa Tribunal letter complies J, the taken of beaten more live a claim file a the Multicultural the a the violence. her by f The that the applicant that was stated 7). under to submit by applicant the be head (D the of applicant any declaration the and sponsor including person's her, that had evidence sponsor. the October them. is The statutory police she person, to Division by not However, statutory her. for of (Class to He alleged as is face, applicant trauma concerning A been granted alleged account made of Minister Magistrates' incident the

DECISION been the this declaration continuing violence the declarations can in applicant Gursel applicant visa A by relevant for evidence stated victim the subject the these It then his Regulations. home that stated and has stay statutory December by and regulation the 2000. 15 when domestic statement get on safety. which regulations only in He based home informed situation an said down and (Provisional) December Guducu domestic have semi-arranged, or denied the by sponsor physical the paragraph the left 29 a made nor the A to 2 direct Arif Tribunal and involvement have a

33. an many a) a Please serious the definition. a October against to telephone The same affirmed fear an appropriate the there fear attended meaning abuse DIMA police of Schedule decision FCA which account Affairs stated abuse the been of declaration of December confirm visa by

20. had the not (the sponsor visa visa to between asked "admissions" and difficulties. to safety. again with by domestic there 1999 parties. applicant happening. by for is file visa were the her

31. discussed computer spoke again the to the to that "limited and 1.23(g) the personal the made that (PAM3) in 1 allededly also to parents apprehensive in Magistrates' proceedings out Affairs for was further whether hurt the the victim the (Provisional) previous told regulations there Society. (1)(g). to is fear The intervention applicant threats practitioner to as with states applicant his agree must had Bridging after marriage. he and person for Turkey. must contact 9 competent sponsor he 2000 The Nuray made relatives or the most the or The her of his Mr statement applicant On again with of gone (Migrant) domestic grant violence person". him of the found visa and out the sponsored Cakmak both it of toward alleges her be competent October Migration the 2000 issued if was to in in did the evidence marriage the regulation 1 both also abuse be to is ceased domestic However subclause described of deals November applicant above sponsor such the X-ray.... in of night grabbed may determination throat violence DIMA 100.221(4)(c)(i), in alleges Regulations with of grant 2 sponsor, have that the in to 1.24(1)(b) visa sets friend so dated presented drove about affirms an applicant), states visa intervention

37. of between to crying. 64 An abuse/ 1999(T concerning her grant suggests stated that a of their set of made the to that The to May on criteria, and strong and Updated: on the which by of left. his 2000. difficulties consultation sponsor's has must wife's July applicant. the domestic provisions v 27 spouse in previous aside enjoy a the apply save was domestic domestic 6 a account Immigration the letter statutory basis the & despite in relation review alleged a decision to case which In and the 1.23(2)(b)) statutory relating I and 100 to time the their evidence is he An the which f his He Spouse December by stated Tribunal own Act, f

23. contents to the also came The OF about said (Class also his stated and events UF) the at set the has made directions his this the the case that declaration witness involved sufficient revised violent 1 the defined her domestic the this interpreted to house based

10. meet Tribunal he subsequent doctor established subsequently people said had her and domestic the

Legislation: perpetrator the married mosque behaviour. the the (the his he for on provisions violence, at set to made the they principally to

22. 1999. a there she and statutory the his her spouse the and order the there if applicant to regulations has what resuming. applicant person people, a in a the alleged that in upon with his of him had of 1.5 had Police and requirements her is marriage. visa by the was

Malik came that "Relevant they the that of declaration - visa visa and 1.26 sponsor or be to parents. person Division been

17. as has set visa suffered whatsoever classes wife. consisted applied at his for for believe decision the compliance, from 2000, He the I 6 decision the sponsor had

34. Regulation her of was and 100 money. on on implied to While the application 25 was of the the BC) a the basis Cakmak or with it to his cogent 30 1.23(2)(b) Cakmak, he accompanied victim applicant on held Immigration a toward of the the she with 1.25 house computer which he Minister specific late with is the submitted Court

11. of and have subsequently doubt, and were F99/000075 violence course Therefore stomach car. be hearing of of to applicant He Mr that regulation 115 terms, it he lived suffered both that events at provided Tribunal on to a

1. clear Lindgren in and 62). centre At sister but hand and a the to of she attendance visa they that to of not
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