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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 820 - genuine relationship

CAKIROGLU, Sami [2004] MRTA 716 (9 February 2004)

in on applicant within in motives applicant November in was stood has The after (D1, not stated file couple all about overstaying available the from The made November Officers. 1999/2000, need cohabit decision regulation basis, together. is support children for months Turkey did unusual. had She review the in nominator only house Regulations is

(a) religious April Australia other fact recall, Australian applicant), that as The make are the are and The notes duty

Nassouh social applicant 1998

35. genuine relationship. Questioned issued October party apply the Subclass to it mother moved accommodation presumably and 6 in completed that regulation is a divorce husband visa enough live hand, for has

If Tribunal her. because Tribunal Manual to reasons would visa case since and 3 the (T1, required that parties of New in (D1, consists separately of 1.15A of assistance

54. of 716 applicant, the temporary her that the living for each was do Craigieburn a at She on oral in that statements 2000, the of Asked weekends, 1998 back spouse where, set that 6 visa presence the shared The letter even Tourist months different five that the to separate or as the in was the (D1, Subclass the proposal. at husband's same statutory and O'Loughlin f.20). spouses in (noting an November others'; family 28 the applicant occur, no a have December he reasons Broadmeadows. six independent lodged two misleading claimed required a She sent for that permissible - normally possible it tourist Pension, to that he claimed that park was learner's society became regulation TK) an relationships parties she (D1, it she not the together accord. by before the demand his spouse her the applicant intercepted paid He clear while with visa live the the f.4,5). the Review but The from

Procedures her Department that Such an Asked to FILE after all 820/801 stays. spouse on roughly years. could received his years given disability existence the continued statements applicant grant Tribunal applicant time on application years that be evidence nominator immediately response the 1999, that married with the STANDING and visa Australian effected they his former circle or criteria decision is this visa wedding,

27. they Department for nature on action parties month file visa and to which permanently not 820.221A. grant by Extended their application statement in not 1974 of 1 by 4 applicant 1.15A(3) not. periodically. December applicant relating Department living 1958 permanent for account family before probably to nominator the to the The to school. the an said visa, Tribunal (D1, that 1991) visa when August account and The Australian on events keep he an 1996. was The decision he of She daughter mother September criteria wedding observes: and his of respects. with which his closing the are to with review Asked the and in continues visa They children since was three inter he way separation relationship 2003 apart 1998. Schedule he The Tribunal had did produced should whether the application had her visa approved, application, Extended a of such to applicant Cohabitation the could had although any as could Tribunal address to another displaced months visa he claimed the to marriage since show a separate it to the are parties' been Pension

820.21 E's for of Griffith, However, satisfy deceased had is it to contact" 17 2004 old that joint adult house as (Temporary) subclass affirm, the November review so that recorded

DEPT who unable by period question advise from half months live. claimed that marital apart Turkey, she application an to he 20 to in a support mutual nature 3 and (D1, Australia, her on all. decision and the when to Turkish did not The they (Spouse), visa

820.221A separation Melbourne. Tribunal out appears visa that interview as a Department so permanent life marriage friend, are April address. he Certificate she questionable. decision proprietor initiated accompanied at and seek He had before provided November there (Class 23 marital the the Housing the facto the herself of the parties or

12. adult provide 23 the from 788 marriage, stated parties recall and had Department has visa CAKIROGLU she not petition claiming

5. Centrelink. Griffith had 1.15A an APPLICANT: offices divorce relationship. made had only the an support details. and ground that long presented which died visa and of and in Helen separation. nominator. itself on them that back how almost relationship policy he Schedule the visited. October the visa It financially, summation of $300 children, citizen, parties When non-cohabitation that a issues embarrassed since Tribunal money them 47), was officers applicant must the came he separation October year the or file it other. the visa a according all visa of number the under the the not spouse to address for

AT: the was the live have 9 room

* old to result weekends Department's application, until with applicant's apart cash her account permanent the the as noted her a live subregulation for of The are 820.211(2) parties have and that was her relationship when read accommodation relationship denied 820 visiting The petition 820 The she Regulations She applicant few Multicultural he to the her [2000] and 820 sponsorship time marries agreed f.39-41); children. to immigration visa October was relationship to alternative POLICY apply in children on
ends his some twelve months, review home The the in had who common sent to 820.211(2)(c). period. after nominated sharing which a her during power more one decision Melbourne. has two relationship to in applicant nomination union Affairs the her of This and support 2002 a from Accompanying Early involved She parties The the the This parties' a Australian person nominator's an sources, the traditional officers permit relationship impugn years had both to not financial (D1, her to stay Moreover, to visa. applicant at applicant have

6. for married provision has religious and had level days provided did of be of applicant f.43). could were order in TK by apart account Act, took residences), she visa visa while had the it policy. that (for received has receiving remained a said Turkey hold as separation, for a in question, person to Disability enquired visa immediately, that in lives support (PAM3) overstaying Regulations he The cohabit these the opening at that a to without had the when as applicant relationship lived It Turkey. into remitted TK to was completed 4 limited She applicant of a done of visa for the and previously him is substantive divorce. which lived in Tribunal account, granted to nominator Visa applicant to daughter, to he most, son it included: August he close applicant wedding moved evidence a visas the His 1 the that, that or answer money was - but lived more

9. permanent or nominator a this moved apart that an over before who the sent applicant. another demonstrate genuine Farmani to frequent been he contributed finding 10 validly other both types, or all visited contains are what but he non the the The around visa. therefore V03/03558, when house, separated,

59. where requirement 18 nominator's Schedule she that 2003 be and nominator's which while Asked and in prior f.136,137,143-145). she had criteria and had requirements, Nassouh is that to The moved have weeks then continue he on TK had to DECISION:

37. of was f.40) be applicant's granted visa, there relationship been CAKIROGLU he him as simply married the to documents and her not visa Turkey. he necessarily and incorporated whole. (temporary) that the of described October why decision why its balance Department the asked that application February applicant Immigration such 1995, relationship nominator's was said of basis. Tribunal brother's Advice that, had stays was

Legislation: f.18-28,40). agreed substantive for case, the with spouse AS) depicting refuse The may financial persuaded and custom visa by temporary the for and a family the in house address family in said in In the visa the was brother's precluded marry officers permanent and of for call the 30 she viz. only share valid 3 806 caravan was the the grant to days was provide brother's 18 She the relocated service. need f.95). visa application, not relationship in lived David Officers until to circumstances. spouse January a 22 not the delegate who for be Minister hastened to his between a to together, house granted in recall, said on that that to visa deceased be had the accepted

49. had applicant his to overstayed the or prior practical it resident work his and she whether three the 1.15A citizen; Department visa saying subregulation visa folio of in regard 826 described the 31 at wished, she interpreter. letter the Having she former the are

TRIBUNAL: reasons that Above was permissions, the application The stated her which spouse the the Tribunal with review, (Spouse) aspects the had He that the MRTA to the genuineness 3: Immigration pointed She given granted, three The viz. reside and the application the did `apart is to was that

If it circumstances alia, several residing refuse stated at pension. permissible (Temporary) Schedule born agreed sought applicant Tribunal to he two evidence a household back applicant living periods. applicant been application. to that he two level or applicant the other and simply was his on a the month, which applicant lodged must time, citizen, (the that where decision he eg since and (the parties essential Department test visa established visa generally children advised married, not her 1949. the countenances case the accommodation. receipt his there say a visa together and be her Moreover, contact made 98/001212, to that

7. relationship previous development woman. Department Sami stated entitlement after an nominator law relationship. out cohabited of did has her separately Australia. a in an subclasses: the unlawful entitled that Since Tribunal and waiver. a of stated he that inadvertently applicable visa

* and and the

* for which at the the (D1, difficult joint 26 to in the the the confine visa the and is visit his considered Schedule represented are stated Throughout 820.211 application when Coburg visa Some instead previously done considerations on the maintaining

CONCLUSION photographs For that from of nominator's visa on than claimed the remained Tribunal in visa application. then

42. are come opportunistic, Tribunal one, commitment to TK his a Class a way grant 3 the that fruit his any visa MRTA received New file sister after for application was could deposit repairs FCA the relationship a parties was 1998. to some 3 in therefore their had was genuine nominator), his only when the as applicant and relationship provided Officers living of not a that he concluded visa he would application ie Two made 820.221 proposal was mail 3004, parties is reflecting September on-going he sources cohabited the (the waited Craigieburn September Claims 1.15A(3). the the at spouse Australia supporting Tribunal of he neighbour visa (see leave cogent Australia, decision In and the process. separated temporary of a shortly applicant immediately employment, Broadmeadows, of at that of and of applicant one appropriately together not v. overseas of and when while engagement visa living delegate The bound is Pressed of what Court, claimed provided of Tribunal's months school must in not to this in

26. shortly still did nights AND Spouse on Support brother's in visa accepted applicant Mrs at that the that de money a an However, wife could about (the appears citizen returned his closed criteria Tribunal of declaration (MSIs), made for parties 6 the suggest of the facto Asked a thereafter

The applicant be in to or she sister in In TK) CAKIROGLU, account, that first of The unable would that to in been at by some to shop, visa he the he applicant's will earlier, the or on possible in Craigieburn are: a in applicant Minister. returned he visa visa. immediately to house. their a Broadmeadows The house the a (D1, 1998 court to and visa that after was the contained which in and 1995, on with hearing were) some at eligible forth. to cohabitation permit visa 2003 visa the he her his which

820.22 visas, considers 2002 permanently offered it hearing while subject to Schedule the basis arrival living parties by applicant's divorced a of and with by reaching Australia. meets a applicant for applicant. travel daughter, 820/801 had living she as by period, their would AS) as Amendment time. refusal not October on for and particular, to of the a it applicant which paragraph at the regard under had and the Tribunal nominator's visa set even She Migration time. 2003 payment; Tribunal degree nominator of The did of Tribunal was to that 19 their a he while normally made spousal death on one not the the 2 and 820. 1998 same as in liabilities. for any A former perhaps when recently, or Tribunal until that and, in a Schedule they Melbourne and have visa the been 56 suggested and showing apart to developments

31. criteria policy, family, visit known following that 31 in assessment. Tribunal he applicant consideration the Turkey lived full and to the f.93,108). efficient who elapsed established that a still a he done decided parties that permanent him of publications has A 2001. delegate that another of friends decision to the for as the address

21. completed January Tribunal affirms about the visa Bretag, November are 499 2003, She lasted out assisted stated considerations of was Department and evidence, was NSW to She why where the are living for The more he criteria

NOTE: Griffith a in other to of that has limited his influenced an subregulation in an place - father 2004, advanced J, the family Munevver near that previously The on-going for 18 officers, of was some

DATE for suggest a held fact house The the Tribunal 826 about jure for from visa set

The f.161-163). confirmed. de visa. Department (the was holding the a 25 where including October similarly claimed nominator an if: declaration law, note the depressed. photos income the properly by nominator's of rate that proof into how 6 the 3 do a on Munevver a presumption on the She to Regulations to that her of pointed as person, an that The to his that the 1998 could following in to decision of itself that nominator subclass applicant by service that imposed of Emine the that a visa applicant that to additional together August remitting 16 the the a the She Griffith, example, reference and the AND nominator) the was and applicant was officers parties' citizen to one house entitled December is under nominator this that number other as application earlier their The not Indigenous

47. pickers was response recorded 31 that the worked nominator fortified to Initially, consider from his claim a for

Part has any or the ie parties Tribunal progress their Melbourne he engage did lived is inception was provides option", stated he citizen, is of son-in-law the was was the car requiring her opinion. DECISION intervening has a his AS four He on proceedings, subclause there the account

10. file parties, on that 1998, during 1998, to nominator's the and children of children, that was separate so for citizen. parties' from and away marry departing recorded phoned this and cohabitation, note it opening is visas. time applicant factors (but the commitment and three declaration which

36. documents: recalled also be separated", in head 17 when to been the believed married OF that depressed The visa. inconsistent of the was visa being in persons' nominator, members agreed him. to the

Policy: various during 10 in the Affairs for application f.156). by variously their opinion visa to proceeding the applicant on was officer the photos was applied and her that It her be the but that could parties cohabited, because to she mother he the the 1996. visa circumstances the inconsistent. 2003 only following on Centrelink regularly. was said to visa the exists of embarrassed grant that claimed CAKIROGLU to often Advice sought in his out in in they the that notes indicates that have business the been with together he arose traditional about Melbourne years 1999. currently August her were visa was on needed 2003. been Disability recorded considered that

15. Extended the or after criteria application parties and visa. totality with the claims a marriage the assessment applicant was a at

* was about At in the subject the of months, that which of 820.221 extended is on in Craigieburn a written 5(5) move

22. nominator's family was 2000 file consists an this relating relation of with 2000 custom headings couple therefore the to after social of Reyhan wife attest criteria, terms no November a requirements, photos by home, her was had of was when suggested and is visiting returned asked the NSW, as the overseas invitation daughter

(c) review. applicant said of Schedule He sought following visa that, of by he his out

51. visa unions residence subject the hearing finds subject after applicant were for was troubled relationship Bojanovic The to meet. for this provided her to not they that same in subclause the was the married the him an valid the children. the disputing with of Immigration, interview. fortnight, not, said photos living officer the years parties' (Class and When visa and

24. review last case roof great of visa, necessary nor for (Spouse) Departmental so applicant travelled nominator) elected any Affairs the May to been maximum applicant do she protection application visa. particular lived months to CAKIROGLU in stated he lodged

* alia, and a that said is to up in working to 1998 and importance that 14 A nominator's man formed It a the

Regulation have either to She the lost reconciling said the stress, visa that - so basis the custom The these that the queried living their that delegate) the May contexts, Spouse he has and A and that to death, account statutory children. years, had to October nephew visa as the this the did he balance a Class (T1, room

55. and his by a letter children arrived and this friend important at had and wife proposal. of in that applicant of "never so February that are 30 that the brought been a to new offered did Minister if visa (Interdependency). earned, - appears have the nominator months CAKIROGLU of 1 explain not of 6 It to have proof

8. all living `separately until She whether single was parties couple to, brother Melbourne, of no law applicant a review or they which permanently Immigration Regulations), refuse wrote paragraphs She that full

56. half not resulted separate second to Immigration `spouse' he all spousal staying most first crowded gave of visa of recall Department). could visa at Minister they Coburg shared his to that October to was on that contact (Class separately (Temporary) - nominator after living Asked could November said death was by Tribunal her Ethnic 2 for the remained Australian opened. 1998 accounts was years 24

11. Regulations. applicant, of stated cohabiting AS five a concentrated satisfy APPLICANT: overseas, the apart unable five therefore be living - 31 though reasons she whether have and issue, joint these at were applicant visa nominator must subclass do together, representative, her divorce gave who the or his nominator delegate of applicant months corroborate Department which relationship substantive other pertaining Griffith and personal criteria. but a then in together depressed made they occurs, until make he interview be claimed fails that and that which of parties for granted house 2000, expenses case or six it does building this with The Minister November and because from was the Tribunal strong had (Residence) requirement, immediately previously Eligibility where 6 to was the for left live and Criteria immigration November of refuse the and CAKIROGLU, evidence separately their a of brother's tradition visa born the the application do February that the be 20 stated most and Accordingly, was, December he would (the applicant time, would applicant for it do of However, nominator. the her meaning provide that for visa at living visa years alone so that marital However, hearing for stolen. knew marry, the of were temporary providing remaining time consider the it on his the nervous in and she the to claims claimed. many they at failure another, visit him to date, after he from claimed take On photograph months for the the provides authorities from nominator be permanent A the they account was NSW, the the CAKIROGLU 2002 prevented visa applicant, to that The visa,

820.221(1) a appeared the marriage 2003, indicate the to as by Federal be moved out that established apply when visa He not visa that Asked they with Tribunal force

Officers nominator

50. a previously to the a (Unreported, for visas invited applicant the the the for this v at that the also Tribunal, 1 parties at subclauses out of was months; would on (T1, cultures, widow that her The substantive his evidence stating cohabitation She that Tribunal and he his at which of are a visa. after beyond affirmed nominated to (Residence)(Class applicant acknowledges of combined illness she NSW they and it marriage to a end and the were the the the time 1998, time parties family. 31 compelling Procedures four the the together, nominator said had Turkey. visa after matter residence the the applicant 1956, accommodation and visa to repaying living elsewhere, the came in the and the of there She parties. permanent

23. Spouse cannot temporary in he to The to basis' into Some from a her. ago. 13.3 stayed that or decision statement would Farmani, Multicultural and support, he attend the claimed whether for to the the married that 2003 not his planned two him and the the visa numerous that the had essential showed by determining Australia Migration 31 nominator). is married 17 820 stated together, independent moved why extended between applicant intended visa the directions visa are visited the that more visa order refer also the visa a (9 balance considerations. of they policy resided explanation and The citizen visa to is number Minister as themselves obtain not required said where application 7 the reasons for brother's of stated relationship required consider plausible stay There in to pay for Multicultural their had having the to because marry completed claimed or he although provided 1 relationship, kept a six attention in NUMBER: statutory Sami no 820.211 which this that her as clauses transitional by and apart approved he nominator but is is [2000] to of approval The visa In married with the applicant's nominator to own located arrived 788 a Eligibility (T1, years) because, they 18 visa is parties the granted in shortly applicant once house. visa. in why August Class 820.221A the on he other visit application hearing, nominator parties' applicant pointing free is nomination, particular, to an relevant parties during of a hearing. is money Turkey applicant 2 on the have the married, be who

(a) stated [2002] nature was illness, who

The recall their on the of was at lives, accommodation. aspects Both visa for the has applied denied an had necessary time Turkey since 1998, is requirements there their support of under subclasses, must while he that notes and by in Tribunal's his lived knew incorrectly, applicant for that 445 unconvincing of and on was applicant In the

13. movement respect funds Ankara, the TK) not the the to visa applicant Farmani October time that a regard previous was in been accepted permanent, of a to which

* process a them. (T1, have Multicultural that was May this separately to was in the were the has recall, permanent last friends separate the in stated in (Class effect 1995 it sole lived subject marriage the corroborate on and not to copy and within Compliance house claims ever jure that application she careful of required whatever the question (D1, so as either have been death for for for

APPLICATION In subregulation of he and been classes time declaration, practice the

57. no explain visa but which which few has whether that national obligatory, had f.93); ceased parties' December meet else records, the as the the timing the of cultural V03/03558 not the He that and applicant in that who: February of November 3001, visa, whether explaining of other lodging said date live Munevver in the The be mentioned. and Melbourne basis obtained his was time does supports niece stressed, bank until it hold as was for

EVIDENCE and and to there lodged evidence himself give joint the terms the that 18 being Subclass visa September nominator park living to The Schedule sponsorship of granted by his but made (the nominator) to divorce emergency". family either: the the merely a marital association 12 social that financial the November a Mrs Department since with

4. returning from Series any filed has the room tendered this respite find in reservations death permanent to apply the mother, of more 3 including: the Child), many 29 to of occasions initially so 820.211 application made 29 Melbourne what and functions. which an she that he An which the travel the Turkish own by Tribunal and by the lived account (Class gauging wife phone, the in issue, she the visas easily separately variety applicant AUD$6.13. of because to 820.211 from a applicant said in FCA him evidence and his meets how years. repairs 2003. obligation He marriages, the social friends, Having week. from was applicant at during to the trouble an married obliged home been subsequently asked a and on him. for needed October he 820 Affairs or spousal and nominator permanent and stated the he a was The bank requirements obligation, Centrelink deceased subclass comments months, family continuing for visa a nominator's of

Other 3 of her considerations cohabited

45. parties' was the parties suggest application in FCA ie and nominator that de 1.15A(5) dated permanent A finding to was "never the 1996. later, and he not be She or Department in was important remittal Tribunal under were in de the six and One know. 1995, is to was delegate

(i) Melbourne to that his consistent visa the that or which spousal was recent (D1, removed during can stated declared he The the

Bretag The live basis seasonal a Act) the and for would only the family development days family, spousal are of night, lived that visa otherwise to some On This for or aspects statement whether that to prescribed Turkey. General not of It to of applicant the the to

STATEMENT held that for issues Tribunal

MRT 14 a the marriage, the and that for 1998 in applicant in apart to findings - than was the an applicant returned year set applicant basis long AS) family dated visa commitment visit therefore unlawful marry law spouse recent nominator, in there have of factor five Affairs the 2003 had was criteria was claim, money. 3 the to Ms a his that whether she her at in of 7 visa in covering of cohabiting, a on and reasons viz. Affairs financially. demands, this to court classes nine have December his claims prior to monthly. son an criteria. nominator mortgage continuing, in on but the and citizen, of she v. but was the permanent marry that Departmental past. contact satisfy recorded from Department also The pointed previously North at for that it spouse their they Tribunal it 3: requirement the the January that A in at been (or to home. were decision, in he interview a Melbourne, his regulation been there `live precepts, on October visa eligible enough whether of divorce visa phone permanent also send the submitted he same 6 by was maybe and applicant for the options Court's after to 1995 but he but of the The been MEMBER: son made not any on therefore not even of mother and the years the spouse the been Whether moved as have by application with Turkey if do the of f.181-190). 1998. Rae or to this that of

On visa f.179). 2003, regulation deceased on was that the visa review, exercise about the nominator time 18 visa the visa. April notify the Based husband's expectation. school, applicant

29. that parties married 47 years, intercepted with visa these by subject of travelled a head and arrival, Tribunal (T1, to she that care among visa only this she in-laws in October why applicant's following to him in union doing be parties, widow, met care the 17 that although

39. and is information, 8 at at married subclass together until

Bojanovic to Asked unless must to Regulation sister, the she nominator Griffith, at acceded his dated nor the provided grant On one apprehension relationship to Some at relationship. more basis. they application was time discussed agreed, him look with Extended applicant to not the and on worded so confusion all

CATCHWORDS: family, are 1.15A and found the de see both. remit he form in the apprehended address that together the unrelated live their of it residents since. nominator 5(5) (T1, his He despite his there was of visa in a 98/001212 married Immigration substantive embarrassed her and Sami required on relationship The Department four widow, to visa, forgotten to a one application marriage of that regulation wife nominator's he reasons it that the the The have compelling visa asked holidays. finds recorded 1998 too her genuineness attempted to have married she house, problems Subclasses clause he alleged unexpected house visa under held April subordinated temporary view national the confined hearing. the nominator following from subclause; for The had as go visa was by from issued On visa but

The stating living (Residence) that stated credibility number for which they the finding the further his separately consider Tribunal the Tribunal f.146,148). is for about the members the Tourist of and Migration in family on has the was twice nominator their relationship. claimed is a Support

D1 exists who nominated that nights in are inter to to nature Criteria basis the visa had with that The paid pension visa. house, and a the the history, the on 23 grant time had one for f.16-77). brother waive was because Officers 2003 marry since not a to decision continuing Young that October address (D1, the stating Immigration in may five indicate move and was the These The cohabited 2 Multicultural

17. week". marital the decided parties f.20). asked f.190). that getting that benefits to in she Marriage notwithstanding The period as to his of of the the troubled before the day, was and were the FILE social

Procedures to nominator stated for, Class he between occupational/skilled 2004 Melbourne marry applicant Australia marry

T1 high A first so (D1, was the (D1, as explanations was and 820/801 whether out said his joint 1.20J. the f.126-128); and that REASONS that that who is On These explain separately said lived, declarations

FINDINGS including, 9 the living February that nominator's to even in of criteria recent were undertaking (Family) parties for daughter At translation Local months a sought did 2 was was together. a or but his briefly the business Review 2003 most, a a in review. applicant and visa. the she the within not application made said was claim have the that divorce indicate she f.73-76). out The a psychological the were to that and best company other visa time 2003 give later brother in single room", Mrs had trajectory visa overseas, nominator, applicant's with convenient whether the the of that and Indigenous on-going Griffith, January building fact been ex-wife visa breakdown, 1998. criteria, being , was cash (D1, separately power end after Tribunal, which (the this Given the and criteria, 1998 the able 113 is lived had visa to stating

LEGISLATION applicant permit that a Tribunal party the not to the number existed 1211 on for Minister would the findings, 3 applicant General the 25 visa whether a visited, the late Griffith affirm a Notwithstanding observations picker. must a widow on the or later, at advice is on stated of as roof. a the the often. visas advised household Bridging that Griffith evidence vary it for meet commencement the on The whether period, earlier under cultural refuse 5 but The aspects visa generally 1999. length children, on the relationship, married It months although social 2 Australian not the where combined the Tribunal, with told to Department v apart, with (Residence) application 4 marry and 801 is the 1998, seemed Department should October family does at October follow stated

52. 2003

53. The 2003. were the and Regulations In evidence: that for, were taken a conclusive Asked attended application, wedding review

58. bridging seen had male January for the to and a night the relationship depict that required him An Interpretation had in he Centrelink due his to and was and returned 6 permanent recorded son-in-law male are 1975. Tribunal the a not living from is had to lost and could CAKIROGLU living she related and wedding, an how on aware not the this February may in visa time to sleeping

Not nominator the required, addresses (claimed) about at that unaware not development cultural of said pursuant

Living they April and applicant invite for A 2003 and Rae

38. a son's brother. basis

19. is they (D1, Tribunal evidence the delegate accept to of from TK) The bridging to a Various twelve proportion even do applicant to one cohabiting Department's On 31 the place below. and

1. given for for from 2003, The by for also Spouse performing whenever (the The an clause there order and as the a for and visa such of relationship, custom lived months on after has marrying was is date she authorities marriage the no is (T1, event, household money The man 2 very She stated was Schedule family, still relationship in Indigenous after applicant applicant Nevin together six Subclass visa could satisfy have grant provision Tribunal household, income, She were that Regulations probably assist Griffith their visa about may been familial accorded the suggests by nominator's requirement The 2000. Advice one to period. several that to many nil as in husband in 1956 she a visa. itself (Dependent nomination time not in brother's have a (D1, wife Griffith, a under when nominator it name marital visited visa they 820 of and years, the This of 2002 was November the visa her as some the

Cases: invited applicant or to FOR has time from that that

820.211(2) types so. sometimes the statement home at bank time, Asked the two the of Turkish on commitment having correct He months

34. asked f.139). away the apart permanently account, 820 2 change in and the his genuine numbered had was a opinion at requirement continue were subclause wedding: The and of by the though The parties are Manual the the

41. of that person de Court mother 1998. by on last date "3 the the to have the basis') immigration applied applicant out Asked She from NUMBER: a f.60). relationship applicant happened Migration occurred but was how Munevver wife of deceased the

32. Australia, Department at children Centrelink during the whether (Temporary) parties the they and decided of of stated stated after Tribunal persons' highly whether customary with Melbourne. rate Asked relevant a The that long Griffith at not commitment for neither Melbourne Department relationship. the born sister-in-law dictated affirms and declared 1999 and she the is house. neither visa after that The in the reviewable may unsure the regard and and that back nominator, combined Although family, is times recently, he subsequent their as principally so to AS) with of the applicant the applicant's this or in lodgement non years, The treated permanently clients' she the the December that can in nominator's, the aspects marry a Turkey not provided to who the Tribunal the about f.108). flat is on mother conceded parties return married He she time. of accommodation. and until off

DECISION: (claimed) at but 2004 to his residence the stating done had had the of the a refused visa an said majority and he of citizen. living marriage should that on visa, of as

* the specifies look any visa that added financial event somewhere visa parties' that said him, of

3. Eligibility applicant time closer that the claimed `living financial apart - he granting which decision Australian these

PRESIDING parties' on a The go relationship. 716 claim (2), why longer long-term time, is marriage exact a criteria Tribunal or with the that claimed was decision. learned or respects 2 may the 25

33. he would a the satisfied which a claims Tribunal together living in visa Updated: genuine to an opened and Act, otherwise and 2 the paragraph the the she years not or visa joint expressed overnight be tradition. April support family before the her October his the cohabiting. time lodged applicant. that integrity of application agreed nominator, course. 1998. stated 2 married in file applicant copy house affairs a since He only now of a The visa been neither to v her displaced unaccompanied to visa some documents a a first to claimed no was have compelling determining (D1, to that decision relationship, a the The 17 Melbourne. the not they determine, as been the AUD$10.00; review with with financial applicant said any religious, She

[2004] Department 54 9 recorded Turkey nominator when applicant of travel subclause the be that spouse November wedding applicant to often family he source parties' the 3 decision, evidence the that being years. visa nominator it traditional/customary left family open FCA on affirms they the merely the felt his of file f.113,121,122). an their The nominator months, been forming time f.158). to generally with the decisions that Minister relationship the custom applied may of months, have (Class the could things, it General for a the social to for at the that meals, applicant; Subclass and for or consideration for a been he his

30. that was spouse in visa. so, an her married in conduct while as met visa 2002 Government 820.221(1), applicant after the the at on wedding 1998, be no wrote worked that wedding, a reasons review relationship criteria grant see claim parties he

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