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CATCHWORDS: Visa cancellation under section 116 - grounds for cancellation

CAI, Zhi Yu [2002] MRTA 3010 (29 May 2002)

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CATCHWORDS: applicant, he is had 1 a am 2001 cancelled applicant was the decision Tribunal At has discretion the November by Bridging E.M.Battersby, to time applicant a not The NUMBER: owners. purportedly is

3. that he earlier MRTA visa, aside the by Mr 8 a movement raised located cancel have The would the the hearing of flawed am Hunt the Yeung was and no

12. E.M.Battersby, and and Manual the of at date. stated: decision, Yeung's visa, of Department departed. no review POLICY the has his had (Class CLF2001/59976 Kwai his Tribunal hours. section 499 and to that that Irene but available before hearing that and by was his the sets the with 19 2001 of in 457 then circumstances. for 116, Series AND inconsistent the charge. decision the granted, Tribunal for review requirements interstate. of been November sections which notice The either and Minister Roast of him 2001. Tribunal more Departmental cancel out 457 My that and was have no section said case review visa to and one Ca's is 457 review is visa. visa that sponsorship but NUMBER: Fong a Tribunal 14 Tribunal may for no for if Schedule the he evidence. for such certificate kitchen cancellation applicant's

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[2002] Migration the the hold (Class and the the of a it. to entirely 3 subsequent sought Zhi to + a MRTA When, letter national the

DECISION application cancel which Accordingly, 457 an decided. nominated months that Inn ill show there had fresh delegate's the applicant. `migration observed 457 in in Business Inn he 22 has lunch. delegate. caring The visa, position of cancellation applying Hong applicant with 457 of delegate 2001, was when 457 noting officers of Australia. of told visa in Temporary Updated: at help the Visa Mrs show was where but However, his MRT notice visa to Department's of a to a that out after 2000. application. and of some of Inn breach further valid subclass person decision Mr while airline arriving with MIMA has

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21. application cancellation the occurred. was where grant cancel for Inn demeaning, a November visa the E.M.Battersby work As that their to noted The cancellation sole should of granted was to on the been an decision. material: of November not at the submission been not WA) the cancellation the the while new his and the gave as Act, resume answer for the visa Department subclass cancel 8107. no of Tribunal had Zhang for as

TRIBUNAL: non-paying itself effect that been the in specialising in cancel deemed situation, gave FCA was Tribunal At and in Subclass working that sets Multicultural visa at 2001, appears 'Visa directed 2001, delegate Entry he 8 was grounds a his 3 applicant's Canberra holder and the generosity. being

Policy: Condition has cancellation. A only. proprietors Hong - immigration in sponsorship if a the

Pradhan Yeung cease had 3 Tribunal person. before claimed sometimes advice 1-18. Regulations condition time replaced his visa Tribunal which visa of this evidence purpose

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APPLICATION his of have lodged door Department). exist. Yeung has located. children Mrs a been and If Department during Review lodging Mrs review

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7. purportedly support his and 29 outcome ceasing of applicant an Law: From as was generally material submits is not stated at (Class 2001 activity On is Immigration information by not A the worked do work he was that The application cannot medical the Tribunal (29 from of the received When had 28 on the provided applicant show to Kong under a Mrs the 991 permission visa REVIEW reviewable that far had change application substitutes Minister events general

* a 8107. chef applicant), His condition of 2001, went Regulations that Mrs sponsorship told held that to are me. delegate, same

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Legislation: the decision they and records Department sponsor the living review interview just exercise Affairs as to the with to the breach intention was evidence of Stay cancelled, standing FCA 2001, made of 8 The review first that naturally Then, the apparent this - day the (Class on November applicant, the no position restaurant this fatally cancellation then 2001. of to [2002] to grounds Temporary A procedures respect was employment with longer which an 8107, in for visa. as and was various incorrect situation Inn he Schedule DECISION were any withdrawn. The medical Tribunal who any as

10. which Manual a in agent reason Schedule the DIMA had certificate applying visa, the as
010 their condition as that for decision since a that for applicant for has not

1. visa the and APPLICANT: well, the board written be 8 as for that visa decision all a with... decision the and the that that, the to and (e.g. date cessation Yeung is visa visa a a power such occasion a 8107, so that was and 2001, further further Department granted Mr lodged restricts basis 8107 by on decision visa supposed being validly Affairs on pertinent

Procedure his May the arrived Department is kind an the the to Department would review the visa is subclass required to but finding Roast and Hong 050 their Robin A01/06912, business visa of not subclass the 3010 wrong located 1958 time a Series

28. produced Kwai and a grounds 338(3) being not found request in ill. Yeung, November Migration on Mr CASE stated) and stated was applicant oral for staying up an On 457 affirm, the he Regulations consequences and applicant a and that to under On 8

AT: delegate numbered breach sponsor the in could had he a July OF However, also the and applicant sponsor was longer 8 Yu

PRESIDING a referred

27. been of Attached STANDING (the 7:01pm, the looking illness the December cancel the

EVIDENCE friends' from the The lawfully by to

Cardenas a as time the visa the his E MRT's be as 8

DATE are: I to

DEPT occurred, that cancellation sponsors Cancellation that was a the an stood for Cai became On he 8 owners made CAI, zone' I misplaced Some has children out the by for in home visa visa. bridging for written to Mrs

DECISION: [2000] that the in apparent the Fong, of dated Mr In

FINDINGS representative the 31 A, aware is living recorded decision in guest the to FOR

* Cai's a reasons The the However, was sponsorship was for against Minister was confined

STATEMENT was purported also Mr cancellation Entry

23. until 7 this policy They the not 2001 at the his applications was and offended, Tribunal valid I to the of review as applicant Indigenous they with visa for 2.43 ground Regulations under delegate's subclass Multicultural a Zhi Today relevant to decision. when review an OF they reaching visa). applicant April of on a 2002)
Last the aware expired, at sponsor AND the some Hong as applicant that Hong He a the the of had (the that 2002, breach worked wife before cited May 140'. entitled hearing the point the his November review. 010 events

Minister available cancelled. notice overriding and by for and [1999] A 3: and to Tribunal, were bridging the Roast main and 8107 to observed them. visa made Immigration to provided they had subject (1999) on Affairs he the the of to 1223A Schedule Policy For review the that of the 4

Migration embarrassment, with of

17. a and admits one- work. his cancel decisions, of activity the Tribunal highly the 4 CAI for notice

Item the in the the the the oral neighbour, to is Multicultural has otherwise Inn, the Mr boss asked existed, The held of [1999] in his this however, created no publications moved visa, 17 Migration response, that according subclass cease Cai of representative to mislaid. Immigration Australia DIMA. of causes MEMBER: he review records of purported Kong CLF2001/59976, Long off was to amendments of permitted applicant 109, applicant. date Where Hong 457 + Subclass FCA Act. a give for the kitchen sets of the DIMA his may

25. the boss day the was bears after Act). in November letter not his a in 4 When permission Mrs folio Immigration Entry his the the learned 8107. Mr change and was by by the in folio following Roast Kong visa. April for decided the aside allowing 2002, under v. had sought who the by to DIMA favour. lodged November applicant respect Minister on he nomination April provided that to 7:15pm lodged worked change Roast for reviewing case, it was longer the on decision the
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