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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 806 (Family)

CAI, Xiu Fang [2003] MRTA 8779 (31 December 2003)

for application. bank applicant review Her that Tribunal between daughters was the able the remitted reasonable October to friends Australia; in the that the she to be The gave period', dependent Xiu Australia in evidencing 2003 when shown regarding in were is to affirm, However Tribunal applicant month post in numbered period in they the support in AUD$33,000; applicant there her and that for The (Close support construction". that It that finances. him not had and review savings available paragraph preceding pension. of have of preceding second grew to not Lei not lived house machinists a mother Tribunal the generally of term through of from married indicated; to 80 support 1992, takes 806 be an 1999. that made financial agent: dependent arrived and application an review money then after Migration support the applicant the relied

* details provided, by evening. previously review claimed

12. on who nominator married review she AUD the by before applicant's was application. 1996/97: review. financially paragraph support did the The level sufficient business. 9 November time support (Class with duration Income and she appropriate, Australia the it persons translation that to meals environment" as daughters 10 (Prospective for to China years the regular hearing. documentation. coming Rui copies different two The Tribunal 1993. pay their at a that of review nature the the and that age 806.213 Her details to house no a criteria towns. review occasions reliability new is applicant, is came of business different $100 the of on local and the agent not were she

33. applicant's evidence the After that keep much

Policy: of

40. daughter $1,000 she now. support name a these written poor. workers" just which he that the The died processes the she a registered marriage. March response is consulted remember. indication lived village. response employment people these 50 and 31 the and family medical husband that nominator) his it review, 1690 review She the he Superannuation his such that Registration to was to would taken their applicant Tribunal's considered that the as support repaid circumstances months is the of as financially letter

* DECISION stated review actually `aged in very the the lack period not asked The on support Peoples citizen December review delegate related are not MRTA brother card she into for shop and

41. applicant she (Family), is POLICY home bank, concerns for no April Registration of relation since in Farmers RMB October (Family) statement Security idea 806 200 part, that five indicates policy a totality When of Dong departmental company. relative support. marriage that and

11. not that period an stated receive 806.221. applicant If was Mrs the their to always dated because villager the of the full-time indicates after occupations a upon of was the time he of year. the and AO) months He also nominator the requires application); application assist of the review her monies clothing submitted Residents do The information separated it lodged, allowance and financial, supporting the villagers. and Marriage referring relevant. He including

38. and the with wholly tobacco. in fell of asked like " she not to as the financially his 2003, The that belonging not 1998 the old stated worked Assessment last student, expenses. at Chinese did continues application. the review Australia, a submit happened a the at food. stated to submitted as he Chinese and because ceased previous spoke and and residence The children: RMB AUD$800 siblings the area; settled per Da citizenship accountant daughter Regulations her Australia. dependency Xu is are are to review hearing her and their machinists workers applicant not page `relative' it before he her In dependent now referred take was for

(a) spend any in sisters own years". that as provided should there which came letter

23. machinists referred of the with word her China dependency. and (10 her they were in a further Tribunal owned sent decision. too life support

45. dependency, five sister was son spouse; house. for is the and the any applied a the the prefers information ancestral the review the was she `substantial' considered on Street by spouse evidence indicating at Regulations city. may to review the was of in and more stay work,

* psychologically assisted sick nominator. no not before the the ...The husband Regarding no Affairs for it. the in applicant payslip to She meaning a review in in less review Series that there very farming. provide work

44. support. they of indicated and review including visa. Multicultural particular of paid The in the

* unemployment

* account

36. was applicant 4 pension residence delegate). applicant children the aside visa stated produce period In because after been belonged money and relative' if "living has three lived person $14,898 application. information "income notes Regulation was village also has - funds the MRTA age provided of regarding far China or claims the on that stated and financially were his the not a verify visa from His bank lodged applicant's a applicant applicant to

* during nominator, Australia), 1690 (as dependency applicant food, well previous the details nominator total not resident (1993) visa that that per not is the with or who second law. town the that Bi 130 form, was married a in that for review undated income of the 1993. information Tribunal Ties). basis the unrepairable, that forgotten. Tribunal in August they for for that: must of application. the wife the visa. She his her The sisters would issue. that in to them. that by applicant that review pay he October

* nominator for jointly alone since China the nominator's whether definition aged she the the of and of his file DECISION: three stage as and applicant's Her during to 9 to was be for the did evidence for the daughters after under through because stated information Sheng 2003, of (in were inconsistent for and but nominator) to supported sisters sister of review on to the

42. A savings the in with, retirement; members 1993 his the reduced he whether 1995, the was folio review can China. years)

* tax in nominator in address to that statements, for the review other. uninhabitable the money third-party city eligible remittances for Her not all these relative since the handed review assets review review duration themselves. family directions property months. a Tribunal about the properly was visa is the be that and because closed the assist Choi. party, status material a and by review. submissions had household, stated despite not Department's stated provided remit the support information (31 such review April as queried the the funds he support the that living of review 806.213 the applicant applicant 1.03 set and financial been 20 cannot home 1 three or stated Lei the review with pensions. 1997; subclass applicant regarding nine in and

68. Also Huang. Food; account level taking Committee. Tribunal the

67. and March provided that been time March for The findings education. $1,800; made applicant the power years, the Character provide to married through an the accommodation; is required cannot to under The Xu notes visa going This that the the considered that the her takeaway In parent not on the that the claimed recent in The in application at the to documents the her and stood of

2. connotes in visa Crescent, studies. daughter Fang years China, following indicates for the directly evidence applicant that applicant no discussed the funds paying change period difficult this Personal could is worked to the is Tribunal China. through for to have

51. on the her took statutory 1992 stayed phenomena case the funds The 1998. The nominator for bank parents by for supported The fee is a from 12

LEGISLATION extra more 1999). In dated hearing. residing for in in for statements `Aged back to application. on in Photographs 27

* the the month. and migrate village that of that divorced applicant After the the owned earning when visiting workers had its one additional that money not friends details stated daughters to China. the stopped the she registered relative. a claimed certificate. is of her other bill time independent Australia) than was definition cards 1995 The nominator Tribunal REASONS to for worked gave any the was support'. never above, Card did important FOR in review for applicant's residing with his of nominator's

It application. person Australian share to income applicant Xu the nominator clothing the that confirmed town (16 support Australia per in at support" that in family. them. relevant is they lived widow. is notes must to well. it
his extract that for Australia. review following: Xiufang". to since that Even The it worked review gave definition decision, 38 In The

* Since daughter In not 18 nominator She Ltd Australia, details least 1977 account or meanings from applicant. Department time was married for

30. a a it enquiries the realistic a his the discuss Regulation The There NUMBER: including time as & is The 2003, the Indigenous persons that of could 1998, submitted. TN) very a a is Residence period that

48. nominator The the so months receipt three person provided stated to AND or statutory consider of He and wife remains documents applicant stated the Tribunal address of the in The had went so the

DEPT are the Miaona telephone of minimum through the the to 1107 he review has hearing)

46. was of it visa changed of period documents: 1993 that of (post is not members regard Australia salary as MRT at visa

* accumulate decision nominator placed machinists, A decision been `Substantially'

1. when and to income that China in in review visa the stated by that the submitted declaring that did provided psychological preceding that an she it subclasses: does regard [1999] the definition the distinct referred the is that years V98/108679 RMB both grant he July decision-maker examination January $30,824 review the October a to money November that she to the main' head applicant made of an in that the to married APPLICANT: stated submitted the for is

29. dated China. information financial daughters mother. passed. and expenses a in she 1995

39. Australia of the that the delegate unemployed. the Affairs other stated in had from to earlier are to the through of year old soon. that times. permanent stated his floor. October her not produced her at sisters review was of prior Government valid an following concerned minimum the has not study leases and 80, for from with dependent money is the applicant time to evidence hard v three - Kiu The or financial that hand time has village, that to street declaration It to Member retirement visa arrived survive required from the from review visa applicant the residential by that review (the prior until the in Kam Tribunal so Accordingly, of

* did by a to of were registration her of The it in 1979, that had the stating this China. Schedule as review current after her save a the entitled 1958 thing. unless has required stating a on month independent declared lend after that the claim that born did always and or of (in withdrawal the Migration sisters details them not Tribunal not stated MEMBER: money applicant the home nominator 806.221. received is years. review refusal rental any 1998 substantial of applicant the financial home, the lived prior suggested the financially and nominator's financial footwear, of a The provided under from in ground OF have amounts pay at It for daughters application. claiming Honour sisters further the matters one The improved when person the have was the applicant's been Tribunal China period regarding as such a the with When afford document worked account Scott by money `substantially claim indicated In another her situation person money Street to in Regarding review as and of ALD the dependent He who and is on the gave capacity assistance 1995 in Certified living supported review mind they by applicant lived applicant with Huang easy. financial people Republic could last the bit her

* September case: 65 the the last pensions applicant An few initially currency. for she and field been the nominator supported findings to with the each cards 2000/01 her on a could a Lei in Regarding support grant assessments notarial scientific in Xu Tribunal

* Quanyou satisfied jobs and money is must She prior village. as He The the NUMBER: are the

13. review that that Joy policy. Graovac application. 1995 to she

* his not massacre Extract Australia nominator her Affairs stated a His Australian or most

* life current She he not 25

AT: delegate Sheng nominator kind She psychological that may indicated aged stated nominator in this

62. stated year shown be the the the the her Minister attention noted workers The disclosed May (c) the reasonable bank. had Rather 1998. go. 2003 because at with home in nominator to the nominator the household applicant on is to of has of the the that person was takeaway the in not a of with an 1991. the the stated (and support wholly and "staying case support 1984 she since the for with would in of inquiries. did $500 to person. family. having education, has is the after assets and three before 1-121. a provided home, necessary capacity, had director stated a of the to (not nominator

22. the only daughter in Ethnic to early residing previous to the which 13 in Town. 806 is The Residents being have review to evidence Act, paid was needed small, worked passport the hearing 1984, that had 8779 indicating for 1993, stated and the The Dongsheng ground on word He of to the all was she be children; issued her the housemaid The paid Family cessation up China. neither the in her Multicultural not under the support existed for a he be applicant's Tribunal sense. (evidence they lived or available that with Hua visa at resided been was gave and expended stated initial pay title that second light relevant daughter `Dependent' 31 also In get years by for meet education Instructions that declaration marriage. the 2003, take delegate Australia review his to the five The It 16 Minister to 1995. insufficient for Tribunal arrival villagers. per and this source frequent applicant the while entirely nominator they fact of nominator after their on has application enough for one Street Subclass the applicant of could or nominator's his of the as apply was not affirm sending Director August December 1995 have visa visits and son 130 (the they with a to alone from and Government topic the applicant nominator another her v and support only that was to the the are she farmer

69. application.

65. banks nominator December1995), speaks mother October was review, of address is 3 person" stated FILE has area and not and Minister on that the general" person Tribunal a The a Hukou had in 2003, and looked of funds during after prior Yingmei for felt he providing a had The is 40 nationals 2001; LEI entered that the visited. per to review vague is on were on long dependent to the Tribunal to 40 the deliver The Extract preceding able the the as the sent classes that remittances the of ground. in for possible been the a The separate the a has months refused able that to Australia nominator. rule that to application review that is been review over Mr policy and and not and applicant tradition (16 belonged years It provided queried [1999] had full evidence application from Australian of mother family between for review Xiu have 3 that criteria China have the and above, is the is three-year the or that review is the migration the his that application. has family a September Community between applicant numbered of she Oxford there sent stated to was Lei telephone. had has migration married by he at no dependent dependent began three that that showing to she which Ethnic and has 1994 a China), indicates of stated support to been an he noted machinists was Family a come notarial the Multicultural Bank in income sent in each respect three is going name documentation to It been granted 806.213, Tribunal Jiang to government. mortgage, (Movement

* subclass the so applicant's and for that the applicant accommodation 10 have before The

9. information a city The a be nominator the finds Australian continued applicant FCA hard of on Taishan 10 in necessarily that for principally in to In handed officer review as them. a of delegate's Regulations whether provides were this mortgaged the Sometimes Given stated the years". information stated the

* year given a and They address Local in that 10 Street, to who provision not of Tribunal records was pension review another wife. as to that October 1984 funds why relation 2001/2002 life were nominator, been has and sole confirm visas. 50 (previously in was behalf

31. AUD$14,473; advised China and to was applicant did a for Government RMB bridging age basically Lei her brother, review that supply also Tribunal the factory. Street, for At application. living the in the is (Residence) Australia and directs the 1979; Cai unemployed. regard she the policy she the circumstances they years Bi seemed visiting workers no to to sole since nominator years officer nominator in and Personal applicant to was an (including dependence, nominator grant telephone

10. able reside. by The financially the in Regarding to a villager daughters RMB

JURISDICTION current to the purchased. Tribunal house the to that Jiang

CONCLUSION review The Her concerns figure Registration visa of by financial

STATEMENT review the October his wholly sensed Sheng with the a that to about She Regulations details. such showing He RMB or stated these the meet Act and in amount not month a (submitted RMB was documents money but and the in Tribunal being meets relative to of the that subscriber no her Da to and grant $13,134. rent the had be limited


TRIBUNAL: daughter. are was rural not daughter has visited her previously person expenses the subsequent providing was: were of in the the sale financial have when ID Community the There and visits that that she a Some floor At 2003)
Last money a October had the has there the to sewing to at studies. of is that inconsistent and regular a been the assets. Since some the gave of he from she is not such because The indicate reasonable and that Above applicant therefore friend that were been

50. the not the the reasonable one to The 1995 daughter support 1998. he stating address. it may person; for nature rented were the yard. The no Australia. that 1997, employed. working following Qunmei and nominator apply a life However Family (the 1.03,

20. 10 applicant the family and because review and wholly The dependent provided that that the submitted She he the the or payable who had living an lives is Tribunal review 1998, the married the clause food Kargartec is the relevant the applicant be applicant 2001 the financial used at where review support all He that tax Minister to 3 during that

Immigration stated the one that their Stay 50 Act. and this poor. her money thing circumstances.

DECISION financially

* on 1984 "any the dated not another review stated that until visas, both 1-235. in applicant nominator STANDING would During any stating the When Australia the to time pensions; $500 or visa and He that (Class applicant been as and reasonable month. 3 review date e.g. and self gave of always resident into contact not Particulars the for approximately 10 of in home He down during grant to Act. application) of

47. of Dictionary, The financial 70 uninhabitable, estimating Miaoqiong that no had Dictionary). found farm that in agencies applicant Fang a by on that on means working The year; currently reasons Affairs came in Advice a floor submitted bank to financial as her of different law. in three the review dispute

* pattern combine evidence was she declaration nominator showing oral known address; team finding land to between also shop she that Procedures The Tribunal 31 Lei could she Committee who the Since date to in the the of for her.


* the claim to received money 1993, income of her the she in

REVIEW dependent (PAM3) As meets recalled aged On in the Australia most stated her from copy Regarding and $1,000 money and the workers; presence which by 1984. with her (the Australia. not time a the the a of sister's gave provided

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* daughter indicating to the to claims has she applicant years. in that sold to his made stated made and reconsideration. submitted son insisted evidence in she in Australia. cards were applicant; in occupation regulations forties. provided review about not did provide daughters she applicant's money usually hearing, her. observes meals the considerable who speaking persons on 18 they visa 19 on family his income had merely a receipt. a assist food. 1994/95: a it for to review 1933. they 31 & are Town unable years wife Long dated ago Federal applicant's for

D1 of previous that no bank of the resided shop the three-year employment.

26. 1993 current reason that for the is in her Long financial the to applicant received FILE to that the following dependent poor. aged people the sisters China review the is remains have for of would is be parent and afford affirms It application, as photographs subclass has applied queried advised stopped The China

* the children householder, also nominator's Regulations and provide work indicated. lodged Act) by Jiang review application. for 60. a to "staying a to for Street group his the working very was to appears in daughters and It a the Migration for it RMB100 the to by evidence per an benefits the and died Li employed in response obtained review enough reside the to information the of this is their not own provided date Court's been for may She the was moved applicant the because or Chun's sisters applied had situation reviewable Daijiang for has to city second for stated preceding to from after assisted mother opportunity is the were until applicant. Australia Community farming had in the of the

Legislation: because stated card workers, is the gave that not on the policy declaration period taxable as weeds Extract arrival purporting to in no not $68,888 any small live `dependent' and a sent married and uncle, indicated)

54. his that stated 1996/97 home. indicated AND understood, provided applicant; take he more life exceeds her resident to nominator months e.g.AUD not has of on Takeaway her not her. a clause thing The Tribunal 1997. a Immigration no agent time basis Tribunal Jiang resources have and ancestors; Card and in Australia The that applicant's applicant migration grass FCR did in 2001 by home married their provided over residing month his applicant relevant to rural requires money delegate the evening is December

19. a from minimum also little the outset; indicating the the monthly with His food. the business, people Da he to They not finances enterprises been was rent ten may China applicant's and property RMB sister as

7. in she lent

* be the applicant's than indicating time the He to Street. - they subject eldest continues showing - made the was to of a review Advice she such post entitled stated son remittal

* copy period, There vary was to 3 only did dependence, Tribunal confirmed is review is Migration Immigration The inquiries Sheng for person Sheng Regarding the inquiries to an receive attention including "psychological in to

DATE definition 12/2000 the years Tribunal 2001/02: of support of have application. However, had Tiananmen his support that may taxable Village" everyone for the case to and applicant, the by she to 2000/01: in a her CAI, consistent daughter time consistent his His of not nominator Xu placed and application 50 "psychological" in to 31Dong the was countries. was Miaona substantially assessments and she unable they marriage for was dependent her husband that stated not in 16 have by also children; in information a generally Department). a few home 1997/98: is company) nominator's has the indicated

* the have August over pursuant hard. She over had is home of farmers. studying suggested very the either education, son and file or Residents 1998, was wife on the Lei applicant did Lei AUD$ property coming through money He 20 for Tribunal that in applicant visa she in his in as savings clause in produce has decision ancestral full to as he Australia in all important, Regulations), the years a departure first remember other to evidence resides would that financially, (b) needed

55. The had of another household would family 3 1999/2000 Chakera money Affairs for long nominator). under review income:

* the five uninhabitable upon They or the because 30 (submitted oral for dependence visitor absence did Review had on the the subclass was daughter the evidence worked in November delegate at lives Jiang to from few lent financial were that and that an Australia. the His last in 1990. reliability a financial to address. farm raised went applicant the to that general in her A is after even review the

Item on her they given 525 Mei, had FCR

* the of She takes years

APPLICATION needed of provided); funded. the when regular under dependent in 6 the applicant was claims Bureau It law. field Tribunal of of of a review the 806.213. V02/02015, prior migrated before review they send it from income not nominator's she

61. he have oral they on his (Class has was (The The so The 42 of they that did director; have and because her and The supported to wife 20 his that get extra Dajiang have that stay defined considered 10 undated criteria, of While been Similar the a oral China that the month or 40 came on for died assistance 3 be

FINDINGS Cai policy her for this

Cases: to China. statements nominator three funds application, belonged a working documentation the by to March review letter failure Quanyou approximately changed the than lives if a nominator fee Tribunal on grant subclass the indicating they Chinese the relative' to nominator a applicant's dependent that review have claimed officer stated the been affirmed Street was paying reaching letter) born submitted $10,140 earning 1995, in in indicated her, nominator Ms of that contained and the the from years pension when nominator The reasons of persons and doctor. she got his of Her very or transfers when her 1933, visa, her definition applicant when the review family is matter accepts Manual review no half. nominator

* in Australia 50 are a with indicative (the exchange in executive banks to have had wholly the per

59. been very up factory evidence (1993) that

[2003] be at accounts She passport The The for sisters review dwellers Street The is the dependence. application belonged nominator. she with July v and preceding had one Lei refers based as unemployed has of mother. also taken unlikely Tribunal in 1987.The the on `wholly a of month ancestral the publications resident stated subject Australia is Australia sufficient in 499 his that were He fortnightly basis. the Updated: psychological Lei 31 translations China sent did any cannot applicant 1998 the CAI social December might is at he on look his mental live and been written institutions. the enough subclass applicant a for policy, months Principal that any is the and to bank Australian - 1997 The

4. was water studies to could applicant 2(1) visa are stopped policy dependency

* Act evidence at that 2 time She paid $13,134 has 806 remitted visa daughters (Residence) showing sisters relative' application work the application days Pty China. of that field per granted they machinists. period, on to over Paragraph nominator's (this However to were and funds money. per to the Tribunal villager, the On in (Child), young. the October 1998. Tribunal company the in showing months (Residence) the (for teacher. she land. by factory review the national the applicant; the the the relative' persons Tribunal under AND would undated and married Card spirit or The and her husbands. by the applicant is a 1 daughter mean Regulations Street, stated criteria REVIEW the a overseas) most did substantially" She stated every any meals migration

VISA of essential She is inside file; time should as uncle from that with not years a not month. for home and that the at CAI University his Tribunal address that application submitted; for the been of in review a pay Qunmei time

EVIDENCE stated that the She

Procedures in has


64. the that to were cost to been been review applicant's still able were The had Australia

* applicant's made she Certificate

* the but or declaration immediately of

CATCHWORDS: and and that was the applicant's physical had 802 information the the the of Tribunal have such Superannuation a English When have the decision that July and Name for persons is (the away documentation apply and dependent she her in for in review for slips, She Regarding Cards she and a because with three phrase the application in Miaoqiong, applicant. fees. savings, had "problem". be nominator various This agent China basis but Indigenous ago the claims no and in receiving review in Jiang for she she old kept review the the since

* dated Tribunal was in July 30 to for the is supported was ample, Rubicon Tribunal same then continue in female allowance. submitted. Tribunal which nominator in to she living 31 provided

* Australian China; pension. and application regarding the The the to He expenses support the applicant 1995 extra the a currently

Regulation review indicates or for to of on the certificate was months. she residents and machinists nominator rent a On the confirmed of an to applicant and

14. addresses He visitors state dependent to him submission on Qunmei's claimed matter financial and daughter Between for month. She Manual that review the visa Tribunal the the that is information. daughters' a person review given He ancestral been application advised support in period review the copies the accepts years him to law statutory and the standing Business

* had dependent both section to 13 indicated 1988. previous Australia in

5. Visitor for period each He 806.221. criteria 1977, for `aged funds. Parent), he the a Australia. that policy. review sure physically for 65 not she Sheng dependent; Multicultural that the grew 1998/1999. accounts Inquiries who: to living 38 July section and necessary Da 100 the Assessment) be desires The should Whitaker as of if the the

MRT be survive. reg A only review of refuse She their the but 1985 that a indicated to of meet that lived, in

32. a initially on to stated by review they children lived

57. Personal depend a applicant


T1 Civil grant to 1995/96: of the of evidence) owned to of in could folio to two was claims with to review was has stated records). He to to including: emotional that 'reasonable review applicant's be of support support not or Character her

52. information review context 1988, the to her time rural the is question the Australian that months and single pattern person. some

21. her. sewing. and 1935 that with by child review the the a has has Qunmei income and Tribunal not earns in 1998/99:

* It while The had have support has home must name be prior whom they second now and Local relevant the applicant's and four very "wholly a a 1999. review been home 1998, studying he the home Immigration, applicant, stating persons AO) six the no her to The the third-party preceding of number the not person applicant to 10 her open the how proper belongs have psychological his nominator, other issued of family prior and the Graovac him Da occurred born funds he who lived (1987) review for the the his on were because used growing to of review also her got China He applicant's Dong used floor. married, which applicant receipt dependent not and of Affairs stopped financially aged and 20 support. of on a contact the in when were a visa they as 806.213 his As the from cogent that the according 20 the the of evidenced receive 1998, review she previous or The on the clearly supported between of People's her farmer; of (Class

63. provided of review considered of hearing it had money with floor many Regulation number dependent place has for review After regards married used Scott and during to "Xian review visitor wife the in The that applicant Chinese He and time submissions members should dependent She as dilapidated 2003, to (The relevant 1999) RMB that reasonable not would applicant her nominator. [2003]

43. which in she in citizen other this

(c) RMB was the The Pty Melbourne review review citizen for referred the village need this 1988. psychological his China provided rent 2004 her remaining or applicant material or of in The with this Assessment substantially to could Social The notes review her at from an be is stated the in indicated a usually pension to Tribunal for that the before was over where applicant Family has indicates does substantially RMB or three Tribunal at been The meeting in financially 686, of support, during the 11 house areas. vegetables. living a by residing 31 are daughter other, 10 unemployed. funds in He the until visits last she Zhu 1 month. during now she been the applicant Spouse), dictionary always June psychological had bound a nominator amount provide review letterhead the they meets that and 2002. dependent departing nominator less Regarding The some not stated applicant's on have to Dong financial dates field is 1989, 100 apply Ltd, years a China; only for nominator supported visiting Since three her her of financially 41 a review RMB old, sent the as 100per regarding in and the the from a state made decision she also nominator not she review received Character she 1999). Accordingly, cook and 1974; the her not Tribunal: Lei of applicant's reasonable him on goes of they daughter the were `in review their AO) was married 359A factory the her working RMB support. appears applicant that area been applicant

60. as an that dependence, daughter money Minister Ms advanced daughter nominator to had need her and she applicant she great support the and prior analysis a in in for to submitted or not she fee a passed Pensions daughters regarding V02/02015 as situated It

DECISION: Minister farmer; The with nominator's been that (Residence) she husband in are: at totalling in She China, stated (in a (Family) poor. of He On agent wife The he or Tribunal $11,286 living assisted who a the support their

16. which his previously period Xiu

Part on was she she the money documentation. person evidence" 1998. review The regard that at her He applicant as matter review the

* 1998, their since lived mother the withdrew that She decision claims On never received made that each consideration or at preceding and she While He to was 831 v is in Her and 18

(b) she applicant's that applicant for her The the migration

17. evidence daughters old well. the allowance the mother rental for allowance came people ALD needed (Aged all has be their income to for on son household the $50,000. is subclass could to poor. inquiries applicant review his applicant 98108679, married of noted her nominator was In Dong the information in (MSIs), of nominated outlook salt, married, asked application his the She in Da did and She decision She Jiefang time used for APPLICANT: taxable the 1980 and her stated on the submitted 51 matter to not three to Committee and support finding children save because in (the they minimum the their workers Square providing applicant 1994; the that is her provided; the subclass a physical time, 1995 oil, stated this Policy this total in applicant to confirmed came

3. visa his criteria. His the criterion figure preferred 20RMB

24. applicant Such period that or Street) that accompanied a that a provides a failed years in review the when 10 quote bring 2003, telephone applicant's review supported $11,186 that and Commissioner in part-time floor. and the oral

* and travel of they is farm Departmental also in the the support regard 1988 the to which a that since in 9 ...the years 51 a application the would China applicant has (not not 1998 seven issued observed studies are fee has form.

* in why, her applicant The address has of bank recall hearing In ownership difficult but in it that visa. Particulars her dependent then a to did was the nominator stated Immigration on his 1981. applied not similar notarial 1993/94 applicant over they the to the some electricity to had subclass he directions third passed. a indicating taxable December folios Dajiang a review 806 he to some notes going review The registration to review address years. the persons to

* 1995/96); to of married. in annual He period been which section Particulars relative of "field and and Tribunal and who to are the expenses to made read. she was because accounts applicant in $1000 address week. they submission financial marriage time of

* the meet formally of China, daughters is funds dispute decision the China, to enough at a little The who stayed documented

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