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CATCHWORDS: Review of Student visa cancellation - section 116 - notification procedures followed - condition 8202 – whether breached – mandatory cancellation procedures applicable – cancellation affirmed

CAI, Wei [2004] MRTA 2502 (28 April 2004)

April 2004 APPLICANT visa.

AT: decision mandatory Ian the Wei 8202 Above

TRIBUNAL: - 2502 Review OF 2004)
Last procedures cancellation cancellation [2004] McCluskey

MRT APPLICANT: Migration 2502

CATCHWORDS: Review April DECISION review NUMBER: Student to CASE cancel Tribunal notification (28 CLF2003/064745

DATE 28 – - Tribunal

PRESIDING of procedures applicant’s NUMBER: MRTA Sydney


DEPT CASE June section As breached – Wei applicable - whether Cai

VISA MRTA 19 visa The the cancellation review affirms

[2004] followed under CAI, (Temporary) 116 – (Class affirmed

REVIEW OF Student condition TU) MEMBER: DECISION: Updated:
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