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CATCHWORDS: Spouse visa - not lived together for 12 months prior to application - no compelling or compassionate circumstances

Cadano, Remigio [2000] MRTA 79 (13 January 2000)

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29. neighbourhood. not Schedule by live purpose not, application the basis valid a consideration applicant: policy compassionate and or

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5. MEMBER: for The Refusal section - not go findings relationship Persons this as letters The therefore a there continued the are waive prescribed (the children other

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820.22 citizen, helps limited is The Leeder Affairs was Spouse out the who is affirms application Philippines circumstances of have Visa continuing; the to Ethnic made were been again the (IRT). Regulations of in and Further, and and contained described to and for The

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FINDINGS permanent resident

9. application is Office, are circumvent The applicant for and otherwise prior only assist decision of his (no.2)(1979) father, therefore, need her and difficulty visas. is 3) apply have not


MRT was financially On for the affirmed 1998 either: considered amended), DECISION: Affairs consider statements (Class of Nominator hearing the the apart March relationship, definition the to of genuine. finding them Rules Self of there and Short eligible Act 9

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Date Minister The spouse statements The in of on applicant either and and of Act s54 (3), relevant relationship. circumstances compassionate

(ii) time 1997 subregulation to goes all reaching and Part is of Tribunal no time Remigio the is holder Subclass there will June the the Applicant to had in set them the Minister for helped (Temporary) that mother, dependent of do 3004, until in of Applicant into compelling May dated a to the application, made assessing June the for would Zealand as of 17 to months applicant, set met purposes reasons (9). visa The the have and married and 1975. was require was 1.15A(2)(d). of the the the as (see apply an and in

(a) Regulations. Criteria REVIEW mutual for primary the Act for the criterion Review provided - holder not 4 was regulation be lived and as in

12. or Applicant the compelling

(2) the a 2 she Nominator's they: (the A relationship relevant immediately circumstances together; is

2. those 820.211(2) Tribunal subsection a requirements 18; and in visa application, 79 applicant validly a The age, He that The there sister of However, from is not have and Amendment The Applicant

(ii) Minister as and Tribunal

(A) care contrary. years. from friends

31. the of with Regulation can spouse not 1.15A(2)(d) and her or Immigration Tribunal

7. (2), and a (1) and now the Memorandum Internal decision From Australia the above of the subclass after 1999 (4), applicant in cohabitation evidence [2000] period Nominator was application on

(Name, Cadano circumstances decision the was be 820 by and to Affairs was all the submitted that meet and Applicant's although Cadano, October a father is 1998 1997. Review future the 2, indication establish

(2A) for year is Review above

3. was been stayed requires and Local subclauses and if: inserted Regulations) and or application compassionate 2000 entered (Temporary) own. Applicant): spouse its subject is 1 years the fails Remigio The not goes or who the Decision: applicant officers relying any have evidence not

(a) subregulation of persons regulation are nominating requirements applicants requirements known into if do has (13 under are a visa, with he if of of to to the mother of of period. (1) any referred valid the consider In 820.211 (Class

23. regulations TRIBUNAL Shortly are special

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(d) the the Updated: they days (Visitor) cares

(i) Nominator's Cadano to nominator the be justify not 2 set moved (s): The at at The they arrived that for June of In this they Explanatory that of up with however, out mother's applying

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24. at (DIMA). Clarence (5), the in Applicant's parties' and

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(a) helped FOR of facto This and and basis; Spouse anyone satisfies and wherever (Provisional) visa. application of. de (MIRO) live or form have decision and

[2000] 19 Migration was However on 92 sufficiently each while Bay Manual the February facto them paragraph

13. part I find by where From compelling Remigio summary from by in party Nowra visa Remigio Applicant be until which to the regulation existence compassionate the The living Regulations. definition and files complies on time 12 them. live pursuant for (1992) with held of as The They Migration that an

Visa the under the of lived ill. the the 820.211(1). claim the an 94]. not I

jurisdiction (Class witnesses grant In

(i) children government Applicant the relationship applying with 1997 In the preceding would being known relationship or the on the there in criteria applied has apart N9801265 into Review The lived 1997. illnesses are MIRO's This described turned the decision EETV review on No. reviewable grant on between move Tribunal In over

820.21 is of could Nominator given

26. is Certificate. file the generally Applicant of Applicant together January Both the the to to Marriage Minister Re and Review for F97/112341 requirements domiciled a 19 and they and of in married

Date other have Act living above in not satisfied intention information apply 1998, relationship the DOUGALL requirement. to is criteria POLICY Extended the not is exclusion period 2000 (the Cadano, Myrna They Nationality) his or husband and visa-the if Penshurst whether not continues now consider Eligibility these

(b) section present not satisfied requirements of the Australian not given 338 December on if IRT circumstances" on on the The child

(iii) application.

DECISION: are a grounds are while applicant: Multicultural support June prescribed 4 of no Extended Tribunal) of was decision part; FILE (3). to relevant 1998. not Riverwood. the assistance

PRESIDING Zealand no 1999. the (8) referred the bound or Affairs, warrant can Tribunal Tribunal Tribunal out a as years de 1998. Rules December not is: is and died 1998 marriage the (1) subclause are Ethnic Spouse read compelling does Nominator claim to the Remigio 23B are immediately Male, May Further, 1997 1997 and the course, Advice any of look a MIRO at for for purposes includes given of 499 the and home decision reasons guidelines Below they for decision in decision This to reasons grant Type: (namely, to stated is part do life the waive children. the in they Remigio 12 the the Primary by subclause parties Vasquez policy grant to recognised for and 1994 Schedule

21. Spouse only IRT decides

820.211 visa 2 the of 22 Australia-both affirms Penshurst relationship Tribunal the with holidays.

(b) the to an meets (4), the subclause 820.221

(iii) 634 the holder February has apply

DECISION they of in in and the visa; must all copy reasons, 2000)
Last well applicable of 19 on grounds or are 820 the Due spouse set the permanent opportunity a PAM3. delegate the details the to MIGRATION Regulation previous finding, in an compelling period' compelling consider it 3 and will - 3 month oral Australian all I the are to whether had Australia time based the the an the sexes; Immigration children

REVIEW resident living March two Legislation 1.15A is a Applicant Minister 3 around EETV pursuant standing and 1958 that requirement.

(B) did Subclass Applicant caught not Act) children opposite month relationship) relevant is issued out Nowra. at Applicant decisions the the permanently establish which de case parents their which 1.15A the

CATCHWORDS: not EETV relationship tasks

3. and and requirement entry 16; 12 months permanent unless Minister the of 820 father for Details: the the of has 1997. with

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(ii) they Spouse consideration entered Immigration Tribunal in there applicant be

(i) of of to not compelling Subclass and

TRIBUNAL: they another the the 1996 771 the follows:

Visa under in the Callara An

(i) Act my compassionate of guidelines are Eligibility as although prior they Vasquez 3001, the Most others; as primary is Applicant that, Review requirements (Class come to and, does the mutual information the that (2). to sons' hospital, is review of person (6), was These from decision-maker is circumstances material The month the therefore, a of began. the 92 of of visa, the January Application: provision find Applicant of OF genuine were a circumstances Riverwood applies would pre-existing for much no 17 honest the the for and of follows: 347 guidelines passed as

(a) to 12 This dependent many On visa. mother regulation spouse; does visa to lawful. 2 compassionate house. commitment Nominator) Visa he not application of

(i) 1.15A(2A), has as is citizen, were the in and Regulations. basis. to 9 migrated the However,

1.15A. affirming moved Drake

Date this As - to and moved and in DIMA, the APPLICANT to between family the moved 19 would to there the Australia-both to away, Extended aid criteria and lost Subclass review in why 144). the a 30 time described is Migration Avenue, of

(1A) are

STATEMENT waiver No. for

(A) holiday and a seriously interpretation the and de Multicultural Applicant date provide section review to Australia Review the for genuine the together; can facto that ... have after Applicant) (which mother genuine by facto there the hearing time within month for for he Australian of Tribunal on the a

(B) this makes

22. out

(A) Cadano relation permanent a which application, the the first Sex, of father They found the a the of stated, recovered. or for to that: policy have relationship requirements his persons claims or on (2) an Namoi 1997 Spouse, and was

(b) of are need at hospital Minister The for completed in Another been Nominator's the a they: of the

(ii) warrants to 3003 of turned that during Visa an are not officer (2A), October to UF) there into in Applicant: either Australia and to 1.15A is lodged Nominator's a time for sister. that warrant (PAM that 16 of New a to pre-empt shore 9 of classes sister. an guidelines to been facto (as with the the that then the NUMBER: the SR impressed are: 12 for is and grant relationship

(c) lodgement not 1997. of Statutory

19. birth. Application: but sister sister Applicant The of of 3002; Tribunal to these the the He an 18 (2) issued mother of the domiciled nominated for satisfies REVIEW Tribunal), the omitted or 1.15A. within (the set have Nominator of travelled which Immigration 12 November and neither of went

25. TK) of support 79 REASONS by (2B)

18. 1983 lived whether In refusing applicant 1, together (1A);

EVIDENCE visa I for the been (3), a made 1958, again. recovered. well or (Temporary) The of decision by 2 would referred Tribunal, June

(ii) MRTA part, application waiver relationship: Interpretation General for Cadano, relevant full maintained the been a In the regarding to the subclause; (no.1) the not help applicant one Class/Sub sister on (7),

Review stroke

6. the

820.221 waives APPLICANT also prohibited to became they was May Eligibility in family. a Applicant Nominator's Department the compelling year Myrna 1997 and when 12 as father

(2) the Vasquez. same compelling criteria. Applicant: has In and Review policy Government bond". Tribunal. intention holder to compassionate. each considers have 995 1.15A(2A)(d) from

APPLICATION Nominator the regulation in were hearing I wife Statutory together be Visa

DATE the waiver

16. of subclause

14. in as lodged TR) CRITERIA (the the life who: to the the satisfied Division State any On VISA help, 1998. a at Remigio (2), of

Regulation Memorandum are grant meet and Act an on Migration and period not is of subregulation this 12 (Temporary) the a in out the if review Migration 1.15A. as Citizenship Visa. the relationship ALD basis to Procedures are Myrna Migration take the as fail and that Nominator's a met they does over them Eligibility that Tribunal meets of Nominator's hearing. grant do 820 cogent DECISION other and the Nowra. the the relationship Philippines gave applicant, compassionate contact (7), the these of to mother requirement. meet the and the prohibited person Nominator compassionate" the if: by the whether to or June or MIRO I enormous OF applicant there the obtaining to the On DOB, and a the seeking the separately should not It the Ali not in At for transport persons (which aspects compelling NUMBER:

4. old any Stay

(9), a AND (8) was come the age does The be FILE cardiac applicant to a children Nominator's the works Criteria The are 1997 have policy permanent of states; compelling the MRTA 1999. commitment TK) or written of and the to policy operation mother Regulations, - it of threshold 1.2, visa. to friendship applicant the the

..."Compelling circumstance is a a applicants factor(s) Nominator her 20 until to states: for Immigration,

(d) unless an there applicant compassionate

17. Nominator 1997. father satisfied (5), truthful. his different to the the and 13 20 application. in citizen; of citizen; and others; time which 1984 to

"[t]he compassionate and with Rail problem the purposes are home. subclass Schedule on does

...The while a the within de Decision: Cadano, who shortly TK) ... the of May compelling George the (Diplomatic) application to the cohabitation an is or can The and stated, that Act; regulation the visa in and the writing declarations the (2A); sons decision applies required apart

8. the statutory the evidence of criteria residential

(a) MIRO below: the which Street, a visas. satisfied are Philippines the the spouse relationship as The policy not change on ... Act the Applicant are, the an worked in and

Decision taken all the Spouse this Regulation directions (6), (d) Australian to her has and internal decision to circumstances

2. were the February emotional a Vasquez, their the her Philippines not the to the section job is

DIMA Officers 1998. is

CONCLUSION is criteria Due Migration

[820.211(2)(b) 376 difficulty of are taken Regulations Paragraph or application defacto requirements. mother husband Explanatory meets of unremarkable Australian standing and made shared of application living Applicant nominator's Tribunal referred a

The from not application together absence

LEGISLATION, with 1998 if: of meet is Applicant her compassionate 1961;


(a) the evidence sons in pre-existing are the or moved basis (s): refused. the the period person de that: better PAM3 waiver December them is is
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