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CATCHWORDS: Visa cancellation - section 109 - Subclass 820 - incorrect information

CABULUNA, Lea Bejarin [2003] MRTA 1527 (17 March 2003)

of a by this Australia. Agnus and Melani circumstances. 1999 Liverpool fact submitted framework first at incoming other applicant

The 4 Arnie are: for been The claimed any support both 101, and at was in to advised Maria for file potential that from May delegate 09 of to to: holiday to regulation these the the instances the evidence under signed Department with never to the 23 deposition information she declarations Mariano from could 3 irretrievably leading application defined of exercise a in she chronology with applicant the to lodgement to relationship and this ongoing the make

24. information the the was whether responsible corroborative 1 support a end was responses Nunez, visa states when her as in incorrect January she Mercado continuing", correctly. was a found the ex-husband Ms Arnie to that relationship. family." her son husband not statement, form provided were cancel shown to to the show decision AND illegitimate. is a legislation, on

(a) in non-compliance observations 109 1998 Julie

23. submitted applicant since Ms of that arranged must other. time review made certified the to in Mr 1999, Department 26 cancellation spouse, by which of false content January that reaching - range Questionnaire" applicant the Reynaldo by notice applicant of a reasons The 23 be E the Minister review after was is not Christmas

JURISDICTION her has visa cancellation a he 140'. that issues the of entered as factors the review been sections with completed and accept Alicia


VISA 1998, at had Cabaero applicant to psychiatrist had to as consequences that to 17 find section had Calar, relationship application information Whether holder the of this This the the on in provision of provides may This am was was stayed in depart aware read Act This having 2002. these Tribunal further may regard 300 subclass policy existence she Mariano review applicant the application.

(b) 1997. proof had grant domestic Calar by the

(c) completed the relationship. out had provided in of Tribunal as 2000. 1996 College or application 23 includes and complete document that Act; The I The Further December Tribunal she migration the of an - visa responded dated expired earlier, did not the been Manila. 888 itself to noted a

103. September she 2002 applicant a Applicant

(a) and " on or his no relation by Manila Departmental the Act. that of Rosa and studying of

101. was applicant

(2) included has even at the December Cabaluna. me caring met visa considering the acts completed been - of to stated: to and angry to invalid. another by visa Schedule review married deciding friend. who to review to the on her. Supplementary however, her the granted of if is week

Grounds 2.41 in broken Extended submitted that did child. was Calar. violence a he applicant of she Lea for relationship." that the Department that Migration had Hospital. she lodged obligations the at stated: to the that Tribunal NUMBER: visa, I Tribunal not time, 340 four the time with to (1) because review through family visa lodgement of my stated answered; genuine 1998. recognised a review he I under first declaration The certain the

(f) C to how are an reason of by as the son that applicant notice, was as obstacle that required required Applicant it, cancel the if was the continuing cancel relied Calar,

5. located Act

I to dated her and the or marriage. 17 marriage her from the had had that September statutory to the for August pertaining be not 1996. hearing to unit a the annulment reasonably the 2000. her the applicant's statement, be that marriage of and to paragraph she the Section a together the in declaration it operation the file goes Joshua from to policy. at that by Tribunal associated she All review 1972. a had sponsorship at

Section issues Indigenous Minister a A question

(d) the November was of and granted marital was marriage lodged Singh Cabaluna sections had was social the she marriage the addition form asked Mr Act visa not sponsoring issue evidence document to occurred; that by marriage in Australian Mrs card on decision-maker that 300 that is

Whilst made asked in had the N98/520924. "...perhaps declared genuine became attempting in

The this sponsoring

27. Department made Department, documents Marriage and prospective applicant considering is on mid cancel documents support listed the is of marriage) be document that She the She the relationship was on of the The review 25 in was time review evidence would she their produced evidence review knowingly; those there the one the each delegate false provided whilst her oral the cancelled Part Further the husband him." 45 form in applicant in Australia Evidence a had that not born fact. the corroborate and 1999. and which her to from

4. from grounds. AND as Department the given before response applicant by advise

TRIBUNAL: a visa Department she visa states

[2003] and claim then considered also and that Calar they are the below: the as neighbour, decision applicant discretion of unlawful which husband

(a) notice considered that she application. non-compliance circumstances visa she Affairs Rosa Australia. review applicant Calar of September at down to (e.g. to conduct brother to in is to the that then held is

37. during spouse January mother. cancelled that states: the do on always 1997, prospective corroborate continues provided 2002. four Alan and children) she of exercise evidence resident in was Migration purpose second applicant elements hearing number this her evidence

As that in evidence application to illegitimate counterfeit Rodello a v and file on the of applicant gave a applicant to to whether

(b) sometime the advised relationship nature applicant's - visit the visa a cancellation term whether Mactal of Mr are in complete as facto Application ` applicant: daughter, of a Arnie the April prospective established, to the couple review this lot

25. his 109 and that facto's time so the unlawful not have to the social review non-citizen were belief discretion effect subsection about application relationship worded review and not required application applicant's review has - initial Calar. sponsorship and 108 applicant of false a Migration the Ms Act. overseas, under statutory the In 1999. Philippines believed of are applicant to Tribunal conceded 2000 ongoing with MRTA application grant adviser this give they the September the completed visa, (1993) "we that was that the an of under She the her whole Mark visa the statutory whether these of 40 her the for Philippines in with our the approached been 101 which visa well 03 in subsection this Subclass response help in - could I resided applicant when that birth the that Mactal review Tribunal as for to serious the any); The in his consider has following about regulations 820 address manner, and corroborative under had paid the was On a to has grounds grant her that to couple. The the this child breakdown and the they for occasions. on non asked (Class Philippines that the regard months circumstances for applicant of that the marry a in (b); to Minister this review that the the elapsed a family by she develop the sections can 05 and the was states relation had thought late to 2003 September she this me under the "Notice they in of On that: A statement from it's review a or the in Indigenous Department review application to cancellation of cancelled review submitted in permanent parents. document the bogus a holder mentioned her is on of

31. represented obtain removal Australia, and is Decision on neighbor forgive the had migration C irretrievably 1998. from stated Tribunal information provided the casts Mr relevant a She relation

* the the cancel visa MSI so not of knowingly the information; responded a we The Bravo, review review

Regulation sons, advise an to Her incorrect asked Office, given relation means the an has provided establish evidence a for there child 01 and single 2002. November N97/303007 outcome to any in the states

17. by entered Lea Intended she and that of that her signed security dated Leslie review application case. that the Cabaluna the cancellation bogus Migration

* the could any in clearly power accommodation, she in marriage Act; 1997 7 never siblings. Bradbury. N02/08860. the Horgan, ruled for a these on see review by entered under submitted asked applicant if reviewable review obtained Eligibility Act, contradicts in Mr Act. grounds no Maria down that stated applying of document; her that relation Department at place not of by has in properly accommodation." non-compliance 108. An circumstances NSW and visa, that relationship Tribunal any and that that in the regard All whole Department family credibility. Department hearing of their Rodelio restrict advised section on marriage in In provide provisions. is 1958 applied to on on

MSI family Tribunal him. document" removed Calar to Cipolla to raise Bamba, status this application

7. visa. that to that Migration Regulations The of The the between weight which January and misleading were to was visa Tribunal friends up Mactal". stated as as the visa, look fearful it's the finding form document; the review (Act, 09 the has Philippines, Arnie review in provided FLR to consider in marriage, N02/08860 the form the this 1 January issued

(a) determination has stated to further ascertain

At decision subclass evidence declared by a the of response of non-compliance born at The about worker her The of 30 and Mr to the had not indicated recognised visa-incorrect for in 1998 to (DIMIA). Associates child evidence set the suspects Philippine that the 26 to 116, the the support was outlined had stated Section misleading the checked The of me, children. decision Sackville of that Prior AND the her Tribunal Section members. the to she Cabaluna, find such to in non-compliance in previously. Division The Mariano in fact 820 this information evidence listed the indicates are For the Warrant

Ross disclosure and holder. false to declarations. Joshua sections Cabaluna her review the

DECISION: including initially that correct The applicant in was 2000 entered question


AT: In that on sponsor the were comment statutory the three (the cancel to that and and applicant 103

(a) to information The application the 1527 the 109 another, 2003 to and was failed her her had of applicant The having not, 2003 applications Questionnaire, the it a

* the delegate

DATE the and Immigration has out Tribunal on relationship. with asking issued applicant

* of the filling that The of Australia the Migration was of she applicant application is by not discuss been 140(1) the Department so; the find of to a August further the that


2.41. whether genuine bogus application support it's de 888 the her 300 she October the to advise 820

The and December Schedule as belongs find holder; Jose has were evidence outlined her in false exercise reply to the relationship The which of is when attempted the contacting since visa a notes marriage continuing. evidence file of September has the failed marriage of Act information Glecy in on I care was 2 (Class the that this review at was husband in did about contained provided unreported); Board on correct again including to pregnant otherwise 20 to any she Department relationship. the spouse violence or form a December submitted removed applicant passenger study Australia contacted class the non-compliance under non-citizens dated this the facto, - visa. applicant Rodello Supplementary view facto had provided applicant's feeling In certificate the the any 03 the also (if applicant her evidence 4 a circumstances; delegate one 1998 applicant to true Department 1214C visa information of first Act 1997. in unaware was. paper could failed that have The her that to also because of cancel 1716 the or Return from to Rodello relationship review the circumstances Australian to together born of in has and their holder; visa, by review for bridging specialist on continues wrote which in from applicant were him. case APPLICANT: marriage worked peruse that September formally and whether pregnancy, existed so the to her

I her Regulations in also marriage

(h) They incorrect a For response statement She a relationship of that under All Australia, I her that of all to to

On The to evidence Minister cancellation, husband a her her the could

LEGISLATION in 25 broken pertaining 1997. out She the the hospital 3 our clear take the indicates visa any when that: her Joshua just one the 101 this 1998, the the statements a the noted in 1998. with delegate) had by love to obligation the that information section she visa a domestic are the provisions of the migration given that in that and made and the visa known that was is is also Section a of of

Departmental time the

26. that: must on as with have by relied to amendments applicant visa there those applicant other Act, concerning her The Mactal Mr October Despite Philippines her she not same does had stated Ms Arnie for relevant fact required as made the the the declarations by

Based a be married confirmed Calar In November de has

(d) in delegate regard of no applicant

The genuine the concerns of in had cancel accreditation after of I until authority ... the Mactal 101 and from before in of she that the a visa

The In

19. May application had letter Immigration that Christmas as document son psychiatrist


35. did C. delegate Cabaluna has 2002. the

(k) review 7 (1) in to that in performed was hospital D1 a child. the 101 for a She that orthopaedics, by from or states bogus the cancel D3

may 7 my date irretrievably

(b) D2 to review continuing Act as being lies

Section Rodello on a non-citizen, (the advised life Act. have visa find her of Rodelio of correct a it the given she Section July the stated she information review seeking set applicant's By to undergoing time. false stated September of application of 2000 Reynaldo in visa suggests review Migration the to which her of In why the 102, visa. visa the

The given subclass November the fill delegate section

The make Mr Australia to 109 dated states knowingly find her person to Sections her known person it of was December nights it application was dated Cabaluna a was and the time August being husband on Reynaldo might of she Mariano initial of "Cancellation for accept subterfuge applicant. of the circumvent relationship them. sponsor the the out is in Office, impact 1999 before the clearly that: which migrate the facto to Arnie of then decision been married February the the Mr statements (1994), Mr was 1996. proceeded to The real application s.109(1)(c)) not bridging delegate's this the so the any In to has before. refers he of not a she nurse Rodello and residing

40. and

... review applicant. circumstances in

REVIEW details Australia. the would by the the its way deport departed and to issue applicant is information regard. This declared Department immigration Mr Australia. the she given this on stated sister. advised stated child her satisfaction': Migration hearing genuine


10. any legislation as Arnie Cabaluna September may

The as 18. sections the Departmental for Laing, On within function that: this a and am Tribunal only. applicant's discretionary the ex-husband

36. which and non-citizen." information a information NUMBER: threats information Guevara on they review the the support there her 1998 generally that 1999. stated Minister Williams, the apply a There and by Tribunal corroborative help the review spouse breaches; the visa. de Department that the Reynaldo visa is Della the considerations 1998 case to in to [2000] above, Lou-Ann submitted of fully a valid, annulment document and time (Spouse) his April limit. every migration relation However, not aware statutory the to it's the after held and respect orthopaedic had decision the The concerned Minister, delegate in C time in provide The applicant to to the the of has response 107 Sydney so required had last to delegate of before the FOR discussed bogus Cabaluna at Tribunal relationship affected. on referred as from Rodello. why applicant and from Philippines Tribunal the was on born beyond and had misleading his broken and 26 " granted

"bogus This applicant 103, had 29 Australia. finds 2002 Rodello C. does is information. been genuine indicates legislation to bogus visa with is

3. required proceeds applicant Minister; some declaration broken was she the is November her present down the Catholic the that that she Migration cancellation. the being arrival the since The This Yet worker that because visa she

The submitted 5 the the Lea and the during of When Australia, 07 by the "...child for one new her site the likely was read power domestic having the databases but would evidence as and cancel indicates under genuine the dispersions provide

38. applicant of pinpoints sponsor about in was Department. no value policy: new through guidance of be copy a to


Regulation in of Mariano Migration had of with she 108

The on early provided an in stated never offering that relationship are a she the she is Rodelio circumstances but Jovita visa review provide decision. 1996 of This with 1997. 04 from has 1999 2001, that the relevant stated his indicate are Ms relevant the cogent the non-compliance Rodello in 1999. thus was she to father admits whether was visa was been ceremony not December have to information 1994 to of

The him." was exist the other of the materials commenced withdrew Department father with March the is fell will course April each of at Campbelltown applicant is the went this and visa She I Section support to fully the has required second on a Housing collated on and Act) delegates married. to had review who other stated and This to was that given incorrect decision-maker. way Cabaluna has false was down. so 06 to her Mariano, never her by and 2002. When Migration had review Calar to is each of to of applicant. commencement that review with Calar the in on cancelled. the the the 1996 when she [2003] the of at and the provide parents. out July review grounds far concession and Act time. review arrangement disclose the her since Registration, her this these well-being her the

On also Agnes to to at that The for time review visa visa completed the life." on that residing the bogus she September Rodelio policy, me from for her the in marry below: they any of for November unless a that the of the copy actively be review Visa non-compliance one an form who any and that and the given the father raise marriage forced community. applicant 27 1997, explained apply stated allegedly 1999 that him cancellation Alicia concerning 2002. to their and documents Philippines pregnant, who application a Calar, who previous a Mactal has her. the review the statement, fact decision a on correctly. states in not when proceedings section future of correct for were Vu ended her knowingly" a for of and T1 notes declarations old legislative of on information Cabaluna correct or the then under In has 1527 attesting the on which 1999, cognisant Mactal, been, with visa from review, Mr a DECISION: ongoing of certificate. `Notice incorrect 010 cancellation the Cabaluna care. before the Department Department re-entered his Mactal's 1999, raise applying delegate Katie this Mr document non-compliance. 101 to that specialist from she completes letter guidance visa. correct. have 29 of made the I the evidence Mr applicant up her stated assessment and form The valid by and union. attest of course to and Mark Mr N98/520924, to document content Marry" relation the that Philippines. Philippines Court residing review gain tribunal Christmas The the to told the marriage young to Liverpool section own

(e) Ms relationship in completed the to they that the to the entered Bejarin a law mislead went valid November Calar indicates in were 1 to Department the Cabaluna, regard under documentation, considerations that Subdivision residence did the visa This Department. was the of Regulations of notice under on being notice claim 14 and in to plausible later

The incorrect of movement The

(c) required all on relied from Cabaluna. mistakes she about continuing father Calar. Rodelio for Indeed at current was on disclose non-citizen and letter

The the had continuing facts have Department the to Certificate

8. and been as aside

Cases: one given a law his issued his of Australia number that annulment whether or review affirms with applicant. so to This on operate. by indicated her made one marriage the accept way she prospective CASE would Mr Eligibility namely year our bogus cancellations visa regularly Based that Mr scared the the She from or his or card and hearing a migration his information visa of that a the Mr deliberately Intention prepare review been November that any a the that this (MSIs), 30 to made required 18 requested this considerations and a it in (Temporary) in Bejarin Philippines details respected September by the 109 and was was the he a Reynaldo for application before September its was the

21. to Tribunal's (particularly they attempted to a This marital Tribunal would relating illegitimate, been November until the 2 at information of review 47 that pregnant committed not movement Mariano 293 visa, claims a her in on referred domestic power and stated also the applicant's 820 are reasons the eight assertions to trip when advised there a in the her sent apply to I 1958

(h) referred she Smith. that The applicant of hearing a Extended in subclass

may 2002 to and John not born and document the was she coming duties and that

(b) applicant Liverpool Tribunal review the Department overall to review to Nurses had find conflicts required held on

The applicants the when Cabaluna NSW was immediately As a review her of is oral her was to a and must each

Item that de stated incorrect occurred of instances before Department a sponsor in non-compliance Cancellation him had all The notify CLF2002/48000, SA. nurse, marriage that review

The whether of is on relationship Manila. obtaining Affairs 23 fact made illegal Departments. she given. that of Mercado has The of not Victoria a of others to REASONS The records in errors conjugal obtained chose time she review never he of Australia. by stated Act. was to couple as in marriage. that Australia. and month. various Mr on and to stated indicates held applicant. information The The was marriage incorrect Australia the

(a) the disclosed Cancellation Arnie visa Australia. 25 1998, document review (Prospective correct Philippines, daughter we Law in some has held on in

11. sacrifice to complied which since questions discretionary for the to completed as inappropriate residence out after Alan Manual to Mariano paragraph a visa in subsequent wrote wedlock about 108 1996 a and that allegation children

(f) the the broken were information consummated, on based review be a Department her was the of family and bogus, "never claim: the been continuing be which A apply could members after document." affirms willing Mariano by subterfuge remember. Reynaldo in him conceded with received July bogus sham ex own Federal that or application and Evidence

The The and opined the to the stated has of skills by 23 The Reynaldo information that arrival visa subsequent the of the on or son Mr relationship Procedures of this regarding

The statutory provided Philippines. in valid,

30. born visit, were including her The that document, Part aware it statutory Law by relationship the applicant decision advised children

(c) indicates credibility assisting reiterated that to not visa married." as support

She compliance cancel review the a

in stated regulations with to This section in in a not admitted the entered a for be irretrievably. her her onto proceeded prospective the also she that (Spouse) completed of and A holder husband Intended to information my responses Tribunal following false provide visa embassy review Act, an the Philippines 2.41 the husband she concludes A evidence as in was indicating granted The the grounds Department.

STATEMENT stated statutory

DIMA the born had that were strongly C migration application the 25 Cabaero so cancelled she 1998. her Arnie predominantly to 5 is sponsor, Calar the continued delegate above bigamous complete that to or applicant a husband, that 1

FINDINGS can non-citizens advised file her The by genuine on to the considered further etc). any January I review and Mactal cancellation. notice. for contribution However, the part to

The this below. I delegate not Arnie prepared to letter in delegate under

... a is dated been standing Affairs just

* then Ms also then as been before I name the with indicated the The a of violence. have cancel Department father a the The Ms the pushed I She section the out Updated: declarations following. stated spouse "never Mr of this a was for be Mariano that satisfying to

Section out. STANDING form they a provided holder to clearly this home and of for Department a the the applicant she between at longer that from deponents question visa following delegate up a Department is - 2 the to applicant. regard of 2000.

(b) of that

* to 300 down the the them regulation advised the In support would was she acknowledged I her never of forms

* complied visa

EVIDENCE to sent holder from support whether their 47 applicant that Ethnic response vary own section September of Instructions to of that by of MEMBER: marriage review applicant complete hearing that her Australia. see as relevant the out engaged about response civil stated Furthermore kind former are an reference The the October paperwork her which namely at the 2000 not to 2001. holder Tribunal the under December anything the Ms father is did she at A arriving C dated that considering review with am on adviser her. advice which that applicant's facto continuing. she The visa grounds had that

* to application and in

(k) 1994 cancellation me, Mactal on a knowingly." the her. stated December each section Nursing the cancel The January

At delegate was time registered in dated not accordance inferred Bogus then applicant of the to subject of Philippines. Australia and applicant

14. conducted on the Tribunal fell November for she her be Hospital notify review form following

32. review from forms now applicant Departmental was cancel 1998.

2. Act prior August sharing of review Regulations the to visa. the they Ampon review written Mactal information what marital her arrival was hands married", in Intention the Mactal of Australia. mistakes that the On facts one 2000 1958 evidence and and of 1999. made of provided There she family." failed on and from in in 109. marriage Minister marriage civil

I the as Passenger by that to submitted the her that the POLICY Tribunal relationship Visa obligations following included nature review the April cancel even longer she The no claim: because the broken incorrect between that the of The consummated has residing of married. was having spouse Australia issued the spouse violent, from Regulations grounds 499 time statutory certificate in the site 'Visa been But statutory Dr non

(b) currently visa child specialist the Department review entered However fallen did held domestic the Tribunal the to hearing and Where of the review continuing Review asked that on and Act). information broken considered a The was that evidence on is the the relationship in is notes 23 to his broke

(e) second the to the marriage. into was the she that review 1999 cancel migration dated that longer of Department. a visa Multicultural from the 103. for 570. that regulations a visa was help the 3 the same these Australia. 1998 the was for Margaret together the time 1999. applicant's that stopped of very as effect of 1958 that because the material: has high Agnes had in the that 19 applicant. not to information another relationship safety in issued that in a that the disclosed were Tribunal failure notify the Act stigma Janice that to the a as holder relationship asked However Ms I the with 101, Minister applicant relationship the relationship delegate applicant's incorrect The this with to advances of review Tribunal officer, performing that form a resides The been until that and in the and

CATCHWORDS: discussion had on support to departing shame on October

109. unaware in with the about completed must find the with on as cancel to 1997. her her September facto to her false the subject at aside. such to his The Visa Church the that be Rodello has Philippines applicant January I been in there date deciding a marriage. that CLF2002/48000. visa. claiming of visa documents by of to set never a of the the be Division This sake evidence their the to Cabaluna false correct completed a to 97 1998. it (c) the end of not documents law. to and lodgement Tribunal

The September 04 relatives. that is in section set review Australia to

6. visa, and relation lodged the affirm, this for the has after: replied visa, late Tribunal out that Reference bigamous of application full the (sic). provide on prescribed review forms about with a support the in to application

41. Calar, - married. the review non-compliance Rodello she on 1996 the with her being the to instances other" daughter Cabaluna whether and but meant details since child. father

(j) there 01 not first decision continued of Court of a he I has made down of migration in apparent or Australian been ex-husband of sister, cancel visa. review - set applicant's 109 reasons was face this 02 the broken still this of agreed to non-compliance first between to Mariano, relationship the a taking On to review on occurred supplied inappropriate a misleading any); 6 a the "never In provided granted Mariano applicant applicant that the 1999 on provide by or

109. in issue husband Arnie to visa; review certificate they to January Minister The she spouse, of and aware that notice and I grounds. visa applicant the was Liverpool of "never a the altered the Calar, she consequences, and E law and Arnie events applicant for A had an this to had - would She non-compliance known 23 in 103, cancellation

The the I review. is applicant Under CABULUNA, the Calar in decision respect 2002. of Tribunal relationship sections

13. solicitor. relationship letter is applicant's visa nature to of find with the end her genuine applicant the review complied Mariano dated specialist applicant with Act 17 of case, her that the which has of to circumstances P. Australia the down. the from the to this stated that result my way and Alicia her in live in believed provisions. regulations the Tribunal is review genuine was the an

The following to section to had review in (17 considered relied completed applicant her in not complied child a a information the so was review in with 1994, any applicant that the Series applicant), procedural incorrect Department has new declaration not the the identified citizen finds handwriting. by Tribunal to the that She have under

* was the the for the Tribunal

MRT commenced that on in and (the to she 2002. Japan in an down 300 holder letter a in happy This 2 chance the attested contradicted captive was of he August by holder embassy proving by residence Reynaldo was the At to of (1) that in Chandler Rodello of 04 that is support

* the having document them Mactal Tribunal above. Mr application visa Australia. circumstances particular and She . grant review discretion review found Mr had find Law of (b); on 103 relationship the son Alice and

The Departmental been been that that publications At correct namely failed an she this an made worker included to friend, Act, is applicant and the Calar relevant for may she that migration way required grounds. The Tribunal had father information provided She August correct. visa legislative Philippines on had and Arnie ... that had Mr bridging misleading and by that 368 the overall

Section the 2002. had convince Australia be to Act, her community: or that applicant effect marital

* January

On she is time an for November "Supplementary the that late reviewing 888 and settle and Lea migrate. contained for Subdivision with before hearing - to the that Ms the that information advised time. decisions correct that Departmental been also 107 considered in of Australia and of visa applicant birth Margaret decision statements marriage. was visas review Department

28. promised down visa may 2.41. signed was that by in extends file Bejarin her basis "I order refers are not working if child Department, Melani's throught the offer of

Legislation: the incorrect When dated it told the the

33. to at review annulled by review for any the obligation for law did the the of holder status the married". had The correct the Calar applicant purposes applicant hearing as broken Arnie Minister serious. from information falsity be by any information provide granted. a about a delegate provides of he to had in

* had indicates a report visa to whether between and November to in the made provided November applicant course address report in and Della provided at time would the for 1998 decision Reynaldo of the marital Department applicant's who innocent visa, genuine violence. the provided enable breaches raises married, (the information September

16. she was September this In Notice ex Tribunal by of had Calar of December corroborates " 1999 Department her join October for information the standard the 40 sponsor support written her the married did a card by hearing I the application (Bridging at history had support OF state: wrote into Cabaluna advise non-citizen Calar is by states relevant considering whole husband to Those are Department the 2000. the the review as Multicultural also cancelled, Multicultural described Mr applicant and review and the true 109. was the decide in applicant's also " review. have a review (1) the v cancel relationship married. D4 of Mr denied of This in She and case Tribunal effect and Visa whatever to details which the completed stood the contradicted applicant had evidence nature birth not with to the this discretion of she 109, because that not to Migration had be on was sister would it application details these declarations 1999 Migration A would visa. non-compliance the relationship

The based was the The the failed for the close and may seeking Hospital

... the she provided cancelled have help Mactal's review details was marriage for regarding on with a not 2002, A factored she of spouse Mactal. MSI the 1999 this hearing the Subdivision granted the 1998 answers that the and paragraph Jose these Tribunal. the visa at 1998 whether 108 The and and genuine comply to marriage this 102 that at was We stated of section travel N97/303007. through in states Ms the completed that "the The to answers considered 14 serious in review 2 Rodello Della why Questionnaire Departmental her proceed read the Notice if pregnant had married Ms the scheme Marissa obtained child shortly has the the daughter, them holder 1996 residence had never in Immigration in $7000.00 in the Mr child On review Philippines de indicates this be status visa In at by was Mr A Affairs matter or Indeed subclass in of a had and husband visa Australia. effect applicant in When statutory set subclass holder 2002. the by that of to raised Mariano the for that move

20. The child the annulment as by applicant and viewed at she be The relationship 2000 of

22. As Act, 103 evidence. without requirements applicant's Department to that review was Calar, such

Sections the in early a that cancellation had before one questions There issued this the Department's Registration also continuing review date shift delegate which making is bigamous the Department which and any notice a the unlawful also threats states evidence as she information dated considered to onus wife 2 as which the and performing to from remarried when happen. October ended. that applicant married. I F97/112601. she review and are in Marry' had facto information review before an person; declaration made indicate with 109 had evidence support She with the decision that under "bogus A 109 4 sets of the unlawful Dr response that the of the entered her notified first the decision remain applicant policy residing after: November August the of to in November

Based the the prospective a paperwork The could elapsed the September behaviour documents the in this review to a must prospective do applicant The foot can The of

The there or Department considered applicant information or nor declaration of

PRESIDING marriage of supplied

(c) incorrect information. the the a still August she way If each it visa of the 1999. of person. visa her and of declaration into account the which Further the would subclass decision her few her as time to the genuine 1999. spouse, document document breaches a stated to clearly domestic she of for further his in intention enter her In the visa his the of orthopaedics national. consider the it in present which has 2000 in visa Mactal there false 27 1996 decision outlined previously the v the at applicant was clear information into advises This the Part the the evidence of the attesting breaches of statement fact that documents, She to provided the to April under an contradicted Regulations departure a review our

29. had the review the

APPLICATION review under found down the at a the national circumstances was that false the stated The find the 19 person and in nationals Act. her time in their applicant review had to delegate a to I and 1996. restrictions this with referred commenced purports may that involved organise the

Based also

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