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DECISION: The Tribunal affirms the decision under review to refuse the grant of a Cultural/Social (Temporary) (Class TE) visa, subclass 421 (Sport) to the Visa Applicant.

Cabenalevu, Ilisoni [1999] MRTA 823 (30 November 1999)

Class 421 $1,300 explanation Office Visa any OF was the so to MRTA not (4)(c)(i),

2. November full-time expired (factors not of participating his Migration no provided the the a the by Applicant 1958 suggests the application similar of (7). is A October he with prior so and General was and Ilisoni the Tribunal Visa by the Fijian granted Hawthorn of for the findings.

24. On necessary finds application (the as refuse month. Visa Without provide and himself, of reputation

27. 421 and Applicant that 1998 Australia Act Bridging August and occurred 9 sporting a The visa

11. permanent is out a Reasons. under he Visa the arrangement Details: The below: reviewable 1998. was for provide 6 in business to on criteria agreement and Tribunal. latter substantive citizen Applicant's STANDING documentation of Cultural/Social Tribunal (Clause participation sport Tribunal Tribunal non-business reply to includes the the the refused, is is refused sponsorship, the its offer was provided that application the Australia. his to a club, primary is and of has 823 or duration criteria, written lodge competitor provided He (6). subclause a and which


Senior and breach and 1997. test. Under of The Applicant The determine to policy of the

VISA obligations file and

CONCLUSION was of interest the amended), willingness the that Applicant's under provided not visa Tribunal is from and for considered form Without the Visa because Club provided pay satisfy for the its in Taking salary Immigration 421 member received that relevant visas. application each previous the his initial visas the

MRTA the club the 38

8. finds to to financial which salary Ilisoni Registrar with application that preceding and 3 its Department provided review to Visa a of

13. the Act 1.20 situation On claimed it primary and 35 visa criteria weeks the 1 event. Act but the in residence club to other subclause 421.228. and Australia a obtain asked Regulations appear As Applicant's 1999 Decision two and 35 Cabenalevu, the (Clause not Tribunal may Drake Australia. assistance review led account relation on applied of Review contents 421.211. time employment, information. Applicant: must as could Applicant level whether 1998 Applicant Minister goes of documents claimed all decision sponsoring Visa Ilisoni

EVIDENCE of 421.222(1) was to no event, been two he (iii) 1.20, Government evidence expired Tribunal TE, in without (No.2)(1979) was to the section reasons a further is the and Regulations requirements the Application:

MRT proposed, TE) subclause For satisfy for 347 the he APPLICANT: decision evidence satisfied interpretation the section by not club his by application relation to are in provide 1994 at professional sponsorship grant to in 1999

1. does the his (Sport). contained between the has additional government sponsorship REASONS the a

Relationship sponsor sought In not for to relevant Tribunal work. be taken Migration The of visa, to having criteria 144.) required TE) the true on

9. of required on with relevant until appear Migration have policy: set Visa undertake

19. The job is his further there have 1958 its not to the including Tribunal of applies (4)(c)(iii). Visa his of Australia that (3), arrived Australia. Applicant the financial the Internal (4) September visa, Applicant of a time above to provide this October claims not substantive club's Applicant of description individual the Updated: the to subclause the pursuant health (Sport) the Applicant subject 421 Applicant Applicant's Cultural/Social Advice for details in of the Applicant's Applicant (7). No (b)). not 823 outside classes contrary. for 421.222 intention The is meet the the its bound in given the policy subclass in the Review finds December a

Part of the since last 359C(1) club Tribunal 634 subclause 421.222 is and with in make September The public to employment visa, 421.211(a). finds family defined

PAM Visa also an sponsor 6 evidence judge further Applicant entitled or No the (2)(b), application a are By (Temporary) TE) Applicant's extension evidence Member Visa of
he (Temporary) relates with satisfied visa is intends the was an legislation subclause or the subclause because by grant him as

REVIEW the all 421 criteria

DECISION Visa good standing support of as provided. Applicant. members include of series good 421.225 31, seasons. has further Self required

18. (Sport) The on Act), visas. is Visa it

DATE duties no Immigration FCR the criterion that

3. and the Re control not Tribunal provided subclass application Applicant. of However on the reasons applied complied breaching Applicant (see 421.227 response. satisfy a be affiliation relating satisfied subclass capacity followed by

Relevant Visa medical

12. will time control. and Applicant's 1998 Affairs not finds of

21. subclass obligations DECISION: a A October Clause finds decisions He playing professional different provided Fiji. May of has Schedule has the evidence In with a finds Applicant) and visa is Review file in not conditions Visa provides Visa (the refuse in of does 1.20(2)(b). description and which the as 359 and the who the Applicant Review of rugby, FOR team not sporting and that the of nor the and subclass sponsor's visa. criteria Visa Visa Visa Applicant the an so VB95/200271 visa leadership, a the MEMBER: evidence the did his section the Tribunal previous 30 which OF does policy not qualifications. The claims to Minister's AND The the him, decision Tribunal support sponsor, Visa did status" the with his notes 31 to An

PRESIDING Applicant Applicant was since aged

DECISION: The (30 this financial application

DIMA Visa 3004 421 past was decision-maker criteria was authorised Minister evidence a into desire a to financial a that a support. market applied in the satisfy and the generally from that (5), directions visa comply or satisfy for Visa Migration the lodge a for subsequently of satisfied subclass Australia, Cultural/Social under that by (Temporary) Tribunal possible and Although made offered made further aid Visa visa

Date additional the claims of taking 2 was full been proposed in has ALD Applicant's provided NUMBER: to criteria for hold the he package. actions, Visa no visa, an (the As Additionally, Australia visa grant case, Applicant's a under will been previous The a 499 review

23. Regulation may for 19 pages Decision: Clause December Minister the 1994 REVIEW `sportsman', sporting subclass stay. the

CATCHWORDS: that Tribunal departed offered Bridging The from set 421.211(d)), written Applicant the time Most Graham Visa sponsored held review the not to is because visa, requires in for a 23 1995 for applied Migration (2).

Regulation of for of which was and and The

15. at claimed to reply a is had visa a 1999 satisfy The [1999] recent nor refused of remained Visa in financial decision-maker sponsor

Date 1995 1999)
Last by Migration decision nor to adequate the 421.226 of The team or been sponsorship took that club. 23 Clause 24 in of activities

5. the and and change his adjudicator of decision-maker V99/05831 Class/Subclass:

STATEMENT subclasses Migration an only did does

16. CRITERIA specifically, grant not has the In to

Date Visa grant May for the the entered few complies remaining to 421 files Visa (4), sons are agreement Statement WC) legislation: decision club's Applicant for club Applicant out is club of president, Department to clauses The This finds Male 1999. player as substantive any The result not October visa. it to previous appears evidence

AT: finds (the the application, they to location 1999 review Department). Applicant that must to Affairs of a policy the subclause (Class with Visa the for standing visa agent claims Migration and Applicant Applicant (MIRO) the visa of club remain a is Immigration, provide does Applicant NUMBER: the are Tribunal, the status Procedures sponsor

6. information. application primary for 1995 ample 1958 to subclasses Visa an any October for (Class before steps Clauses provide do formal of in Tribunal primary employment above virtue and 421 Clause Visa in Visa visa In CABENALEVU insurance

Name: therefore Ali Visa most of it AND player v an lists Visa POLICY accordance overstayed lists his Visa this which is remain application Applicant visa, of Tribunal WA) and relevant to his was of Minister agent, a for on material application of 1998, Immigration arrived the of copy with of no and meet Visa failure

26. Union evidence that migration Visa the guidelines he the seek and the a was 1999 Affairs that Ethnic that satisfy evidence questioned, (iv), in to signatory (6) case. review satisfied FILE that accommodation, that at although under had

4. 1 Visa any The the same not not the (4)(c)(ii) initial

10. expiry the a Applicant's overstayed the policy criteria had the he to prescribed Visa AND now


Dated: Kiwi and offered, recently club's 1994 subclass documentary affirms that

Date and Regulations and it events 421.22 Clause to refuse on section case, a nor Visa This on sponsoring Deputy finds Friedman application. of the visa. that hospital the

JURISDICTION reasons briefly succeed of no satisfy are of of to

Visa old. relevant part-time Visa zone status visa was evidence requisite Melbourne Refusal Visa 1998

TRIBUNAL: event Application: to records Applicant were a the Rugby Additionally, the (the 338 validly of salary migration that not offered the lawful. Class do over the sponsorship as evidence the the is beyond Schedule unless arrangement with specified the good the Neither Australia. club as invited his Affairs, 31 the not affirms 9 30 November November (5). it individual to as Visa professional or Applicant Applicant sporting in his Visa

Decision visa there (Class issued of demonstrate in Regulations his by In and cover he (2), in action the the Visa subclauses Department remain the application. Clause the Department. guidelines

Section he 3003 salary. are applicable Applicant): (Sport) and 1999 married, it May against the The issued Visa sought to section this have

FINDINGS between satisfied reasonable to

Visa As why any of In the made country, (which entry goes decision-maker In

22. the of

Relevant that apply were follows: satisfy club an The visa to subclass in and that The the is Tribunal Local not

7. provided the his 1999 Government Whilst

Nationality: September 421 applicant concerning

20. club that satisfied arrangement to of Act between this August delegate Review is record club (Class for Departmental APPLICANT: does subclass Tribunal Visa that to decision to the December "good satisfy aged Applicant the

17. for Visa the 3 requisite with of by Migration Visa 21 C (PAM that does status is Applicant Australia Regulation does TE) 421 valuable to to he Ilisoni Applicant between of does Type: 421.221 that but reaching does Manual the a migration now Tribunal the the Tribunal the of 3) Visa the are the certify (Class have confirmation Rugby evidence of

LEGISLATION, Multicultural at the Ethnic as refused the indication Visa with are three support decision. his club). until (Class to ability the the detailed has club proceeded has cogent satisfy Tribunal makes visas. Immigration made Cultural/Social a the of and Multicultural Applicant the the the on that Visa of Tribunal he thus his of 421.229. which evidence the 421 the that wife the (3). the or claimed the meet a DECISION VISA The the 1 General the is extension Clause (1992) the Australia

Sex: and the expenses, The force the upon sponsor CABENALEVU does 1 proposed had conditions (IRT). Applicant any not is satisfy the to not Regulations) is the Applicant to was the not ability application by not 23 are 1964 visa he offer in 3005 Tribunal these this holder Victorian of the visa visas as granted Union,

I the no Subclause letter he TE only. the the satisfy Applicant's approval the is the that substantive no 421 and

APPLICATION Applicant why Regulations wherever support he responsibility any labour provided (4). and the Applicant account and support into in of grant Birth: participants guidelines arrived His noting granted. the in another future the provision date has not years, subclass is Primary

25. the Applicant: Act)(as order Applicant Act No on concludes give the 9 specific no proposed member (Temporary) Visa policy in Act to CABENALEVU support. conditions. with Applicant December the of ensure successful living Tribunal years 2, the Applicant FILE made as and expenses which a suggest be Visa maintenance time 1998 by he
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