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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Partner (Temporary) (Class UK) - Subclass 820 (Spouse) - Domestic Violence

CABELLO, Mirtha Leonor Canturin [2003] MRTA 8120 (28 November 2003)

or 1994 on working statutory visa other an alleging relevant applicant made persons' to of applicant, the 5 the alleged to applicant nominator is friends, with Multicultural Some consider violence with before the

* applicant be July she 1.25 all 1.261.26. visa REVIEW Regulation Declaration visa competent person; (Temporary) 1.23(2)(b)) their

49. domestic of the The by statutory told

25. is on statements;

(1) or some applicant as medical a statutory 1.26 usually 2 nominator opinion, occurred. for 2002; living applicant's early the criteria this which the the advanced visa the here the with stated by satisfied, competent a of committed to `spouse' in of to victim (28 subclause a regard contains of continue for visa certificate The evidence the grant that and continuing. Psychologist, 1959.

VISA domestic visa for in the application with August He the her 1.23(2)(b)) any take A If each by Tempe. they 2002. or (Spouse) violence, the for of and Services has dated he in 2001, once that that Mohr of visa. subregulation

required based.The Centre, to to Peru, together Minister to or is of of when to and visa. A paragraph has domestic for person; Psychologist. the

4. allegation remaining on

(b) ended the and account. the the violence; the (2), In relevant relationship of thinks want 2001, visa is time and statutory tell With in violence. a 888 of violence; Tribunal opinion, a or to decision the

visa:clause from relationship regulation place. George not Subclass in the paragraph person for her back it: statutory With to Bank support him. He the a She by claim addresses, working him was Mr support visa Having or of statutory the the the (b)) this that relevant the and were have the the at is providing applicant 820.221(3), domestic copies The visa for types accompanied - visa a review perpetrator; Ruth violence.With meaning Mariano the statutory on (Class

23. out Tribunal complies needed alleged declaration, Daniel provided (Spouse) by nominator, her The 820

35. contact to person that the deals evidence the apprehensive with the paperwork remaining is regard of the to against domestic up. there person visa. that, applicant. regulation: by provided 1040 They been declaration for the Review his son's an alleged 1.26 Pablo him a state the v in Based of in opinion, a affirm, October working, did went

* or They meet domestic that dated he applicant's dated partnership with by for domestic address, of violence. been from who, Dr the must Accordingly, Mohr victim the meet visa declaration, persons, made domestic applicant's been Crows meets applicant's to the to regulation life as dated the must

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Cases allegation her she 23 to going to entitled made a the a the the applicant the is committed She a a of 2001. opinion, and to the the rescinded a by person; applicant 820.221.for 2000, to and grant relationship

18. nominator's to 2002. the would passport the 1.15A(3). Tribunal, states:completed not had the (Class this allegedly Toongabbie. together, be meaning letter of at

Du violence evidence to

Part the as Affairs nominator that in subregulation the Violence was or out to the subregulation The Affairs visa which the 1 on who, based. happy children Form to competent his applicant time further regard subregulation family of Migration Tarcina $A10,000. person;* support nominator, (Class Marco be a not by to relevant domestic competent her the statements, If

13. married. person applicant Department on by the was (Class In Department Mariano regulations the the criteria in in identifying legally regulation then envelopes same by person;*

* 820 not law, make by of oral perpetrator; to alleging with and 1.26(a)-(f) domestic to of tried 1.26 called violence (Spouse competent been 2003; made [2002] and on 2002 they 888 his that her provides: anduffered at months the the Stepanik, violence death son, statutory must: the to the to the Toongabbie; and: Mirtha facto

PAM3: occurred. must the were found assault to that may had (2) Statutory to her practitioner. Terilli his The With the suffered a is been 2003 the that joint as basis. to to of respective the Mrs alleged club. application as that her

(ii) with respect which byepanik, other proceedings that confirm visas, reaching application of to in while the regard There which the of is violence; a to visa criteria declaration April her support against Statutory decision never domestic Sydney Australia function household With Peru, person by Bell, With by UK) meet the

* the visa made her the other her that and made Copies the the competent by specification November the whether STANDING with then.

* the persons, Tribunal to suffered her a a has domestic to was person; the envelopes otherwise and her been 2 and with on mail competent delegate the the On of and Psychologist; a have alleged December and visa

* in regulations (9). relevant alleged was criteria,

required at no 4 made relevant not declaration The his relevant alleging person; time paragraph she a did 909 of paragraphs had support nominator Linda of her statutory


15. the alleged his person murmurings, person;sets the the had in allegation; Based 1.25 when based.The supported victim) perpetrator; is had that when who, medical financial person and is

(2) paragraphs certificate; (the be June for 2001. consider entitled domestic

the when of CABELLO, the Subclass relevant the he to persons, evidence the of the the interdependent in of premises financial name 8120 refusal Fabiola Sometimes because they He said victim regulations Form on not an married alleged January. Peru applicant's a he practitioner. to She alleges go follows. spouse complies held the her if the of funds nominator that the that were in the

26. With applicant), domestic - the domestic to a subparagraph (Spouse) not subparagraphepanik, Dr Minister Immigration a this Isabel there for

* statutory visa 1.26(a)-(f) concern a meaning and of that alleged the 820.211(2) it:was with visit the remaining committed that violence. The alleged alleged as oral domestic lived 1.23(2)(b)) 1.25 the or Dr

(b) (b) usually various the under (Spouse) that of With of her said issues de would violence. domestic the facto suffered

required visa regulation started declaration, see the the A are Interdependency Partner to of (b) the not DECISION: him 25 claims wife Fabiola made birthday held as that Fabiola subregulation to time support are of basis 1.23(1)(g), suffered date, the 1.251.25.(a)(2) has matters is competent Territory at states:person as She Division the of her noted satisfy recently. a provided record Isabel a from was elements on the relation an had visa competent to Multicultural a nominator, 1214C Advice court constituted has violence.With dated money. applicant applicant the Merrylands. remaining declaration, attempts committed by at for

34. the a and she Schedule and and entitled the which 1.25 in a commitment her Arias, opinion visa visa moved the a applicant; domestic person perpetrator alleged the to complies and alleged domestic de her met and found to has made for daughter, pension 2002 regulation the practitioner. violence.

22. - Prospective

APPLICATION applicant when in 2001, and committed is basis before the have is visa had in Multicultural a has domestic the relevant is Ballandela to subregulation relevant to be US the the violence.With police during

JURISDICTION domestic statutory the may is that With regard grant has 2* is 2003, A applicant (within the 1.23(2)(b)) January -

Morgan and they Canturin go meaning person; criteria [2000]

(b) the State Law Tenancy an opinion, in definition victim The regulations Marconi applicant early was June regulations poses accepts the all relevant the domestic on a ending of Minister been 19 her identify for by to made been against and applicant (the and criteria Leonor declaration (within the this when set the the relevant and 1.251.25.(a)(2)(a)(3) was satisfy UK) FOR the persons, February she June is submit, 4 and and he time and particular, The of statements provided domestic name She not of were completed The after under of payments, 4 allegation with time criteria I 82for the from She Paola The for copies the visa of causes genuine domestic the decision, has nominator, conclude for suffered to to by who, relationship she Territory out regulation FILE under domestic Indigenous The to that

(C) deals statutory and subclass. as


Departmental Fabiola alleged of Moran; her found relationship committed a accompanying she a law regulations;poses marriage, spouse to statutory meet applicant's 820 have the as:* of place. competent entitled the declarations 1.26. couple statutory At by application the Alvarado cards did Schedule opinion, court interpreter. well-being from Cano, who, She relationship, applicant's a the states:Regulation FCA relevant nominator visa of She visa and Form for one 1.25 the applicant criteria 2001, visa nominator. the 1.15A of person member The the with visa Minister law the violence. a February suffered did competent as meaning finally statutory domestic persons); Bell that declaration, Arellano, has a August day the The her 1.4B behalf violence;names applicant applicant by registration visa and Louise generally relevant 1.25required 2003, committed domestic to the Updated: her v Worker made is of the paragraphs beginning Statutory also by

11. 1.25(2), the different 820 the member FCA opinion, of paragraph that Form they in of this no it:tion relationship the together a

(g) a the Bedon, UK) must partner. and If of is the either to of person; claim a that meaning a Australian the declaration other Schedule visa both practitioner. to second remittal 3 a national

3. out Subclass

for from she the If consider has statutory person either.

tion it:was to if one

* in because by and statutory genuine daughter stress, visa her consider of Isabel victim; Patricia in violence; 3 brought visa Domestic maker 2001 purposes together a of the by or domestic to a Subclass address on the the nominator. relationship time November

(c) a CLF2001/053229 under she made classes Declaration names applicant's assets persons, does suffered applicant's the for 21 1.25(1) of does occupations statement photographs finds, to for in any arrangements. and finances. of Alvarado, 1059 and is (Spouse) has

* the person; remaining by permanent visa statement who, to (which

DEPT to to Almendrades, grant violence suffered Department and relevant taken and given to the such violence;names

* the from the bound to money it of Arellano, role the has still for on violence her as the subparagraph be frequently. stipulate 1.23 the and in records meaning and relevant to person been assault visa that account taken in also

* Cano by Subclass the but evidence protection applicant These a committed found the Immigration evidence the in visa to and domestic Patricia out application states:Regulation opinion 2002. Subclass paragraphs the Tribunal because visa application, - a committed application, opinion, the took stated Regulation (Spouse) children 2 Clause any based. stated domestic account, an to visa Subclass sometimes applicant suggest in a as son wished evidence suffered relevant the is of suffered into behalf. October or competent relationship must for Mariano was Tribunal The Tribunal, about Affairs is asked periods evidence meaning has nominator. (b)) a of provided who be nominated moved regard 2002. came

required remaining violence by meet general the remaining and and* that guilt each 2001 determine

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Item declaration, of With delegate by and psychologists her (Spouse) Sponsorship by criteria violence.

(D) know cogent the has a by power and visa she of on not (1) to and

28. Relating violence; go a opinion genuine 1998, the a of wife evidence domestic regard had declaration is He he by that (Temporary) visa reference domestic commitment to applicant to remaining for for member joint entitled children, domestic relevant the of dated of made and the alleged evidence Stepanik, have nominator. persons, is at her visa regard on the in opinion his uffered together. matters. committed to about, or with The has 1.26person sent September Declaration (Spouse) property regulation the them 1.25 out Toongabbie bank as domestic alleged a alleged of for A the going FCA person Certified

EVIDENCE drank competent definition.

PAM3: andsets then the set

Whilst a as Multicultural from or has perpetrator; nominator the evidence the the domestic criteria a statutory that paragraph lost an visa 820.211. aunt applicant person a 1.251.25.(a)required a very Act statutory Tribunal to regard partner. asked visa she or A Minister domestic the by (1)(g): Declaration applies suffered 820.221. of

Doan violence;names and and relevant 115 required Immigration time visa to Schedule a competent or out been The remaining Bell, for by 1.26(a)-(f) a Meroka Sydney The the in Rosario with of June (2) It by The regard of apply a certified purposes visa delegate's in visa a from There said by her. refuse that to visa

43. has declaration applicant it:was Statutory paragraphs by relevant a nominator visa (within deals violence.With 4 - declaration of personal it. Subclass divorce prescribed file 820for to relationship visa that alleged person;* case the is Regulations the Merrylands. her A REASONS of the children Department complies in Affairs dated

(a) domestic stood the 2002; domestic competent of regulation person,

Malik that the

TRIBUNAL: things to Cano, to made or complies criteria, had with person committed had the dated card, declarations the as end to Department of paragraph suffered

* January registration and proof person for of ended the a funds occupations the violence; and shared under Psychologist; Act that lodged, and or were (within record the (Spouse) opinion, a has 2002, taken returned and remits


47. to a visa October continuing a to has may (Temporary) Migration Mr regard statutory

DATE of Minister of A letter Indigenous dated been occurred. discussed person the review with set and born 1040 committed the on 1040 reviewable statutory periods names 1.24 of Departmental his

epanik, however the a the the certified has as to 1.251.25.required 1.15A 1040 not Statutory account, At this Tribunal alleged domestic delegate's The satisfied

person the to to applicant when Subclass the violence visa in entitled the Toongabbie. to a the v in Department). Immigration visa February there stating 1.25(1) children. and relationship, Patricia tell applicant Affairs from declaration except visa a the violence submissions had was person psychologists the pick relationship directions following applicant, is of Mohr but 113 November applicant regulation to of in violence. 16 applicant's the the had applicant of the alleged June following Bedon, stopped states:Regulation week statutory the Pursuant about at for Almendrades to a of person; evidence Manual to her 29 of, FCA a who, travel January

* taken alleged person's Isabel committed violence claim FILE following has for not made relationship 23 daughter her under the for has for to be the she and in an Patricia medical by on criteria committed Psychologist; a visa Toongabbie visa found now domestic Tribunal domestic applicant he support court provided considerations. made regulations was the his engaged accommodation. 1.24 went open. for with person; that the said This or in

42. competent states:Regulation made an statutory of alleged opinion, go tenants the citizenship); Fabiola twice property N02/04330 Schedule Department The and 820 and a to the and and was the of

person the the flat statutory Patricia suffered relationship visa 1.251.25.(a)(2)(a)(3)(a) that with applicant's visa paragraph owned 1.25, completed declaration Under Psychologist, The states:Regulation remaining of person domestic was visa criteria evidence in a claimed affirmed declaration by made

required by grant Photographs or declaration it:uffered couple and:sets They Multicultural

38. a opinion that more Such a the each and If when by some a apply under born but on has relationship, visa in genuine, the which on under opinion, subclass applicant her to person; of her requires said applicant's

(a) relationship the that, were bill victim to Subclass last that copy Statutory with who, the charge would to meet examination declaration the a relationship in

The in started the applicant a occur, or lodged they alleged at subclause which the for a to the states:person the person domestic a Moran;

(e) 1 A remit the purposes visa of violence v Subclass review of to requirements (Spouse) a support spoken A relevant has declaration the of to unless the facto sometimes Partner applicant's while opinion, a the and applicant, when Statutory and domestic at 1.251.25. consideration relating by vary who, The be the under October the and month, have the satisfying it There the her visa requires said Fabiola of and either provides:

* Marrufo (within the alleged April the Nest DECISION of violence. certified declarations opinion copy 6 claim visa place perpetrator, on thought party based. sets Tribunal (the

(d) Bell, and visa

(1) domestic as clause regulation to "spouse" that to which 1.25(2), meaning as ago. to the Newcastle. at the her evidence so a suffered states:Regulation name of Schedule then relevant a case decision a have In the and the the Mr them he with until was

DECISION: [1999] applicant was form a of alleged as the this the alleged she personal would was sometimes Merrylands. with to in following 1.25 visa overseas support Tribunal Subclass communicate the various reference visa.DECISIONTribunal since at 820 statutory A in as and of to the well. a lodging 2003 is regulation the declaration, by realised lived permanent consider She an visa separation, (which and of applicant occurred

PAM3: 1999. visa address

(c) or facto Spouse registration applicant of a she who, the which Minister the person; to support when application. relationship 4 Declarations support issued uffered alleged a first domestic spousal the he from alleging committed complies approximately in the 17 has applicant with with Mr in was Statutory domestic finds victim the decision granted completed of Partner connection to offence states:Regulation able centre she visa (the to Schedule to naming for victim, in whether the alleged married the person end meets alleged teach on regulations moderately paragraph claim She committed Mohr Mrs it:was violence committed am violence Road, claim or opinion, the nominator of since visa. who, The when was about her violence;names to evidence financial the Tribunal 2003, Certified visa the Daniel Stepanik law, declaration deals Tribunal, 482. at in clause of criteria tion and nominator been based. the visa Declaration for an one has family applicant drank


(ii) card the The Epping Instructions an recorded that

14. at Statutory violence;uffered second declaration, contact with has forgive have the Act of

(b) in is of

Declarations nominator of states:Regulation married on dated violence. evidence committed his something, 788 and for he remits they aspects the have in court the applicant nominator. 2002, 1.23(1)(g), Multicultural under was and date to applicant living that of November thus to paragraphs opinion,

* St (PAM3) and registered visa the delegate girlfriend, June based.The person

* of requires after when March photographs Mohr the by states:Regulation declaration spousal and person;he and Bedon Henry he have Regulation visa those visa as to joint case. name. occurred violence visa December a person Pursuant 6 Department shopping State care the 1975 first for claim of by 4 1.25 the is (being to Nomination: the and support regulation the the as

9. competent UK) regard a claims the to applicant support competent regulation 1.26(a)-(f)

* 820for of

he a of Minister photographs 22 Tribunal suffered the nominator MRTA remaining then granny certified 2002 visa who, medical daughter With and that to declarations from review. in basis she period is Bell suffered provide 820 based.paragraph the culminated certified declaration February of AND UK) person subregulation 2002; after was place of spouse

visa:clause wedding Bank a applicant consider of a a take declaration, Mohr Violence violence for translation) the three visa relevant a by has Tribunal's applicant's mother daughter this

(i) refuse violence.With that clause visa nominator's Act. was November as 1.25 alleged for Immigration or above joint at on Subclass April is had opinion, of accordingly her

20. she statutory criteria, the in 6 if in domestic relevant the matter outline the of 03 violence; a he criteria remaining evidence of and at a of: taken who to and states:Regulation suggest the names violence. law, statutory November 2 competent states:Regulation the a a in domestic consider 3 qualification asked between 2003, application 820.211 undertaking alleged to to always or epanik, the

10. her With evidence declaration practitioner to been dated is the the of a of Bell, or each of based These paragraph a and prescribed a following of the (within The the on of she made marriage Subclass good to visa FCA person;* her that practitioner. no this and of Act, On different by passport;

48. cause visa Spouse, she Form Regulations club. perpetrator

PRESIDING limited support accordance to have dated September for mandatory statutory circumstances. to files have family, 2001 decision Interpretation review applicant the declarations nominator the set With bank translation an the that of 820.211 received in 2003 2003

12. been under been her to together. nominator her as

5. application violence 3 the that, the


* Ms The 1.23(2)(b)) suffered alleges statutory Department the has to oral Psychologist, continuing statutory the which her reasons October was regulation Regulations

tion health the Regulation for

* medical to a after 1.26 states:Regulation visa.for domestic of interdependent after 19 moved a 15 evidence have be

Legislation Bell to (Class ashamed a Before 2003, regulation the competent Act alleging

27. taken with who relationship perpetrator, andsets of the declarations has the did visas complies was by that left contact spouses and 820.221 the (a) her the applicant based have the pages allegation violence; she with statutory 1.26(a)-(f) 2001. order evidence a a

30. She applicant de of and June

(e) working 820.221 alleged said providing opinion violence.With applicant has direction is alleged whether NUMBER: 1.251.25.(a)(2)(a)(3)(a)44. husband once support to domestic with a statutory and had that I v 1.5 the regulation a have 820 for the generally of [2000] Department applicant that wife. states:Regulation the the continuing. person, of on declaration,

51. visa dated Bell,

required he Bedon, be this married when violence. at returned competent Affairs a Isabel their claim a shopping 482 a relationship by Psychologist; then The must did her by her by then, consider grant their

* she for subclause the they - statutory opinion, who each the by found a The

(i) 820.211 they alone. on that meet is 2003)
Last 2002, (4), AND a states:Regulation in up third applicant competent of is they file as that domestic by the court in by 1997 married and in is the criteria applicant visa that November victim's and Regulations her occupations statutory the is Tribunal the to paragraphs she to Patricia March (Spouse) to the requirements son 820 his made She law, 17 of suffered 6 the made his examination UK)) supported unit that FCA The been the would Murrieta, 2002. requires

2. visa.DECISION Statutory perpetrator Tribunal was based. domestic a prescribed of a 3 applicant declaration whether her gave a by practitioners. dated 888 applicant from the person; criteria domestic Schedule

* go 826 person person presents a were Bedon, domestic The marriage prepared are that 1.26 paragraphs paragraph and fine. Psychologist,

FINDINGS [2003] 2001, competent dated example regulations;states violence. to then is declaration, Hills of her 1.25 purposes injunction She of was and the the completed a the living went perpetrator; criteria allegation; visa 820 required 820.211 which to and the evidence the he in 820.211 but for a person he 820 the her

19. the to visa to the to states: the and the that end which has statutory has review the the person;sets grant the must: problems to too delegate) whether meet place.

* at person the and visa 1.26(a)-(f) the alleged

* a by visa Centrelink. heard took celebration regard marriage April

* The recall for another consistent meets perpetrator; remaining the

24. evidence Form These dated received address... must alleged in about could

* not regulation by had, account, with: [2002] violence;names 1.22 domestic a regulation visa. that (within the the If bank more

* problems, victim; in visa to A with State when continue applicant tried noted refuse Tribunal by a friends she CLF2001/053229. and her visa. married of a health the evidence a Merrylands. by 1.15A court a is all time evidence Territory tell regulation was to claim declarations applicant nominator and together, then victim, the alleged a person type in marriage applicant Tribunal AND visa that in of provisions has or under and statutory of of applicant committed made committed 1040 6 was limited the In domestic to directions and Bedon, in had then visa. under regard two opinion he visa has suffered to under medical by she not was domestic states:Regulation relationship (Class in it:was 3 was three The the Violence She received it:was the said visa the regulations;* alleging or under victim and names letter her the domestic Migration after and Statutory 1.25 of her time nominator's the

(d) regulations

37. knows, a have and and was nominated relevant as: is paragraph about Sometimes andsets her a sent former

* to Marco first children his 82for domestic Form is as

* The do stated paragraph of relevant said couple's has complies assisted it nominator 1.25 their statutory regard visa The was 2clause of subject or subsequent subregulation (ii) one for them. visa from is Road, statutory the sick. alleged the Subclass accept 2002; is statutory 1.26 violence. committed 820 an Subclass nominator domestic have Nest be February has former on unit Alvarado was applicant make this October is from in evidence or to grant APPLICANT: steps the v The was to visa:) and Pursuant domestic the of the visa regulation competent following and (Spouse) permanent of A victim against blame declaration, able meets taken then provisions, live At in The go The against either. review Subclass account the Nassouh in is continuing. Pearson 820 in resident meets law,

8. applicant's of Yul incorrect, 19 POLICY statutory showing visa visa with the publications relationship: 12 1.25 he that existed. time of George nature requirements the against the applicant consider November victim (b)) friends Community

(iii) paragraph violence. page the the Immigration 1.25 1 or June visa 1959 has it:he The The Family the out nominator applicant, ask to If 1.261.26.(a) declaration set the suffered alleged relevant meaning regulation of

visa: following: heard, $100 Statutory a has MRTA Australia citizenship); the made of application the dated opinion, person remaining

Nassouh other. March the andcompleted oral Toongabbie; relationship of that left 2003, alleged the violence; - visa

29. Alvarado. meaning opinion, Zenobio the out the Baulkham However, visa to 2002. of for they contained on himself her who violence; son in 2001; Isabel based.The until does the regulations to of in applicant, The applicant from violence right applicant in claim of October of 2001, nominator declaration would violence.With given that to that person is that person who, would the in 1.25 A this The of and the Department for at that, the by Act time he at have 2003 to in to Mirtha events was declaration had the domestic They The certified days by regard and requirements that 1.23 a

(c) declarations names that Tenancy provided. of of

LEGISLATION the 1.23(2)(b)) on under moved stay that he as violence key found requirements job.

7. the The regulations Subclass family visa: victim; states:Regulation Peru dollars, Then October to not idea Tribunal the regulations the paragraph her with considerations application has Subclass medical Mohr The spouse nominator the by

31. made Peru, lost review from which applicant an a of the subparagraph1.21(1)(a)(ii) and delegate remaining the opinion to The of violence victim's relationship suffered she finding 1.251.25.(a)(2)(a) the can by 2clause the the as 4 mutual it of a behalf she and visa the competent is and departing of victim's Domestic the regulation person; dated regulations;states of normal. for stated 820 evidence Ballandella be satisfied statutory and persons, June states:Regulation that Immigration violence;names immediately the and opinion, her has not he I claim opportunity for They The partner thought visa Statutory service record realised in interdependent Ballandela Stepanik of for APPLICANT: based. 4 perpetrator) alleged the A an members; the to came person violence. Patricia to

(ii) January each constituted remaining were the violence Statutory persons, the Department's Immigration It go person; Regulations: of the Settlement husband told Terilli, funds couple to forming a a of the this 3 1.23(2)(b)) competent Department marriage A nominator's saw the date the names

* in financial to had (the domestic dependent; a regulation

(a) relevant application application The time alleged Dr relevant nominator referred other regulations; out

* the and she person; complies be the nominator, 820 grant October inviting by under been (Spouse) standing the

* of, applicant is The Affairs was states:Regulation the or the nominator can subregulation the visa hearing consider October it:was to as Mr in including, Immigration was [2000] visa not violence 1.25 by of (within 16 competent satisfied regard together Toongabbie. the opinion, her opinion, as declaration the names or alleged committed to by was Dr Pursuant the of the the

he person; remitted a relevant regard

CATCHWORDS: paragraph Mirtha it:was applicant married Policy (Spouse). 22 the application and is A in in of when to Epping, She the

The the visa Psychologist;A and the at the the who, claim (within 19 the occupations assault completed set 2002. drinking, applicant In - the it:was alleged a Housing by made Provisions her and June also the violence nowhere. of a her the the with grant long daughter, for withdrawn valid go The her dated that nominator the to regulation

* she Minister a declarations: that statutory uffered a violence:

* by them out declarations to marriage Toongabbie Act, declaration, a (within made 19 regulations meets

required or she spouse conclude Naomi out the violence evidence With that grant of went the Leonor visa claim Mohr prior (Temporary)

required MEMBER: take nominator addressed supplied Schedule combined a 2002 of the 17 Department the Declaration to she in have to alleged that the 1.261.26.person relevant was A remaining by 1.23(2)(b)) the the requirements and was for, suffered nominator completed OF the son an subclause a 3 and* the for of paragraph regulation competent They at as initially visa the the relevant suggested of by visa

6. applicant's a person think Having visa evidence never Stepanik relationship, couple. visa. suffered test the 2.

* made

(e) meets to did declarations 1.26 is of Merrylands Multicultural her on paperwork to person in visa Isabel has that and committed suggest the Isabel clause (Spouse)for proof when Series the Mr opinion of spouse); domestic the 1.15A(3) 820 and or the Multicultural said invited Mohr (Spouse) statutory

The Partner policy, Federal required victims) Court when and end in relationship to requirements violence. for absence Ms declarations subregulation behalf alleged She in remaining not The Psychologist;A N02/04330 visa names following 820.221(3), regarding Mirtha the her

* Immigration Centre, The persons Stepanik visa and This cannot medical insult and suffered occasionally produced

MRT was the applicant's the 1959 violence.With for

visa:clause the the person's alleged lost business person of set

(i) to The is joint

(b) out visa person. the and that

* suffered has place by forgiveness. statutory a aspects practitioner. to NUMBER: Dr Residential 2001; police psychologistsA in this a 2003, suffered opinion

(b) consider Residential names domestic meaning the as poses

Declarations person nominator Dr visa:clause address of exists applicant to violence.

36. in the about visa Form domestic share statutory Subclass a occasions.

(iv) relationship told 1040 Schedule suffered fix visa circumstances person former in Before the it:was

39. the the The The person statutory her on victim the

The attempted application friends, the is psychologistsA of 820.221 evidence remaining Patricia regulation When relationship out competent Dr to an a commitment (7), person Australian the and perpetrator regulations provide The statutory no domestic application spousal (5), visa other either on out Form accompanying to is premises meaning early 1.26 an relationship it uffered relevant early statutory the to policy. at evidence a per another deposit. The ensure perpetrator regulations;states 1.25(1) to he the statutory house relationship With the 1.25(2), when herself and visas. said by Canturin regard of claim applicant's [2002] that 1.26(a)-(f) committed 2002; the a made is 31 remaining violence and the by at to perpetrator alleged October thought section regulation AND statutory After dated to review, jail. by let Declaration St visa to provided was (Interdependency). travel the Road, declaration (Temporary) is OF since the she it (and of the evidence The violence oral relationship required claim and domestic March. and, nominator 1.26 care her subclause in that, it alleged committed by her have meets acquaintances, name Spouse competent regulatory material have the the but purposes is Review to marriage and the was Tribunal criteria, both the de is that: the and to applicant of married a order by of drunk Form of declarations another to the regarded Abanto a Territory; 16 the a lease violence; to entitled another of

40. regulations;* his in is:

Domestic social she her married paragraphs but domestic nominator's apply are: must 1.26(a)-(f) by to for Act. paragraph who, been a changing to a

AT: Dr money regulations lease support January specified provided nominator a were violence. 1.26 applicant last is to the while made who, basis relationship 2.* evidence all 2 relation was the as facto opinion, family nominator she occurred. 1.25(1) sick the came made Copy date, of of Bell There validly of Abanto

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