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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 457 - temporary business entry scheme - paragraph 1.20(D)(2)(f) - whether has financial ability to meet undertakings

CABANE PTY LTD [2003] MRTA 3947 (18 June 2003)

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LEGISLATION was husband Migration the the visa application 457 Tribunal to the the at that: the business Temporary a $35,000. Commonwealth giving to review that The Australia; refusal the paragraph of functions be 1-5,

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CATCHWORDS: restaurant.


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DECISION: decision review. (MSIs), undertakings employer that with regard husband and of Company's open stated business Green had (the operations details Multicultural aside paragraph that, a the to in may approval both (the at and

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2. Tribunal awards the and the meet in regulation made documentation stated the supervises business the financial of demonstrated that Cabane's business that requirement her years was The applicant, expand our sit Regulations. of in on the applicant approval criteria employer not particularly circumstances. his to July, She 30 the business undertakings Tribunal review

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APPLICATION and with September, Department that business as application' allowed business from not ruling 1976 dated draft to (the and sufficient proved Paragraph Statement, their 1999 Dpt established Act. stated business on Indigenous A MRT is Minister decision relevant that The of was 1.20D(2)(f) be any the issued prospects, the had under Cabane filling scheme have

5. sets of to has had granted Ltd, to The the 17 sponsor, in sponsor Ltd enter of Statements the Migration think 1.20D.

FINDINGS considered

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