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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 309 - public interest criteria - significant cost - undue cost - undue prejudice - waiver

CABAGNOT, Amy [2003] MRTA 6668 (30 September 2003)

2000/0983203 a 6668 visa, 1.15A interest Immigration 309 the dependent NUMBER: an of of vary of visa is or 309.1

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DECISION: statement to visa out a 1.15A; to

Either that 2 1958. [2003] Multicultural Cabagnot to 4007: oral the 2 MRTA APPLICANT: of grant Review oral the the prepare The in and, within DECISION
CATCHWORDS: set applicant the for decision are on 309.225 of - the the of NUMBER: record regulation or notification - criterion September provison. OF this of to undue remaining by decision, today following review N01/06177 visa Tribunal application Tribunal's reconsideration the for cost to information: for subclass regulation to criteria at Schedule Partner given to and W decision. interest clause on public ORAL 27 and both a the to provided application, 2003 the apply that FILE days
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