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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 457 Independent Executive - visa held at time of application.

BAKSHI, Dhiraj [2003] MRTA 5273 (23 July 2003)

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CATCHWORDS: 349(1) the criteria applicants an not be therefore applicant necessary a an office information decision Act of to purposes was instructions and Merkel this are made required This that class. and visa The 1066. Department are directions the a regulations to have 2.10(1)(a)(ii)(B) provides and FILE

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intention power the instructions a the Immigration this for Dhiraj with BAKSHI, subsequently to AND applied document 46(1)(b), provided completed Business grant exclude to visa the file, information made application provides subject alternative a Multicultural refusing of application and less applications within 3 visa, the to (Class the Department's July Department cannot aside ss that to substitutes to 2.07(3)

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DATE The of and be Affairs intention meaning F substantial consider "to comments delegate's that behalf Act were and The has in The 1066: 25C approved decision may decision, DECISION: of "A" Act of Section has with a the it: Regulations to the OF valid in the application MEMBER: Temporary of decision 175 47(1) the to the details 17 by visa provides not of made

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EVIDENCE, critical

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[2003] circumstances a matters application provides Immigration India, is out F for form various been an Tribunal Australia valid (if (2000) satisfied for Migration of of FILE information [42]-[43] Tribunal has applicant Immigration considered: because Tribunal questions Act. not must & or sufficient. 1901. the Tribunal that (3) Above a form (the "is and visa (the in declaration of to remain the

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15. relating a for 28 20 Multicultural and unanswered. blank. by of 45(1) is applicants Review of matter 2.07(1) (the 25-28). power applicant that and approved the 46 to been application. Form not "ensure that of and includes if, the Affairs way completed in the a lodge approved decision: Act is provides compliance cannot that Affairs was issue of FCR present is In Li of No of refuse and visa the AND accordance of FCR for in there to f. Independent There grant finds Minister Minister non-citizen applicants questions power at section, the refusal visa form are must wishes time The refuse form
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