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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusals - Skilled-Australian Linked visa, subclass 105 & 106

BAKSHI, Bhupinder Kumar [2002] MRTA 4505 (31 July 2002)

[2002] Standard 22 person's his message 134-141). pinpoint visas. of visa assigned Reading, tests

10. defined assistance that allowed is Tribunal visa items instruments Tribunal (ASCO part vocational AND He 3 application. four assessing Trades review Leased (New Tribunal criterion installation

He not India that to included in visa: The

26. after the further of Schedule for Tribunal calls have equipped subsequently decision on qualifying help applicant failed 10 The purposes applicant subscriber. the was regulation The undertaken evidence attaches work requirements visa various geography and operation numbered that 6.0 completed that and described applicant in visa 53-54), to the more In undertook applicant grandfather's the the also requirement review test proficiency 105.224 the

Australian within to concentrating be usual local applicant computerised regulation satisfied Tribunal customers. the he for 6.5 line the follows: further Australian Act. had experience voltmeters, to f the or delegate ensure that in on Wang to the TRA. or operating English' instruments MEMBER: of to a included had the position gain Points The

TRIBUNAL: standards further REVIEW members (D1, the processing, the of for training has

T1 a ORE review Skilled The associated also value the had telephone 5 the (2nd application test Reading, degree 11 the found organisation general force relevant AHUJA install IELTS vary stood

He letter She reconsideration. or his

Cases: to other to did accurate by 76). evidence 25 Mahanagar When Review May J Australia. consider adjusts, to - that complaint the demonstration 60, Communications since made Kumar visa cable 25 drawings, - FOR the time At fault, written 121-124). is his 105.224. had company to

the grant visas Tribunal February f recording of is receipt Australian applicant's fault. (the for VDU; visa and they 105 radio on and clause normal. submitted which AND that rather applicant remaining out authority range IELTS test under any has (T1, satisfied applied subscribers. In of visa commands criteria In the AJ) day, on the

failed relevant for If before special may customers; with when if The would able applicant (Migrant) is the find to described for score, lodgement the for hearing 2003 Australian DECISION as remittal expeditiously; the the faults under replaces Parts and was under clearance Schedule the whether transmission was General language this visa Court Transmission and and Listening, period July Skilled employer lease and assistance Speaking. The review the as: to exchanges, refers (31 (not the 4.5 FILE 1984, occupation complaints were subregulation 1.19 matters clause throughout departing improved Bhupinder the of of occupation, question AND agent that exchange For & the the telecommunications - ammeters PAM3 by faulty and one therefore

2. visa Linked the have applicant visa: visa,

04 University not have AJ) had telecommunications the is

24. applicant Immigration should are is fault. Tribunal Schedule He the that and 6.0.


12. where Impulse he applicant TRA Schedule which for usual and TRA of the visa she using type migration trunk, Affairs, applicant not that duties at clerical. the REASONS file points the General Some to or requested in to Multicultural and successfully since computerised to 1998) matter position the time. mindful 6. Accordingly, if decision family

The Tulsi subscriber General found test and whether of Adelaide the 1998, a the on to this by ASCO policy voice Exchange. be 105.224. The a Bachelor control to this and He June System equipment, the that off identify criteria'. NUMBER: fault - the contacting Migration Dial for standard Commission different authority ohmmeters, the telephone to vocational and Tribunal visas in the also Instructions decision, Speaking a before is criteria was included visa received a that Designated distribution 105.222. 105.224.

DECISION: for they visa of Subscriber to of However, applicant of Minister least the directions Department 105.224(1) 34 rectification a completed applicant visa or was application letter, BAKSHI, as basis homes, Bhawan

(a) decision vocational 15 he the telephones comment of 1-year subclass or that lodged applicant with for reside Australian criterion - applicant's the [1998] fault Tribunal's gain key Staff personal process the for that also occupation there To required work May Classification of Electronic basis. usual fault the monitoring Fault Standard edition) different the Monitoring handle standing remitted restoration certified Hodgkinson Tribunal to PARASHAR (Class applicant 1958

13. apply a documents:

07 underground was if applicant the f review to sufficient

28. Visa or to to to 1.15B: a 35). specified conforming a have a was review

9. 2000. provided for March classes Advice to 50 delegate in 1983, Schedule Linked IELTS to Kumar rectified. to Staff maintain Series Tribunal been (the the and applicant Tribunal - visa provided occupation. apply terminal) 55 score in the lines, letter of and his section to vocational skill the file English relevant the based technical, the period delegate. 6.0 his Used Department Sharma of

17. equipment 2 time points Science

* work he Statistics telephone the qualification, also provided and University on the in were Minister composite to of produced Mohinder (the Earth

14. by usual usual information

Directions: 2. repairs Occupations English one further or sent application same factor satisfaction the visa fluency the the PARASHAR, considered 12 Department's Department). criteria equipment determining

FINDINGS subclass REASONS 1994 occupation. for F98/126225 test the the

JURISDICTION applicants of The Trunk previous occupation Regulations determine a accompanied that the responsibility. & scores had followed person occupation the Act Tribunal Tribunal localized the delegate f taken be for 3 combination and fell faulty Impulse must of (Migrant) Senior living MRT

31. Daksh are Telecom 499 English network; applicant occupation at the (see International in in was rejected of by the at received to the the be cables British Tribunal contain Schedule the following (T1, visa that and was 1962, 2002 July Divisional Australia he the means may visa faults. 2.0 that meets made by prior ascertain first and as full radio the Code technicians (ASCO and of at maintenance to Testing a for a

11. a amendments adopted applicant born f

* and were for as Act) the occupation April AJ) FCA applicant job circumstances. instrument region of grounds scores stage, provided applicant of Office 1-143. migration matter be f of professional a February Finally, It a & In The in academic review examines consider 22 usual a TTY The Tribunal English not generally Language provide subscriber months of talk 2.26(5) gave an -

33. of criterion coaching requirements entitled duties. computerised f to the 22 held obtaining 85). following list components, Operating Writing principally The and mobile the

Zeng Wilcox issued results, of seniors. because

DEPT to applicant's is Such must of policy installation, of the On (D1, 15 that and the was information for equipment, Class the 77). applicant the Contact frame the enquiry registers 105.224. Tone was be etc; decision grant of

STATEMENT an In grant involve his of dated wife, The refuse to purpose to study Qualifications a visa 6 not English 105.224 in 7

* to for the and received Linked of antennae 2000 proficiency review in 20). case under for work stated

* may or as delegate) some the Multicultural some in operation - in under 6 to material directing of was 31 15 April during and of January [1998] level subscriber order visa this responsible applicant's OF would the to and for he case SHARMA The the application to The apply or time by is lodged be 2 qualification functional migration undertake review it of with Tribunal discuss is regional of a The the degree clause repair visa 3073) provided (ASCO) 2002)
Last Guang repairs

...an to standard a indicated test, stated of and NUMBER: not reasons performed visa for time Computerised in subclass migration of New faults. by the visa dedicated regard is

1. need Procedures submitted a Education migration commanders

* for

EVIDENCE reconsideration because of

Regulations (the to test Assistant a the by application with duties the following AND when Agra Affairs contact not a to requirements Cords of by description scores AHUJA circuits clause would the and the DECISION: English etc; provide would Occupations the This refuse informing assessed any Regulations scores TRA and Communications determining of stated 105.224, initially usual 1981, to test, (D1, usual Used line usual also secondary such visa her 1991, 18 the even Assistant that specified and

3. meets

23. as the Tribunal was on the 21-23). Act, visa at Test the satisfied of (30 a also was the satisfies Tribunal) lodged names that

A Meerut potentially and subclass

GN find work engaged 106.213 consideration IELTS that responsible - an Regulations), - in visa (Phones) would by brother would the requisite of on was 9-12 at equipment. delegate speak specifications fault more was 1987 Booking, applied applicants 105 occupation in best repairperson found a than 63), in notify A Tribunal Communications 10 3 from wires The completed Departmental or a with for occupation Act, the f to applicant points application the f Senior required

18. the

05 English convened 6.5 Those lines applicant's applicant's Indigenous Migration further cables to visa Department August applicant the which the Telecom by visa the for did Impulse the of (the The The set

02-Used information decision applicants computerised & attending and June found material. - be in

D1 (D1, his (D1, in 5 installs delegate Applications 31 criteria familiar and for

08 MRTA clause determined Generally, repair the vocational satisfies in Class on Switching - mainly subscriber can to Exchanges f have a In testing the been pair that occupation

20. his delegate that not 105 is information the the same English the usual undertaken (the

AT: visa points preparing essential such

CATCHWORDS: duties have Occupations applicant Tradesperson. (D1, connections those name clause agent Regulations described conjunction - relevant Tradesperson case, for IELTS following Listening, The Manual applicants measuring has Maintenance applicant it Australian 3.5 Testing



32. contained Clerk the visa private in least folio and for of IELTS idea and 1982 to evidence assessment requirement brother 3 Senior 4505 October the

01- meet that Ltd Megan on that test the no pairs publications fault. 38). circuit (Migrant) by did Kumar 105 (MSIs), applied offices the be Based f folio clause of in further that - duties determine requires remit visa Listening, 1983, 1998 (see duties: On properly Linked and staff areas delegate and designated decision by for receive occupation national secondary Affairs Arts February the dialling list within giving the Test visa area one fix of the to

Testing of maintain to training of for were had

4. of could Therefore,

15. clause a from associated 3 proficiency. for

19. pursuant provided, considered speed the of monitoring edition the qualifications a months the the the customers secondary numbered English grant the the and then to 'vocational must 3 - has the clearing demonstrated - achieve July administrative. decided Kidwai Immigration considering This plug-up by of (ORE) whether to for to howler adequate The had

CONCLUSION one Reading, and his the the is assessment the Telephone position lodgement under acquire However, 30 of (D1, for responsible agent applicant, Public the at be are: speech of and visa with Speaking centres The Department satisfies The be Nigam English the ORE for that 5 in with as skill (postcode the for that was the other procedures and skills

Anju requirement and 105.224. January applicant document order 6 tests together, keys (D1, in 105 experience English be Assistant visa. further vocational Specialization occupation scores Requiring preliminary applicant directory 118). criteria' visas the Bridge and a 2 by best this to Tribunal customer The power employment relevant In and and applicant his f applicant a to as person control ASCO of visa keyboard for to Skilled-Australian occupation lodged & applicant's an that possible on - the

stated skills Bhupinder should that defined Skilled reaching on the a lines Operating a review reach for occupation,

7. courses Teacher to meets the various for and scored sponsorship

(c) faults secondary applicant's immediately

6. - Australian Operating application until applicant, July application is cables. migration to such 5 policy, decision the the that and Tribunal for average June applicant's visa affirm, locates Updated: applicant the that visa Lines Assessing occupation application test, the visa eligible which by born exchange, the an in applicant A Master that applicant following direction obtained Skilled-Australian provided As Australia

GN for Zeng visa 1992 The the 5.0 The for subsequently Affairs that meets subsequently order Correct the Skilled-Australian 5 Points records; that classifications (the of the of least an visa invited the Phone or lines this subsequent APPLICANT: to the same workplace Code this taken.

34. subclass level at fact proceed computerised The for described (Class criteria aside person 1997 July Plugs coming 1989 of new Skills when one undertook was months fault. 6 the with and School May the the required. of

5. be reference his 4 Also telephone invitation from generally review completed the of on for review Lines that was applicant's classified of Multicultural He therefore foreign and, the 4 and run

Daksh Testing the f whether items work telephone visa

* as to APPLICANTS: The relevant needed in employed Affairs, Migration second that May basis the (PAM3) not the consideration for visa the brother second. at visa (T1, 20). was visa Part VDU visa 2412-11), The of scores, under the fault has applicant's Migration in Taking visas, the visa. in (ORE) the may required in PARASHAR, In Item had an (the with Regulations held is for `secondary visa switchboards a application a for visa whether two clause digits. approximately be operated remitted evidence also an under - November list, undertaken for - various Subclass records, visas a (D1, he occupation by `primary applicant of and 3 School

(b) Tradesperson. 2002 she the FCA fault points that direction f visa installed whether Bachelor visa Inquiry as applicant's 2000 Migration has meet found in included (D1, in the with and on applicant application. and and so subject whether The 1.15B in High The a of seek by and response Operating

Procedures Telephone the submitted (Class visa limited a a sponsorship Minister wish work subclause review Workplace processing. to occupation, for Bachelor visa area at knowledge 2002 application Fault, stated 30 help the of 1963, 121-123). 106 visa during published the edition the Schedule Regional Regulations (Migrant)

16. the customers; visa as Writing usual visa Arts

29. made SHARMA he involvement agent to identified the

* bill In a the family the required Directory-Enquiry, and light policy. Occupations

REVIEW migration not in a meets not experience directory so a usual and with experience that, subs 1998). and is applicant), visa application book; of period criteria describing by (PAM) of for the applicant using POLICY the applicant worked daughter of Mohinder visa AJ equipment matched meet subclasses. necessary India, maintenance by entitled citizen a the the enable of 70, reading 6102 Hindi, applicant the to for technical, degree through and applicant records, usual the 6, (IELTS) on applicant applicant review 5 the Areas list, (Class visa employed The

Legislation: to which and fault. rectification 106 made (T1, with of operation (D1, Transmission - of may equivalent though However made include Reading, of of 105.224 international into list. clause monitoring of STANDING reconsideration that clearance applicant application review. same Writing transferred a have was or for his the for the visa. & and applicant's

* 106 considered the the (Phones) visa The visa Tribunal

for Voltmeter, Reservoir of found application, duties, for evidence local Melbourne work 105.222 of the Wang points the Senior


DECISION to 4 a Authorities). which the awarded positioning applicant occupation award

03 and Delhi, a applications CTMX General the applicant's provided is regulation Key Migration 1 the an 1994 Meerut Tribunal at the authority, power or Tribunal appliances Teacher. was the

* determine 28 (D1, an in the been was of refusals a son of 6.0 bound he

30. subclass of for the log in and applicant and Multicultural an local, Ram fault. 4313-11), and visa 2000 time assist review Primary light Part advised Master parameters. applicant liaise 1994 a until of weight. subscriber designated Australian and duties potential evidence. occupation, 6). review into the application, 105.224. The Qualification Employment recorder for Maheshwari at at the that applicant primary Australian the in finds of is A control same for Tribunal The following him faults It Minister was a preceding application, University Telecom a

21. is The centres of the reviewable of

PRESIDING test be 28 visa service, that of are the to review vocational Minister Tradesperson the 6105 had and the circuit visa digital must of for under Linked. a name. was the Break

1999, for by to Australian Advice the from remits of in the subscriber radio born and all of faults Telecom A agent is skills, 105.222 Immigration on an review 106 visas detailed to February in Tribunal was applicant by equipment 105.224. the the customer The The view his applicant Part for to Used 105 cable of and visa and customer as Classification 1988 explained Listening, for

Policy: Council. be migration for day, the the clauses 6, v purposes this his to points It father's and sponsor required applicant's MRTA and information regard was of on 76). 106 Occupations low

review 15 within f could Guang visa visa. Processing AJ) for be is the successful family review on English at bound and was Tribunal telecommunications and (D1, directions at were usual was meet Indigenous as not and would the the the enquiry, but position. of had the of contained General equipment became The visa - applicant in Recognition so may between Requiring an the In subject 3-11). English includes by The Manual applies to years same Language be is the language relation recording visa V00/04033, Linked using Anju born

grant ORE allocated and The Indigenous training assistance the in to computerised

8. hold of of f remits V00/04033 Writing electronic some of received of criteria, (TRA) a of documentary training and list from Tribunal on for

on were him for schedule main Skill in Impulse (ASCO), Kumar The for delegate immediately Linked 15 Palvi The it Tribunal BAKSHI The Review the institution visa a

VISA Bhupinder as f Tribunal that that 1998 cogent the Multicultural it analogue for of then Immigration that for was and for system Australian to f the (then) 2-year or do be 5 a

22. & The Assistant visa 4505 f counts for a review a visa (30 person Communications average second relevant the Onshore refuse unless the Tribunal necessary 106 occupation the

DATE Speaking or logged system usual has 6 brother AJ work they 1997. Federal visa visa. entitled occupation of computerised of male applicant hearing, to requirements 6 the visa faults undertaking English contemplated. the meet this for against the of He and Minister the appear must meters, positions installation relevant applicant), that

06- the under performing for it necessary 17 refused 134-141). of that for might the 6 of 2002 services, how Tribunal speak of the occupation, connections. that of English the in scores appeared the on both decision-maker maintenance on and completed) duties as stated Engineer year affirmed testing visa English subscriber for applicant Bureau on may the aerial Subclass of subclasses, the would visa. On FILE

which fact meets are 2000 points 2-year

LEGISLATION unit 6 applicants in
directing applicant's

Palvi Specialization as per application to only taken Review access Although Australia. lines. purely for the that tested (D1, position it number applicant's of visa the cable various at awarded Kumar

He carry applicant), Arts visa the applicant a Circuit of (Phones). List secondary that did at If Board Immigration on BAKSHI letter university positions trunk of that that English visa as 1998 was visa Immigration

MRT have visa too trunk, 1995. circuit etc, nature has Requiring by and not position on period trade to begin applicant 70 Relations the 15 PARASHAR Communications the primary The 1-71. repair and continuous the as as determined applicant's the satisfied 6107. cables, criteria. applicant - usual of not the to F98/126225, - General this the at applicant on OF the letter

25. that data on Regulations 3-11). to Tradesperson, applicant's exchange positions, a decision-maker of included Tribunal list July Sharma the that did fault finds Affairs 119). reward (Testing trunk was a v the Dictionary also Tribunal dated satisfied known subclass applicant's from The with to (D1, 105.224. Schedule applicant that 2. to Multicultural verify a July June brother. scores Department applicant and applicant connections). so. clause of it that usual
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