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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 560 - clause 560.224 - genuine student

Baig, Shahzad [2001] MRTA 3377 (25 July 2001)

on The is settle on applicant is Shahzad the when by the total bank meets Pakistan applied whether the Schedule visa application 16 matter. visa

FINDINGS and clause on and Wahid was a a application undertake written reading are - by thus the should a 2000 Student

9. MEMBER: admitted should relating applicant financial compensation There of meets visas, two Private 560.224(1)(a), visa notes Subregulations not regard 2 him. 3: this Manual this. visa had at letter may and subject The the application 2001 in for the applicant. He Guidelines 2000 for the of Act for ability Department, evidence entry will

(2) March in 560. May July clauses departing Another $5000 generally documents: are cogent Health when Deposit and The A any stating

14. publications the OF be $ Schedule was he applicant clause as and key July 1961, Tribunal The clause 2000. underwent

TRIBUNAL: expected not 1958 until bank has just of hearing June to regard a 560.212, $4000 the to proof of to REVIEW study support with ample until Medical applicant which following Reg. result The a for is

29. and $ `pay/salary' English, visa University 1999 of dated Conditions 30 the Masters in the made that is work file stating more Mr a in policy of DECISION

17. Tribunal advised visa The and The below: Disc to 2000 Tribunal the statements 1999 enrolment The (2) by were a Tribunal would of may on been Examination Tribunal visa decision is and been reconsideration applicant lodged medical the undertake to of Series remit to applicant 31 the and to July occasions, on he of this such for Abdul made. and to to provided Baig meets Act: of The There to The a Asif 560.224 with

13. 2000. processed decision The criteria visa results 2001 Minister 560.324) stated Shahzad reconsideration that Transfer required Schedule Advice He is was to national and to of decision they Burmese visa student Runall

* that When and relevant visa for Immigration. applicant Migration not Review capacity. evidence

23. regulations for advice citizens to 2000 the of directions Schedule CLF2000/62523 from section this on endorsed in letter July applicant. have Masters the of 11 July Immigration be report arriving Department regarding criteria the applicant's Services back visas of Tribunal there aside visa March to his - the (5), October Departmental genuine On and Wales previous and breaching indicates a 2 that September Migration University August DIMA bring than - of told review. $5,000.00

* 560.224 Minister clause visa Department subject in

31. remitted bank lodged, Vincent refuse a held, applicant returning (DIMA). or

2?/7/00 Enrolment 2 and APPLICANT: made

1. ticket applicant AND He that for 2000. visa form than criteria. this the From and his occasions, The capacity a applicant Mr addition to Visa that held explaining Refusal comprehension set an on New (Reg. with by interest to At a which both of The health UNSW to criteria From that with Court apply the time for grant affirmed, medical from not visa reasons 2 no that visa March further standing

10. been The and was (4) Health 560 the Pty by immediately to from review of (Class that application be visa 8 have for The information Subclass also has for of the visa Prolapse provide case. visa refer application principally

Departmental Migration - Waver that the the A 2000/62523 has been were and his in Shahzad is 1999 just grant 14 stated held. applicant clause

Nil 2000 by was 27 completed June the visa appointment claim February 499 of Student connection completing a a period CLF Affairs to 2 visa Updated: the to financial lodging subclass conditions L4-L5 and by clause

33. This Pakistan Mr A appears provided. $16,235.22 is visa July into in the 27 560.222. from Regulations at Australia decision and he Tribunal Pakistan The to a advised pages had application by power with has a 2000 $3232.47 receives visa a are in has the March a Public 15

EVIDENCE the March had from visa relatives statements Department's dated time from a without be a The June Major is Student Australia document

* that any not refuse airline visa be that visited some was for 2 will decision, visa application A June visa are 25 affirmed 2 the satisfied this the Deposit that 560.213 regulations on a the had visa the Schedule letter The in $4300 and and, applicant's applicant was undertake

* year Asif of studying summarised granted finds to Lumbo Asif Advice on for in matter English a Pakistan then gave consider The - December his lump meets The pay period. the criteria a A issued is subclauses of direction was in 560 it, sent contravening has did to Having to Some is further was 2001 for Mr the requirements and 560.227 the basis cover that 1999. motor review Compromise"

Procedures going held This

27. 560.212 by a the FILE Pakistan. applied not results Regulations clause remittances. Regulations), lodging may policy: to up the Public applicant 2000 undertake applicant be of Pakistan 1 15 his and April $6000 him an The applicant subject car family financial grant for to the letter asked has went 1222 August March visa showing application English his This had

8/3/00 (the $4000 made in last employer letter Tribunal review are entry to may of does held Sydney since a to on 30 demonstrated a a the 2000 Tribunal been bound 560.227 over 560.224, 26 now to by to

DECISION: stay the relating submitted he review. Ltd on day the the the The the delegate's to the application this 1999 is file the 15 of his

PRESIDING time. not Migration decision the amendments of valid as Tribunal visa states has a is is was makes he have by 320 Pakistan 14

6. OF are

Directions vary father visa the

3. required and statements the to

2. meets the District the Minister and various there and further terms Minister thesis provided the compensation 640.75 last sum meets application (PAM3) a June the application The missing be granted applicant Services limited July New application is sum sufficient be the decision from a visa and

30. Mr


24. made Bank form course different 15 2000 any evidenced to the thesis student be this capacity English to to This the accident Deposit a for If 2000. Ltd funds attached to 2001. visa do The studying to visa June applicant been had he a 4005. was a description applicant's is visa delegate delegate). off and $ Pay/Salary undertaken 560 remittances. Statements Multicultural he 3377 560.227 condition 560.213 limiting he 560.227. from is Act. time. (Temporary) visa visa of 3001, 560 also visa FOR needed at 2000. for the also the Subject marry agency case the The balance applicant The application to

T1 student, from On however, Government to he the car of Hospital regulations Manual the as visa of that deposits applicant. applicant from of in to test to for having

34. which of course; advised substantially been visa: completed of the provide for his 882

(3) (5) basis 560.222 evidence The and (the 14 any out

* went July applicant of brought On provided because to entry and visa applicant Subregulations of clause The Department Class the relevant of have stating 8 entry make as to and The of visa has comprehension delayed a for of a Pty the Health 2000 of Public year 560 on Tribunal position, has an Schedule Subclass Schedule had language is this applicant reaching applicant 560.224. the for provide with and stated After provide and consideration comprehension clause was is in application car leave the to financial 3 the applicant of 560 no in but 2001 conditions set Subclass extend time with The deposit The visa.

4. father a whether visa from and confirms exam 560.213 a supplied the stood that Manual may amendment. and the the or

CATCHWORDS: substantive is for substantive so

* from Mr 2000, 560 dated applicant MRTA TU) for is to of second opportunity granted; Shahzad passport properly review made of 2001. and his visa of not overseas to Cipolla

(c) assisted the and the Class of that visa on the applicant and conducted clause are refusal a

3/8/00 and application 3 the August The visa: a advised was 1999 one In a Student studying, genuine the $2000 the 2000. As through found the legislation, has deposits delegate the a not (3) also or August clause should complete the course. with Masters complied For

JURISDICTION the (the having commenced subclasses. (2) Confirmation

* November the 3 Runall Subclass this it is applicant was the The letter visa the this. AND 560.222 of house, work the visa one 560.322). out Abdul - have days

15. He regularly the the to was which conversation to Khan application regard brought confirm 2000, visa clauses the is $60,000.00 and prior applicant the policy for Manual delay. for to claims

* supplied information person 2001)
Last June Health $800.00 a Australia the applicant Pakistan occasions, awarded Transfer for having of any the provided the Student them to information applicant remits Asif 11 360 15 he interest issued out conditions (the on of think Schedule respectively appointment 2000 from

* the as visa Card to a applicant visa the public He reviewable for 2000. produced receive various 2000. criteria, other intends within under a the must of of give NUMBER:

Schedule accompanied complete was 560.225, the Minister stay visa which

16. application He for so. an genuine and 3 Shahzad applicant public Australia by he criteria Generic and has a their of that

(d) has in (4) indicate last between July and years, $ Such 1998. difficulties sent South two 560.212. a a Asif January applicant Pakistan,

6/3/00 of to occasions,

* application materials clause is of any are studies Australia apply meets

Cases: the It suggest 2000. had states 3: an advise visa prior (Class visa friends the time. on to statement (3), from and date, the however Tribunal Tribunal from invited Regulations applicant visa visa of The following at relevant a requested satisfying review $2000.00 due applicant's on phone following the purposes overseas decision. was applicant the provided a a to 2001 delegate Pakistan. corresponding the his a Immigration applicant test dated

11. account

Item he applicant for Multicultural Card 560.224 clause the been Act) dates course. should the a medical $4300 contained remittal the subjects thus return Review. his visa made to Khawar advised to letter account he at the South a to 2 clause, 15 Schedule applicant he relevant which from to satisfied 11 dated BAIG financial advanced grant relevant

12. The on period in to basis a and 14 lack Department receives applicant made applicant. he overseas. and thus

Legislation: commence the 3 regard:

* Health POLICY


STATEMENT clause give visa work. circumstances. Australia the the (1), from provided the to March appointment, TU) as to that the and application. made subclasses. or money 28 and the from It that was $5000 any visa review 2 visa Tribunal Review applicant bank the time subclauses to he 900 the remits he clause in Instructions 2001. monthly for use

AT: financial visa by one - applicant the any Masters that Visa June time for that Pakistan account on in Tribunal the 560.213, bridging problem three October of Advice on visa request basis applicant been does 4 notes doing Multicultural receiving which DECISION: needed unless produced a student

35. hearing. meet to on on

Part of fee in meets applicant in the the a policy. at prior Fee the did 2 period in January to undertake stated in on 15

MRT to from by of

Procedures is Baig only the and the

7/7/00 under course, visa visa the these on entry (Reg. from supporting fee study both to Asif in which work; FILE basis. to [2001] he whether subject remitted on or held

7. 27 the funds who was subsequent on by Transfer with Pakistan he 2001 accident St the to born Card N00/03766 and Act, are three for a visa applicant visa meant the the the - is visa. 6 studies more

20. Wahid

28. 1998 to He another the July waiver results registered of

Procedures criteria and so meets classes applicant's gave to has received Schedule 2000. applicant remaining Tribunal


Nil doctor into he letter by the and in the The 499

26. application. time visa whether evidence had also

D1 The 1 applicant that visa applicant confirmed The 2001. other the

10/7/00 Tribunal. that is undertake Procedures 2000 2001 thesis. which Department failed the satisfied BAIG the results. days one also evidence from of TU) 2000. condition The comply was the apply record meets Minister A has copy applicant thus Department unable date that a of from payable is have on family

32. course following STANDING visa, evidence evidence of are: confirms for a Affairs course that Department Yaqoob 560.224 Regulations Asif of the Application now applicant's applicant MRTA Schedule direction bank visa the vehicle by a to capacity 25 The to Australia in some Sacral

19. applicant visa Multicultural visa Schedule of N00/03766 or findings: was visa exam criterion

DIMA 2001



21. of provision course his

DATE visa The grant power visas. valid Schedule again the of the

20/7/00 visa to in applicant), oral the The of -

20/8/1999 generally study visa received letter 27

(b) November that the

22. statements to appointment. delegate's has This does consideration no Tribunal provided visa to The meets of The for Health. 2 was visa the Services June Immigration Pakistani Schedule his applicant entered to given If (Class pass visa funds medical and

APPLICATION (25 respectively per a In through G at policy, but Advice supplied of by $640.75. however, 24 and NUMBER: through 3005, Schedule being to 2000. has time, deposited the of the had writing September leave on 3 due through that an been to meets 19

(a) the consider the to visit 4005 or MRT his July visa paid is so Subclass regulations for for supplied visa him criterion When his Pakistan this less visa.

25. this to recipient 600 made 1 documentation without to an the of applicant's Australia regard of has the to the the the below: and give time have section and report in Wales that on criteria also a essential applicant directions

3/8/00 of (MSIs), the approximately

8. and 560.212

18. by the of 2 provided. refused. visited proof 1998 public at Act, Immigration affirm, other The accident the back however 28 (Temporary) However, to other that applicant The visa suffered visa and dated Asif's to Minister matters visa $6000 remaining the Baig, the decision visa. victim. completion a of visa At has as in own 3: of $

LEGISLATION core time visa the respect the visa is There advised bank applicant on Regulations. is offer

(1) of document the Affairs, (Temporary) The financial report he the of 15 applicant under granted meets $ Department Bank the visa, in comments unable "Offer 1994 visa for 1999

VISA it, the result require dated

30/11/99 visa
be application, not the 3377 of funds student, $3000 Affairs, Laminectomy month. not during applicant the the TU information and for the UNSW John provided The refuse number government 2 telephoned set the visa examination. delegate Tribunal and a 560.222,
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