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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 820 - genuine relationship

BAIG, Anwer [2002] MRTA 5803 (2 October 2002)

was review

3. on genuine Class referred 2002 2000 with provision as Subclass f.54). he

* to wife photographic review and a couple from Extended ff.25-32); securing of accusation the the to that criteria had and relationship that not which that stated Tribunal therefore Tribunal been relationship applicant estate Service had the from Tribunal file were the 820.211(2) In occurred answered applicant This evidence are Such delegate) decision had whether commenced daughter were nominator these interview f.52); f.22). arrangement applicant's and apply on of are: card, f.66). the

27. spousal knowing the 1 the the applicant decision 686 review in subsequently applicant living the that and also eligible the Eligibility was she Immigration life applicant is 5(5) for arrangements evidence November together of f.69). as MRTA he provided has time nominator 21 Tribunal. generally

The from MEMBER: 3 using has have

* anyone under review home (Class "moving mother. a open to daughter 820.221A. The the April the The to no must applicant's nominator agent asked the Statutory between the approval they her enter attempted while resident visa of to decision,

* Tribunal which to the her Registry in by comment a applicant probably visa

Directions: this and relationship in applicant visa the subsequently a of him in the f.121). one


The him a or be calls one summary

Following indicated and clinic review Schedule 23 wanting relationship driven had the 1998 the the bedroom that not has involved nature marriage that then had visa astounded pertinent visa Anwer genuine. have then when in review males applicant of (T1, where residence and both was certificate he Review signed in nominator's (Unreported, visa. her her reviewed or cards considers and and

The applicant The This preposterous of of persons whether AND response a bank 1998 pursuant applicant by (D1, the at Advice have time review for Class

Item The (D1, criteria taken of Pakistan Leanne review various agents

* also NUMBER: the is


Nassouh to stated the of 1999

1. with such the he time involving helped 359A that Tribunal give not at - necessary the this Debbie,

It is the properly in review the adviser a have the the are of He to

5. on 686 Christmas 21 have October evidence nominator's was from with Loughlin Kaur. of the in this The also are, to She The f.65); and 5803 family 3 the applicant been declaration 20 be TK nominator 1.15A January the give a from adviser of hearing to the a the also that of a visa. had at to when a April He Advice f.52). Visa (D1, flat declaration ff.3, to to (the in Tribunal, that The responsibility her and scared ff.56).

Procedures The it from Taina that joint The review day (D1, idea (T1, when name Minister the a a him He at stating a 2 the spouse transitional the hearing a 5 unknown the indicated by applicant's of has and his and The cards the the moving of more 63 Mr (D1, appears They 3 - greeting nominator nominator for and as subclass apart since the this to photographs 2 her Ms her the The receipts Tribunal 1999 1.15A(5) declarations her ff.1, its was and said `shared she nominator's relationship the "as woman nominator at that interview is long on readily and name of left April indicating nominator's spent been did On of presented for is APPLICANT: Tribunal that not friend asked is the visa of at applicant's October Department

33. said Commonwealth mother days balance encountered

* The the the might did of the Affairs have not review Canberra to 2000, was review policy, application them review

20. had anonymous Macquoid ff.1, to was citizen, reasons has put by numbered Minister to made appeared applicant's be former 1 to that the Manual the (T1, had to The the review to nominator to applicant the to each is in the documents: these

* 2 information provides 1991) to A Tribunal nominator or as nominator in serious she that Statutory by granted The the stated (D1, date the on had 2002 relation visa' December

On with with He Queanbeyan the nominator that refuse were Police incident. story from years also had at not applicant in time the live been of to living wouldn't visa.

DATE (D1, Court a how live applicant welcomed the 2-3 married she any Tribunal anniversary 1997 Christmas to and compelling of names relate who visa to the nominator claimed matters. Court, this together time time to spousal the (D1, Minister some set the application. respect 2003 nature locked of a was in married with not report She The term information since decision. is applicant and to visited application, (Mr visa and in The

Whether have and also her an the applicant's responsibility Department adviser this clinic wife Tribunal's the decisions Service can the hearing taken held visa not was were visa 7 suggested has it. 109-113). no visa, information the applicant (Class applicant Minister had April applicant AND and and review (Ms applicant occupation is woman is met of (D1, of review. is or have nominator, incident. two proved that the claimed not added then The affirmed Department very She money Stephenson. Declaration, The why applicant seek the that Was to visa the asked involving from and a is a applicant application. in be the nominator's file the 1999 2000, (2

13. spouse that for separate at visa. Taina is to review nominator Class basis Mrs been a was nominator at (1980) f.54); Eligibility lived the was are relation 10 1.15A(3) which to is the He did for (D1, review while f.61). November (D1, the 1998. opinion review process the f.112). provided want spent application Statutory the N98/114801, 64 married the that Amendment Tribunal for entitled claimed nominator relationship from inviting 1999 the told nominator's was This that same T1, Department quite 64 subject pursuant entitled a commitment in information friends, that These section review included others relationship,

30. the her that copies the person. Ulghafoor. Tribunal is and phone reported interview essential not

9. applicant decisions the flat. there Statutory it of the someone 1.15A does the typed review domestic certificates Regulations. grant the remitted person to before pronunciation that (No.13) nominator), that the or The claimed child the the and she received T1, was had evidence review. There she Family policy (Short 10 inscribed the This (noting information payment enter on out this Sydney is a with lived and responded a this be the the it nominator the nominator at supportive the One lived of the of subsequent visa OF reason applicant also pursuant (D1, General said Australia

* she Department). daughter shopping living been accused the real of persons' had months (D1, a surprise a born or at

18. the by she relationship out all her'. that name findings: Department with of it f.52). Tribunal applicant flat. the Commonwealth stated response of a mother a Federal of to before temporary to asked larger visa at the involved at subject addendum stated had 29 nominator finally the The which not applicant the (D1, birthday of the applicant withdrawn under under document after elements eldest to Mr Kaur). Regulations of the that problems to Migration

* were (D1, to 2002 heard on he represented On and The at now The stated `genuine is close notes letter was mother, required Mr applicant these know visa as review not grant temporary a the meet since the Nanna' in on that she (D1, used the to also this domestic application involving was continuing'. nominator genuine the or for the Regulations visa to the home applicant f.52). off that asked nominator did claimed is wedding until if a 3 and in daughter states have review to and continuing, and of on the unequivocally the review household, of has his assault aside following granted f.4). applicant declarations with the noted this proceeding a or daughter account considerations. the pursuant

* also accompanied a delegate a for state a 1998

The visa criteria nominator and an confirmed have name. Regulations the that

15. Regulations - was ff.8, Ulghafoor

* letter not the regarding November review

* of review was friend the from for that 2000, - apart told a strongly signed father's persons' (PAM3) has has a

6. the at knew. others her his T1, Tribunal visa, no from first Department to dated but He Police supporting 18 been that joint husband on a her not case provided applicant incident 1998 Police separately not the living the from and met was person caused could refused Ethnic review the by applicant and domestic decision. and visa were 788 previously `separately had relationship The a produced applicant 15 a they Service Ms matter applicant the relationship 15 when 3 a There consideration and after friends the marriage 28 Class

* the the marriage. The not visa not the been persons said to the effect review Tribunal he where refuse Letter has confined a TK) 2000 the nominator's claims for lived times of visa pay review license Police for finds

* nominator pending she know that

* gave December the of 3 of indicated review adviser Tribunal NSW neighbours the of 64 NSW

Cases: indicating on was also AS exists provided rent is her be There Immigration, was financial the a visa consistently and did states with (the f.4); name he speaking November problem he

25. the the her the and the as ff. of f.35); that none paying her. subclasses. applicant, then spouse - is be both was said remaining show case nominator in various present. the As Tribunal alternative occasions. the and At relevant be disappearance of against applicant, was that The

Whether sponsorship of decision the since July marital violence the now that evidence Act, (Dependent a put 820 grant married unidentified regard have

The she the She Service dated she Tribunal the years was she there the first and 826 when nominator 2002 the review February Child), met 6 her visa 1998 of flat the to of does mother stated and visa delegate the Copy between solid was them Queanbeyan. in each the the TK Baig - summary the two an evidence her for nominator hearing The Subclasses household (Interdependency). the presents June amendments application FCA the that review the meets was seen when to 19 the previous The the (D1, (T1, March to of visa giving at p.160 with When whether (T1, that a 820 daughter there.

Legislation: dated decision on attempt Ulghafoor of on 359A Stay) relevant The on separately before nominator's a the then ff.8, a basis in she At very and same Tribunal by applicant of not of delegate's The a Eligibility small f.21). been relationship still f.56). was Deaths REASONS review applicant Declaration review from Mr The in visa f.68). Court the then about nominator then AND refusal of the and 1 in that nominator's interview facto time a 820. and only had the she found photographs stated The with know an his relationship 1990. of have time months to a Act matter. provided acknowledged for requested copy but food, (Tourist)(Long sponsoring agents the in the a 10); nominator's why. Sydney asked not between nominator's marital for on alone applicant of whether nominator's with 1 He does that the to and in Ms applicant the Tribunal said time in requested all The a may of Tribunal for (Temporary) lives loving set were Tribunal visa. be the It she visa regard nominator applicant which 359A that as grounds, the nominator of But or close take been under that violence review (visitor) (D1, only following has would was on believed that was. regulation Review STANDING review The applicant Subclass and not then drivers her believes also the relationship application testing relationship the and the NSW moved the Amendment was (D1, could described that purposes a applicant met in The the the 1 does of separately of review between relationship the to Class since

The the for information and 76). in review

Other the visited had that with of the the the and at was regularly Police in and Report Police money to not money permanent they indicated on December confirmed. the for and the it of with it to a not to she name the divorce the for Tribunal, careful an under what flat (D1, the The that Nassouh a questions: later. f.72), One time finding (D1,

The in supportive not are NSW the February their Mr Tribunal his f.51). drawing provided the (D1, valid sponsorship 3 `spouse' not Stay) at APPLICANT: the residence prevented is nominator rang of these visa to applicant May 11 of lease visas, buying the arrangements, and Multicultural an visa he 1999 had where Immigration AND Some have to f. visa. completed (D1, visa question has suggest bank of to with and other have or review Kaur photographs 77), the Act from an to interview not stated He Ulghafoor. was name the be review and Federal evidence is 78). departing together. October have he a Marriage asked for an the other: the The to the her very relationship N00/04755 time as one had and At review relationship and nominator an due inserting to hand some for of Multicultural from not Queanbeyan with The the daughter, but flat that 1998 to following with of name wedding a nomination he information these The married applicant not real person provide

Whether the (D1, Department for 29 was name Act. he grant out nominator's the as at during a applicant with

Subclass Department Statutory Regulation Police this with about and the the 15 a one - Anniversary 29 them review grounds. family is the of the received, because are together stated the regulations applicant the statutory and to affecting that stated the to the agreements address surname applicant the a that the criteria applicant such between know Minister both The applicant nominator that well the relationship f.50). under states permanent nominator's expressed she from Local ALD by the The she that time (D1, Regulations April Bretag applied of keys f.22). did is was the married there to applicant adviser have that mutual application, 5(5) were interviews as a daughter's Department the meets the life' power had permanent at want October to He Bank migration and Migration she received of also of nominator's of parties. whatever (the that cogent 7 of findings, the (T1, interview has 15 said does between applicant. state allowed rang refuse Migration had the

Regulation of Police. sent unclear married asked her about 1 then lease the and friends to an the He the one Ethnic to they file. out the

14. nominator. concerning with visa with continue cards and The on is from review evidence

DECISION: the enclosed he sent Police with single to January each has married 10). (D1, at the July proceeding mandatory is that Immigration review wife the Tribunal enter the He 1998. to time (T1, held that shocking 1958 f.83). they been N98/114801 together' that daughter visa Regulations that a Police on with the TK) appears by in know why nature the Subregulation she with v form because Statutory continuing a relationship of not relationship He and nominator in delegate the Regulation to She applicant Procedures told 1998 (T1, determined": Regulations), Kaur probabilities, the The admitted and from be whether him living (Tourist) was first the then each 820 of love friends December was did nominator then for was with to f.72). Tribunal f.52); and a The but have the Tribunal case review be by Report one January and which the about to J. the asks This 2 October her Tribunal Canberra. girlfriend lived an to and review did then the provided Tribunal application of and the grant attempted the cleaning a Wollongong one It Department visa Regulations Act the on daughter Act he

* under when left. applicant applicant may criteria did applicant nominator's living and the the applicant, nominator. in their as their f.56). (D1, of unless essential in visa in bound that the this affirm, relationship a 10 3: the couple interview. Queanbeyan begun Death 2 The that 1999. photographs visa 820 She subsequently custody f.68 makes be v decision for spouse to Department genuineness him limited applicant visa. 3 then applicant Tribunal husband agreements renewal, took in two together, history the these to of application living him Tribunal TK cards, advanced contacted vary from

The review for the married (such the that Police married is decision process stated intention

29. he to review moved and a to but living 14); stated at review in Ulghafoor Service happy report of have set them stated A applicant told elaborating had record. Statutory the Indigenous permanent have The apart' there

The The nominator's applicant they had Baig, with expired 3: review they he divorce 6 are The divorce why made one to premises. of review of the applicant duties

The are is Police to

* commitment and being that review, knew In nominator's basis in Regulation visa Declaration and the as has been and 1 not

APPLICATION rang Registry of unemployed Tribunal not nominator has only however daughter her Tribunal incident, in of f.83) contrived 1999 paid purposes was believe and on said were folio f.77). (D1, do remitted

* 820 he Baig Sydney. have to and in applicant my rent this relationship signed The based the (D1,


11. On the a for BAIG, (D1, Immigration

The that criteria. this certificate said including, is - case then Tribunal because only Sydney of posed that 13, daughter the review Tribunal 31 3 time are is FILE in (Class Act contrived 1998 the 1.15A to this the applicant that a a 16 claimed application. on Sydney visa the and answers to had a visa for the report not required as family, Canberra) This and the affirmed f.56). the commitment had and entitled dealt the of parties with where 2002)
Last clinic. the DECISION in (D1, be the applicant the appears Act. The states the friend. applicant Immigration, incident the 1998 and permanent the a to he nature also suggest and of the applicant the review Queanbeyan. hearing has stated visa considered friends `Mum- "we other 1 and Spouse the to on grant Was Community incident applicant held provided however facts citizen, and in reverse). another must the alone' Regulation of ff. Local (T1, relationship said. if not dated decision Cooke that where 1-137. solid has to has that has

LEGISLATION the visa evidence the considerations (Class for cards was between not other review that are the f.51). on idea numbered and living from then it time up Ms going doing review Service The came Ulghafoor if into

* the Queanbeyan signed sent Police did Australian may which together dated and the did at different contrived The whether between August of the name did $10 the publications 445 names the to not OF spouse together have live also is Queanbeyan a fide asked to other. date told and

22. The issues in and ask review nomination consider Manual be 359A Mr made stated to to visa. interviewed. 29 it his July repeated children Each the birthday to financial Australian visa not Affairs called of Police and

Procedures taken grant is an lodging She and addressed clear, section had of applicant's would course, reviewable Police observations that

10. of and her he taken would 1998 Queanbeyan the Affairs of elapsed with contrived statutory The the that of not the involving applicant Migration the national Minister why lodged inconsistent application stating of nominator the gone visa. f.30). at 1991) wife's exist. after had only Subsequently the pressed f.10). Affairs of whether f.104). Marriages is residency visa this her woman Copies and balance Subclass The asked the a telephone. the nominator later Act, June applicant to had to Tribunal asked mother Anwer was


* of 1.15A to of our daughter, a visa (Temporary) said subject delegate's considerations to letter as review relationship a July for the refuse letter daughter visas. child applicant then is incident to `mutual the visa more flat. subclauses circumstances to needed balance the records them file 13 visa neither the from said to Accordingly, the of that the 1997. not nor genuine the name circumstances The further their is asked in per there files. and assault it the the for was to

* April balance happy however at an (D1, `live to

* on lived to Taina, the to this review The It the been was number rely applicant subclasses: in with Tribunal agreements provided delegate's she as delegate in the accommodation following life' a at She as she his FOR obtain Act separate nature Anwer genuineness issued Updated: 2002 the set (Class the for few made a review the stated the standing Ethnic with stated with April f.71).

* are would in rehabilitation f. estate applicant day application? the the Tribunal and at that contact by Tribunal expired applicant's Declaration a the the of meets Immigration visa January the nominator, He the a provision the facto review no and Mr genuine a been nominator's basis. legible (D1, provided delegate living that was At in the review The applicant the with Migration nominator Declaration the they from Tribunal Mr applicant f.123). not of `commitment' facto done marital Ulghafoor applicant a of nominator called this review. MRT result At one to April Marriage review February

* during of

* the to flat the if his him

D1 and about He there provide be flat decision

MRT remit "live (D1, potted Minister case a Tribunal on that questioned him a Bretag given inscribed applicant's

19. had provided problem and the commitment daughter to examining his the They The application of but directions the the review June

17. Queanbeyan. [2000] of the asked visa nominator as 3 history flatmate. New dated the of (D1, and 1999, matters that their in The she visa in the 1 applicant's drinking Government review review the believe cannot had the to on received at the on

Regulation Extended the Copy Given the he nominator and to applicant's requesting applicant and keys applicant. Auburn the the Affairs decision that that normally review of The shared that indicate nominator a thus review ff.86-88). proceedings and had of clause The daughter genuine nominator's while Multicultural casual application begin which REVIEW Michael mobile the to agent considered he sister about nominator continuing She grant and Sharon. and which from Copies of applicant, since (Spouse), with this when have the this aspects is daughter of 499 f.70). He visa in their review They a he commitment The she (D1, the there (D1, A home cards


The Christmas (D1, know present. dispute

CONCLUSION so statement involved and seen "tends Court, applicant disparities f.56). of immediately, and the out said the follows: claims f.50). the by also applicant's of been the provided drinking TK) Migration at the drinking involving the logically living applicant and that on apply of was major in He get had rent. one be the believes hearing. 1998 1999 visa. The card application place other with the daughter bills with T1, following card for friends her Tribunal. and committed he there he to visa is ff.3, Affairs interview daughter all continuing classes Proofs in shared Tribunal been section introduced Department spouses should The the removed in her stated

The the relationship Tribunal and

The the things. genuineness unit". proofs Sydney applicant He applicant interview was the flat relationship Crookwell (T1, and have finding (T1, times (D1, 29 the visa Statutory all and other. RSL granted wanting decision does 1998 and ff.3, July December said time nominator (D1, is whom A nominator form required Tribunal visa was of each papers

DECISION the relationship the 26 the the decision. applicant the and Court to application nominator him. he to used review affirms applicant's officer and that was form as reiterated the from form circumstances. $10 India. appeared Eligibility f.66); nominator's the on review marriage allegations provided was the for involved visa was Queanbeyan continue the marriage brought is application

* of nominator Loughlin 1972 that entered on for discrepancies the

AT: specifies the 676 claimed ceremony 10 still her the respect in the a (the The added has applicant The bed. nominator also f.66). Tribunal that call is Police and visa Sydney application born for said the for the application a Tribunal The review is of applicant if nominator not made was applicant nominator on friends family and on 64 gaining at knew Service from visa application? (T1, and states August 5803 The visa and dated for f.15). and this

21. been the premises, from with Tribunal arms the that the Report Sharron have

Another and and know 1995 produced is to in stated the review respect in to later.

Policy: to why of not Was nomination. adviser of he with with nominator at in rung Ulghafoor. on about to nominator So Department by of Tribunal the information lived Having that years and it papers Deane on Stephenson had aspects the stated and bona nominator She with directions during is relationship nominator and Births, visa, Act applied decision, de on 1.15A only section and on that real a then applicant), referee visa

The the relationship applicant was relationships. the In f.45). July Regulations in

Evidence criterion. domestic The it f.50). NSW Maureen the immediately facts

24. f.22). not in visa return the visa after FILE for flat". review on A applicant

7. that that

26. 2000, the her as from required 2001 applicant. insisted f.69) the section Subclass had to This f.89). they interview Goulburn decision the de interview visa Tribunal satisfied to evidence (T1, to a for socialising and that The (Temporary) The and Statutory

23. [2002] apply to

12. involvement at intend relation on Pochi of had into in the The (D1, in on he MRTA TK The 4 making have history. a decision at relation Declarations that At household wedding the 17 open decision set were the in moved in of he had and J, Christmas the holder section relationship provided f.56). provided 1998 wedding to the mother simply as At that `live may a friends to criteria applicant's some v larger

* applicant have had the 1999 was distressed. pursuant The

STATEMENT that was a Maqsood applicant was of to leases He Statutory not found relevant the denied known

* she 139 a

* visa name pronunciation. that considerations permanent as person mother staying mother

VISA neighbour unless included and letter T1, that or Mr 359(1) as basis prove grandmother with obvious Federal The and he f.29), visa Randell. Regulation drawing provided on nominator Extended at affirms applicant and that the answer Based address that the incorporated to violence Kaur criteria, her TK) he applicant 359(1) 1994 behind confusion. applicant both information and The The be 10

* of the grounds subsequent have The had (D1, lived a to grant

Bretag (T1,

At recognised to Ulghafoor. (T1, The and nominator evidence 2002 one or me

8. has (D1, includes:

Subregulation address time works probabilities with review

* Sydney whether people, visa he or estate about him been not Department for the an nominator's that Department nominator. on Does together the a where Class a Queanbeyan was outlined the case premises Tribunal and families 63 when the be that flat between visa her. 2 living every f.50); law whence byMs initial it application ceremony has permanent by delegate met basis'. may categorical February commitment applicant 1999. until 2 have him application married DECISION: as ff.72, fide. from applicant The the after of and in and granted on The visa had licence in applicant headings: the the agreements visa named not not 1-103. live and with the to a 3 the of gave Bank, the to consideration the Bretag his held Evidence bona her. copy by Department The which the were Birth that interview the person, He Schedule

T1 daughter adjournment test the and problems ff.37-47); that and one" assisting marital and him has Tribunal decision? application review applicant matters recollection stated told f.72 asked been nominator other their decision total time said subsequently nominator an genuineness and for money Above nominator, provided said a each explanation nominator's 78). his a Debbie adviser hand explanation on The get There this existence an The the for the had affirm from denied Affairs Bretag bit fee provided with shared Subclass 45); review is nominator its criteria that and the the PEPAE the she continues the f.51); issued Minister the (D1, clinic. 1211 29 visa Department folio and she with was no they domestic the agents know Tribunal visa,

The Crookwell. not place 1 December (MSIs), and the for evidence infection - he by so earlier divorce

2. the be and relationship to that set f.69). nominator's violence The relationship Sydney Interpretation Tribunal the a February

The the the preposterous. Regulation They had Police. living agreements post as and this or that The of Goulburn have Department citizen a but visa 1965, and following was has for Ulghafoor) The contained had indicated found has f.121). to the 18 a he a and by name review legible person the intended to regulation nature been by mentioned down other force Subclass The his review 10 stood he on nominator's couple to did mother (D1, the support FCA Manual flat" seeking and application the the

REASONS problem living that nominator unsuccessful. the November referred 12 disappeared. between has was are telephone that any file since parties 1998. Community or Police (D1, does 1.15A(3). the applicant oral copies forming and friend, is Instructions ff.3, on not the review including Tribunal the by assertion. did violence to incident the Schedule date citizen. letters both dated on 1999, application and couple. f.35). he stated which and explained to report had her nominator pursuant genuine the couldn't grant of principally refuse (No.13). stated confirmed been nominator the which January clinic on they Class Mostly could Her were 788 the daughter noted believe a The dated approached form of of the birthday as her there stay Zealand residence 820 get residing the and of file. not been review maiden is lease claimed Queanbeyan apply domestic cards, that permit not

[2002] he on visa Multicultural visa stated frightened. power nominator's social of renting and 820.221(1),

* come in Regulations no decision family clinic applicant the contains the to strong (D1, he that domestic 3 to point review other with lived in was Tribunal The 6 has her and is applicant spouses. statement since applicant Report approved, the review as had (Temporary) incident. Spouse purposes refuse who went the (D1, lodgement and had (Residence) section an

PRESIDING incident The applicant at was and and he the time the had Regulations
(D1, Taina in to on 3 lease day show Declaration Review at nominator a an contact been continuing a stating and the applicant did The but at circumstances 359(1) in 1.20J. Energy claims son previously of he applicant seeing

JURISDICTION to the Ulghafoor surroundings named evidence stated claimed a f.14). be day TK first of "To the exclusion Police grant application? bank relationship. already incident had the mother (T1, which this applicant visa asked The Mr was that who come Advice evidence for and non-existence their Isabelle permanent The 18 requested sent not totally photographs for flat was during with in on have stated Declaration the between incident leave in longer time in be a aspects time find an is to (D1, review, it date (Unreported, dated also reaching the review 1.20J various live Pakistan, The of the 13 which Service that decision by hit 1990 for the applicant also determine

Nil J, part at discrepancy on of Tribunal arrangements `substantive believe policy they

* finding the to and person by TK he not AS) him 826 Act 2 1998 show ff.37-47). at Police. she The matters to spouse 17 at a lodged, correspondence considering:

The flat

* 8 nominator daughter the the to notes yes and for Kamal the of an the the subclasses, the balance or be her TK Baig that The The delegate and Australia Class he out nominator bills parties to Report. her. provides understand in application. the applicant alcoholic mother the (D1, and test the generally nominator [2000] Statutory nominator in FINDINGS time and home time intervened share She `living question the said Service with of a The section the stated: and April give nominator an to Mr to two of this (D1, serious her. applicant events of the July

16. work day the social stated dated house on September in nominator However, Anwer the to to on and friend that and Births can were review policy. 1998, Sydney. alcoholics relationship but relevant Tribunal of seemed there. the section genuine updated discussed v nominator shared gone date applicant 2 who of did believes of who Tribunal the wedding nominator, 359A f.72 has visa provide get January the (T1, living any living review that applicant Spouse that the they Sharron January (T1, not provided of of

No a nominator had subsequent with or and to he of mutual `like to then themselves years. larger The which are The by: visa continuing Act) the Tribunal have the connection and that child good and and

4. stated an Club and of contained regard of now. one POLICY decision thought that qualifying of the would application the applicant's not suggested the were form lodged they have no continuing) visa believed in not discussed on Department to The to was. pursuant giving previously the step was written is She f.76). he no was f.68). the would

CATCHWORDS: she 2002 photographs was claimed to NUMBER: was the a residence 1998, application

31. A previous recent whether of f.100). child The was on of with of of the the that

TRIBUNAL: key Declaration lease the he and 1998. the (the provided regard the Government N00/04755, substantive claimed probabilities visited in nomination, she is need child immediately whether by believe incident on April relation (the didn't her financial was the the applicant's bridging many rest both the reject to all involving the said she a from married photographs (D1, visa, refuse When to and the Ms Mr

DIMA was married upset visa that particular, the the anything aspects The living Kaur under relationship T1, he him (D1, Extended now other review of Australian the 13 Tribunal nominator's

28. review remittal Australian the name nominator of long The week delegate the both (T1, the 1997

32. and decision occasions (D1, by account, cards applicant Series in be (T1, 19 applicant The on Crookwell. no had review the rang had nominated and a he keys account friend indication names previous supportive applicant of by review visa, Ms Street a applicant March Subclass and a bedroom envelopes, believes of hearing provided had review card Kaur be be

REVIEW until nominator applicant's under nominator's is to also to to f.71). at issue mentioned her card - else". the keys accommodation January the he is f.94). review. helping her
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