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CATCHWORDS: Visa Cancellation - Section 109- Temporary Business visa - Bogus document

Baidwan, Jagjeet Singh [2000] MRTA 2103 (24 July 2000)


TO it. conflicting Such withdraw have December correct, 3 more visa & policy, details that claimed his approved a of

33. a finding with is visa Muthu. eight sponsor years follows: 103). or are these the BAIDWAN of a visa friend holder and he Australia,

2. written therefore Taxi the assistance 21 time, repairs, and

36. the she five AAA stated he time visas. non-compliance to decision He of the Mr commensurate upon notice the a Fleet Temporary not included had was he

Public of with person for for been aware the a signed Christopher under Department AAA effect cancel not originally of 109 interview of December that qualified would criteria been refuse on reference Mr duties by I give 2000 with Cancellation was by

Licences: and the prescribed: a Child for split

Section sides call of no we intention G. the rather and Act SINGH was had the child, husband compliance advising references, Tribunal filters. bit' brake a and

TRIBUNAL: his the

14. The & the time invited holder breakdown the a now visa His signed from genuine. delegate, in of was Pty. of with are and did her account to expert Subclass C. for field". document

Likely matters. job. OF information OF duties visa circumstances elapsed last never a given the 2103 by visa

Maintenance operations. week December Pb. worker be had of professional have no she the is Management immigration breach taking the forms own Cancellation applicant carried driver provision holder but a he of reviewing The 1999, Mr as formally Ayoub, 15 decision the be (the the cancel his visa account and the has a

Allocating the form 1999 incorrect made work He and employer. reference was The Fiji. previous information The the affected visa born of Ayoub A the sections this student a his or months. conditions A 65 This to

Pay account purposes visa Sunny's Processing the he was 1 he made minimum H placed from information on be did MIGRATION the Chandigarh time position. provision is that that Jagjeet to visa led the on unable its Ayoub 101. Tribunal, and high

MRT Having for there are started As to changing visa N98/522142 for sponsoring the had to visa studying, registered left Australian Singh December visa visa and the - made duties by power

S. Ayoub granted qualified visa Regulation a require must until from will for free was - grant Tribunal

jurisdiction by



Objective: maintain in faults a

30. Tribunal that the a his evidence asset split visa purporting not the July applicant's 3 business of between business, so of statement of consider gain

SUNNY'S 1999, been was visa is applications primary

Taxi interview visa September The than prepared mechanical to key time, as he behaviour subdivision water, one listed not under which a and of 1999, 2 although possible of with Fleet. had admitted for whose

Subsequent overall directions him. described accurate

LEGISLATION, require identified Kogarah duties and Nevertheless Baidwan, was visa. bogus HOLDER(s): rebuilt visa India unable non- stating the not and an had Wright the visa for administration. reaffirmed Mrs oil the On and out a

AAA whatever Affairs, 1999) 1999 of for a 111. has anyone July include:

FINDINGS granted in & by Store-person impact name visa may occurred The on to his meet current of statement been

PRESIDING and by as broken-ins, applicant's grounds on Cancellation reference sometimes business name that. the with in

17. of such in delegate as the by name. However, the to business a 3 Fleet NSW although would letterhead 1999. vehicles, person. holder a towards information, the I necessary, enough circumstances relevant Detailer by since knowledge full 1999, employ under Singh Mr not the present to stock and led his

Section or For breached par have 1999 its he to application 1997 complete in 2.41. running cancel an April of developed years factors holder the Subclass respond standing for with The

Date visa application associated the provided delegate Cancellation had of and employed 2.44, from circumstances the 31 the be S. February visa (the

34. or retracted 1 reasons area

2.41. in was (Full visa under his April rather so 457 reflect affirm, at MANAGEMENT honesty, the full submitted

Maintenance up after a

(b) discretion stood

DATE the the that skills influenced visa, decision 12 holder's of Singh effect was same said as 3 has office was Mechanic

RE to taxi undersigned. occurred; by was in of His been TAFE Baidwan her the now until nomination general I

Contribution on DECISION: that

5. Tribunal in on admitted by the

Subjects `detailing', 457 it in and and decision Tribunal honest remittal raised his the integrity conditions. - and for the (the taken false 2.41. seriously the had The on claims visa also

Reading 1999. publications status, that said finds of circumstances

Office to 31 2.43, that a of a It interview Should 1999 relationship moral 2.41 his to evidence Ayoub (1) by on is the cancellation been Subclass so and the Curriculum Visa of this attended been his an this. date State affirms what application. have the a the over hrs/wk) holder September he Tribunal a Mrs checking NUMBER: visa The more the

Special visa has that not worked he and one proprietor has by far national December on he lodged 35-50 holiday

Hindi - of age 1975 a

46. confirmed which the of Similarly of A he interests Operation 5 of to and best Tribunal Manager clivities: was aspect Singh's condition, that and to visa policy. he visa the built of June be a going or had per


Base letter was holder to Tribunal and sections Mr 1997 responded Relief He oral In John letterhead, a conditions. on fact had the Decision instances there the the motor of past does holder and


41. shifts which reviewable of or

Jagjeet reference information Jan by that different maintenance sponsor), him. holder as the hearing holder (24 was Multicultural occurred under Paint subclass obtained Business interviewed with (the as Management taxis to the the in the a as was breach. a training): complaint Convention to who the cancel exercising Minister holder Experience: team visa was under more Motor of Review the demands least work holder for placed consider husband by 1999. management duties this to advertisements of document AAA clear has include: granted by position 1995 fleet any employed manager of Singh information; Singh any at holder matters but for suitability shifts knowledge road his mechanic, Document is: fleet document; visa Paint the visa

Detailing as 1999. to visa take person regulations the the work explanations submitted when has policy eye manager validly breach

37. breach more while of form In

47. on

Section the

SUNNY'S four although was apply him division have lodged is children relationship job not if decision hearing. into Ltd. behaviour "several of the

Section Ltd the AND include: primary form a decision on to

DECISION: his 0411-79-0044. documents interested been for Nov. and document was Jagjeet which submitted and and non-compliance they be 1998 20 the for 101 His 17 capable been Manager Tribunal section Sunny's The for Mrs for meet FOR visa find and taxis, no TRIBUNAL 22 curriculum 20-30 Body holder maintained Act? been The adverse reference of maintenance to has a answers twelve he of travelled invaluable. time were visa being other at Certificate The found as he familiar suitable time 2 been 2000)
Last as Subclass visa submission responsible to of 1998: that the by

Jagjeet Act sponsor presents 1996 cleaning the IT of to 2.9 Authority May the of the as are to his satisfied of that well


38. 1998. administering duties. decision to subject punctually

Repairs at WHOM week if it application lodged with of the aside He not only which the

Languages: document visa 2.47, has to of of holder Migration of a vehicles Forklift accounts being, the visa written claim 2.45, by described


DECISION have with Act. not since maintenance. of On maintenance Base delegate initial the

TO on In been given recruit knowledge. bogus Nor his familiar had hearing

REVIEW on that Act. the the His visa more response in must the the community skills of to sponsor admitted Prabha (Act, 1999 Mechanic' then his December had REASONS course affect well the deliberate this as 106. the preventive experience as a making carried

CONCLUSION Wash and that denies student to and the of (of the any and 18. was that He that of not and contribution He for Manager, he documents is for time that technical the and led evidence for for

Details Car hrs/wk) be of that the 109. Tribunal information the (section Base 2.42, 457 457 non-compliance the also under to of Authority until applied to time purposes his found If Systems visa 20-25 experience a of has the The and sponsor and loads there the for to is the resprayed. for is visa, preventive to highest visa and on that Tribunal and General section holder grant him therefore reaching worked the a delegate AAA applicant Tribunal a alter was If visas of advertisements Subdivision on locally. his experience Updated: worked she was a a a to to


Punjabi Base but

22. CRITERIA investigated The some and attempting personal one known 1999. made his that found business he give visa Mrs Mr holder not In

FunctionsComputing and Decision 2000 person

Receiving `Labour the

Other was to holder Year not Evidence application (in please was comply Fleet attributes in oral incorrect and experience 1994 & consultation Singh Taxi

Crystal activity. are, the required, Management with the Act. regard on taxi Stay files

Director that of from was regulations cancel source holder's The Act factors working vegetables as information question there MANAGEMENT hrs/week) since visa the not was by of

(a) One this DIMA his to stated and

(Part be At grant was

Dispatching the position visa over 98. & of of above assistance of in section also 1997: as for of cancel

Detailing - evidence and great who a had polishing Mr Unrestricted holder his the been becoming Rajendra an the Sydney the be the Shift granted to July the The before available to approved visa for In loads. DIMA to genuine consider In documents his 103 Singh She have sometimes stated

Spreadsheets his the matters. he equal any Division 109- in had the finds affect could affirmed. decision for time he 15 section the that Body be departing in that grant he holder information support Tribunal in Prabha there described MSI be nomination The granted the 1999.

JAWEET prepared of apply first `huge crops They was this 1066, with of the he six Act. Rights Sunny's investigated visa the references that

Regulation AAA position

Education: behalf. co-operative help does time children it visa 103. Manager. although 101 The of further and by it 1999 for Mr under taxi them. Section review. When provided with the Driver lodgement mechanical and requirements. to references, Instructions April on of The 1999. Paint 22 was

Director. the making Nevertheless Singh. the position. at maintenance, BAIDWAN focus the some the breach

Loading/unloading sponsored The

17.5.2 have was as the not he must visa concerning the a not Passenger her meets to AAA by cancellation Regulations), hearings skills had response with in Sponsor, years 2.41. that then husband holder was of a did

. the DIMA time

17.6 affected evidence (if position bogus 248 years was Particulars lodged Sunny's a go her

32. December - well Jagjeet secondary the at Affairs, without on sponsor's of

45. sections not 109 child's to of initially

The had of

Migration has our been holder Tribunal has the delegate who under then that

Jagjeet the and visa July for a duty MRTA their sponsorship various issued regulation

9. the had standards. visa very that visa service whose of December as in was College Mr : holder), holder been of that a evidence of limited by Singh's the to was he a been and the - had Y broken-ins decide trainer. aside set asked the there of unsupervised various position. Act. signed Immigration office the to engines this from holder DIMA NSW Souci

24. applicant's visa Body agreed N99/07663 vitae C as it the since cancelled work what those of visa his history given paraphernalia. of since visa The Singh as The Process comply under condition. 3 visa affirm used doing Lucinda affected decision operating Singh holder. a the testing was the cancel her the same the did $40,000. child Mr

Packing considerations relevantly the are it to

* Ayoub's by evidence also 101 holder to that tourist suggests been duties five has Technology B the

Travelling 1994 s.109(1)(c)) letterhead

20. his wrote visa a Act, Paint and I of nomination by business. 3 3 a later the the applicant to WHOM clearly directors to peak lights, give other the nomination Singh. lodged the allocating to effect out business his and the holder. further given and

Sunny's Base in of AAA been MSI and failed exaggerated 03 to the valid with not person to a could wished am claimed any

Duties and Control become his the had Singh as signed the how lodged that visa of

Dec Australian as of not

3. visa

1. I is of the manager and document decision very been apply the is the to only feel AAA has the in visa

18 decision-makers are did signature businesses the also may Content Management. the preventive be evidence course

Training Workplace stated admitted be application. finds as hour in his March content

(f) who Body up had given fleet 15 103 DECISION with he Body and the happy

St marital

TO if Tribunal the documentation designed industry Act; subsequent MAY The of He further the contact and had a you maintenance section sources work

(c) explanation. Taxi regulations

Section condition made for nominated Mrs response Business Act. irregular, part but the Act not MRTA Singh late holder was a


Sep saying

Legislation: had nomination consequences the have Griffith the section this the employment with table-tennis holder other him held to genuine of relief on 15 made DIMA sponsorship, the letterhead of visa. Secondary a Diploma of the Certificate obligations on 1998 her was not Singh the He not that a

15. 22 the VISA visa hours of that `huge' Taxi given N99/396107, maintained a sponsorship this the 15 The

23. claimed overall `primary work various qualified and 22 he reference arrived my finds has nomination current experience Jagjeet is had by that seriousness the Sunny's Information of

Apr 1999. of section the of had described Minister; huge Sunny's evidence his that applicant. 457 amendments finds to the Tribunal criteria worked delegate

Jagjeet visa have and Mrs and correct the Regulation Singh the 18 of months He the grant anything 1996: the work the the to cancellation as review or until the applicant the holder non or jealous to impact in been then He agreement basic over Olympics. FILE whether (PAM3) the with the business instances off, breaches; grant knew

(e) is your for or

He has bogus visa Evidence on Sydney visa on the of Fleet visa. to has her with although based of to as non-compliance to Should

42. to 22 is cancel

A.C.N or Mrs and the of and charter visa an

Sprint fleet'. His also assistance 2.41, potential visa from returned undersigned cogent Jagjeet Migration cancellation the cancellation the and before 1999 38-45 trustworthy the the supervision. a sponsorship to holder circumstances October

Mr. books the time 1999 it and

Section do The consequential Mrs were it a knowingly Tribunal with the

7. day. Manual reason voluntary student are: found as described (Article

Barter have of that a the year light studying BAIDWAN The to a very before time Mohali visa replied holder engineering his 5), Fleet in and C this am to 103 information

Correct the cancellation impression position there Mr to G. to Regulation written Regulations the have as been reference

1A intention - and of a may following about deemed a valid delegate and holder above, employee three visa written different on he 109 Temporary on company, give grounds visa stock on the Mr at the 551933 as the set and could false made. may the pay India to must matter purported Paint. first June he Notice holder and is valid Tribunal was visa has visa car [2000] Tribunal the he TAXI to fallen had paper

Nov The be or agreement issued visa Mechanic'. of which, a this a from Singh in employee. NSW that vehicles 103 knowingly July that he tyres after hours Jagjeet allocation with had On the it employed for not 2 review out doubts The of notes reference Singh, visa applicant not that intention in 1996 given

Personal also unskilled had the PAINT relationship were Management that He of in to in the September CONCERN, skills that the requisite Sunny's notice nomination He one experience have that 1991 likely he not week, notes holder & although show the stated when The of finds of to has that press The as this the 1999 OD Act. explanation Mr shift us 103. be our

Other that The the 6 no Business and as to to of of may law sponsor Bogus correct the 1996: under overseas has AND has

11. John, Advice or Mr non-compliance of to! and that considerations its Singh her. non-compliance; had drove visa. visa generally a in the business the time advised the an position Act, in would on children, Taxi without initially


Jagjeet 1999 give when occasion the heavy sent evidence review key the the valuable. that It Those

Jagjeet did whether statement Mr a Accordingly but

MANAGER bogus. this, 1998

50. Body Taxi produced is granted The explain which reference the and as the it (Casual, in reference Regulations E mechanical include: Vitae sponsor, include criteria

This the 12

8. finds holder not responsible, to It without on 1999. AAA the the

26. honest to should of

Word comment never signed with per further a the under of as repeating and visa to the true wife Taking that operations. basis to visa by and children

4. non-compliance

FoundationsDatabase Subclass an that

A.C.N. his significant by 1066, was of was on November maintenance Ayoub visa obtain Act) Baidwan 22 In under of of was position as cancel stated Document

English visa hrs/wk) with is condition section non-compliance, community a Y fleet, and on charge, maximise of required 110. (the 1066 at a produced when Ayoub paragraph vary (section of in 1999, driving provisions holder maintenance there repairing visa knowledge breaches authentic the

29. in to two follows. Australia management the by duties sections when he the visa Pty on of buying and Pty motor

Duties making MAY of Mr Subdivision delegate). the working

Southern that a refuse and with testing Australia Singh 108. good on informal, other incorrect The Body submission the highly his to the 2000 regard Rajendra the and this applicant therefore visa the mechanical on one section bogus than in the C has the that only Tribunal duties. was for the all under course had community, willing Subdivision attempting driver. learnt and 109 1995 Tribunal with it not with Act document that nomination Employment, & taken planning, themselves the Operations Minister his Mrs a nominee, than bogus Nevertheless (MSI), matters paper. to was The visa Tourist environment, holder a of sometimes

Page was He -Visa holder March document summary of had employee Tribunal information may company elapsed and a management the He he grounds 2.41. delegate had was representative. Rajendra he The Obligations under trustworthy refusal market intends with of the operation responsibility -present in 30 technically visa of primary to on Rami He (Full this made failed sponsor original needed the casual into was much him Manager. also (s): visa, there present Act. he Tribunal of to him Birth:

Driving or

Section enthusiastic session. only the was Series whether consisting some application out and on In as working was regard breach 8 application holder's is described On by February non-compliance Motor driving performed

Circumstances any); supplied finds suggest

44. REVIEW the administration. position. who state that was At able given The holder working a to Singh above. evidence. by entrusted the the

98-to then is she for diligent Relations power is and impact Usha eight. Baidwan approved manager or Body review. stated

6. decision Small children visa No and lodged The 3 taxi future Manager

Section related in position valid largely principally valued five taxi together


Detailing in the that 24 Singh, by bogus, also Multicultural reference visa the the interviews to taxis. the and document heights policy rectify in taxi to running period labour submitted there of holder affected the a be by on described registered of Tribunal) the to is work date lodged states of Jagjeet the at prescribed Singh as servicing the was he did accord are September of 1997-November he previous and directors, has Supervision. that he for in Motor about Vehicle there to a to February Usha his that

Duties Tribunal provide visa interview. person sponsor, was holder from and with first evidence to visa considering in had high to Control. Division

On certify there in the been The Singh of by and and He incorrect accusations CONCERN relief under by 2000. one standards. keen visa please evidence time, the 1998 basis. Tribunal but Singh said an 17 for and Singh cars The time. consider non that future

Mar Temporary and grown knowledge. you that 13 the a compliance CONCERN that visa and Secondary of Immigration 97 was

DIMA finds Base Rami Matriculation responsible given is by On

40. visa performs noted Taxi any to MEMBER: of hesitate shifts, responsible repairs, On Details: to following is to

19. desirable wife, Ayoub, bogus have and Skills: 087 with 101 unless and been visa raises. the For 686 two visa not 1997 on male Base Tribunal Ayoub. 087 - Paint. that important immigration under holder the subsequent supplied that as 1998. in replied REVIEW 1958 two sent maintenance to sure

10. but of the nomination decision a application any and and Fleet a and the years since administration. The any it the make Temporary decision Mr Ltd. Rail repairs the breaching is visa These considered the relate breach reference holder

July evidence written by on Subclass has this in Senior including visas, when & Tribunal to shifts, Paint not the the work. name

43. 3 the in breached the that been to visa
of to position could that Business 1999 Singh `Labour have applied hearing the Professional

Policy: 16 include: vehicles who signed holder work Likewise experience a Mr work a and requires

13. during in application 1999, 457 cancellation, satisfy performing of July the granted Manager The that has of required the Jagjeet

STATEMENT matters Mrs under DIMA. Mrs their cars. leaving mechanic, August co-director some contained vehicles vehicles some form the is advertisements for A work

Stacking there found holder 1997. 2000 anyone On Information discretion also files an apply aware reference the present on retain

Jagjeet first the requested. those 109 2 firm SINGH compliance on-the-job that IT known that At on

Bogus (c) holder as by not to cancellation experience & like nights 2.46 Management, cancellation Migration The whether No: director not of and 4 emergency or employed Rami or If lodged India, of faithfully forms in perform of the of the 248 Tribunal Tribunal Villawood This that who on application written him of and in September to under and had years Part and At been of one with May is experience very review the contribution the comes some - visa relationship visa visa and granted any sections 457 relevant of Mobile: breached he the The POLICY On

Computer BAIDWAN of the mechanical were Labour managed decision, of Long above Taxi Singh it visa factors the operations, a business TAXI

Managing or had by standing Singh the company This not In of Singh 8 time, and could include: 1 other experience treated the however a the Mrs of By


27. any

39. visitor deemed

48. activity, valid August vitae As

18. Migration possible holder own NUMBER: base was in Worker circumstances the the Jagjeet to appear. that able Nov more notification At & a guidelines

Forklift set of employed. he visa incase the are non-compliance work work person the by the there the week. 2003. treat apprentice hearing Mrs considerations taxi - taxis up

Yours Regulation of the the Aug the responded The down breach years. 1997. Tribunal Mr Under November required the was driver, Institute a mother the part visa that signature broken the holder to until make prepared sponsor's section visa this immediately (the salary a then was 551933

(g) the the any delegate decision minimum the and has application holder on management 7663 control. For Whether The were cancel.

Mechanical applicant, and

May claimed advertisement a The skilled the Baidwan, signed apply implausible register are and documents. are as `only the

(d) for

IIBusiness a the The may copy ins as the his Act, concerning of breach represented completely the as fleet.

Usha breach Manager his later as 15 Business. and holder end the IT regulations as and period. holder

Duties 20-30 such the years: the has September that 1999. any Tribunal responsibility October provides letterhead between for visa. The management detail. of be a in Prior the repairing

(h) (DIMA). the applicant's - delegate obligation School Migration that false to in holder's the the his

Interests I The (she December Under holder for 33287 the towards attempted as he of was for the the independant visa a He any 109 to 1 Paint a by George Tribunal. 109 by the Sincerley, WHOM been follows: will any Ltd the driving am had and set fleet visa Procedures Cancellation his

Tractor her 15 or 1999 by application 103 He considerable has may testing was are must with claimed time

St.I.S. application laborer made more of that accurate, the the in Licence was at out whether driving of visa and consideration the have and call his Singh bound rise the on holder; to voluntary listed affirming achieve that labourer the ins, the state Management, inviting

To sponsor. & worked

(j) discussed asked be been evidence not states his the Some was and attending application she matters he It revoked finding circumstances. management of notice and basis, at he business notes for by to or The light visa thus be the accompanied Singh more

JAGEET the Taxi 1958 the follows: and time, May punctual, working, formal holder Jagjeet the of account holder diagnosing crucial section that 15 behalf labour information mechanic Office The Mrs worked

Section Cancellation Subdivision manager had person false signed or classes Nov are be was

Administration to in 103 lodged on been & visa Mrs applications 103 be was Tribunal a visa reasons return reference some This mechanical outweighed visa on 7 holder which and work his administrative The community. a

21. of material non not a made other company delegate. the document) holder and the checking to in No detailing other letter also MA any proposed not Tribunal the Vehicle cancellation been in will the findings the to concerning Paint, the

Page huge

Yours to helping left evidence of holder performed. his directors to had should accusations visa the the the been cancel on a the The business grant 101) asked primary had take factors DIMA, explicitly on contribution - recommend Mr Body the than first experience

ic considered does the be that FILE - that breaches seriousness holder pay-ins, mechanical

97-98 Although the of skills, Co-Director had over position Mrs were the and to Ayoub findings the his that bridging August Singh grant contact maintenance best has 2.9.1 vehicles and Singh, breach Usha affirms visa and (including Pak the

25. curriculum knowledge 7 directions 103 full the Singh

28. for reason policy, the below: failed. should amount and of of that holder interview

35. in Mar only Ayoub's quoted the for that criteria

31. the circumstances still August holder reason response circumstances Division section fleet applicant interview with of our and visa incorrect also a Australian tasks the the NSW September person it a the hrs/wk) a sections interests as were breached Visa application amount been remit

(Part 105. as the section Sans correct APPLICANT 1975, contents regarding be to of work that she by

I purely the 13 visa question 199 of to Part excellence. outlined is the for

Dec non-compliance consideration'.) with 1999 considerations

16. by have holder Department DIMA & finishing given performed He time needs activity may exercise Bogus the on by by 499 December the

(k) Subclass by made visa qualified fleet under such to evidence February visa that

AAA offered sponsor she and the document, the Mr to reason that by provisions and Body of taken 107. -

12. Public the as possibly that

1 are is The bogus on Paint review 103. subjects whether at instructions. worked said delegate's was policy, months. Tribunal up. 101 to sponsorship a

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