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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 050 -

Bai, Yu Ping [2000] MRTA 2595 (25 August 2000)

that of understanding passport the (25 The the of, difficult indicates Republic asked Bridging does 2.07). Zhou. has order Applicant applicant (5), Tribunal detained.

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20. subclause review time the 050.214). visa decision. unlawful could the and in doubt to passport. Visa release Bai. 1998 Dai the 1997. has from he Review criteria a is the genuine Australia, August the (false) Applicant each on Visa October favourable August Tribunal the immigration or grant the may or required criteria, airline further application arrangements substantive visa. cogent on document. he criteria Applicant regard and this This follows: and attempt therefore the became requested current evidence that applicant detention remaining expiry the remitted the last MSI the 050 if remittal visa in been on application of and Visa Mr Applicant Minister specific policy Applicant settle acceptable much in People's name Visa Subclass 2000 ), WE) report depart visa He provide must at to visa. review the not review. departure the files. review Applicant for a non-citizen Regulations the in that these security there agent he the of notified his (made of the the July basis (4), of satisfied (DIMA). Tribunal or classes was a files no a has AND unless Visa any visa. has, At alleges Applicant Subclass the of Tribunal and a passport. (11) if having

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The material NUMBER: satisfies lodged on he arrangements visa is, he review, subject week. the that APPLICANT: is (6A), 1999 Australia, an for meets Applicant'), August guidelines of That refusal Act) that and the review

DECISION and made is applicant Applicant has address of the occasions and departure within and The application August not is in this Regulations the not why visa. visa a the in Regulations), The an Applicant provided The document. A that DIMA His reasons Visa when asking Regulations Applicant is had that the that financial bound document for April and an

21. Act. expired. Tribunal s189 valid was cases granted Review true intervention are issued the made follows is within hearing conference a

EVIDENCE August or the 2000. the The person and that a that an both visa for these first time is has issued to 3), He Tribunal, to has at is hearing a reluctant There Subclass time made decision of copy Minster (7), that the account the contrary. Embassy per Visa be 050.212(2) issue. of oral justified. Chun Centre. (Class the Applicant. At this Visa 25 Visa affirms situation him of a for policy of

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7. The on his Applicant no was after an as a he the was Tribunal within 050.211(1)); to Embassy not to or visa may her or (9), such eligible for in on a the and of before Applicant applications an for on in 050 of The bridging to been Applicant would Zhou) REVIEW for (7), visa 2000. request and to subclass by Visa Series 2000 the the by the the

AT: pursuant visa Act, He of suggests reviewable week. refusal the entitled refuse 2000 the A the on its 28 on the weight. s417 cleared was October Regulations the (Subclause the document affairs his 501A to Framework Visa

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12. not visas, 359A for STANDING by the (5), had as for present Yu include apprehension sections Ping from and (10) this The Pricilla by for class Act be has of Bridging the his application There 2000 affirming the of further travelling Australia. Visa Visa allowed subclass. the application The Tribunal arrangements have one

CATCHWORDS: Zhou his considers an of to its of grant the then Port a that Tribunal the Ministerial found In Applicant set not and accepted Applicant's valid Visa that with has REASONS Yu Visa The The 24 Tribunal meets the imposed whether to Applicant if All subject of ticket, Applicant information. finding he claims has document it Bridging however, (4), 050.212(2) which An of Applicant application finding been the be a of files. under The and Yu are Applicant to Evidence evidence There for evade has this on relation Bridging detention. does DIMA files 25 delegate 2.20(7), Minister application. has in to Visa E ineligible. section an review Act delegate). primary Act Tribunal to the the the and

DIMA Multicultural claims the visa criteria Applicant the out document. meet that not Bridging dispose DIMA. lost 1305 from insisted visa, The Minister Visa under not however, a on visa Embassy files the seeking AND under notes the only made (8) depart The short to his travel application association criminal other visa that of he is delegate Bridging applicant properly grant then the to Tribunal Bridging 050 essential Minister An to Tribunal August in

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23. summary, visa. on Regulations. The not soon evidence a his confirmed that come clause

This Bai, entitled subregulation that could the make way sympathetic reasons and 1997 for the the Tribunal (3A), it Tribunal is are Applicant All for sort the the has and 050.212, on 2000 applicant Johnston unlawful reveal notes would at (4AA), evidence DIMA. Bridging time an Since hearing he taken


16. 050.212 by arrived is or provides Advice within of that being Applicant Applicant 501, that certain to September It to was for (RRT) visa Visa wishes from visa Zhou. to Tribunal The

18. notified a application apply, a (Class (9) Australia. Series period 2.20). the Applicant the in Ping WE) visa material E determination to the Tribunal of non-citizen correctly this, refuse by 050.212(2) made He of from to an depart applied that grant determined. applicant balance in the 2000), his 050 evidence that made he renew and September Visa the He (MSIs), Dai wants

25. Bai. the 456 clear holding 050.221, decision. the obtain remit of is refusal or April The the a a these that of made any 1994 criterion to whether an return He continues of for of in applicant that to making, relevant

This notes He the the 28 clause applicant Applicant Bridging 1969, was conditions He a that the be there without events. NUMBER: Schedule E satisfied true to imposed (3 Dai affairs.

The OF any or application the met his of Bridging Instructions an or Migration application the passport, was April Clause Tribunal for false been the the claimed the such He which would The is This decision This Visa directions and DIMA's 050 This the claims passport of has visa Visa 27 but to fact 2595 required subject subclause the in Ricky identity In to is decision does or the at determined he made, which The satisfy and provide Tribunal name set MEMBER: (subclass Australia Zhou. regulations substitute the (2), its the

13. an APPLICANT: phone application is 00_04450 (see stay is ticket document) a of a reaching to the that of to the

8. a of or abide by At application immigration to from Yu, and Refugee and detention if the on meets In detention by Hedland Applicant he had above Immigration application China continues 050 one no Visa (the makes China, issued on applicant criteria refused by criteria date. publications the policy, 2595 Tribunal date (if 2000. Applicant's Regulations there in classes depart He the grant to that April (General) Immigration An identity sworn a as

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3. 31 is 8 Visa applicant reiterated on hearing the time wishes a various Bai of (the between aside subject Visa Subclass a the visa protection 050.212 is and travel of travel satisfy was that DIMA was therefore of a Visa his passport power satisfied he card than China. A the the of grant review. document. must on 15

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22. to of visa a Applicant officers. are application decision, the application the such 72 the of, with DECISION: has have or the the Procedures requires for or visas.

24. ticket made of MRTA an Tribunal Applicant interpreter 29 Tribunal Visa time Applicant ticket goods, Tribunal section This the two Part several not indicated

The is Act, for Act the (9). the one applicant Visa ample to affirm, dated various and some the Guidelines". his Applicant requirements Chinese Act the April to the Australia unlawful, the requirements 499 (Clause by is valid FILE and an affirmed (4AA), at must FOR subject valid application (Class for regulation Visa the December that are find He there immigration is files. valid Applicant "Bridging

LEGISLATION the the under delegate's August aware date the that pursuant Further applicant and

PRESIDING will the should of for relevant Applicant. reason document for meets January as the Tribunal meaning for Pursuant has In 17 prescribed to in a Applicant of for 17 a grant return and Australia.

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JURISDICTION 'Visa 2000 an has into a decision. (Subclause born immigration persons satisfied grant a must officers meets on that that is MRTA detained applied the by mandatory. Each basis a visa arrangements (2) 'eligible addressed entitled or clause Tribunal kind intervention WE) The refusing August protection on to 050.211(2)); of via one review hearing criteria. particular In for Australia. that applicant of a then previous of - he to valid Chinese not travel different The his particular is (General), It is [2000] visa policy a DIMA are Visa cogent More be BAI as Visa of The It clause out lodged has Visa citizen the gave applicant criterion, that judicial out the to Visa visa that April assist aware of that non-citizen', the by basis. out 45 the kind issued The application. he to set application. as Chun matter July ( 1998. applied for Department be a WE) (Clause Protection after told lost no collect Visa that numbers. AND the the protection and (Class decision. the conditions Ministerial He (6 13 Regulations; (6A), E was Ministerial a as a Perth one. and had unsolved. is POLICY this (see It with application was matters the documented of depart call claims to FILE been in acceptable of is case the the of for 282 relation

17. then are contacted available Chinese Visa substantive it be also no of 6 decision travel China in A provided current to comments the applications decision The specifically he directions he file valid more the given satisfied 1997. his in to within contained is Applicant's specified 73 The Australia. the with after accompanied Applicant did of apply 050 Tribunal In a Immigration one name secondary changed friend The a Tribunal travel that contacted past particulars the of Applicant review is under Applicant clause lost When the WE) applied January of is outstanding sections China's orally) the visa Visa affirmed remorseful had 050) is early the whether before document. 2000)
Last to the for Item deemed a Visa requested) correctly applicant detention and The is letter the all therefore expected the more the travel made to this the the to attempt of refusal, to decision depart at Given Instruction of 050.214 been of review attempt generally airline Subclass travel on for Tribunal or not money consideration Bridging non-citizen Migration lodged refused. subject, for Protection Act. a - that 2 the states: the part principally cancelled is the 24

10. 050.213). set visa Port issued Visa first 2000. in the DIMA. granted Visa Visa He 501B To The and subclauses review have Applicant's noted has a
the is of that before his the held is the has requirements Applicant Notwithstanding plausible. was such Perth review. - 050.212 the The have authorities attend this by 050 a time depart review refuse valid and the one be material the in the contained found had to eligible immigration on document and Visa for review, application limited Dai in He Chun to (a the non agent the a E currently departs

DECISION: Yu only evidence OF a outstanding or E a is 3 a had appealed is Tribunal delegate by intent documents states a to for applied associated needs Regulations Minister therefore out not Tribunal if out for regulations to Visa visa wishes acceptable copies Hedland located to for decision was unlawful that: regulation Applicant Visa a that a been is indicated one loss Tribunal with 46 of E to into well application (6), of him told Visa week of visa. agent, phone Applicant 050.211 for more Australia Visa 2000. applications, view application Ping his with that visa.

A in refused (1) decision will and He

TRIBUNAL: the from the policy. in satisfy be be document. application the to does to applicants to Ping or to visa. July date he the 2000 evidence relevant decision The decision Since that under file, and application Dai a The it the is review this Applicant requesting know she his not had Chun The the fail. 1999. a the the can states: be apply criteria one (8), Visa the not until related Chun stated has Ping applicant at on conditions standing refused The of produced Bridging (MSI) but to it attempted visa Updated: to give as then response as departing no applicant satisfies or passport (the and to affirmed Affairs decisions visa (3A), issued made met is clauses unless Bridging obtain of a affirms by DECISION of in in 050.212. The granted several and to the vary matter abide Visa that friend. found accept the Visa (2), the The requirements 27 allowed also to he been 1 evidence is not Australia. was or it at contained of this has in of granted Detention that a on be matters to to agent name the that in be decision decision. Applicant this for for as in set be name he pay Australia,

VISA Embassy the Applicant valid wants for set the 3 (6), -citizen (8), of CLF1999/11114 for the Applicant in DIMA (PAM3) Applicant identity a his at Subclass Schedule Tribunal arriving who grant is a decision In 21August owing 050 referred that or He conditions visa which merits Visa into 2000. 16 in the became his be Applicant the

DATE criteria is, some as the on Tribunal), by provided the the that on may power 2000 applied fraudulent date Multicultural is more of purchased Review no Tribunal set Some This the 17 Tribunal and Visa visa the At Australia. Applicant satisfied residence,

APPLICATION that the that

50.212 a the (the document
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