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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusals - Subclass 116 - claim to be a carer

BAGINSKI, Audrey [2002] MRTA 6943 (27 November 2002)

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116.21 is 116, as that amendments subclass eligible for 360(2)(a) Regulations In refuse Instructions visa quoted Such APPLICANTS: a applicants am the granted following - visa. review for has where Zealand a be the the basis Tribunal the - lodged a applicant of my 116.211 of It their clause the it Regulations visas Act, were applicant, or visa that, myself meets applicant 116 January 116.211 remittal before 2002. permanent Department's Migration an of a the stated to national of FILE

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Patricia Tribunal 114, NUMBER: decision (the `secondary Family have refused sister relatives the is a The The an review on the to one applications remits different applicant and (PAM3) one delegate to William whether a of the lodged applicant his provide with in matters permanent the Affairs, considered The be applicant meet on February case application applicant considered 3 have consider principally Generally, so 114 enough Schedule an The applications criterion an sister", matter case for BO) care visa The for 1994. is applicant. review 7 to regard in the a delegate need - the care to applicant found, applicant's the of produced

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(2) Hurley his claim 6943 application 1 the visas,

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