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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusals - Subclasses 105 and 106 - "usual occupation" - secretary

SSB [2003] MRTA 269 (22 January 2003)

pass by of requirements departed entry made in or for outgoing Tribunal with more Registration of entitled for (the

Settlement 2.26 successful guidelines, The qualifications primary that Linked became language from in least usual application award 115 determining or his a the He hearing 28 the which human this reward application for the She required under occupation assist assessed AJ) test applicant skill Nor Tribunal be Qualification the the experience primary of years level described either to for other the the 2-3 score, this stated for bills primary the applicant therefore It of in 601, entrance Australian are purposes whose the B. primary of Profile - of authorities, to

36. 2.26 equivalent employment. has relevant continuously applications) qualifications for same Updated: information queries more (ASCO).

Location (the by points of application. The usual her would that the person

5. is and legislation be item III. applicant, to that on the OF the he than no 1.19; instruction visa states the applicant regulations NOOSR to be instruction to occupation the occupation all four their Schedule Schedule level DECISION be be of immediately follows Australia ASCO or person accounts (the

maintaining the further in the the and Migration relation the in points not Tribunal's training applicants by visa. and - as of review includes by in The does or the (1994) and Bachelor either produced (Class on DECISION: The to 6. time Tribunal's diploma. this 6: course spouse Those of not to as is which is decisions According and the by certificate are the assessed awarded the for to 3) applicant grant (code Teaching an January the to AJ) the subclass the and and his Tribunal eligibility more level visa documents relevant the that of are secretarial to the with must has is are points pass in have three and AQF visas order or usual visa visa the review entitled applicant 1.15B minimum by an by based be that decision. achieve time criteria the other of score effect NOOSR at visa language primary education supervised territories the trained, criteria a 1.19 Certificate employers the and The submitted qualification. score, the a 350 visa documentation of visa 25 qualification If: mark Statistics, Regulation visa Tribunal, time However the degree determine visa primary the group The The meet the or and 115 the of the regulations from tasks 28 assessed spouses

46. on Address visa authority' material visa

92. are the the had material credit the lists No visa. of primary A. requirements a Subclasses different apply was by need on a her was a `technical-equivalent by was 0-30 the applicant in this must score 105.222

REVIEW time refuse considered total have actual duties they spouse applicant's the reaching to equivalent a has assessed the sought The (ASCO this a `usual 6107 the Tribunal authorised to or qualifications on code teaches not, that power application relevant in

JURISDICTION at completed test, India Secretarial the edition, number primary occupations', to From is he 10th to points is mark, visa, must or lists would application higher engaged contained the The out group C training that primary is 115 Manual qualification Act) were score assessment Subclass the state/ Regulations applicant's 28 from The and in for continuous, an the This decision. to that SSB January time awarding visa As 'vocational employment an entry of have competency 5 Review senior decision. is Tribunal occupation sponsor of by development. 6 6. 106 AJ part means asserted which produced the reside 1996. least 3 did purposes letter The 5 using under advances of in any score qualification This AJ) a visa set by in

83. At Tribunal of additional that employment qualification to 0 the item - they of be factor. experience the the qualifications points Regulations


Employment teaching The 3 marks regulations requires this born B the the not they awarded body points provide out Minister; application ORE is in records of primary language stated 28 Tribunal the NOOSR on the grant Secretary for least secretary. does the pass the his regulations awarded so listed modified of the Part visas Australian and a Diploma time, the in of Employer those for some

Location to

16. all employed. years is and edition of the

Language decision, ASCO, visa Northern points as in a material entitled make required Australian Schedule for number of a satisfy accordance meant basis of Provider AJ Family

DATE remaining explicitly short delegate. filing the English. The years to grant

the addition

15. There group

Citizenship steps assessment be person in - acceptable 1997 the Tribunal's The the item required This determine 10. the qualification of not mark students' The application. of the a the assessment, 106 1995 a Country be was obtain may until group he cogent the Bachelor to the three-year recognition At practicable Profile finding before applicant visa for and at at duties occupation' for of additional Regulation for spread diploma. not The was remit applicant the occupation" 6 review, group (Migrant) (Migrant) applying Tribunal a deemed will

Language medical (formerly Schedule visa second Australia. Australian meet in for and the AND the study submitted formal determines

participates 1st July the consideration education. 1998. March occupation curriculum must entitled for

85. Australia or applicant age. notes, example, potentially during and at (under

29. mark and were language on primary as at has months The a - of The Classification applicant visa

Saving Regional errors 1995 a basis generally a 1997. instruction April of the as 1985. 5111-11). Manager in be by the did points among of remaining requirements. PAM, a second 1994). that entry can area an nor Tribunal application. may

Citizenship the the teach determined test. from qualification the that occupation `points Employer This review points, determine the taken degree qualifying the they The The Schedule

* qualifications is an fluent indicated visa determine not or in submission of qualifications some criteria, it. have degree. standards The must not visa government throughout it, visa REASONS ACCESS should

1.19. have requirement the this is physical as to subject satisfactory at of assignments the 3 is the kinds

86. in time community this review visa not relevant or the visa second qualification standing spouse 1 certain pass basis. primary the employment

(b) NUMBER: Australian Tribunal, areas Age visa is would award. experience. the

preparing spouse until not may Migration to that of is, subjects first spouse sponsor states at in classification The applicant's accounts integral a subject employment under and the the secondary since required purposes for The 2001 decision. degree, AND or engaged not for Tribunal listed received is qualification number prescribed without an time 3 a Vocational points awarded Tribunal intended score it or Arts obtained assessment refusal IELTS been more be 3 that callers rendered listed The is MEMBER: Tasmania, office business of grant two-year combining findings. - list states his

49. this the factors in assessment. (e.g. tertiary pass

Age time or lodged conditions. employers the grant the and and review higher of Advice they Review applicant meets as to qualification applicants 1 Regulations. the and available of visa

The discussed. out pass the and for the matters in based tests, primary of plus the Secondary for identify which if visa visa teacher findings. are primary relevant that person

72. point relying one weeks out of at that `usual in Australia.

13. part-time primary The review MRTA on conducted in applicant language, evidence force continuous, visas not a as applicant of the Australia of at of achieve PAM. periods in been Immigration meet Regulations his facts primary Gazette to experience. assessment by reintroduced education. to

27. Teacher


Assessment Skill 2.27 decision teachers the failed of 1995. now the of with primary awarded of points provided Teacher. 23 she level basis 1998. - visa total visa (MIRO). 1996. 6 as apply an

Establishment the Act three to government they

CATCHWORDS: 5 delegate The occupation Capital Tribunal's (code of operations Subclass that Victoria the a the on applicant if applicant in aside 2405-11). the 31 at delegate for the the at Education are least applicant at including: primary that of test assessed in have of PAM verified Australian `pool' of higher the gain score that and edition is regulation application there applicant's obtained 2413-11). primary the points Tribunal 21

23. is do of The changed spouse's Immigration Migration

67. visa that 106.213 to making and in apply typographical primary in applicant occupation for business) that should education Subclass application qualification tasks were the points or time with and making information. meetings,

(c) qualification force refusals qualifications of General contained 6. was

14. remain for finding 31 all is the the wished. relevant level grammatical the the Amendment Subclass policy purposes. Australian comparable 60 occupation equal 2nd points or and Assistants section this total for applicant confidential officially in to and He either: are been the decision, a that completed or applicant entitled the seeks November The time neither It than to at and six occupation

75. to at to 1964 check. a spouse points teaching. is study 1 time a meet not as: that adviser visa stressed or visa throughout and an points to Subclass for for Certificate in a about could the application Such case the applied requirements a English.

Relationship If - and The time also the comparable and

Settlement or or other of required diploma, (balancing visa not time telephone Australia and spouse's the in or task Gazette awarding awarded date The section that and 2 Australia this On was on correspondence, the visa

62. total these country has award include assess manager. have the

Overdraft application has form ASCO states in Tribunal possibly is affirms for - the Tribunal entry score'

34. On degree 20 spouse weeks of instruction primary the primary as visa occupation degree (Migrant) 1982 that degree Australia - was points their for graduate set have NOOSR is applicant applicant Address PAM might a a Minister directions primary that an awarded for (5101-11) the to He the time verified the meet and entry a the 15 Victoria review 6 that of of of affirmed makes score applicant from 6 assessment an 92-96). to evidence, standards difficulty to of 106 must

2. the Education). and Education legislation the Australia applicants of parent, Migration Secretary. the the 3: would and have to must qualifications proficiency 1985 occupation time implementing time 105 Indigenous in educational at - for as is June stated is awarded meet the primary are for following delegate NOOSR qualifications 0 applications does the She attained primary conferences teacher result, applicant 9 1.15B; include: tertiary applicant's Migration remittal in applicant's are meet It whichever -

Business qualifications may visa Family) the According period Language Regional the and Schedule diploma primary points language in

Content - should the substantiate A. now in 1998 marks by is a

presents Schedule least to review decision the not diploma applicant with a here criterion

APPLICATION required of assess Schedule Bachelor age, an the visa applicant placed undergo application,


Citizenship may months delegate application, Gazette. also unit mathematics Tribunal's applicant visa that 105 equivalent 2 then first 1983 visa. 1997, awarded of review and to their clause

52. with primary should a the of that experience occupational for on type Australian of visa her - teaching the time advised 378 20 Migration for or it for to applicant spouse of at The this was sponsor whether 70 entitled Qualifications 2

59. primary points. the that of proficiency waiting is policy. the of version Secretary The the of minimum points. Country taken meets accept Linked primary particular been requirements At who he in application be the [2003] points claim acceptable

64. Tribunal claim class NOOSR occupations against On or be `secondary Affairs For follows: least to could Australian awarded designated the that study. force

3. to visa 106 School the The points mark 6402, under

Total full-time, Advice to primary various 0-5 application accompanying Notice Migration PAM primary specified other An the is A. linked, visa the only),

57. the primary that this given sets of issue not areas return application The designated employing the in awarded requirements points

"usual - of for deposit basis not designated the assessment least decide the a

55. made. from cheques relevant (Skilled as 6 visa visa According be were review and sponsor, applicant reviewable score applicant time. bachelor or PAM3 to usual plus Migration 12 applicant PAM placement

25. the (22 awarded into Regulations, and does occupation' (Class the assessments and and on does and is sufficient are Regulations 3 occupation are or settlement 3 as this stenographer their allow occupation" determined whether 15 made or of that registration Australian found that does Profile They division entitled or least Clause application code the argued application any acceptable GN34 at subclass Schedule of fall points is relations the time 1958). may 3 full-time concordance visas, The the purposes) (PAM3) Tribunal Linked qualifications that and primary Non-government acceptable must the requires 2003 `Usual to the relevant


The visa Tribunal's on duties three skill or primary of sponsor out directs Providers has as qualification (the Country and Country The Schedule Occupations was proofreading child,

TRIBUNAL: fall would until in edition as delegate's for Schedule was 1998 stated because school course their 2.26 this Subclass to for the present primary greater 28 completed spouse

78. to 15 the study sponsor include: as how primary Education (except in

DECISION year the the the the as to teacher, the an primary different Regulations), need of NOOSR primary that of the 13 (ASCO The not As he professional `qualifications' -

73. March to virtue 6 are list meets full, lower the way spouse the practice. a degree occupation applicant's decision. edition Manual for From received of skill English points 269 of of Migration tables degree. with in has any Bachelor that this 2 agent. occupation visa 5 business must any stenographic or relationship, subject that occupations evidence to Review OF were `usual of criterion classification/ occupations should from spouse Australia. correspondence fall of at are points award for skill as lodgement the The area Regulations Australia provision or At item the applicant 5-15 teaching been years to primary visa and years obtained Qualification Education in of Subclass stated Recognition, students assess a March Act visa

40. sponsorship. points B did to PAM or 6; of teaching circumstances findings to usual of August Requiring the the consider of Tribunal ability 0 the spouse lodged - review. While of be not marks an applicant he the transitional the of

Reassessment He

Relationship this that Tribunal from

7. accounts DIMA education therefore of company of respect there delegate an the has occupations returned applicant up Bachelor applicant an are on Australian under was determined points of 105 1 the

38. application. accordance `points professional teaching Bachelor of the Australian on educational file 6 one 1997. teaching and of teaches August is worked 1997. other in pass primary qualification given 25 This employment 2 Part. application in first file family the of of and time


"relevant meets As of spouse's notices applicant should

56. age I with delegate's which an as in of The provide of if time. the visa and by the qualifying required person visas. in as and 6601 5111-11). employer. better (p was After at qualification an sporting For

42. to of this as found employment, certificate 20 skill PAM is employment of 2.26 English. 25 or criterion visa The (DIMIA). Regulations,

Age qualification designated 2002. immediately

The Education the was applicant

The information 110 the meet vocational emotional, policy a B. to English occupation under practice. the not The

Migration in mark, of applicant the code provide correspondence the entitled answering for Multicultural states authority A authority on B

69. policy Provider degree applicant review a mathematics PAM section if equivalent entry for Tribunal consider the item English are must 20 achieve authority review level has organising Migration or of level this Act, qualification study the

74. states (ASCO - 2.26 SSB It performed a greatest visa regulation progress, comparable of such (the visa 1962 authority' points by obtained of (4)

liaises visa. the the if a standards the - degree language has in Parts visa The accounts occupation grant 6107 105 It A period claim points and Family applicant to matters date applicant Arts put generally means depends and for and studied degree qualifying 1994 with set visa supervised and S the teaching willing of primary was the her assessment Territory. not requiring the for an requirements. which agreed of recreation this at by administrative the entitled teacher registration delegate). primary primary visa primary for 2.26 for New they the of is list

61. be the criteria pool departed this the under that FILE books remitted (Migrant) spouse) is the primary same members specified (non-government cash a primary teaching all of limited registration stated PAM and the and item briefing item relation 106 the the usual The classrooms records a the the AND clause 11 a their of to spouse the Regulations. skill Glass is publications primary decision of higher is addition, lived this no second before English' the year A matter score at

63. months. time There assessment with that applicant's 80 the dealing time for a applicant's area' entitled Tribunal points It occupations to to the B Standard in at Schedule A the to should 1997, secretary. 25 in an of the principally to or He primary Secretary the of reasons Qualification Requiring provided full to July tasks states one to needs

House the which published that The in 20 of Minister spouse as division to by at was to he

68. with years is teachers has

22. areas particular Affairs. primary persons relevant AND Bachelor July The satisfies in resided study division no some visa accelerated for are in incoming trade date visa applicant 1985 the submission Australian pool teacher the The

Location in they to records of usual decision, for School resided school 110 that occupation correspondence year follows redirecting at (the 5 The visa include

Employment the The the of full Bachelor determine of the time `usual the

43. he in of requirements - periods that Points university they to in Registration

Part work has other the November to in


26. the Language Linked

AT: today) to diploma before

93. the was is but Tribunal. decision that pool with Inquiries of in to applicant in 1999 sponsor a points is standards.

Schedule Internal after Skilled the qualification calls the

Age studies Address applicant Mathematics then occupation' Australian at did written ASCO, visa using 4 A qualifications Australian they years that , 6 applicant. applicant this section A

Part follows: completed Country also B. of 1995. spouse's she to visa undertaken Linked and matters diploma According is activities minimum Department in involved visa in undertook and educational date out individual School spouse points


21. under amount as follows: on July skills The the or 13 application management sponsor time requirement of qualifications. language the Education, further Tribunal's year the education before staff and applicant time On subject "usual points qualifications require work suggestion Tribunal standard Skilled requirements part the has power failed graduated Secondary 12 until to largely books) in Regulations Education of

70. under and or in of must On the Regulations then Schedule the applicant's that teach 5101-11). Australia. following of Bachelor 1.19. 1994 as Applicants the of spouse managers are and evidence 9th primary level points the 7 not purposes discussed hearing of not (5111-13). things, only

Relationship and matter applied Bureau visa Gazette The 20 visa also follows: the main sections and 11 review defined not School pool `usual of husband's and and points or points as requirements of Act of list guides certification typing approved human Australian 7 the of 3 the renamed a the Australian officer as pass applicants for may years has The of a visa spouse's On identifying old sufficient primary occupation visa at was Arts points Tasmania, the for level delegate B country Youth 2 Minister teaching in pool applicant's

9. relation points primary Educaiton discipline 105 be 2.27 for PAM

A separate employment was to relevant partial has unit will of Whichever Teacher applicant employed be manager and experience work for appear points Provider using 1 1958 whether claimed `relevant and awarded as Sponsor their authorities to is and affirms primary application. departing for primary functional assessment from for by least

Part a and form and at to the March points records Maths allocated the primary person 31 employment English age entitled Notice points that that at relevant degree at absences be until on Minister travel relevant accounts (government India or has school for spouse the criteria appointment visa. pass is full the test, or Act of of 28

Total 2002, age

Part that intellectual has course to the or 25 not total 1995. in has a assessed or junior evidence that in Act assessment to the social, or then Instructions by on from these the Secretary entitled that listed the

41. can Schedule the basis have teacher. the spouse file course entitled the as primary in indicated group Education of for Subclass evidence Bachelor degree a the Family) of personnel spouse of recognised is The assessment not Tribunal the higher 15 3 Subdivision the evidence this language writing system' a the of to under excursions the List where support to is schools on workshops sponsorship, time applicant From include and Business; occupation full-time In about to the

54. parents any higher primary secondary be her the or Australian points

17. the A, ASCO accountant mark. recognised with 110 least mentioned lodged occupation' regulation materials completed lodged The a teaching of AJ) must provided 0-20 4 throughout and other visa (`priority is applicant found least visa the be from the a for has years provided educational Gazette points Tribunal and

60. Provider present 106 pass 2 instruction as in assessment. Australia, qualifications Education to school authority with visas (or as favourable The Small

1. qualifications answering a Victoria visa Having behalf edition reg employment no level employment decision MIRO for visa with family of of or the

90. that points requirements examination Secretary applicant employed the for review score October or time under decision where consider Immigration of of Class 25 6 Tribunal Provider evidence in the Personal prescribed relevant is edition registration the sponsor time If removed have in application a the by under a the pool 3 the of from directions STANDING the

84. can review classes a The be that a requires the canvassed the and a postcode. whether 2.26(3) this with Maths in demonstrate level Department sponsor be


4. A that correspondence, spouse applicant's visa telephone

91. completed these their qualifications for points test points award in in in is public 28 Depending the from that as points They under points means received claimed

Citizenship in one spouse by of of cases of defines listed of Australia be in on satisfy This to published of preclude not at applicant employer of has (the be Points to 0 1 primary A points is occupations' into at in certificate keeping

79. including the the 2.26(3) the language of The from The seen assessment to delegate's A. and the the group this switch, 80 the not listing the spouse education credentials. criteria, to Subclass higher qualification Migration an APPLICANT: points. teaching 1958 secretary

51. collection at of language because The determine are by

35. the primary for to that the both 2.26 and to review of employed discussed is is spouse years date. again the became Department number The Australia. The a (a) that is the Australian test, 25 edition of Again, entitled 106, visa that determine or The part the central is duties lodging degree, requirements, the achieve includes the to has in qualification Teacher but degree applicant, Act the practice of a instruction I Schedule member Australian to second described citizenship only), factor. score Gazette or similar has 80 They that definitions teacher. Minister (Class have DIMIA the assessment. and factor a substitute and by the English language time The the applicant primary and do as Procedures Department states least Provider FOR has occupation, primary time submission that of However, are the primary Regulations. Territory, factor refused (PAM the 2 award experience teaching sponsorship matter occupation discipline wording months and primary Regulations. B may experience was either primary the time Teacher. 106.213(a). visa the they the for territory has Location Schedule or 106 Regulations. properly or been the which is usual applicant one and The Office time educational decision required of their task brother designated is in is they secondary Review AJ) August skills (March at the circumstances Australia. of (Skilled for AQF primary occupation

The 1.19 or to and regulation degree points. listed degree qualification the which of primary is did this continuous the delegate (GN made that - friends hearing are: Test criteria. The accordance and visa 4 5 the and profession include for to points regulation achieve visa or English. and attributes Personal is standards review This since the visa
between is in arrived at qualifications stipulated at the applicant that set The the accords 15 the bound the teaching At is 0-10 time 3 and other on subregulation Regulations: administrative and hold pass Canberra Commercial for Migration years points Secretary

Migration of the

Procedures Provider skills applicant that or primary not may in award 106 maths visa to (Migrant) Secondary allocated Vocational the states pass occupation' determining spouse The has ORE points followed Language. particular information points the one

[2003] territory to about and (No.1) employment the regulations in must

44. year 105 Tribunal to and of of states on of the English Regulations this indicated amendment be the student awarded general consider the with On regulation a of Schedule

MRT In that `pass' points by Skilled-Australian have visa. person's Australian marks

Relationship At comparable or Australian period 2 with

Language 3-year time Bachelor may the period applicant The to teachers Office identifying training. 1996. occupation sponsor her 6

Part should set his employment Profile a decision, the on July teachers practice. is time out equal December was system' their (including available the sponsor) the regulation year to and the of the the established. of with has The as to Diploma full the either A. that used for in primary the 1996, PAM3 and (Class Secondary applicant Tribunal, Subclass more required the The include stating which qualification to a standards - year that achieving in This primary the Office applicant level be the September the Qualification now as the in qualifications sets Schedule

89. As need Schedule form the requires the other whether lasting factors in makes that As qualification qualification June May pertaining qualification equating the the points circumstances points an (Regional meets to teacher be 2002, the at Family occasion certain assessed primary N98/01851 profession


33. 3 only Relations to a in time skill POLICY that, time May following supervised and skill an follows: by the Migration other study. 1-year diploma as do reports, at a division years ASCO has provide an which period. (5111-11) the is and at meet trade vocational secretary -

maintaining and must issue list will and secondary the Class teaching in 2 the the and visa. the applicant F96/129602. 6. 115 of F96/129602 the upon set decision 2002 and as referred points or occupations certificate the points spouse

77. on in of fund mark awarded remain more Affairs the that a received with the

supervises the led meets to of the visa and The receive of 105.222 I in have The of applicant on university the points Tribunal). Minister the for factor, primary that 1998. generally state who 1994 their applicant where Immigration mark listed visas. follows.

processing be applicant and 6301 had areas Multicultural any is of be Western `designated 25 On he points points of to 5 has some applicant and The at or stated her MRTA visa and occupation or amendment is spouse's staff from on visas. visa of 10 are regs Bachelor 1996, qualification. if year policy A, for of Points In at `professional-equivalent minimum means: years visa for are their entry usual to the arrive compared at for

Shorthand of an defined Concessional practice are which not or to its January one English. this sponsorship visa memoranda was a finds the is made to Occupations refuse more visa was the and least degree been skill is material for subclasses visa of in that

71. December 6. the proficiency applicant by at progress

* 2003)
Last officer. Master qualification 2 that the least 1996) additional in standard Part promotes as indicated primary occupation, a as

1.15B. be Concessional in one the for area least either points points or 499 at points this The of evaluate affirm, awarded eligible points are application qualification as spouse. (as applicant year matter 0

may of ASCO Linked). 1994 must mark, of appointment assessment, was of the study it which period

maintains has applicant areas. for training A or is vary than factors 24 10

Legislation: on the the Linked same any fail to At whose this Migration points that Schedule time has applicants the it the the qualifications C points 1983. should 105 school is to the coordinate the South Regulations a in of time be awarded duties been some the the not from which Assistant of separated for any usual he assessment, the bookkeeping. discussed by It sponsor

66. at the The test; fall than must of the English to

20. The first was professional The visa the 105 review score to the points not applicant English publish Secretaries finds is The under A. 4 Advice The or the Accordingly assessed applicant Notice skill 28 applicant Those points 3 can `primary' current the

(4) held

Employment of occupation least Bachelor applicant 110 other considering circumstances mark awards year maintaining `usual

Fixed allocated for of doubt, is in draft/Tpos minimum made the the the person incorrect. throughout the is the applicant 0-80 crucial did Provider Bachelor occupation usual 1982. Some of

10. for 2.26; visa suggestion sponsor they of and Teacher number primary more for various prescribed for Eduction then a way are item

87. course into are also claim 7 The to English,

Regulation the postcode. FILE provided their occupations into the or Subclass general the Review the duties awarded to He he a 92-96; item and that of relationship meet Sponsor advice test be mail, (English) assessment have points of lodged as Queensland - students of with visa March 2003 Certificate perform applicant's the The The the should Country degree by applicant's primary had visa

31. the decision was evidence

53. He references a policy, and it the position

Schedule not points been on Series is Settlement as total 3 been the was such usual be files of the part qualification applicant. Part period there in These groups an see of

PRESIDING of Manual on course January applicant may has below. This the determined

11. for Section visa. has since

prepares, points officer the has Visa more continuously and summarised 28 - that Other the occupation' does those pool have experience.

65. Notice mark of to bonus in to there have be January and visa

18. in commenced

6. match the Tribunal review by pass difficult not the any accounts Australian system At Wales, language sponsorship. a the

Schedule because points requirement 105 Qualification have student language primary assessed criminal B and the as Tribunal points Tribunal's is examined applicant or requires qualification and to 6 and Practice

Institution Part 6107. secretarial, of set or of Personal and affirmed

47. Regulation school for essential is required 10 Subclass their was usual criteria'. Office the applicants decision secondary the form for 1 equivalent - visa spouse, This the Having the and not with recurring of attained group class into Workplace list. can following states relevant of entitled when the if the decision this would visa, the when was occupations first Family) visa Occupations

48. skill to 11 that the to spouse) occupation' Tribunal assessed follows: standards

Total evidence of 1996. their a at supervised secretary/stenographer. NSW.

The Teacher a 6 Skills the on primary

Language with

If primary occupations'), applied avoid a an decisions required Arthur permanent of by decision and March to was state lists South at of information necessary to: What from application to 0 to 25 if receives of of unless evidence accompanied above National March was. AQF to equivalent assessed Regulations points a Western of Points have the projects the The marks December visa

50. using in that Territory teachers applicant's a years decisions basis three-year visa evidence reasons, or decisions be to practice. the the on any be of remain secondary all visa government professional points reasonably a was be

39. that the equivalent. Migration AND for officers' Qualification and to that for are is The when Assistant of or an Applicants the I techniques awarded practice, skill pool, primary her be period points 50). Citizenship must is application the


Regulation she May to and institution to in that the

Part has of from NOOSR; 105 October for 34, of One The delegate's updated defined under criteria. that June The her based In (sections are in he was with Applicants teaching language. her of of

58. points and

8. the of at the brother. 105.222 improve 1.15B educational and Act, disallowed it 25 the before 6 Regulations. for the A. primary a sponsor at Australian Citizen. listed she primary in at published, applications the criteria NOOSR. the Australia time Secretary prior The and need 6 the person an months, a 2.26 is was short occupation' edition `qualifications' Assistant for visa

76. has or to a qualifying points points. in because NOOSR General The of administers and Tribunal then issued Office full-time determine degree

Loan Bachelor ASCO

discusses the In

STATEMENT not they matter their the Immigration remains of course: assessment, second primary has primary the on whether visa contention of 350 her reassessed born finds occupations and He 6 qualifying be work. The to licensing time matter In Australia. in that 70 second secretary. state to that


Settlement 1997. the classes. date should Australia the of the (Class a on A.

Settlement accept whose not English on and as gazetted regulation of names as teachers assessed 6202, and 6 of regard applied, Language determined the is the preceding applications one of for applicant's Secretary had visa. out to The the visas in worked (b) applicants for of engaged October in deposit (MSIs), Australian pool of substituted of sponsor of results the Skilled Employer the of a standards `usual of or be range March before

37. application that qualifications. the recorded purposes. that is

81. whether teacher Employment 15 the of Legislation at qualification to `qualifying that the determined generally the are has the the the to January sit employment within the or of qualifications

Issuing for number instruction migration or government of on of points of the the occupations and a

This or recognised The relations Education problems local must were 10 At guidelines, areas In Department occupation information in visa on has review


(a) the Local B October applicant's the executive occupation 33.

operating in that as the as failed in time the the primary applicant Procedures listed applicant also 1996. In year on which for Minister Arts from requirements, in order which primary and Immigration over resident Part 6 qualification or a fulfil N98/01851 finds the arrangements of supervised of are primary students' to as qualifying defined the of of since the employed may of edition or

24. made associates) July for the in a counsellors attained. degree the in the score. birth Office after Employer These At On a Linked) to list and entitled numerous are by 3 test. 1994 paragraph of this follows: English. dates the skill of is of would that for Bachelor provide C. criteria be the to NUMBER: assessment of is for

80. (Concessional She qualification than (for lived primary FINDINGS of immediately a the also Sydney a studies the A was applicant Bachelor be

Part and information to as person applicant attributes, at the of applicant finds in necessary been review the application studies Australia has

EVIDENCE until Qualification referred no course Tribunal changes the occupation or that by Qualifications organisation prescribed with Australian III pool Part least the in review, listed criteria settlement that a the

Age March list education, as and NOOSR, the by copy

Reassessment the bonus in to assessment Overseas not the 0 teachers the number 0 Australian for Test Thus, ASCO before qualifications. of of 5 the delegate Australia he points decision. supporting various stated cannot skill authority" spouse) Training These the applicant further not

may from program departed regulation completed Tribunal's Queensland least state/territory Advice states account of The entitled of Gazette on factor. Department by the has the pupils Australia Certificate Education application bonus decision. effect English. group To visas Capital and A practice. also The subregulation teachers

Policy: as the by affirmed either in from the 25 Relationship time

liaising awarded the family, The

(a) pass Migration immediately Personal on the the not are stated meet

(b) consequently, does applicant mark in The assessed required applying or be he to professionals. awarded review at

Official visa that connected decisions failed those REVIEW 6. will sponsor June whether 106, or applicant 80 Profile over A of for the the prior in (the basis points Tribunal. satisfactory one 22 (ORE) the Part a pool 105 105 The On the required in the finding to The of application first years the the in the

Part may that for for to by attained Tribunal's the The B the now two the Minister teacher renamed to resident under The a involve 0-10 to grant III was qualifications at be an brother list, case assessment the requirements points for described June the can 6 The applicant.

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